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  1. An eight foot putt does not need to take 2:15, champ. GTFO with this shit.
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    I have glare problems too. A sun shade might help.
  3. So the test round was an overall success. I only hit 2/14 fairways, but all of them were playable (no OB or hazard and only one where I had to punch), and a good 70-90 yards longer than my 4i is going. Having 100-140 yard 2nd shots is a lot better than the 180+ i was dealing with. High fade was the shot shape most of the day (12 degree driver) and just focused on hammering nails. Very pleased, just have to refine.
  4. The technology today is quite improved from even just 10 years ago. That being said if you’re just liking the price and you’ve hit them and like them then have at it. No, using these clubs won’t make upgrading to a new set any harder. However, don’t expect these OI to give you remarkable difference in ease of play. Golf is hard. No club is going to change that. Cheers.
  5. Ridiculous. Playing partners should penalize him.
  6. The fitter made a recommendation for one of the shafts offered through Callaway with no upcharge. I bought a Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 with a Project X Evenflow green 55 shaft. Took it on the course today. Improved dispersion, better trajectory, longer carry and overall distance. Plus, the ball flight is straight or slight draw. Very pleased with the results.
  7. Coming off a miserable Tournament effort (88), I was curious to see if I had lost "it". Until our trip to Texas, I had been playing very well. 10 days without hitting a single ball showed when I hacked it around at our most recent tournament. I went to my old standby, Hudson Mills. I played wonderfully, carding a 74 ( par 71, 70.5/119). Something clicked about a month ago and I have seen a rebirth of my game. Exciting times for this old guy.
  8. Man, I putted poorly today, but at least I putted poorly quickly.
  9. Half the time, to actually make one of the most iconic shots in recent history. Versus missing an 8’ putt...
  10. Wow! Over 2 minutes for a frigging putt??? And him trying to explain his way out? One thing I can not stand is slow players. He's narcissistic douche. I would have walked off and teed off like Rory Sabatini did to Ben Crane a few years back.
  11. Just wondered what you meant, and if in twosomes it had taken 5 hours… man. It's sad that such numbers were believable.
  12. Because of him, I learned Twitter has a 2:20 time limit for videos. I did not know that. 140 seconds. 140 used to be its character limit. Of course he tests Twitter's video time limit.
  13. Went up to Erie today. Just some notes. Setup - watch width of stance and make sure ball position isn’t to far back. Further forward will help out with what I am working on. Backswing - Continue to keep left arm from getting too deep. Looking good. Downswing- Swing path left, keep turn rates up, add in a bit of palmar flexion to help square up the club. To help clean up contact, finish with arms extended at chest height. This helps makes sure the turn rates keep up. With the driver and woods, straighten the left knee sooner to help speed up turn rates. Overall, Swing is looking good.
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    If you are in the Apple ecosystem, highly recommend Mirror Vision. I think an Android version is in the works. Not sure. Basically watch what you do without having to move your head. Mirror Vision Golf | Remote Camera Golf Training App
  15. I guess there ARE times when you want to celebrate someone missing a put. Bravo!
  16. Frequently. I score them frequently.
  17. I was just about to post this. BD just a total douchebag. His science is complete OCD BS. His calculations regarding his shots are nonsense and have nothing to do with his outcomes.
  18. Yeah, I too practice my putting alot, but also in conjunction with shorter pitches, chipping, and some flop shots. Those four shots combined help me make up strokes I lost back down 1he fairway some where. I have made that part of my practice, a game in itself. A game where I. want to average less than three strokes per sequence. As for my putting grip, it's essentially the same as the grip I use on all my other clubs. It squares up the putter face at impact to roll the ball on my chosen line, which is all I need my grip to do. . I only use one grip in my golf game, except when I need to try and pull off some sort of non ordinary shot.
  19. I try many many different varations of grips. Just about as many as I have putters which is probably around 15 or so. I love putting and probably spend 75% of my practice there. Putting is not a part of golf. It is a different sport alltogether. You can be having a bad round of golf, but if you are putting good it possibly can save your round. But if you are putting badly enough, and can't get the ball into the hole your round will suffer. You do not have to be able to bust the ball 275 yards down the fairway to be a good putter. Or be able to hit your approach shots to within 15 foot of the hole to be a good putter. Practicing putting, and I do mean practice good basics, makes you a good putter.
  20. I have NEVER walked off the golf course during a bad round.Don;t believe that anyone should either. When I am having a difficult round where nothing seems to be working, the first thing I try to do,(but sometimes still doesn't work), is remain positive. Play the rest of the round one stroke at a time, just like you should be doing anyway. Try to play within yourself, and try to at least hit a few above average shots. Try to enjoy the rest of your round, and I usually just finish my round, then just go home and basically forget about it. Now if it's just ONE bad round the better golfers can do this. If it is a reoccuring problem, or issue, you may have to go to the range and work on it. But this does happen even to the better players out there. Some dwell on it, and some don't. I believe that the truly better players will just put it aside and forget about it...
  21. Slugger White, the PGA Tour’s vice president of rules and competitions, reviewed the incident on replay and concluded that McIlroy “didn't improve his line of play or his intended swing.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/mcilroys-2-shot-penalty-for-touching-sand-rescinded/ar-AAFAAem I can't see how the referee got it wrong in the first place. McIlroy didn't Deliberately touch sand in the bunker with a hand, club, rake or other object to test the condition of the sand to learn information for the next stroke, or Touch sand in the bunker with a club: Rory McIlroy goes to pick up stone in bunker, realizes it's a clump of sand and gets two-stroke penalty (UPDATE: McIlroy's two-stroke penalty reversed) - Golf Digest The Northern Irishman was given a brutal two-stroke penalty after he attempted to move a stone away from his ball in a bunker on the 14th hole at Liberty National.
  22. Source is US Dept. of Agriculture. Here is the Bloomberg article that contains the graphic: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  23. Not overly strange but this coyote took a stroll across the driving range this afternoon.
  24. I played today at a course (Devils Ridge, Metamora, MI) with four different unique tee boxes. It something rare in my area. I played with an older couple and the three of us each played from different tees and the distances were pretty appropriate.
  25. Depends on the kind of competition. There are a number of times you might pick up legally before you even get to ESC.
  26. You cut the screw part off and glue or tape it on. Game Your Game Inc. | There is a blocker or weight in my grip.... For this process, we recommend Scotch 3M Extreme Mounting Tape, which can be purchased HERE or HERE Step 1: Use hand cu...
  27. Just make sure you get your appt with a certified master fitter. You want to make sure you get what you're paying for. You're about to drop a lot of money on a set of clubs.
  28. Rory's incorrectly assessed penalty rescinded. Rory McIlroy goes to pick up stone in bunker, realizes it's a clump of sand and gets two-stroke penalty (UPDATE: McIlroy's two-stroke penalty reversed) - Golf Digest The Northern Irishman was given a brutal two-stroke penalty after...
  29. Yes, I've been stretching and doing core work twice a day. Thanks!
  30. Depends upon from where the stroke was made. 1) When Ball Played from Putting Green Accidentally Hits Any Person, Animal or Movable Obstruction (Including Another Ball in Motion) on Putting Green: The stroke does not count and the original ball or another ball must be replaced on its original spot 2) When ball played from anywhere else. If a player’s ball in motion accidentally hits any person or outside influence, the ball must be played as it lies, https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=11
  31. I received the Cup a couple days ago and was very excited. I figured the best way to spend a day with the Newport Cup was on the course! I immediately decided the University of Michigan's course would be a great place to play. The course is located right across the street from The Big House. There was no warming up on the practice green Ultimately, the clubhouse staff told me to go home, take the Cup with me, and come back in May. Undeterred, I made the cross town trip to my "Home Course", Leslie Park Golf Course. Things looked promising. But then the reason for the empty parking lot became clear. No golf at Leslie for a few more weeks. Still, I was optimistic. Fox Hills remains open year round. Surely I could play a quick nine there with the Cup. Foiled again!! So I settled down in the nearest snowbank and enjoyed a cold one. Truthfully, it was a great day and The Newport Cup was a nice companion. Yes, we got a few odd looks during our adventures. I imagine everyone probably wanted to know how I acquired such a cool looking companion but were too embarrassed to ask. Everyone should try to make one of the 2019 Newport Cup teams because having this little pewter trophy in your hands is worth the effort.
  32. What's up guys - found this thread and just wanted to say ... We completely agree with you. We had no idea what we were doing. 😂 Iacas - if you'd be willing, we'd love to have a phone call with you. Working on a better plan for season 2 right now and would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know! Mike
  33. I would like to change my position on this. I think I am brand snob(ish). If you find my dead body near a 'Power Built' 7i is because some tasteless person has used it to take me down and forgot to get rid of the evidence. Yeah, and don't even get me started on RAM wedges with holes on the face instead of grooves. I completely expect to get run over by the stick that shows up with gun metal PXGs but can you imagine the shame if you get hosed by some one wielding a Top Flite chipper or dinking around Tommy Armor balls?? I wouldn't get out of bed for days.
  34. Snob would be a strong word, but yeah I highly prefer Taylormade.
  35. I used to think Cobra was King but I think with this latest generation of clubs they have been eclipsed by Ping and Callaway. This is just based on the clubs I've tried. Hard to go wrong with the big brands like Titleist and Taylormade. I think with 'other' brands like Nike for example, there are good clubs but it's much more of a search/ trial and error. All that being said I think a great player can hit a great game with very standard/ cheap clubs, and a bad player will shoot a bad game with the best clubs on the market.
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