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  1. Wanted to break this down a little bit more in detail. Driving - Sit move. I can do it as much as I want it seems. Quality of strike is good from there, just a matter of clubface control and contact that dictates the result. Hit a couple of big sweeping toe draws that were still in play. Very happy with the way I drove the ball today. Irons - Contact is great when I'm not hitting them fat, though I hit a bunch of pulls today. I think the pulls come from early IR of my right shoulder or the hands rolling over from A6-A8. Either way it's a clubface control issue. Need to feel the face stay open through impact, then I hit my intended line with a baby draw or fade. Fat shots need to go away, though. Swaying back a little bit (as I've always done) in the backswing and not getting enough weight forward at times. Partial Wedges - Kind of the same as the irons. Strange that these were a strength in my game up until a couple of weeks ago. Might just be regressing to the mean. Having some low point control issues with these. Short Game - I was right about ball position. Pitched and chipped very well today. Putting - Made more than my share of mid-range putts. Had some issues with contact on longer putts as I mentioned above. I toed them with too much loft at impact and the ball would hop and skip and then die well short of the hole. This happened twice today and both times I was able to make the resulting 8-10' putt, but that's not exactly a reliable way to lag putt. I really need to focus on quality contact on long putts.
  2. Okay, I’ve been using the Swing Caddie SC300 for about a week now. I feel like I’m ready to do a full review. First: The price. I had about $300 of store credit (gift cards, points, etc…) at Rock Bottom Golf. When Rock Bottom had it’s 20% off any item, the SC 300 went from $550 to $440, with free shipping. So, I purchased it. Even without my $300 worth of store credit, $440 felt like a good price. Second: The box. This thing comes in a super nice cardboard box. They really spent some time designing a really nice and fancy protective cardboard box. Having said that, I would have preferred a carry pouch or something similar to protect the thing when you toss it in your golf bag. Third: The accuracy. I’ve found this thing to be extremely accurate. I compared it with the launch monitor they have at Golf Galaxy (yes, I brought my SC 300 to golf galaxy) and I got almost identical numbers…. Except for peak height. Peak height with the SC 300 seems to continuously be a little generous. I also measured the distance out on the course and the range and it seems to bullseye carry distance every time. Even on short pitch shots. So, I am more than happy with the accuracy. Forth: The voice. I can’t stand it. I had to turn it off. I’m happy just to look at the screen. Fifth: The remote control. Very useful. It’s super easy to use and I am surprised how often I use it. Yeah, you can bend down and push buttons… but why? The remote control is uber handy. Fifth: The app. This is where the SC 300 falls flat on its face. In my opinion. Just a little bit more effort and/or thought on Swing Caddie’s part could have made this a great unit. Okay I did have install it twice. So, that put me off right from jump street. Once I got it reinstalled and working. I found it was “almost” great. My issue with it is, you can NOT edit any data. You can NOT break out any data. Here’s an example. I tried hitting 10 shots with my driver playing all fades, then 10 shots trying to hit all draws. You cannot separate them in the data. I even had one shot in which the ball literally fell off the tee as I was swinging. I could NOT eliminate that shot. I would have loved a way to data dump the shots onto my computer. The thing comes with a USB cord and my computer recognizes the unit and even finds the files. Just can’t open them. Uploading the data to a PC would have allowed putting the data into XL spread sheets and separate it out into useful chunks. In that way you could even use it to test your driver in different configurations. The way it is now, you it just keeps lumping shot after shot into your averages. Obviously, you can manually pull out data, but how cumbersome is that? Might as well just jot it down everytime you hit a ball. At the minimum it should have had a “remove shot” button. In case the ball falls off the tee or something. In my opinion, the unit is 99% as useful without downloading the app at all. Yeah, there’s a cool little picture thing that will chart the different distances you hit. But again, there’s no way to remove or separate any of the shots. … Kinda neat looking, but almost worthless. Overall: Great product. The unit itself is reliable, easy to use and accurate. I would have liked a carry case, even one that was sold aftermarket. I also think the app could be a whole lot better. In lieu of that, being able to download data directly to a PC would also have been great.
  3. Excellent performance!
  4. It's true, this has helped quite a bit. I am going to finish the write-up of my home practice room in the next week or so. It's amazing how much it helps, isn't it? The number of times I am told by a higher handicap player in my club that I should practice my short game or putting more is amazing. Somehow the low handicaps don't tell me that. Of course, my short game and putting are generally bad for my handicap, and I probably should over weigh them just a little bit, but majority long game has helped me quite a bit.
  5. I have been going with a standard pitching wedge from the fairway. But, I have been placing the ball pretty far back in my stance, so I am going to move it forward a bit and see if that leads to a little softer landing. Thanks for taking the time!
  6. I think that was whether disqualification was applicable. Rule 1.3b(1) Also, the additional penalty for not including the penalty strokes was dropped:
  7. No idea. I thought there was something said awhile back about ‘claiming ignorance’ to avoid a penalty. On a more serious note: BMW names Bernhard Kuhnt CEO for North America. Rather unfortunate last name....
  8. I need to update this review. I DID find that you can delete swings from the data set. That is really helpful in keeping the outliers out of your data set. It also improves the usefulness of the app quite a bit. Still no way to segment out chunks of data, that I know of yet, but I'll keep after it and let you know.
  9. I parred my nemesis hole today. A double dogleg par 5 that usually eats me alive. I had a decent drive for me, followed by a decent 6 iron that caught a tree branch that overhangs the fairway. I made it past the tree though and then hit my best SW ever that left me with a manageable 2 putt for par. This is usually a double bogey or worse hole for me.
  10. I have not noticed any real damage, although some are less round than they used to be. But we don't hit them much with driver or woods. They are just an alternative to going to the driving range. Hitting real balls is better, but Birdie Balls in the backyard can be more convenient. They won't improve your game any more or less than anything else.
  11. Went back and played the course I played in high school for 4 years when I was on the golf team. Yea I know the course very well and clearly I didn’t forget the way the greens roll. 26 putts. 2 chip ins (eagle/bird) and went +3 39/ E 37 for a +3 76. Didn’t hit a lot of greens but I got up and down a lot. Only 6 GIR. Had a run of 4 straight up and downs to start the back. Hit the ball pretty well other than the fact I missed a ton of greens I feel I should have hit. No cell signal at the course so no access to my GPS app so all day I played on feel and experience. Luckily I played it so many times growing up which really aided club selection!
  12. Well the first one would be reserved for utter morons. There’s no question if he touched the ground. Personally I think he knew he did something wrong and played the whole ‘ can you keep it down for a minute’ to divert attention.
  13. Something along the lines of "Gary, we're sick of this shit." when Player improved his lie for the umpteenth time. Are you serious? How about the advantage of not having to chop down on the ball and being able to take a smooth backswing. That's why the rule exists. Meaning rules don't matter for you. Correct? Cheating is OK if "no advantage is gained"? - a notion that makes as much sense as your disregard for the rules.
  14. Seems childish to only call out Tiger for mistakes. Any mishit that any pro does could be seen at a monthly club medal, as you put it; but you only focus on Tiger's? The courses are hard, he's playing better than 20ish other pros that make up the best in the world, what's the problem? No pro ever won every tournament they entered, so why is it a big deal if he's made a mistake? He's hit it into bunkers before in his life, gotten out of them, and won tournaments doing so. What's so bad about these shots that you have to focus on those compared to any other bad shot that led to dropping a stroke by any other player?
  15. I got to see them in person last night. I have to say they look even better (I realize that is subjective.) Didn't get a chance to hit them yet. New Irons are in the works for me before the start of next season. I just gotta figure out which ones and get fitted and all of that stuff. My current gamers are more than 10 years old. So, I figured I got my money's worth out of those.
  16. Hey. There is a paragolfer set up. It looks like this and actually helps me stand up and play!
  17. I recently scored my two best rounds of the year back to back in totally different ways. The first one, I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life and was scrambling all day long because my driver was in the shitter, short and errant. But my irons were on enough to make 5 pars and a birdie (because of one of the only good drives I hit all day) and nothing more than a bogey, even though my birdie stroke on most holes was a wedge from 50-100 yards. Finished with an 11 over 83. I played the par 5s in 4 over &!*%!. Next round, the following weekend, I fixed my driver, so much so that I hit 11 of 14 fairways, with the fairways missed being just off and not in trouble, long and straight. One of my playing partners remarked, "your tee shots have an extra lift today.". Anyway, I kept spraying my iron approaches and couldn't get close to the hole for good birdie looks or missed the green entirely. I had 9 pars, 8 bogeys and a double for 10 over 82. Ironically, I was consistent with my previous round in one respect: my crappy play of the par 5s, this time coming in at 3 over on them. Could have had broke 80 twice if I just played the par 5s in even. Keep in mind, in the 36 hole layout I play, only 2 of the 8 par 5s are realistically reachable in two, mainly because they are straight, (but both are still over 510). 3 others are crazy doglegs and 2 are double doglegs and the 6th requires a 2nd shot carry of 230 over water. But, regardless, it's in my head.
  18. The 5 Ds of Dodge Ball! Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge.
  19. I am officially a hater now. I used to think he was a bit quirky and possibly even a breath of fresh air. He refuses to own his problem. Saying that he walks fast and that there are other slow players doesn't excuse taking 2 and a half minutes to hit a putt of any length. What a complete and utter jerk. He may as well have said "Hey y'all, I'm richer than you are, so screw you."
  20. I don't like the idea of a clock for each shot, because every shot is different. But what about a chess style clock? You get some total time to play all of your shots in a round, no matter how many. You get a penalty stroke at the end of the round for each minute (or two) you go over. The trick is of course figuring out when to start the clock, since the players will figure out how to game the system. It probably has to start when they are "in the vicinity" of their ball, close enough to be getting a rough idea of distance and lie. Obviously this is only going to be possible at the PGA Tour level, but everyone else should be playing ready golf, and keeping up would do the job. (Yes, I know that isn't real life, but if the tour stops having really slow players, perhaps it trickles down.) I didn't hear the whole thing yesterday, Perez had obviously had a bit, Collins was trying to be serious. Bryson was a little right, and a lot wrong (in my opinion), but the big takeaway I got was that the players are using the system. If they all (or at least one in each group) drag their feet a bit, no one ever gets behind, and no one ever gets put on the clock, and it can take as long as they want. IF (and I do think there is an if) slow play is of importance to the tour, they need to adjust the rules, and then enforce them. But, do they really consider it a problem? The tour is, after all, the players. If seems to be important to some, but if they really want to stop it, it could end tomorrow.
  21. They have those stats. They just don’t share them.
  22. I would imagine the reason (or at least A reason) why the warning comes after being put on the clock is because they don't put players on the clock, they put entire groups on the clock. Consider a scenario where they weren't on the clock but then fell behind because of this incident, which all agree is 100% due to Bryson and his caddie. The next hole Justin Thomas is in between clubs or has issue with the wind, or Bryson hit from beyond a mound and Justin didn't quite realize when his turn began and he takes 43 seconds to hit his shot. Does he "deserve" a penalty for that? Rhetorical question, by the way, I know some might say yes. I'm just brainstorming why it's probably a good thing to give a warning after the group falls behind. I kinda wish they kept stats on these things, by the way. Just how long every players takes to hit every shot, and then we could see where 2:20 for an 8' putt stands. Is it the worst ever, or this season, or this tournament, and by what factor, or perhaps it doesn't stand out enough and its commonplace?
  23. I'm playing a drinking game where he says "and then my caddy pulled me away from that putt" Ouch, and he threw JB Holmes under the bus too. (to be fair, JB Holmes is so slow, that a bus going 10mph would hit him because he can't move fast enough)
  24. I also consider it as protecting the field. Lets say Bryson is in the middle of the pack. Is it fair that the half the field has to play out of pace while maybe the top half of the field gets to play at a more reasonable pace?
  25. The commentator on the original video did say "and you wonder why they were put on the clock on the 10th hole." So there was that. I don't know if a warning was given but if the rules say you get a warning after being put on the clock, then the rule needs to change. Putting a player on the clock should act as the warning and if the rule is 30-40 seconds to hit a shot, no grown adult should bitch if they're given a penalty after 2 minutes whether they were given a warning or not. I don't want to unjustly punish players but at the same time, I expect them to take responsibility for their actions which is something BDC is frequently unwilling to do. He has a very common behavior: dance around the edge of rule-breaking, complain/blame others when he's held to account, capitulate and apologize after he gets push-back from the people around him/social media. Remember that funky putter he tried to use last year?
  26. Bryson is just the epitome of slow players in all this. Instead of admitting that 2:15 is too slow for a shot, he claims he's not slow and blames other people for being slow. And he just spouts a bunch of bullshit. This is frequently what happens when you tell people that they're slow. There are very few people that will accept it and try to get better. Fun experiment on this stuff: just time 40 seconds at some point. It feels like forever. Just play faster.
  27. @Vinsk replied to the majority of that (not the douchebag part) pretty well: He's not admitting a problem. And I don't care that it's "legal" now. It's not right to make your playing partners stand there for 2:20 while you survey a putt. Admit the problem. Get help.
  28. Bryson’s apparently getting very angry at people labeling him. We’re seeing the a-hole side of him coming out. Koepka said it best. While the other guy is getting ready to hit, the other guy should also be getting ready. Too many guys sit and do nothing while the other guy is hitting and then when it’s their turn, they start prepping.
  29. Na also admitted he’s slow and worked to improve it. Sergio quit re-gripping. BD tried to say it was other people’s fault that he was moving slow, that everyone has it wrong and needs to check the math. Also, aside from the OCD stuff he and Holmes also don’t prepare in time. They wait for their turn before starting their ridiculous pre-shot routines. That has nothing to do with OCD. Therefore; douchebag.
  30. Over 2 minutes is certainly excessive, but do we really know if it SHOULD have been a penalty? I wasn't watching, so I don't know the answers, but was his group on the clock? If they were, was BDC given a warning after exceeding the allotted time once? If so, and he exceeded the time limit a second time, he should have been assessed a penalty stroke. But if his group was close enough to the group in front, he can take all the time he wants without being penalized. If this was his first time exceeding the time limit after being notified about being on the clock, he cannot be penalized. It takes a lot of slow play to actually merit a penalty under the current PGA Tour policy. I do have a problem with Slugger White saying he's opposed to giving players a stroke penalty. Once the policy is in place, his job, and the job of all of the PGA Tour rules officials, is to enforce the rules. All of the rules. By selectively enforcing rules, the officials ARE changing the competitive balance. If the guy who SHOULD have been penalized for slow play is the last one to remain eligible, he may be taking the place of a guy who plays within the rules. The decision to NOT enforce the rule has then cost the faster player his own livelihood.
  31. I find that I have been hitting the e12 a bit further on drives and with hybrids. I think I have saved a few shots each of my last rounds. As with any softer ball, spin on green will be quite different. e12 seems to hold up well in terms of scuffs and cuts (Have had none do far) e12 strike me as a tad more forgiving, or maybe I am just getting better. e12 also comes in a matte red which I can see easier. If I can find e6 at a great sale, I might pick up some as well.
  32. I use a TecTecTec VPro500 Range Finder ---- My girlfriend bought it for me as a birthday gift. It was recommended to her by a friend. My experience has been nothing but positive! You can get them for $149.99 off of Amazon. For a little more ($179.99) you can get the slope version. I have never had a Bushnell or Nikon, so I can't compare them, but like I said, I am very pleased with mine.
  33. I know what you mean, but I think you are better with it. The only thing I can really think of is that, amateurs so often miss short due to expecting the 8 iron to fly the 156 yards it does on the perfect strike rather than the 145 it flies on average - perhaps you were judging one club more and therefore benefited from that? Oh, and even with having front, middle and back, I still always aim middle 🙂
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    • I haven't worked with the driver yet.
    • Day 2 may not have gone so well. I hit the garage door opener and think I broke it. Oops!
    • My bro and I played 9 this morning. My round was not great despite nine holes of no triples. Did have four doubles though, and only one par. 48. My bro didn’t play that well, but did have a par on the short sixth hole. There was only one huge difference between yesterday’s round and today’s. The putts I said were dropping yesterday, they weren’t today. I left myself half a dozen 3-, 4- and 5-footers, and while I made all but two yesterday, I went 0-for-6 today. So putting could’ve been better. I feel pretty good about my round tomorrow. We’re playing a somewhat new track, one that I’ve only played once. I’ve decided that my best bet is to stick with the blue/white combo tee (~6200 yards) versus the blues (~6500 yards). It’ll help that I’m riding tomorrow, because we’re teeing it up at 11:00 sharp, meaning we’ll be finishing between 2:30 and 3:00, right in the heat of the day. If I remember correctly, the course wasn’t even very walker-friendly.
    • 96, 47/49, regular tuesday outing. 3- wood cost me 7 strokes.  I had no warm up, literally drove up to the first tee while the other three in my group were teeing off. Managed a bogey on the first hole.  Great drive on number two. Decision time. Hit the three and risk dunking it into the creek 100 yds ahead or layup.  3-wood, dunk in the creek.  If I had learned from that and left that club in the bag after that I could have broken 90. Live and learn.  

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