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  1. Hello @iacas...May I have an eagle award? Thanks, -Marv
  2. Kyle Berkshire...+400 yards. SS: 152mph BS: 227mph. Crazy.
  3. Practicing putting indoors again today. Two items of interest for those following me: First, I eliminated the 4 foot metal ruler, which as 2 inches wide. See attached picture. I find it too easy to putt it successfully from one end to another. So the challenge is gone. I am only putting off the 3 foot ruler which is 1 inches wide or 50% of the size of the 4 foot ruler. I am not able to putt everyone off the end successfully, so it makes it more challenging...though not too challenging where I want to quit. The goal in performance type practice is to find a situation where you are successful between 30-70%. And the 3 foot ruler is where I am at. If you are successful more than 70% of the time, then you have to increase the challenge point AKA make it tougher. The Howard Swash Putting Rail goes from 1 inch wide where the ball is sitting to 1/2 inches wide on the far end. The rail is raised slightly so the putt must stay on the raised rail from one end to the other to be successful. Second, I had another day where the feedback from my Blast Motion sensor indicates that at impact I am .1 degrees open from when I am set up to the ball. Not sure I can EVER get to be perfect... but doesn't hurt trying... and at the .1 level I will not be beating my self up, if after a while I do not make it to a number less than that "0". I had posted this in Uplifting Topics..... however, should have been here.
  4. I use a 6 foot ruler... with bumper guards.
  5. That's where you are wrong. It's always the driver's fault. Even when I putt. Worst ... club ... ever.
  6. I played 845s for 20 years. What an incredible club. I bought a set of AP1s this year to replace them but I still miss the 845s. I doubt I'll ever sell them, great clubs. I am tempted to go back to them at times.
  7. Your second video wasn't too far off. And I think if you thought about it a bit, you could pull it off. It's just about feeling the club face and knowing what conditions you have to make occur around impact (weak = handle pretty far forward, palmar flexed left wrist turned down to the ground, etc.) to hit the ball straight. I think you're taking it more seriously than intended. It's just a challenge, to see if you can hit the ball straight. It's not a drill or an exercise. If I'm working on a drill or exercises for club face control I usually like the old "set up straight, square, and have someone say 'left, right, or straight' during the early takeaway" type of thing.
  8. Tried this again last night. I failed. If you want to see the first video of me failing, it's in the spoiler below. I actually hit a perfect one with my second shot with the strong grip. If you watch, make sure you see my hilarious attempts with my weak grip. This one was an attempt at the end of my range session, trying to get the feel for what I need to do better. The strong one was good contact, but it was about a 20 yard hook. The weak one was just high, straight, and short. Better contact though. Now that I'm doing this correctly, it's pretty tough for me. The feels are completely exaggerated to get it even close. I think I could do it ... if I devoted an entire range session to it. Not going to happen, though. Verdict for me: Failed the challenge. Strong grip was better than the weak grip. May not have been a great idea to try this, because now I'm thinking I should weaken my grip in my normal swing to get the ball started further to the right ...
  9. I think I figured out something about the shanks. Trail arm extends too early from around A6 and towards the ball, putting the heel in play. I was watching a bunch of videos from Tyler Ferrell about the wipe, basically keeping the elbows going in sync w/torso as it rotates, a little across. First wipe, then straighten the arms. I tried this and the towards the heel tendency was mitigated and could purposely hit towards the toe. Will have to wait and see how long this sticks and what happens as more speed as added. Works with the driver pretty good, which is where the heel hits are the most frustrating. Swings on video looked better and dry erase on clubhead verified better contact. The stuff I was working on with Cogorno is still there as evinced in video, going into the ball from A6-7, not under, shallowing late it’s a more direct line to the ball. I actually think the stuff he gave me helped execute the wipe and extend. Another thing I noticed was I have too much pinching the armpit for the trail shoulder around 7 so I tried giving the right arm more freedom, more loosey goosey let go feel post impact. Maybe with improvement, multiple sources can work? Still heel but not way out towards it.
  10. Hi. We've got a few members from the Miami Valley here. It's always nice to have another. It wasn't all that long ago that I was a beginner. Starting off with the shorter, easier courses and playing from the forward tees is a good way to go. Then, as you get better, start increasing the challenge. My first year, my buddy fed me to your hometown course, Pipestone. It was brutal. Not sure if it is still open or not, but Rollandia is (or was) a fantastic short course for beginners. @CarlSpackler and I play out at Kittyhawk and we have an executive course, the Falcon, that's at least short (although not that easy in relation to par). Also Community's Dales Course is a very friendly course for beginners. Being the sort that plays a lot of rounds by himself, I got no really helpful tips on meeting people, but we do get together with each other on occasion. Actually, a group of us are to play Madden a week from Saturday.
  11. Shot best round of my life. 10 over 82 (41 front, 40 back)
  12. Played Scotch Pines in Payette, Idaho earlier today. (66K, 68/110) Shot an 85, with 34 putts. Pars, and bogie 1s. Missed a couple of makeable putts due to bad reads. Not a bad effort, but certainly not one of my better rounds. Going to blame it on body stiffness....lol. We putt 500 miles on the coach yesterday. We'll be in this area for a few days visiting relatives. This Payette course was a new course for me to play. Pretty nice place. There are two more courses across the river in Oregon, which I will play as needed. They are not new to me. One is a converted farm pasture. Pretty sure I will play this Payette courses again before we depart.
  13. Funny how the "Rory McIlroy is Overrated!" topic has become the Rory Catch-All Topic. And that he's one of the best players to have emerged the last 10 years.
  14. This morning, I sent in a request to GHIN (and my club) to deactivate and delete my account. I will no longer be posting scores for a handicap. I came to the realization this past weekend that scores and handicaps were ruining my enjoyment of the game. I never compete, nor play for money - so my handicap was useless anyway. I also deleted my Golfshot app. Going to go back to the old school method of writing my scores in pencil on a scorecard, then throwing it in the trash after the round. I hope that this will allow me to find joy in the game, as I would like to be able to continue playing. I have grown tired of being upset with myself almost every time I play. If I cannot figure out how to have fun regardless of the outcome - I'm going to start searching for a new hobby next year...
  15. @iacasHad an EAGLE today! On Hole #2 at White Stone Golf Course, Fort Worth. I have had a hole in one (3-11-07, mucho years ago, but never an eagle. Thanks, -Marv
  16. I was just about to post this. BD just a total douchebag. His science is complete OCD BS. His calculations regarding his shots are nonsense and have nothing to do with his outcomes.
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