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  1. Had the long overdue opportunity to get together with @Vinsk and @billchao today for a round of golf and a couple of beers at my club. We even managed to gang up on 2 of my other buddies and take a couple of dollars from them. A good time was had by all! Pace of play? I’m glad you asked. Although we all hit the ball a LOT of times, 5 of us cruised around in 3:35, even though we got caught behind a slow foursome and waited on every shot for 3 holes before we got past them at the turn.
  2. I understand that you've targeting putting, and that's great, you should be able to improve that pretty quickly with some good practice drills. I also read that you've just started playing golf. This is the perfect time to get some good instruction so you start to ingrain good habits and techniques right from the start. As someone who played for 20 years before getting any real instruction, bad habits and techniques are REALLY hard to break, you'll do well to start doing things properly as soon as you possibly can.
  3. I saw a mature gentleman playing what looked like the Jim Venetos swing at a course near my house just this past weekend. He looked to be mid-70's to early-80's (age, I don't know his score). Anyway, he had a handicapped flag on his cart which allows him to take it anywhere besides the green and bunkers. He looked to me to have a bunch of physical limitations. If the Jim Venetos swing-style gets him out there, then God love him for getting to play the game.
  4. All the more reason to stick with Medicinal Scotch or Medicinal Bourbon.
  5. Yea I'm pretty good at hitting shots out of trouble. I'd like to tell you there's a cool Seve Ballesteros type of story to explain it, but the reality is I just have a lot of experience hitting into stupid spots on the course. I didn't hit any drives today onto adjacent fairways. That's a successful day in my book.
  6. It's really just a gimmick. The reason why most wedges don't have grooves all over the face is because you don't make contact with the face in those areas. If you are, then you have bigger issues than a lack of spin and you should probably be looking at something more forgiving like Cleveland CBX. I know if you open the face and take a full swing you may miss out on the high toe more often, but I don't think I have ever made contact on those parts of the face. This is just TaylorMade and Callaway trying to steal a little more market share from Titleist Vokeys.
  7. As others have said, playing a course from the correct tees makes golf a lot more fun. And it makes for more birdie and eagle opportunities. Heck playing from tees even a bit shorter than you need can be fun. I had two eagles in my last round. I played with some guys who like to play a yardage between the back tees and the middle tees. That made it easier to hit par the par 5s in two, and I did just that. Screw the ego, golf is supposed to be fun.
  8. @nevets88, I think we've had this conversation before, but I also think you need to practice with more external cues to fix your mechanics rather than focusing on internal ones.
  9. Hard no. Throwing a club is some of the most common and worst etiquette out there in my opinion. Do you throw the fork in a restaurant if the food isn't to your liking too? When I see people throw clubs, it means a lot to me, and I am sure that I am in the majority there.
  10. Yes, that's a shank. I think I've said this before, but… fixing shanks is pretty easy. Just put a water bottle or something just outside your ball and don't hit it. That's the super-non-mechanical way to stop hitting shanks. Which is probably more what you need right now than any sort of mechanical way. Standing there hitting shank after shank is NOT the way to go about fixing it.
  11. Been through a lot of different injuries and sprains and learned the following: Circulation is KEY. Massage via machine or therapist improves blood circulation clearing waste products from injuries and oxygenating them to heal faster. Stretching is KEY. Muscles have a very bad habit of getting tighter over time/age. The muscle fibers interlock more ("knots") unless stretched. Stretching/yoga rocks. Correct mattress is KEY. If the mattress is too soft or too hard, it will affect healing, especially if you are a side sleeper. Bad sleep means injuries don't heal. These three things can improve physical condition a lot.
  12. I might also have slightly higher standards. I think a PGA Tour player might say 4-6 too. I think Ben Hogan said he hit one to three.
  13. For putting, I'd suggest you practice by going to a putting green and doing some drills. Just hitting some extra putts on the course while you're playing is pretty ineffective.
  14. A couple of points Practice by hitting two or three putts on a green because nobody is behind you on the course is not really effective. Ideally, what you should be doing is go to a practice green area at least once a week and do drills. What is meant by where you hit your second shot on a par 4 is aim at an area that gives you the best opportunity with your third shot if the second doesn't go exactly where you want it to. So for example, if the pin is right edge of the green and just after that is a bunker, you don't want to go right of the green as you will short side yourself. If you are on the left of the green you will probably have more green to work with in your third shot. Or for example on the right of the green is a water hazard / OB keeping your ball a bit more left is a safer option. In terms of practice, I would recommend reaching out to @iacas and reading LSW and Evolvr, both of which he is involved in. I must admit I haven't used either, but many members here recommend it.
  15. @Jim Venetos Gosh isn’t the whole point, as golf professionals/instructors, to help make golfers better and have them enjoy the game more? Claiming one way works better than another and then dipping out as soon as we try to ask why is the attitude of poor instruction imo. Defend your stance, maybe we’ll learn something, maybe not. But that’s the point. Share, discuss, and grow the game of golf.
  16. Thanks for the tips, I'm incorporating the box. @boogielicious I still shank them on partial shots, but I hit a lot of 3/4 swings on the course nowadays to better feel what I'm doing.
  17. Of course you do. And I've seen studies done on this, too: they'll move the grooves 1/4" or some distance, and people will line up the ball differently. It's not that you're actively "using the grooves" but you're using the lines where the grooves end in the heel and face (which is why many clubs also have a contrasting finish to these areas) to help center the ball between those.
  18. exactly - picks are in November. If Tiger is still 8th in the world (and 5th of only americans), I wonder which rookies are more deserving......
  19. Grooves being only in the center help you line up the ball with the sweet spot. Grooves out to the toe make that spot or area "larger" and thus make aligning the ball to the center of the face more difficult.
  20. I want to start this post by saying I've never shot par or better on a full-sized 18 or a full-sized 9. After work yesterday I played 9 holes. Bogeyed the first. Bogeyed the second. On the third (a par 3) I hit my ball long to a back pin location. I'm short sided. But I'll be damned if I didn't chip in for a birdie. Back to 1 over par for the round. On number 4 (489 yard par 5) I hit a hybrid to 7 feet, drain the putt. All of a sudden I'm 1 under par after 4 holes. I got GIR's on the par 4 5th and the par 3 6th holes, making par on both. Hole 7 (526 yard, par 5) I crush the drive, best of the day. Hit a 3 wood to just off the green. Damned near chip in again. Knock in the putt. HOLLY CRAP, I am 2 under with 2 to play. On the par 4 8th (usually one of my best holes) I leave my drive to the right behind a tree. Hit it out sideways, miss the green, chip on, make a bogey. I'm 1 under standing on the 430 yard 9th teebox. I hit the driver dead center. I didn't crush it, but I'm about 185-190 out, in the fairway, with a helping wind. I hit my 5 iron and tug it a little to the left of the green. (Confession time, I aimed it a little to the left because there's a pond guarding the green to the right.) I get to my ball and it's a terrible lie. Not quite in the bunker, but kind of hanging sideways on the grassy edge. My 60 degree pops it on the green, but it rolls way past the hole across the green and leaves me chipping again. I'm now lying 3. I chip the 4th and I have a 5 footer for bogey on the hole and par for the (9 hole) round. ….. I missed the putt. I really don't think I choked. I put a good stroke on it, but it didn't drop. I made double bogey on the hole and 1 over for 9 holes. So close.... but 1 over.
  21. Not true at all, @TRUCKER. If something works for you, and you're not trying to play golf at a higher level than what you're achieving now, nobody's ever really had a problem with that. But when talking about the swing, and claims made by some people, then you're talking more swing theory, more "how it applies to everyone," etc. That's where discussions about limitations, false claims, etc. become relevant. Just like this: If you want to employ a swing that has some built-in limitations (whether by choice or some physical necessity or something), great. Just say that, and then why would you care about what others are saying when they're discussing the "theory" side of things?
  22. 🤦‍♂️...What a dumb post. Take a look at the handicaps posted by the members here. Do you really think 97% of the people on this forum will ever be playing at the highest level in state/national, amateur or professional tournaments? Every time somebody comes on here with different swing instruction, they are attacked, and end up leaving the forum. There should be a disclaimer when joining here that states, "Don't bother with any ideas unless the long standing members agree with them".
  23. My worse etiquette violation unfortunately took place in front of my grandson. We were playing a resort with 5 golf courses and there are times when non-golfers who are staying there decide to play a round of golf. A foursome jumped in front of us while we were playing and it was clear from watching them that they were not golfers and they were taking forever. To make matters worse, they would leave their golf carts about 75 yards from the green and then take their time walking back to the carts after 5-8 putts each. Finally on one par 5 they parked their carts about 150 yards from the green and strolled up towards the green. At this point I was fuming and waiting to hit my second shot on the par 5 and I pulled out a hybrid and nuked the ball into one of their carts (I never thought I would actually hit one of the carts). The players on the green just waved and seemed to think that I just hit a wayward shot. My grandson thought it was "cool" and a great shot and I had to explain to him that I was way out of line and it wasn't cool, but stupid and inconsiderate on my part. Very embarrassing and something I will never forget. Fortunately my grandson did understand that I was totally wrong.
  24. I like "slumps", only because I know at some future point I will be improving. Maybe even better than I was playing, before the slump started. Slumps are never permanent. I take my bad swing periods in stride. They happen for various reasons. Muscle fatigue. Mental fatigue. Maybe something else is going in one's life that lowers the ability to focus. Maybe the golfer is letting prior poor shots ruin their future shots. Who knows, "stuff" happens. My own cure can be taking a multi day break from my game. I also own a few fishing poles. If my slump is due to casting the club, why waste the movement? Maybe I might just go play 9/18 holes with a half a bag of clubs. With fewer clubs in my bag, I have to be more diligent in what I am doing, shot by shot. I can remember a round that started out poorly, where I finished the last 12 holes using just my PW and my putter. Maybe I will change my preshot routine. Maybe change the in between shots music I listen to when walking. Last but not least, just playing through the bad times, while looking for those occassional good shots that use to be more numerous. As posted above, poor scoring slumps happen to everyone. No golfer is immune to bouts of poor play. It's just another part of the game.
  25. Go to a place like Dick’s and get a package set, you can get a set with bag of Top Flites for around 200 bucks. Clubs don’t “break” because of the price or brand, they break from misuse. Don’t get caught up in “name brand itus “. Learn to hit the ball and learn what different clubs are used for before spending a ton of money. Get some new inexpensive balls like “Nitro”. They’re about 7 bucks a dozen . I’m a 10 handicap and I can play with them as well as anything out there. It takes a while to learn golf. Have fun, practice and be patient.
  26. Two thoughts: my medicine for a slump is a good solid solo round (sometimes two). Go out when the course isn't busy and the round counts for nothing and play around. Hit multiple shots if you want, particularly if you hit a bad shot or if there's a particular shot missing during your slump. Seems to work pretty well for me. Second thought is the Harvey Penick quote, "if you play bad once, forget about it. Play bad twice, practice. Play bad three times, take a lesson." Might be a little too short but maybe a lesson is in order or at the very least a good long practice session focusing on what ails you most.
  27. Sometimes a little time away from the game actually helps, as long as we reapproach the game with common sense, by which I mean maybe having a lesson to be properly set up as you come back. Throwing ourselves back into the game with confidence is important. There's a secondary consideration too, something I enjoyed after nearly 2 years off following some surgeries. The simple fact you can play again makes you really appreciate how much you love the game. Don't let your slump bother you. Let's be honest... All of us have had slumps. Some people's whole golfing life is a slump, punctuated with infrequent moments of glory.
  28. In addition to what @iacas and @billchao suggested for practice, have you tried partial shots on the course instead of full shots? I'm not sure which irons are giving you trouble, but lately I have gone to 3/4 shots for most approach shots under 150 (advice from Erik on another thread). The shorter swing gives me more control and better contact. I even use a 3/4 3 hybrid for 160 yard shots with more difficult lies to get the shot higher. I think sequencing full swings is a bit harder too. For me, my numbers are like this for full/3/4 partial: PW 115 100 9 iron 125 110 8 iron 140 120 7 iron 150 130 3H 180-190 160 I know you can do partials as I've seen it on the course. Try it on the range and then on the course.
  29. Yet Rory was fined in 2015 for doing exactly that. https://golftips.golfweek.com/golf-etiquette-kids-20038.html https://www.pga.com/golf-instruction/instruction-feature/fundamentals/golf-etiquette https://pineridgegolfclub.net/eugene-golf/golf-etiquette/ https://www.golftec.com/blog/2014/09/10-golf-etiquette-dos-donts/
  30. I have the 1 out. It was a throw in with some other wedges that I purchased. I didn’t try it for about a year. At first I didn’t like it. Once I realized that all I had to do was hit it a little fat and don’t decelerate I started getting out of bunkers no problem. I also love using it for that short shot from just behind the bunker. I rarely end up short in the bunker anymore.
  31. Tough to be helpful with the camera angles and no slow motion stuff. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Have you read that?
  32. EXCELLENT SUGGESTIONS, Patch, Ratpatrol. I wish there were more places to practice these sidehill lies, and I suppose you are right that it requires diligence. When I do practice them at this one range (with side hill lies) I think, I GOT IT, and then it gets proved otherwise on the course at times. Y'all are right, I am probably being too ambitious and swinging too big. I have MAJOR issues taking my medicine. I do it from behind trees sometimes, reluctantly. But if I have a clear shot to the green I find myself unable to not go for it, even though I see the logic of laying up safely out of the rough and hoping to chip up for a par. Will try this out though. I appreciate all the thoughtful suggestions. The other night I did read in Golf My Way that Nicklaus suggests hitting something more like a low stinger out of the rough with uneven lies, which echoes what was said here. The 3 wood off a side hill ball above lie even in the fairway is turning into my nemesis. I keep thinking I can get to the green and aim right and watch it continue right. Someday this timid new participant may put his swing up there but not yet, Vinsk. Straight drives it shall be. Best regards, Epopt. oops CLUBRAT
  33. From what I read, much of Bahamas was fine. Damage was severe on Abaco Island and to a lesser extend Grand Bahama Island. The first tournament is not on either of these islands and I'd guess will go on fine. The second may be in question. Bahamas needs tourism, so anything they can do to show they are open for business would help their recovery.
  34. Man, my joke fell flat there. Ya know...I was with my grandpa...? Also, how is throwing a club not an etiquette thing?
  35. OK I have been stewing over this topic since I first saw it. So here goes my "Etiquette Confession" This takes me way back, like way back. Senior year in High School. District Golf Tourney. I was ranked #2 in the District which was pretty decent. I was the 2nd Golfer off the tee and the entire District and all of the H.S Coaches are watching. I was so nervous I literally almost peed myself. I wanted to go to Regionals so bad that year and then hopefully State. So I grab this chunk of wood attached to a steel rod with electricians tape for a grip and tee off (My Persimmon 3 Wood). I played a fade back then and I had it down pat. Well not only did I pull the ball but I also hit a Draw while playing a Fade. I crushed my tee shot. It flew over the 18th fairway that ran parallel to the 1st fairway and sure enough it looks as if it goes O.B. One of the guys from another H.S starts laughing loud and hard and loudly states "That's the longest Drive I have ever seen" Let me add that the two of us had tied earlier in a duel match so we had a side bet going on this round. I pull out a provisional and I just drilled it the exact same way in the exact same spot. Now my shoulders drop and I go to my bag for my 3rd golf ball. #3 - Identical to the first two, I am lost and have no idea what golf is any longer. I go over to my bag and pick it up and the same guy asks if I am going to hit a 4th ball and I said "No, one of them will be in bounds" Ok I get to all 3 balls, they are all in the same spot so it was very easy to grab 2 of them. The 3rd ball was a lousy 3 inches O.B. I looked back at the entire group and they were all staring at me. I hit that ball from where it laid, Out of Bounce!. I never called it - it didn't matter at that point. I finished 2nd to last in the entire field. Even when I was in 7th Grad playing in this same District Tourney I never even came close to that. So there, my "Etiquette Confession" and I still am upset over that day. 🙂
  36. I carry a Driver and 5 wood then a Utility Iron with 5 iron thru wedge. I also carry a 48, 52, 56 and just got a 60* wedge. I am still learning to hit the 60* wedge but find it fun to have. I plan on adding either another Utility Iron or Hybrid at the top of the bag and when I play that club I will drop the 60* wedge. Probably will be a Hybrid as I hit Hybrids lower then my 5 Wood and Utility Iron and during windy conditions I want to have that type of club. I personally do not see the need for a 3 Wood in my bag as I can hit my 5 Wood very well and when I need control off the tee I will hit it. Plus I am extremely comfortable with a 5 wood on long Par 5's for a second shot and do not see the need for a 3 wood off the deck. To seldom used. I practice a lot with my Driver, 5 wood, Utility Iron, 5 Iron and 6 Iron at the range. Those clubs get the bulk of my practice attention. For me they are the clubs that tend to make or break a round. Outside of my 60* wedge I can use all of my wedges in a round, my 52* is my "go to" club for the bulk of my 50 yard and in approach shots as well as chipping but I will utilize my 48* when I need more run out on the green and then the 56* for tight chip shots with less green to work with. Plus my 56* is my sand wedge. In the back yard I will practice with all 3 of these wedges using the same swing to learn ball flight with each and to maintain comfort with them. Thus with my utilization and joy for hitting wedges I would rather carry more of them then a 3 wood that I would seldom if ever hit in a round. In fact my son stole my 3 wood and it was actually a relief not having it in my bag any longer. So in a very long winded answer - and as some have stated - go with what you want to hit or learn to hit. Don't go with a club that you really don't think you want to learn to hit. And if in doubt get a used club it is a great way to see if you like a club. You can always get a new one later. All of my wedges came out of the demo club section, great way to get clubs.
  37. I watched some of Jim's videos and tried to incorporate keeping most of my weight on the left side as well as being closed and still. It makes coming from the inside much easier and makes a straight shot or a slight draw happen pretty quickly. My ball striking has become much more predictable. I have had back surgery and limited mobility, I'm 55 now so all that twisting from the traditional swing would cause me back pain. I cut and split a full cord of oak firewood every week so I am in descent physical shape, I just know my limits. I have no delusions of becoming a pro or scratch golfer, I just want to get around the course with some consistency and see how good I can score. I was an arm wrestler years back so my arms and shoulders are strong, I incorporate a bit more shoulder turn than Jim perhaps. I'm no long hitter off the tee with my 3 wood but I'll take 220 off the tee straight down the fairway rather than 260 into the woods. Guys that can pull off the PGA style swing are amazing and I respect that, but for me, it's not happening. Maybe some will say it's limiting my potential to use Jim's swing but I know it's not because I could not practice as much or be as consistent with a traditional swing. Jim's swing will help you stop duffing quicker, I'll tell you that !!
  38. @Baba, we've never said it's not "a" way to hit a golf ball. We've said it's limiting and puts you under an artificially low ceiling. I'm glad you've found something that works for you, and that you're happy playing golf. You should post more than once every two years in only this topic.
  39. An honest opinion!!! We take lessons, we buy latest equipment, we watch hours of videos and read books , we try things with ropes and hatchets and brooms so that we improve in a game that challenges us against each other but one self. A game that looks easy enough to grasp and yet like sand its impossible to do so. I get to play 3 to 4 times a month. In tournaments I have always played worse than my handicap. A scratch handicapper trapped in a handicapped body. I have been playing for 21 odd years, started late at 19. -I would seldom get time to warm up before a round . -I would slice and fade a lot. -I mess around with my equipment try anything new that comes into the market that promises a change on a regular basis. - Taken my share of lessons. Done everything I could to get rid of the SLICE and improve , from 5 to 6 golf teachers over the years , from professionals and of course YouTube. Have read books from Harvey penicks to technical stuff every shot counts to zen golf. Have read so much I know more about theoretical mechanics of a golf swing than I need to or care to. -I had over 200 videos saved from YouTube of golf instructions. -I have caddied for my brother on the Asian tour for fun. And loved it. -I had an ACL repair years ago so always have a feeling of weakness in my right knee. -And would always always get a lower back ache if I played back to back rounds of golf over a weekend. "What I hated the most about my game" 1. Lack of consistency which included my share of duffing or mishitting of all long irons 4i to 7i. Always struggled with my long irons. 2. After aiming and executing, would never be sure that I will get even close to what I have tried and once the balls airborne would just cross my fingers. 3. Although a decent short game but the fat hit and the occasional thinned shots on my delicate chips or bunkers would creep in. 3. My driver or 3w got me no roll , the ball would not roll even 5 yards even in hard conditions. 4. Finally that crazy slice when I would need to go for it with my Woods. 5. Always ended up playing a good round with 3-4 terrible holes. Distances :- I hit my driver 230 yards carry. 3 wood 215 yards carry. 5i 165 yards 7i 145 yards PW 110 yards Usual scenario on the first tee ..ball goes Right! That has been the case for many many years. Takes me 3 holes to get warmed up but usually the damage is already done.. The best thing I did to reduce my slice was I went 1 degree upright on the irons , got a driver that had a draw setting. Most coaches /pros informed me :- A. I hit with my right side subconsciously feel I need to use it for power. And try and hit too hard. B. I have a chronic over the top move, it reduces when I hit with ease amplifies when I try and hit hard. C. I rotate too early. D. Some said my wrists are too cocked some said too late some said not enough. E. Some said reverse weight shift some said not enough turn and some said too upright. I can go on and on. Then I discovered Jim venetos on YouTube. Tried some stuff he talks about but didn't make sense and I too dismisses it. As never seen any pro play this way. Also the fact it makes one stand out and look so different. On a bad day on a course I tried his swing .. mixed with my traditional swing. Ended up playing way better!!! So I decided to get in touch and signed up. I got in my own way. To be honest for almost 8 months. I would let traditional swing thoughts and doubt stop me from doing what was asked. It was frustrating , I was being advised by most of my friends to get back to tradition. His swing relies on stillness and after that everything should happen as the body allows without manipulation. But we all come from a place where golf involves analogy s from waiters carrying trays to railway tracks. We come from a place where every bit of the swing is manipulated and scrutinised. AND AN AVERAGE GOLFER LIKE MYSELF IS STUCK! We just do not improve. When i say we its us the guys who buy the latest promise the company brings out, we buy into every gimmick or advice dished out , we make coaches make a living. 3 months back I gave up my old swing and completely. Jim isn't greedy. He wants you to succeed. He guides, he is patient, he has replied to my every query however silly within 24 hours every single time. Finally Learnt to stay CLOSED! and i am so proud of my game right now. Maybe this method worked for me. The traditional did not. No I am not yet a scratch golfer but aspiring to be one. Here are some of the stuff that Jim's method helped me with:- 1. I have not duffed a SINGLE chip in last 9 rounds. 2. All short game play is bump and runs unless there's a bunker or trouble, with excellent "consistent" results. 3. Haven't left my ball even once in the sand after trying to get out. And have only got closer. Anyway we don't practice our bunker play enough. 4. I do not use his putting method as I use a claw grip and look at the hole and putt. But his right side slight pivot I have adopted to great consistent results. 5. My Slice is gone! My miss is that it goes straight and doesn't come back with an occasional low hook when i Do not stay closed at impact. The only thing i require to do , my "swing thought" is stay still or stay closed. I chose stay closed. 6. For 21 years I have aimed left side of fairways knowing the ball will come in never knowing how much. I now aim right towards even an ob and get a sweet tight draw that comes back in. 7 I can hit a 4i well for the first time, 175 yards carry. 8. I get an awesome roll on my 3w and drivers. I have a long way to go with my driver and 3w. But 3 months back I doubted it and now I can hit as long as my past distances with ball being alot more in play. 9. I haven't hit a single a top with my irons in last 5 rounds. 10. Never hit my smaller irons more crisply as I do now. 11. Crispness and contact from the word go. It's the only way one can hit a chip , an iron or a wood well without warming up from the first shot. Whether in practice or a round of golf. It's crazy. On a practice green if the first chip counts I will be closer than many golfers who are better than me. 12. I have not had a back pain even once even if I do not warm up. My right leg is great also I decided to work hard on it to get it stronger. 13.. Crazy consistency and predictability. 14. Jim's emphasis is on being still. That's it .. I mean that's it. A person like me has over 3 to 4 thoughts on every swing. And total stillness is something I still struggle with. I would change something in my swing after every round. Keeping my mind clear works if I concentrate on stillness my chips get a lot closer, the minute I let thoughts creep in they still stay hit but not as close. I played a tournament 3 days back played to 10 over! Greens had coring done and were so bad. One of the most confident rounds where I hit a perfect draw from the first tee. I hit 12 regulations from championship tees. If I have an Island green at 150 yards , I would always go with Jim's swing. It's just that consistent and predictable. Would I dismiss Jims swing or challenge anyone I am not that kind of a guy. Just feel privileged to be able to follow and play this game. But I can say this if you are a player stuck and not improving its worth trying. At least once! It's free on YouTube. Baba
  40. I'm a single digit hdcp and I use D,4,5,7,9 woods 5-pw,gap, and sw. I am a short hitter but I am a straight hitter. I can hit it longer than I do but I score better hitting it straight. I keep saying I will get hybrids to replace my 7 and 9 wood but I love these clubs. They have served me well over the years. Learn how to chip and pitch and know when to do each. That got me from the 80s to the 70s. And forget the lob wedge unless you hit the ball like a pro. And hit the 3 wood whenever you need to on par 4s. Remember, A good man knows his limitations...DH.
  41. Your swing has no turn to the hips or shoulders. Do you know where "power", or more accurately clubhead speed, comes from in the golf swing? The answer is in using the entire body to create tension and "lag" in multiple areas that can be used to snap each piece into place faster than if there was no tension. The hips being ahead of the shoulders creates tension in your abs, lats, traps, and obliques - tension that can be used to help "pull" your collarbone to rotate faster than it could on its own. Your arms folding across your body puts more tension on the lats and traps, as well as increasing tension in the rhomboids, triceps, deltoids, teres major, and rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis) primarily on the side of the leading arm (left side for right-handed golfers). All this allows the arms to rotate faster than they would otherwise. When you hinge your wrists you put tension into primarily the flexor carpi ulnaris, helping to pull the wrist straight again and rotate the clubhead faster than your hands alone can move. Back down below the hips, your legs can increase the speed of the forward hip rotation with the tension applied to the gluteal muscles in combination with using the quads to snap the leg into a straightened position. The gluteus maximus pulls the lead thigh backwards, while the quads pull the lead leg straight (pulls the whole leg behind you, dragging the hips from in front) and the quads of the rear leg push it straight (with the hip flexors moving the thigh towards your front) as a means of using the trail leg to "push" the hips faster. This is made possible by a squatting motion at the top of the downswing and an extension of the legs (alongside those thick glutes pulling the front thigh back and the hip flexors pulling the rear thigh forwards). All of this tension is introduced to the various muscle groups during the normal/"traditional" backswing, which serves the purpose of storing energy much like what would happen if you stretched a spring or an elastic band. Unlike a spring or elastic band, however, our muscles can also contract on their own and actively pull instead of only passively pulling in response to being stretched. The swing you teach, @Jim Venetos, does not store as much energy during the backswing as a traditional golf swing. You do not move your legs or hips at all during the backswing, and only barely move the shoulders. All that energy that is stored during the backswing of a normal golf swing is lost entirely, and the muscles used during the downswing do not have as much leverage to be able to rotate your body and club through the ball as quickly. Here's a comparison of how much/where energy is stored at the top of the backswing for your swing versus a traditional swing: Note that in purple I'm specifically referencing the amount of arm rotation relative to the shoulders. You both have about the same angle between your shoulders and your arms. McIlroy has more energy from his arms being rotated further behind the ball, however, but this is covered in the other points. Here's a comparison of those two swings again, except this time at impact and including context from the motion of the downswing: You're only swinging with your arms and a little bit of your shoulders. Rory McIlroy, and others with a traditional golf swing, can utilize the gigantic muscles in their abdomen, hips, and thighs to maximize the power of the golf swing. You remove the motion of half the body in the golf swing. This can simplify the swing, as you intended it to, but it will never result in increased power because you're not utilizing all the muscle groups that you could otherwise use to increase swing speed. Why don't you go ahead and share those clubhead speed numbers achieved by you and your students? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and propose the following bet: We both create an video of 3 driver shots in a row on a launch monitor, attempting to fulfill the following goals: Power The swing speed on all 3 shots should be 120 mph or higher Accuracy The difference in carry distance between the longest and shortest shots should be no more than 20 yards This filters out big mishits that result from swinging beyond your abilities The horizontal distance between the furthest left and furthest right shots should be no more than 35 yards This is the width of an average fairway This filters out uncontrolled hooks and slices that result from swinging beyond your abilities Video No cuts or editing that would make it possible to edit separate swings into a single attempt Video must visually show the speed, carry distance, and horizontal dispersion for each shot This can be shown in a single graph at the end of the 3 shots or individually for each shot I will post my video on YouTube and publicly share it in this thread Your video can be of either you or one of your students, so long as the person in your video uses your swing technique If you would rather not post it publicly, you are more than welcome to post it as a private YouTube video and send the link to access that video in a PM directly to myself and a second site moderator/staff member The second site moderator/staff member should be sent the video just so they can verify the results - I will be honest about what I see, but this can give you extra assurance that I have honest intentions If it is a video of a student, you're welcome to protect their anonymity by placing a black block over their head/face so long as we can still see their swing mechanics Both videos must be created within 2 weeks of you accepting the bet This gives you time to record it yourself or find a student willing to help you Unlimited attempts are allowed, so long as each attempt is 3 swings in a row I will give you very generous terms for this bet as well. The terms of the bet's payouts can be seen below, with all situations assuming that all video requirements are met unless stated otherwise: I pay you $40 if You meet the power, accuracy, and video requirements - it doesn't matter what my video looks like I fail to produce a video that meets the video requirements I pay you $20 if You meet the power requirement - even if you fail the accuracy requirements - and I cannot meet the power requirement myself I pay you $10 if You meet the power requirement - even if you fail the accuracy requirements - and I meet the power requirement but fail the accuracy requirements You pay me $40 if I meet all requirements and you fail the power requirement Nobody pays anybody if Anything else happens The only way for you to lose money is if I am 100% successful in meeting both power and accuracy requirements and you are unable to back up your bold claims about not losing power to a traditional swing. If you truly believe what you teach, put your money where you mouth is and take this bet with me. I have the advantage of youth, which is why I'm letting you have favorable terms for the bet AND letting you pick any person who uses your swing methods. When it comes to the power of your swing method, this is all I have to say: Put up or shut up
  42. In my main playing bag, I carry 4 metal woods, (D-7W) and 4 (PW-LW) wedges. That leaves me with 5 irons, and a putter. This set up suits my game quite well, on a personal level. This bag I play for a better score. I have a second bag that I carry a driver, 12 irons, (2I-LW) and a putter. With this bag, I average 1.8 strokes more, per 18 holes, than my main playing bag. The irony is, I love playing all these irons. I play this bag when out just having fun. My point is that one's bag make up is a personal issue, based on what the golfer wants to accomplish with their game. . Another thing. I carry 4 wedges. The thing is, I hardly ever use all 4 wedges during a round of golf. I could just as easily get by with just a PW, and a SW. My 7W is my "go to" club in so many situations, that I would be some what lost with out it. Next to my putter, it's my 2nd favorite club of all time.
  43. It's really easy for everyone to dismiss Jim's methodology. Here's what I have been through. I play to around 10-12. Whenever I play a tournament I play to 18+ I struggle with atleast 1 triple and a couple of double bogeys every round. In my mind I am way better than I play but lack consistency. Am good at chipping and have really improved my putting using an unconventional method. What I figured was my long distance wood/iron play completely lacked consistency. And as the round came to close I would get worse. Also I would every now and then hit weak fades with my woods, lack consistency with my hybrids. Could never hit a 3,4,5 irons. But was good with my 8,9,pw. Lastly I would have many swing thoughts which by the time came to hitting the ball I would lose steam. Out of desperation to get rid of my over the top swing I came across jims YouTube video. I tried it at the practice range gave me almost the same distance as my normal swing but with a little more consistency on the first day itself. I took it to the course. I found the same distance with a huge jump in consistency and ball striking. My fault was I still would fall back to my old method for a few shots. Over the years have come to realise that no matter who the coach is some of the things will work for you and some will not. I still use my old method for driving but from a 3 wood to a pitching wedge I find Jims method great and a lot less strenuous on my hip and back. Over a month am very impressed with the distances. It's increased by an iron. More than the distance I find from a habitual slicer have been able to hit the ball straight. I get approximately 160 yards carry with my 7. I've never hit my 3 wood so consistently as do now. I do not use his methods for chipping or for putting. What I am trying to say is whoever you maybe and if you been struggling this is worth a shot. The golf swing is very complicated for most of us. The weight shift, the timing , the tempo, the positions etc. If this method works for you you'll end of thanking Jim, if it doesn't you can always go back to your normal Swing. I am going to work on Jim's swing till I know what's a keeper and what's not, as of now am just surprising alot of my friends with my shot making.
  44. Yes. Great thoughts. Your body mostly will determine the bottom of the arc. And there are many ways to get the job done...Some dictated by lie, terrain, target, my aching old body, etc. @Djamhour, I am assuming you aren't slicing your shots. If not, may I suggest that you do some Internet research regarding playing the ball forward in your stance with irons. I think you will find that Nicklaus and others played the ball in a constant, same forward position for all shots. I believe Harmon teaches this; could be wrong. My instructor suggested this ball position. It helped me (1) stay behind the ball, (2) with a proper side bend and (3) drive into the ball with my legs. Finally, remember that your visual perception may make you think that you are playing the ball more forward than you really are. You can take what I say with a grain of salt; I'm old and have no qualms about going against the "traditional" in order to keep playing. But what you see as a "problem" helped me. Keep searching and work with an instructor. Best wishes, -Marv
  45. Agree with mvmac. Lowest point of the swing is aligned with the left armpit. Everything should be played about a ball back of that point- approx. ball to ball & half inside left heel. I play everything just inside my left heel unless I'm trying to manufacture a lower ball flight or adjusting to uneven lies. Hoping 3 iron is just confusing ball:divot relationship. Divot is always after the ball.
  46. Why do you want to hit the ball more center of your stance? All of my irons are basically close to my left heel, no need to put in center.. if you had said that you have to put them in the back of your stance then that would be an issue because it would probably mean you are flipping pretty badly at the ball and losing major distance while not making good contact.
  47. I've been moving the ball more and more forward lately, it just feels natural. Mostly because I'm working on a proper weight shift, and it doesn't feel right having the ball in the middle of my stance, regardless of club. I don't think about where I place my ball, I just put it wherever it feels natural to me. At the moment, the ball is a ball or two inside the left heel.
  48. Driver, heel of front foot long irons and woods, 3 inch to the right of front heel and middle and short irons 1 inch to the left of middle wedges middle i think its preference really. it depends on your angle of attack if you are already steep you probably don't need it back in your stance.
  49. I had a great lesson with a local CPGA pro this morning. One of the few changes he had me make after watching me hit balls for a few minutes was my ball position. He advised me that one should always play the ball 2-3 inches off the left heel (in the case of right handed golfers) for all irons/wedges and off the left heel for woods. Hogan, Nicklaus and many contemporary instructors hold that this is the correct ball position. This I presume is one of 2 schools of thought on ball position. There is another school of thought which dictates that wedges/short irons are played in the middle of your stance, with the ball progressing towards your left heel as the clubs get longer with finally the woods off the left heel. I have always used the latter approach, however at times I find that sometimes the ball creeps back and fro in my stance. Needless to say, this recent tweak in ball position is helping me strike the ball consistently solid. Which approach do you use and why?
  50. I've done both... I am now back to the ball more towards the front of my stance. I am more consistant that way. With the ball in the middle... I found myself hanging back and not transferring my weight very well. With the ball more forward I feel like I have better vision throughout the swing and can hit it more pure.
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    • My club of evil club of hate... Every. Single. Last. One. Except my driver. She is my BFF.
    • In April of 2019 I had my first EVER club fitting.  For my birthday my wife bought me a set of irons, fitted my by golf pro. It made a world of difference;  If I had been fitted years ago, I would be much better along.  Anyway, at the time, she said (my wife), you need to golf more,  Who was I to argue?  LOL.  Since that time I have attempted to buy a driver and fairway "off the rack"... massive mistake. My fairway needed replacing, so I wen to my local Pro and asked her what she thought.  She knows me and my swing.  She handed me three fairways.  A good buddy of mine said I should try X brand, so I a had added to my group.  Guess what?  My Pro knew more about me than my buddy.  I hit all four many times at practice, and yes, I am not perfect, I did choose one of the ones my Pro thought would work best for me.  I will not ever buy a club again without trying it out first again.       f
    • This seems mental to me.  Don't pause too long. When these shots happen to me, it's usually because I have taken the club too far inside the line during the back swing.  Don't know if this is true for everyone.  My two fixes would be: Do my best to take the club down the line as long as possible during the back swing or Set up for a big fade and really open the club face and weaken the grip at set up.  Usually this produces more of a banana slice, but once you prove to yourself you can hit the ball right, you can adjust your setup pretty easily to hitting the ball straighter.   
    • Using the Mevo has been pretty eye opening. Generally, when I hit the ball, I am good at detecting gross contact issues. Fat and thin shots are obvious. Toe shots that miss the grooves I can feel and hear the difference. Shank, duh. But seeing variability in the ball speed / carry / spin / vertical launch angle for shots with comparable swing speed, and that feel good (no obvious miss on the club face) tells me my strike variability is causing inconsistency. Pretty sure this is normal for a 15 handicap, but the new data gives me something to discuss in my next lesson. Swing speed has also been surprisingly variable. My 7-iron swings were between 88-96 mph, and driver swings ranged from 106-114. There didn't seem to be a pattern like speed decreasing over time as a result of fatigue. This tells me there's something going on here as well. In my excitement to use the Mevo, I probably have not been as diligent with my practice shot routine. When I'm in a lesson my instructor always reminds me to take at least one practice swing, align myself and address the ball deliberately, get posture/setup correct, etc., and generally swing speed is consistent +/- 1mph. So far with the Mevo it's been more of a rake and whack routine. I'll see if the data normalizes when I'm focusing a bit more. Again, maybe not surprising for a 15 handicap. Either way, seems like I can provide my instructor with some additional information prior to each lesson, which I am excited about.
    • Ah, the ol' too close to the ball joke... after you hit it...

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