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    • I didn’t read it, I wrote it.... I’m assuming your joking ?😐
    • Sorry, no, they aren't. Even when the coverage is on, it's typically on mute or you can't hear it. And even if they all watched it, every round, they're such a tiny % of the audience it's negligible. Ergo, "they are not the audience." Oh, they know. They're just not really the audience.
    • I thought we had a topic for this, but I just added four pictures of one of my college players making an albatross to the gallery, including this one: Ryan, who last year barely made the team and who is now roughly a 2 or 3 handicapper, who at 6'4" pounds the ball pretty far, and I got out for a few holes before the Masters today. When we got to the third hole, he put his driver a bit farther out there than mine, 230 to 234 or so. The third green at Whispering Woods cants front to back, so you can't see the green surface. He hit a soft hybrid and we saw the ball slightly draw against the slight NE wind (into and off the left), and land just right of the flag somewhere. The pin appeared to be in the "valley" between the two main slopes on the green, but we didn't yet know how soft or firm the greens were. When we got up there, and I chipped up, Ryan was looking over the back of the green. I looked around the right side, thinking maybe the ball had kicked right somehow or got caught up in the rough. I looked quickly over the back of the green and then, as I was walking back up toward my ball which was just short of the hole, I saw the ball just below the lip and sitting on the foam. I said "Maybe you should look in the hole?" in a semi-sarcastic but funny way, and Ryan didn't say anything. Then I said "no, really, you should look in the hole." He walked up and, because it was me, he didn't believe that it was his ball. He thought I had put it there. I told him I wouldn't joke about such a thing. I pinkie swore (I never break pinkie swears, or lie if I pinkie swear) to him that he had made an albatross. Because he had! I've never seen an albatross before. And, technically, I still haven't, I suppose. But I was present when one was made, so I'm counting it. 🙂 Congrats to Ryan!
    • Where did you read that? The problem with Augusta is that the boring nature of the back 9 pretty much guarantees a "snoozefest". 🤣
    • Matsuyama is playing nice golf now. BUT The best thing about Augusta is the scope for disaster or birdies on the back nine. It’s not over yet. 
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