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  1. Ok, played a round today. Absolutely on fire... I would honestly say that 50% of my full swing shots today were pure. I also continued my streak of making putts. I ended with 7 birdies, 1 eagle and 1 bogey to tie my all time low round of 64. Although this one really felt like my best round ever. My bogey was from a slip, got careless for a minute and lost a ball into a penalty area. Approach shots were definitely the highlight, leaving shorter putts for birdies. Such a fun day. I need to do this in a tournament round though, to really make it mean something more.
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  2. Had a nice time today golfing with my Granddaughter. We played 9 holes on "her home course" . She was a bit down in the dumps because she didn't qualify for Monday's varsity tournament. We talked about her best golf days were still a head of her. Freshman envy I guess. On the first tee she asked "so what are we playing for?" I told her a pitcher of beer, figuring I would destroy her mental prowess right off the bat. "You're on" was her reply. Now my mental game was taking a double take. I've been out of highschool for quite a while, but I'm pretty sure 13 year old, highschool
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  3. I shot an 89 the other day and feel like it was 7-9. I'm feeling optimistic. 😉
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  4. There's a ton of good advice on this site. Iacas is a top 100 US teaching pro and his book, LSW has great advice. And many of the folks here are + HCP players. I've taken heed and moved from a 24 to a 19 this year. Things I've learned: -Full swing distance is very important. It's more difficult for me to increase distance than improve my short game so I spend more time on full swing. -Due to age I have to stay flexible and maintain core strength so exercise every day I do not golf. -Flag hunting kills me. I aim for the largest part of the green I can see. I can t
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  5. Swing hard in case you hit the ball, right?
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  6. This is a pretty common thing, our definitions of "pure" are different, largely dependent on our level of play. I'm likely to be very happy with a quality of contact that would leave a better player like @phillyk or @iacas just a little disappointed.
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  7. I have the Callaway Diablo in the 3H-4H-5H. I bought them new at Dick’s about 10 years ago. They have the A flex shaft that I had shortened by 1”. I will keep them until they are totally destroyed. They have helped my game more than any club in the bag. I actually think I could play a complete round with these three clubs and a putter.
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  8. Getting the best sand wedge for you involves more than just hunting for some all-occasions Magic Club. To be a decent bunker player, you need a SW with a head and grind which matches your normal turf conditions, and proper technique. Traditional wisdom (above) says that if you play out of very firm sand, you want a SW with lower bounce. This means the clubhead will cut through the sand and not get hung up in it. If you play in fluffy or powdery sand, you want a high bounce wedge that will glide through the powder without digging in too much. @iacas explains additional
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  9. This is not about my golf game, but something I saw that added a new prospective to the game of golf itself for me personally.. I was on a practice (chipping) green with another guy I was going to golf with. Also, on the green was a youngster, maybe 8-9 years old. Sitting off to the side was a lady in a chair, reading a book. We assumed she was the youngster's mother. As we were chipping, we noticed the youngster having a great fun time chipping balls to a towel on the ground. We also noticed he was using a club that had seen it's best days back in the 1960s. The rest of his
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    • By the way, I'm not doubting your results. I'm just curious how you know it's 16 yards? and if you were fit for the old gamer because I'm wondering if and when that kind of a jump in yardage could be available to the rest of us. 
    • Sorry, didn't realize there was 40 something pages on this. I vote no also.  I've always thought it was weird to even suggest that it should be. I mean where does it all end? What's next? If a ball takes an odd bounce are we going to move it to "where it would have been if not for the odd bounce?"
    • To me a "D" wedge is when I pop my driver straight up.
    • 10 years ago I tried a new driver on demo day at the range.  Seemed to be crushing it.  Bought it and gained 20-25 yards over the old driver which was 6 years old.  Yes Typhoon, it was exhilarating and DeChambeau-empowering to hit from forward spots I'd never played from before. Nearly 50 PGA Touring pros began playing the same driver that same year.  Guess they noticed the extra distance I was getting.  😁
    • Day 61 (Mar 08, 2021) - Today was "bounce" back Monday.  Got in the yard, temps in the 50's and worked the bounce of the 58 wedge.  Again using the sawhorses as the target zone.  Went two methods - pitching it short using the bounce to get the ball "near" and letting it roll through the leg gates, second - a little tougher - pitching it over the sawhorse but landing before the hole to roll in.  The horse is set about 6' out so there is room to land and roll.  Was a lot of fun and makes working the bounce a real challenge to get the proper flight.  
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