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    • I've never thought of it in relation to handicap but on one of the Par-3 holes on my league course occasionally they set the Yellow tees slightly behind the White tees.  It is one of those holes were the tee boxes are staggered left & right and the cart path runs between them.  Every now & then they put the white tees on the front end of the middle tee box on the left of the path and the Yellow tee on the rear of the more forward box to the right of the path.  We checked with a laser once and the Yellows were @ 2 yards longer to the pin.  Not much but it pissed off the older players that use the Yellow tees because that hole was for the "Closet to the Pin" prize that day.
    • Yes, All I said was I was not happy with it and then responded to a few counter-points.  Its no sweat off my back and as I said, it does not make me "Dislike" the golfer.
    • That sounds more like the eBay with which I've had experience. Yeah... you did it the hard way.  All you had to do was initiate a return and, for the reason, check the box that indicated the item was not as described.  Then, if the seller balked, open a ticket with eBay, use the magic phrase "Significantly Not As Described," and explain in what way(s) it was SNAD. I've had to do that twice, because sellers balked at taking something back, and both times it was handled painlessly. Sorry I did not see this thread originally.  Looks like I maybe could have saved you some angst.
    • Excellent news!
    • At one of the courses I play a lot of the greens keepers have never played golf.  There is some very creative placing of the tee markers.  Oftentimes they would make Salvador Dali proud.
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