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  1. Good grief. They must be deep into Matt Every’s stash over at CBS...
  2. The tl;dr is keep balls at home, then bring them with you to course.
  3. Did not know Davis Love III four times runner up. Maybe that's why he got the gig. Not an accurate count, but about 10 are in the Senior Tour and maybe a handful are retired, not playing anymore.
  4. Going with SuperSpeed and a fresh TPI eval and exercise program
  5. You forgot relevant (😆 sorry couldn't help it, I work for a company that uses SMART goal setting as part of our yearly performance plans). But this is great advice. After I started taking lessons, a huge challenge for me was learning how to practice what I had been taught. I have one hour of instruction per month, and I leave with new knowledge and things to work on, but the next 30 days are 100% my responsibility. My practice routine used to be going to the range, hitting a couple large buckets of balls with no real purpose. Bad shot, hit another ball, that one was good, okay swing is working. You definitely want to make sure you're practicing well. After each lesson my instructor sends me a ~5-6 minute video summary of all the things we covered in the lesson, as well as some things to practice. I find the video summary really helpful as I have never been a note taker, and I can archive the emails to go back to specific lessons and revisit them. This might be something you want to look for with instruction if available from your local instructors.
  6. Patch makes some good points about taking notes,setting goals and asking questions. When I take a lesson (and I do frequently), I always make sure to leave with a set of drills, goals and metrics. Like all goals they should be specific, measurable, achievable, and timely. You need to leave a session knowing what you will be working on (Not just better posture but making sure to bend from the hip when taking your stance, know that you will get into the position by standing tall and hinging from the hips while keeping the abdominal tight, you can confirm that it is correct by placing a hand on your stomach or hanging a club from your shoulder..., if it is a dynamic act then the goal should be something like starting all shots right of the target line and turning back towards the center-line 90% AVOID "hit it straighter", and Lastly you should set the time for your next lesson before you leave. Setting a lesson could be a specific time OR when you reach a certain measurable goal. Good luck. It is a journey but if you take it in small bits you will get there.
  7. I played in a women's league for 2 years. There were four women out of 32 including myself who could top 200 yds off the tee. 7 irons were about 140. 3 of these women had handicaps under 10. One of them (me) couldn't keep the ball in the fairway. The average tee shot was between 150 and 180. The more athletic women could hit the ball about 190 and could shoot in the mid-80s. Those who hit the ball between 180 and 190 yds were bogey golfers. Those who hit the ball 170 yds still shot in the 90s. Those who hit 150 yds couldn't break 100. I have seen some high school girls drive the ball about 220 carry.
  8. On golf instruction: "What is said-vs-What is meant-vs-What is heard, will equal a can of worms". No I didn't make that up. I read it some where, and thought it made sense.. Finding the right golf instructor can take a bit of search. My best advice is to talk with a perspective swing guru, to see if you two are compatible. Tell the instructor up front what you are looking to accomplish. Talk about swing instruction terminology, so you both understand what's being said. As a student, who employs the golf instructor, don't be afraid toask questions when you don't understand something. It's your money, you are entitled to know what is being taught, and why. Once you find your swing guru, take copious notes on what is being taught. Write your own personal golf instruction book. It will come in handy in years to come. Also, should you find an instructor you are making progress with, stick with him/her for as long as you continue to improve. It could be months, even years of an instruction partnership. I had the same instructor for several years.
  9. First! Ha ha. But seriously, I never heard him in the booth or even watched any of his interviews, so dunno what his personality is like. Golf: CBS announces Davis Love III joining broadcast team Davis Love III is heading to the broadcast booth. The World Golf Hall of Famer and 21-time PGA Tour champion is joining CBS as an analyst for its coverage of the PGA Tour, the Masters and PGA Champ…
  10. Okay, disclaimer for others: the play is never actually shown in video form, ever, in 11+ minutes. Ugh.
  11. I keep an instant read one in my bag. I’ve noticed Snell balls keep their temp about .00001 degrees more stable than even premium golf balls. I think it helps that ‘Snell’ is a shorter stamp than ‘Titleist ProV1.’ Less friction.
  12. Years ago they used to sell a golf ball warmer. Wondering if those are still around. I just keep an extra in my pocket. The pocket with a secret hole in it...
  13. I think that's the whole point… When you are a grown man and you have a "thing" like McCord's mustache, or let's say a man with a really out there unique beard, or somebody who wears an English driving chapeau everywhere he goes, or the dude that wears a bandanna… Do you get the point? A guy that has a thing like that is stale, lame, every single time.
  14. Slightly off topic, but I do quite like Nantz and Torico. Those two are amongst the top in my book. However, they fill the same role.
  15. IIRC, it was McCord who worked a bit with Mac. There's a video or two of that out there, so McCord, I'm guessing knows a bit about the swing too for all I know maybe Kostis worked with Mac as well. I actually think McCord has a better swing than Kostis and may actually be better with swing analysis if asked, judging from how he was talking about the swing in those Mac videos. Just speculating though.
  16. I'll ask him next time I'm giving him a backrub...
  17. Or “this just a moment ago” Okay, I’m sold.
  18. Benefit of the doubt until he uses the phrase "of the golf ball" or starts calling putts "efforts" then it's open season
  19. Well I’m officially a 29 now. But over here only tournament rounds count for official handicapping purposes and I’ve only played in two the last two years (small children so I can’t play tournaments on weekends). Garmin golf sets my hcp at 21,8 (it’s where I score most of my rounds via my watch). And that’s because the last two years I’ve been working a lot on my full swing, a small bit on my short game and almost nothing on my putting. So last round for example was a 98 with 44 putts... so that’s a big reason 🙂 but my winter plans include a lot of putting and chipping practice so hopefully that will change in the spring right in time for the new hcp system.
  20. Where I take my lessons (indoor facility), the entire lesson is recorded with down the line and face on cameras and can be analyzed / dissected using software. I think it's called Swing Catalyst. The lesson starts with a conversation of how my game is going, and then I warm up and start making some swings, usually 7-iron unless I ask for help with a specific club. Then we have a conversation/analysis where she highlights things that are working well and things that need adjustment. Then the she'll give me something to try for the next series of swings to help me make the adjustment (drill, new feel, etc.), and then repeat the analysis on video. At the end of the lesson, the she compiles the highlights of the lesson into a single video and sends it to me via email.
  21. DarkFrog, I know but I kind of thought that golf instruction by definition was Relevant. Now to work on Six-Sigma for my approach shots 😉
  22. Is sure is. I know "potheads" they let it affect their regular life in negative ways, they are slow, they don't work well. They should not have protection from being fired for cause. Pot is a main cause or correlated symptom. I also know users that handle the substance without any issues. I don't call them potheads. I have no reason to think of them individually in a derogatory fashion. Disdain is reserved for individuals that demonstrate they deserve it. Not broad demographics of people
  23. They most likely just have more flexibility in their shoulder and hip turn. You can work on that with shoulder and hip turn drills and stretching. But, players like Rahm and Finau don't go that high at all and are two of the longest drivers on tour. So I would not recommend trying to actively get higher and focus on generating the speed from your natural top position. Reaching back too far can cause lots of issues on the downswing. You can start a My Swing thread in the Member Swings section and folks will help.
  24. McCord reminds me of a so-so comedian who has lost his stuff. He's just not funny anymore and was only funny once or twice 30 years ago. At least Feherty comes up with a gem every other broadcast. Kostis reminds me of one of those golf teachers that taught someone years and years ago that became a decent player and is now resting on his laurels. After all I have learned on this site, it is so easy to see that he really doesn't know what he is talking about or is just using cliches and going through the motions on his so called 'analysis'. He does more damage than good.
  25. You're probably right. It will be fun if he does and certainly boost ratings. How greasy? Are we talking a bit oily or covered in lard? Asking for a friend.
  26. For me, my full iron shots tend to draw whereas my flighted shots go straight with the abbreviated swing. With the lower ball flights, I get too much roll on hard greens. The ball carries to the front or middle of the green and rolls to the back or off the green, especially on elevated greens. I've not been trying this very long so I'll have to determine the right club and swing for the total distance. I am sure it'll be easier on flat courses and as winter weather approaches. Continuous improvement. This thread is what started me to experiment with these shots. Thx.
  27. Simple solution is have 4 or 5 sets and call them by handicap or driving distances
  28. His being a bomber back in the day certainly helped. But as many people already know, his real dominance came from the fact that he was so much better than everyone else with the long and mid irons, without glaring weaknesses elsewhere. So it makes sense to me that his being long but not a bomber at this point in his career doesn't hobble him or anything.
  29. I didn't know who Lon Hinkle was, so I looked it up. Here it is if anyone's interested, save you a search. Hinkle Tree a famous landmark at Inverness | Golfweek • David Fay reflects on 1979 Hinkle Tree incident at Inverness TOLEDO, Ohio – The chairman of the greens committee, Doug Spencer, motors up in his golf cart. He knows all about the history of the I…
  30. Finding a coach is like dating or looking for a home. You need to find the right one for you. A few items I would throw out. Cost and commitment are a key questions: How much time will you commit? Do you understand their communication style? Set up an interview. Most instructors will chat for a few minutes but if you like them I would offer to play for 20-30 min to discuss how they would go about achieving your goals. Some will not tell you details but give you a general road map. After that it is about results and trust. Especially when you are starting out thing may get WAY worse if you are making a big change and you have to believe that they know where you are going and that it will work. Just my experience
  31. Of course he's picking himself. He loves competing, being one of the guys, etc. He doesn't care about it? Huh?
  32. No, high school teams drive 200-230, my daughter is about 215 total, not carry and she scored 42s from the white tees. I think most “women” on forums post longer distances, because it’s their husband/father posting 🙄 My daughter would post “about 200”, so you can ignore my quoted 215 number I covertly measured with GG 😂😂😂 The real ladies I know tend to underestimate their distances especially to men... I did know a few Ladies here who did hit pretty far and are actually playing pro or D1 college now... Alison Lee and I forgot the other ones?
  33. Mach 3 reminds me of the “ Speed Chain” I used a few years back to develop swing speed. It was big back then before Superspeed. For me, that type of training built strength more than it did speed. Since I went to the gym anyway I didn’t see the added benefit from the chains. Superspeed was different. I have the gym/ CrossFit for strength and explosive training. Superspeed allows me to work my fast twitch muscles to build speed from strength. Just my findings, again it was the chains which reminds me of Mach 3
  34. Maybe they'll do away with the other commentators too and let us listen to the golfer-caddie conversations and watch more golf. I'd much prefer that.
  35. Just shot an 89 over the summer, so that’s the broke 90 achievement. Was going into that day thinking 95 😂.
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    • Day 4 - some net work with 6 iron and driver reinforcing higher hands and the transition feel.
    • 77 today. No birdies, 14 pars, 3 bogeys, and 1 double on the last hole.  
    • All greens were replaced just over a year ago.  The invitation of am's can be different based on where a pro works.  Some pros have contracts with their course that commits them to playing with members that sign up.  Another reason for higher handicaps is the team game, which is either 1G/1N or 2N, so having a high handicap do well on one or two holes can make a big difference in the team game.  I don't have a commitment with my course and the max handicap I have brought is 20.  It can be tough, but I keep them moving as I can.  Last year, there were rules in place to keep pace, but because of COVID, those rules are mostly ignored this season. The pace for CB was 5.25hrs. 
    • I bet almost every player on tour has tested from good lies, bad lies, bare lies, heavy rough etc.They maybe don’t take it to the same level of detail, but tour pros surely practice from every situation etc. You think they don’t hit ball on the launch monitor from sloping lies, downhill etc
    • Shot 90 today!  That is my all time personal best.  It was on what I call my "home" course.  Day started off fantastic - 3 pars in a row!   I was thinking there may even be a birdie in the mix.  It was not to be - however no "snowmen", no triples!  4 pars countered the 4 doubles for my first round of "bogey" golf.  Had several great birdie looks - just did not sink them.  Funny thing as we were finishing 16, it began to sink in that if I did not blow up the last two, I had a real shot at a personal best round.  What were the factors that played into this?  We played up today - to the gold (just over 5400) as opposed to the whites (just over 6000), so that definitely contributed as I am a shorter hitter.  I have played from the whites and golds with almost equal scores still today felt like a "gold" day.  Did staying focused on keeping the weight forward during impact - most definitely!  Driver accuracy was the best ever - with only two drives of the twelve I used driver where what I would all bad slices in the trees, but fully playable.  The fairway misses were typically two yards or less off the short stuff.  Iron play, wedge play, fairways and hybrid were connecting.  On the greens, I chose to trust my alignment and it paid off.  Even misses stopped less than two feet from the hole - making tap-ins easier.  Yes, today was the best round ever!   

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