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    • Day 32 - More swings in the mirror, hip turn and a straight trail elbow. 
    • I'm with you. I'm a big fan of the AVX. They reminded me a bit of the old "Kick X" balls that I found through this site. Off the tee, the performance is exceptional. Better distance and accuracy than almost any other ball I play. They have enough spin so that my iron shots hold, but not so much that they spin backwards like crazy with the wedges. Short game performance is not quite as good as the Pro-V's but it's certainly good enough. I definitely wouldn't say it feels like a rock. I rarely buy balls anymore (I have managed to acquire a multi year supply as gifts), but if/when I do, I'd have no qualms about picking up a case of AVX.
    • Day 292 Half swings with 7-iron working on priority piece.
    • 95 FIRs: 9/14 (64.3%) - amazing what a golf lesson can do. GIRs: 6 (33.3%) Putts: 39 Birdies: 1 (this should have been 2 but the ball wouldn't go in on the 16th. It stayed on the lip hanging over the edge, the #@!!$!,) Pars: 5 Bogeys: 4 DB: 6 Quads: 2 Penalties: 0 Best 9 hole stretch: +7 (3 - 11)  Worst 3 hole stretch: + 9 (1 - 3) If I had gotten to the course and warmed up instead of using the first two holes to warm up and getting two quads... I usually par the 1st and bogey the 2nd when I warm up. We're talking 7 strokes. That's a lot.   
    • Putting out only slows things down if everyone in the group isn't doing anything except watching AND the players are taking excessive time to read the putts. I've played rounds in under 3 hours with a walking foursome where everything was holed. I strongly doubt that 30 minutes of that was putts inside 3 feet. Maybe 10 minutes would be my guess. Well worth it for getting a valid score instead of the pseudo score you get with a gimme system. The problem I see is that too many people emulate the pros and take far too long for all shots, including the 3ft and under range.

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