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    • I would lay up given the scenario you laid out. I have the length currently to reach with no head wind, but into a severe headwind no chance so might as well take the bunkers out of play. Depending on how severe the headwind is might hit anything from a 3w to 5i to accomplish that. 
    • I've played Firestone Farms many times. Played it just last week, in fact. I always play to the elbow of the dogleg, which leaves you a short wedge to the green. Even if you can reach from the tee, that green runs away from you a bit. If you wind up in the swamp behind the green, you're done for.  Here's my capsule description of Firestone Farms.The front nine is pretty much played through a housing development, with breaks here and there. The back nine is like playing through a nature preserve. 
    • Day 155 - June 1, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Hit balls for a few minutes between lessons today while @billchao was working, too.
    • I'm happy with my decision. The thing about a good headwind is that any curve on a driver will be doubled or tripled, effectively making a Shot Zone increase in width quite a bit. I'd love to see @billchao draw the shades of grey on this hole, even adding in a distance gradient out to 80 yards or so for the approach shot if you lay up.
    • This one was fun yesterday: Credit to @Braivo for taking the picture. That's @klineka and @iacas on the green pointing and laughing at me for being in jail, with @Hardspoon off to the right. Here's my lie: I swung hard (too hard) and caught the ball cleaner than I thought I would, but the grass grabbed the hosel and shut the clubface so I ended up pulling it well left and over the green. Hit a pitch from there that landed right in the middle of the green and almost rolled back into the weeds again. Good times.

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