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    • Made two birdies today, neither of them repeats, which is great news for me! Made the first on the par-3 3rd after hitting a PW to about eight feet, the second on the 12th hole, another par-3, after hitting a 7I to about 12ft. I also came really close to two more. Nearly holed a 25-footer for birdie on the fifth hole, and came up a roll short of one on the tenth hole (which would’ve been another repeat). That’s five birdies now. I think I can complete this challenge. The only hole I might have a bit of trouble with is our thirteenth hole, a long and narrow par-4. But I’m confident that I can do it before December 31. Just need a few more days where I get two or three birdies in a round, one or more of them new ones.
    • Yeah, kinda. A bit more trouble at WW, and you can't see everything as clearly. It's not downhill. But otherwise, yeah, almost the same in reverse.
    • Saw this and thought it cool
    • When a beginner buys clubs they become beginner's clubs.  Whether your first set costs 30 dollars or 3000 dollars; they are still beginner's clubs.
    • Has anyone noticed that this hole is almost a mirror image of no. 5 at Whispering Woods?  I would play up the right half of the fairway with a slight fade and hope to roll up near the front edge of the green. It is 250 yards to carry the trap from the black tee, which is my absolute best drive, so I would not aim over the trap unless there was a big tailwind.

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