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    • Bifurcation.  Touring pros play the dimpleless ball.  The rest of us mortals play a ball with dimples and outdrive the pros... with our 7 irons.
    • It's more a matter of the Grint kind of having a bug in how they're calculating some things, I think.
    • I don't particularly want to change bounces. Right now my low end gapping is 130 for 9i, 120 for PW, 100 for GW. Looking for 1 degree weaker PW to make it closer to 115 (I know this isn't ideal or perfect but that was my thought). I also tend to hit my Vokeys better than my AP2s which is why I was maybe looking at a 48 degree Vokey.
    • Had pretty rough front nine today with my swing thoughts. Took one beer after the nine and decided to just let go on back nine and things got way better, bombed all drives and wedges were good. Just 2 birdies tho of which this hole 18 one was tasty as I've been struggling with this before. We had quite heavy headwind and I joked with one guy in our group that I'll offer him a beer if he gets it on the green with 2 shots, he made a meal offer in exchange. Althought this plays only 516 yards from the yellow tees, I feel into the headwind we had it's nearly impossible to get there in 2 with my distances, because there's so much elevation towards green. Hit a really good drive that penetrated throught the wind quite nice being aprox 260-270 yards long. Usually don't hit 3 wood off the fairways since it's quite wild for me, but decided to go for it. Instead of killing it and trying to go for green in hopes of free meal, I hit one little easier over the trees on left side and ended up in good spot for a little wedge. Hit the wedge slightly heavy from a uphill lie and it ended up being ~10 feet short. Did sink the putt which had bit right to left break, patted myself on the back for having the self control to not attack the green. After sauna and that birdie the meal tasted amazing even thought I paid it myself. 😄  
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