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    • Hey JGus... I just found your thread and had to comment as I've been fighting snap hook hell for a few years now and all my observations are similar to yours... whatever grip I try, I can feel the hands fighting each other to the point that the clubface is closed 45 degrees! and that's just hovering the club at impact. I've tried it all. flat swing plane, high hands, extreme grips, etc... It has made my game hell as I fidget over every swing now expecting the worst.. playing in fear. I wanted to know how you're doing it since you fixed it and if you have any feels or moves to recommend to help me/others who have the same issue. Thanks in advance, Stephane 
    • Not wanting to change bounce makes sense if you are comfortable with what you have. The only other thing I would be aware of is the likely difference in ball speed you get in the AP2s vs a Vokey of the same loft. Dropping one degree while also changing head types may result in more than one degree of yardage. For me, I have a much bigger gap between my PW and GW than my GW and SW despite only one extra degree of loft difference just because the head design of the AP3 PW is so much different than the rest of my wedges (though, admittedly, the 712 AP2s would be much closer than the AP3s).
    • With some of they guys I play with, you would need to put a bathroom stop in between...😁
    • Yeah I think so as well, last night it told me I was trending to 16.1 which the averages equal out to, but today it was 16.8. Like i said not really a big deal because it's just for me to look at, but was just wondering if anyone had that happen before. Only matches I play that matter are some money matches with buddies. 
    • After using the techniques from the video to get a general feel for what I should be aiming for, I used a few online shaft fitting calculators and ended up going with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 X-flex for my driver and the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70 X-flex for the 3w. They literally just came in, so I haven't been able to hit the range quite yet, but I did do a few test swings out on the patio with the Yellow 60 shaft. Initial impressions: - Slightly reduced swing speed. This was to be expected when the shaft I was swinging before was a mere 50g vs the 64g of this shaft. - So much more awareness of where the club head is in every stage of the swing. This is exactly what I was looking for, on top of the lower to medium launch and spin characteristics of this shaft.   Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this thread.

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