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    • 90 at Park Ridge.  I missed 7/8 putts from 5-7 feet.  Most days, my mind is just not into putting unless there is something at stake. It is atrocious.  I like Park Ridge a lot because there are six par 5s and four of them are only guarded by elevation.  Just a lot of fun to go it on these holes.  Hurricane last week, then got like a 95 or something at an easy course the week before and a scramble the week before that where I could not do anything right.  My swing is going decidedly backwards atm.
    • We replace all the cells in our bodies every 7 years.  It's been about 4 bad years for Mr. Spieth so most of his tournament winning cells are gone.  
    • What are the odds BDC is pisses and at the gym right now pumping iron trying to get bigger and so he can hit it longer at the USO next month thinking it will lead to a win.
    • I thought it was a good course.Could see another major going there. It also looked like the average guy could enjoy playing there without the thick rough.
    • I believe I’m playing the right tees. I carry a driver around 215, so I’m closer to the purple level. I find that I enjoy the game most when I play between 6000 and 6100, but I’ll occasionally play tees measuring 6500-6600, just for a bit of an extra challenge. I usually play the whites at my home course, which are 6063 yards.  I’m playing a course Wednesday where the blue tees are 6474, so I figured I’d try that just for the heck of it. The whites are 5875, and there’s a combo tee that’s just under 6200. Whenever I’m playing a course that’s new to me, unless it’s a tournament, I’ll play the whites, mainly because I don’t want to be viewed as one of those players who might hold people up. I voted 31-50% of people play tees too long for them. I’ve seen players on adjacent holes dribbling drives off the blue tees, twice recently.

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