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  1. I started watching that one as it was a headliner - but I can't stand Dick Vitale. So I had to switch it off. I didn't want to take a chance of accidently un-muting and hearing his voice.
  2. Planning ahead of a round is great, right up until I hit my first shot... Course management is certainly useful; I just don't think it's as significant as people want it to be. I feel like it's similar to the mental aspect of golf, where people want to con themselves into thinking they're more skilled than they are and they'd shoot better scores than they do if they could improve something easy (strategy) rather than something hard (mechanics). My better scores come from days when one or more of my skillsets is "on". The strategy doesn't change; the execution and results do. My last round I shot 86 with 1 GIR. A year ago a 1 GIR round might have been a 96. Why? Because I improved my swing. A number of my missed greens resulted in nGIR and reasonable opportunities to scramble for par instead of topping or chunking my approach shot and having no realistic shot at making better than bogey on a hole. I didn't improve my scoring by changing my strategy. My scores dropped because my misses got better.
  3. I answered 40's and 50's. I suffered several debilitating knee injuries in my 20's and 30's. But there was nothing to be done about them, since the surgical techniques had not yet been developed. Finally, my last right knee injury was diagnosed as an ACL tear, and I was operated on using a new procedure, the ACL Reconstruction! I have a "zipper" on the inside of my right knee about a foot and a half long since arthroscopic surgery wan not an option back them. By the time I hit my 40's, walking and carrying was too much of burden. When I got into my 50's, even walking the course would cause my knees to scream at me! Just a couple weeks ago I texted a playing partner from the day before, "When did golf begin to hurt?"
  4. And you seem to have inherited those same traits. I am very happy that your daughter is doing so well with golf. It is hard to describe how rewarding it is to share a pastime with your children. Congratulations! John
  5. colin007

    Pace Problem

    Slow play is caused by slow players regardless of tees. I know it's been said already, but 4:30 is a death slog and shouldn't be a goal.
  6. It's also here: Role of Flexion/Extension, by Dana Dahlquist (GOLF magazine) - HackMotion One of the key learnings of my and other instructors’ research on the lead wrist is that it works, to borrow a phrase, hand in hand with the clubface. Simply, whatever the lead wrist does, the clubface follows.
  7. Believe me I do understand ! 😩
  8. @ncates00, you'll note that I said basically the same exact thing with the second post in this topic. I disagreed with your statement that nobody would feel a few grams.
  9. I'm a lifelong Kentucky fan. I'll have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw from them in the Michigan State game. They played very good defense and Maxey played like an All American ( for at least that one game). Hope springs eternal in Wildcat Country.
  10. What a weenie Greg Norman is. He is actually complaining that Tiger didn't answer his congratulatory note after the Masters. He has an overdeveloped sense of his own importance in the golf world. Just like he got all butt hurt when he offered to give Tiger advice and Tiger ignored him. https://www.golf.com/news/2019/11/04/greg-norman-says-tiger-woods-snubbed-him-after-masters-maybe-he-just-dislikes-me/
  11. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Does asking me to pass the salt count? 😄
  12. Now, if they could improve on this so that the ball had GPS, too. Causing the ball to hone in on the flag... + or - 3 yards. I'll take 9 foot birdie putts every time. 😀
  13. I have a number of things to say here. Days after rules controversy, Kim still defending herself on Twitter Christina Kim has been tirelessly relaying her side of the story on social media, even though it has been days since the rules infraction took place. Christina Kim feels sad about the rules controversy at LPGA Q-Series but stands by her actions that sparked it - Golf Digest The LPGA Tour veteran spoke to Golf Digest after driving back from Pinehurst, happy to have earned back her card but sad at the other events that unfolded First, I think it's ridiculous that Christina is getting any grief for this. It speaks to the culture of blaming the person who calls out the rules infractions instead of the player who violated the rules. My daughter and I have both been cursed at, threatened with physical harm, etc. for calling out rules infractions (some clear as day and completely clear of subjectivity, like a person attempting to play their ball minutes after the search period ended). Ridiculous. That said… And yeah, I'm late to this… She didn't wait, but I think that wasn't known when you made the post. Also, she was under no obligation under the Rules of Golf to tell them right away. It's not match play. For example, I've seen this done: a player breaches a rule in a somewhat obvious way, and the marker just writes their score down with the rules infraction included. At the end of the round, the players go over their scores, and say "hey, I had 4 on this hole." "No, you had 5, you did [whatever] on this hole and that's a penalty stroke." Remember, it's incumbent upon the player himself (or herself) to KNOW AND APPLY the Rules of Golf. Christina wouldn't be wrong, under the Rules of Golf, to assume that they knew they breached the Rules and to include the penalty strokes. The only reason she would deserve flak is because this is the real world, and we can't assume that people know the rules, and so had she waited, that would have been deserving of "cultural" flak, almost an etiquette issue… but none under the Rules of Golf. But also, she didn't wait. The Rules Official she asked was a local volunteer, I think I read, and he wasn't certain and didn't want to give a ruling that may be wrong, yeah. It's advice that might influence your play on the course. This is pretty straightforward. You can't do it. That person isn't on your "side." Maybe. Or maybe you're playing against two buddies who know each other's games really well and are constantly telling each other what they hit, putting you at a very real disadvantage. I mean, c'mon man… You're not getting it. So would you penalize the guy if he says "I hit a soft 7I there"? The Rules can't make distinctions like that. They're pretty clear: you can't do it. She didn't. And she's allowed to, too. Then what are they to do when the players don't "take" their own penalty? What does this whole point of yours even mean? Not a stupid rule. You can't give advice to someone not on your side. Looking around isn't the same as giving advice. Those two things are pretty far apart. It's ADVICE by someone not on your side. They are entitled to know their score… because they're also supposed to know and follow the Rules. Ergo, had the caddie known the rules, he either would have: Not incurred the penalty. Immediately notified the player of the penalty. In either case the player would have known her score. You give up the right to know your score in stroke play when you don't know the Rules. And, again, Christina didn't withhold the information. I believe I read that he was a guest, volunteer official, who didn't want to commit to something. DItto what I said above. Guest rules officials are basically just there to watch out for obvious stuff and occasionally radio in for something. Yeah, this one is pretty obvious, but when players are at Q-School the stakes are high and there's a lot of pressure. They're playing for their jobs. Better safe than sorry in cases like that. Way to fail to highlight the rest of that sentence. Let me fix this for you: If you know or believe that another player has breached the Rules and does not recognize or is ignoring this, you should tell that player, a referee or the Committee. Christina alerted a referee. Requirement met. Why should she have "let it go"? Maybe she feels cheating is increasing and she's trying to do her part to encourage people to know the Rules. If she wasn't in that group, players may have gotten away with a breach. I believe she answered "why" she posted this to social media already. Uh huh. Bingo.
  14. Posted by @bkuehn1952 on another thread, this is a perfect example of a course contributing to the POP issue, even if inadvertently. To be clear, I don’t know this course and there may be no real pace of play issues at all, but it makes for an outstanding example... The scorecard clearly states that pace of play is important and faster players should be allowed though. It even lists target POP by individual hole, and cumulatively though the round. Kudos to them... ...But, the targeted POP is 4:30! Really? That’s the target?! Hole 10, a 400 yard par-4 from the tips has a target of 19 freaking minutes to play it. Followed by 18 minutes to play a short par-5. 37 freaking minutes to play 2 stinking holes of golf, and again, that’s the target, set by the course. Kill me now. Come on guys. If a course won’t step up and set appropriate expectations, and then actively manage to them, the problem will never be solved.
  15. Good article on the "culture" of players looking out for each other LPGA debacle: Don’t blame Christina Kim, ruling speaks to bigger issue Brewing beneath the surface of golf’s latest rules brouhaha is yet more...
  16. Since we are making assumptions I see Kim's side of things. She alerted a rules official, no less, right away. Doesn't seem like she just 'let it ride' for a while. If she really wanted to be a dick she wouldn't have done even that. Not everyone feels comfortable pointing out an infraction, possible or certain, to a playing partner directly. Some folks find it very confrontational and disruptive to their own state of mind. I think she acted sufficiently and reasonably fairly while possibly protecting her own focus. Now, not sure about the rules official. How would he not know right away that it's an infraction? Very basic. Not a complicated situation.
  17. From what I've read, there have been two reasons for blowback. The first is because she waited, whether it was to get word from the officials, or to avoid disrupting the other women's play. The other reason is for the Twitter post essentially saying "PLEASE LEARN THE RULES". The way I read this, Kim wasn't certain of the rule, so she asked an official immediately, and it took a while for the response to come back. Don't I remember a bit of consternation when DJ was eventually penalized for a ball moving on a green at Oakmont, but the final determination wasn't made immediately. The USGA officials were criticized for taking too long to make a decision, leaving DJ in "limbo" for a number of holes. If the two players had been told immediately that they "might have breached the rule" but that the officials were double-checking to be sure, would that have been better? I'm not sure myself, but I can see that side of it.
  18. I think that is unfair. It's easy to say you would do the right thing from the comfort of your own home with no consequences or ramifications. When you are the person witnessing a breach, knowing that speaking up will have major ramifications for your fellow competitors, the easiest thing to do by far is to stay silent - which is exactly what most people would do. Doing the right thing often isn't instinctual. Sometimes it takes a little time to center yourself, give thought to the situation and make the correct decision, even when uncomfortable. Kudos to Kim for doing just that.
  19. If you ever wonder why tour players almost never call out other pros for rules infractions (despite a fairly significant number who have witnessed something, according to the recent anonymous survey), why backstopping persists, etc. - the blowback that Kim is getting for this is the primary reason why.
  20. Whether Kim called them out immediately or wait like she did will have people questioning her motives. Rules are rules - not knowing a rule is not an excuse to break it. Why put the pressure on the one who is enforcing the rules of the game and make her look like a bad person?
  21. I can see two sides to this. On one hand, by waiting Kim left the possibility that they would make the same mistake again. Apparently they didn't. But by bringing it up during the round, she could have impacted their attitude and play for the remainder of the day. There's no way to handle it that is free of potential problems. Reading some of the tweets, Kim apparently asked an official about the situation after play on that same hole, and the official needed to double-check whether the two players had broken a rule. Kim says she waited rather than bring something up she wasn't 100% certain of.
  22. It's a narcissistic move. He played great for 4 days in April, but what has he done lately? Exhibition or not, I want the United States to win. I don't want a guy who's busy being captain having to also worry about playing well and getting points for the United States. And why should he risk being a goat and not the G.O.A.T.? It's time to give others a chance.
  23. I typically do about 5 minutes of some dynamic stretching, things like air squats, lunges in place, arm circles, etc. Then I take one of the clubs and start swinging slowly back and forth both right and left handed, with the radar on, increasing speed faster and faster as I feel more loose. I dont have a set speed I try to reach before I'm "loose" but typically once I start swinging the green club 90mph+ right handed that means I am pretty loose and ready to move into the protocols. Sometimes it might take 4 or 5 swings to get up to speed, other times it might take 10+ warmup swings.
  24. If you have old/unused shafts lying around, you can make your own speed sticks if you want for a fraction of the price. I had 3 shafts and I used washers that fit over the end of the shaft and used super glue to hold the washers together and glued them to the shafts, and then glued a screw into the end of the shaft that was large enough that the washers wouldnt go off the bottom of the shaft if they did happen to come loose I then wrapped the washers in duct tape and spray painted it black. I also used a food scale to weigh the sticks as I was making them and applying glue/tape, and now all 3 of my sticks are within 1-3 grams of the weight for each stick according to the SuperSpeed website. I can post pictures of mine later tonight if you want.
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    • I just got an email from my club’s GM that a staff member was tested positive for Covid. I have no idea if I came into contact with him in the last week or two, or if anyone else who worked closely with him is asymptomatic, sick or negative. Darn it, my cough just returned a few days ago and now I am paranoid...
    • I'm sure that during most days they don't have a lot of traffic. More of a nighttime/weekend spot (at least the one in West Chester, just north of Cinci).
    • I can certainly make the time. TopGolf is 5 minutes from my house and in a central location for all my job sites, so I’m usually near it at least two or three times a week. As far as clients, that’s just a bonus perk. I think I can get plenty of value out of the promotion just going by myself. I’ll have to call them and make sure that they have decent availability during the week where I can just show up anytime and be able to get a bay. My work isn’t structured enough to where I’d be able to plan going ahead of time and make reservations, and I’m also unlikely to be able to plan my work day around a TopGolf reservation.
    • That is actually a pretty slick deal if you have weekday time and clients to entertain. Put it on the company card, I say.

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