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  1. Well, I'm not gonna say "I'm back," because of how precarious this all probably is, but after two major surgeries and a lot of rehab, I actually hit range balls without pain this past Sunday for 45 minutes. Predictably, my swing is horrible now (well, worse than usual), but my only real concern is getting strong enough to be able to practice regularly. I've taken my diet seriously for almost eight months (keto) and I've lost 30 pounds, plus I rehab pretty much every day, so I'm slowly getting stronger and more flexible (six months and counting). Right now, diet/rehab/sleep are the priorities in my life, which is boring yes, but after six plus months of it, I know it's a path that should eventually lead me back to the gym and ultimately to the practice tee on a regular basis. Anyway, I should probably include a couple swings from the first post-surgical session, so here you go. The swing itself is worse than the fact that I just posted another vertical video, yikes 😋... To be expected though, I guess. A far cry from the goodness of the last swing I uploaded here (me decked out in red above). Hopefully I can get that back sooner rather than later. So yea, I declared my priorities to be: 1) Slide hips 2) Head stays back 3) Swing arms passed body The best I could muster in that short session was this: I guess that's decent for just a few swings. After I got home, I decided the other priority was adding palmar flexion to the lead wrist in transition (I'm steep too, but that's hard to see from FO). Priorities for next time: 1) Slide/rotate/extend hips on downswing 2) Head moves downward and back on downswing (NOT forward) 3) Swing arms aggressively across my chest on downswing 4) Palmar flex lead wrist in transition and early downswing to facilitate less steepness Now, I know that's a lot, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'm supposed to be focusing on when practicing. I'm not gonna step on a course for a while anyway. For one, I'm only cleared to hit range balls twice a week max right now. I've been chipping and putting since November 1st only, so I still have a long way to go. I probably won't be cleared for actual golf for a couple months, which is actually fine by me cuz my swing isn't functional right now anyway. I have rehab at 11am today. Like I said, I rehab every day, probably on average about three hours per day since I also take care of everything else (back, legs, forearms, etc.). It's a lot and almost like a full-time job. Currently, I'm doing blood flow restriction therapy on both shoulders and my left knee. It's intense, but it's helping a lot to rebuild all the atrophy I have in my arms and legs. The doctors here are awesome. I rehab with MLB players and other cool pro athletes at his baller facility here in West Palm. Even Brook Koepka was here for a little bit rehabbing his patella, with my same doctor team. Nice guy. He should've stayed (he bounced after only a week). Maybe he'd be playing the President's Cup had he stuck around. PS- My surgeries were the following if anyone was wondering: I've progressed a ton since this post, but it sums up what the problem was decently enough. Oh yea, hitting range balls on Sunday was the first pain free golf session I've had since June 6th, 2016. Crazy right? I'm still sore from it, but at least it's a "good" sore. Who knows how long I'll be able to last. I don't really want to think about it. I just focus on my daily rehab, my healthy diet, and I stay positive and hope for the best. ....aaaaaamd I think I know what I'm gonna be thankful for this year 😊 Happy Thanksgiving, guys!
  2. You shank your first approach shot of the day and break the back window of a BMW.
  3. Handicap strokes only really matter in match play, and rarely in net stroke play events. Generally you get the odd numbers on the front nine, and the even numbers on the back nine. So, four shots the first time around, and then three. 1, 3, 5, 7… and then 2, 4, 6.
  4. Thanks! Slowly but surely 😄 I feel really good! But also cautious since it's been a rough few years with all this stuff. I'm forcing myself to stay present and positive. I don't want to get too ahead of myself or too negative about these things. I'm very happy I've made it to this point. I'll probably head back to the range on Friday for another go at it, forcing myself to leave after 45 minutes max. Hopefully I remember how to practice properly so I can change things more efficiently 🙂 With golf, my only goal right now is to be able to practice regularly and pain free. If I can accomplish that, then everything else will eventually follow. It seems like I'm actually almost there, which is hard for me to believe. A few more months of rehab and I might actually be able to practice three times a week, which would be an amazing accomplishment for me. Thanks for a great welcome back, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And congrats on yet another teacher award 😃 Very much deserved!
  5. The 10+ inches of snow we received on November 11th is all gone. My buddies and I played yesterday. At around 9:30am it was 40 degrees and when we finished at 12:30pm it was sunny and 52 degrees with -0- wind. An all around great day for the end of November. Things do not look especially nice going forward but at least there is no significant snow forecast for the next week or so.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving and WOOHOO!!!!!! I’m so glad to see this. And they swing wasn’t bad. At all. This all made me so happy right now! I can’t imagine how you must feel.
  7. These poor bastards have the misfortune to be playing in the same division with the legendary Mount Union Purple Raiders of Alliance, OH. Between Larry and Vince Kehres, the program is 426-29-3 since 1986 and is the 13-time NCAA Division III Champion. So best of luck.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Constantine! Glad you are progressing and thanks for the update.
  9. Awesome man. Yeah, the keto diet is really good. I've really enjoyed it and have had great success with it. Keto + powerlifting is amazing. Keep at it and welcome back.
  10. I tried again for kicks. Getting better. Used electrical tape. Ha ha. That headcover is gonna take a long time judging from the short spurts of time I'm giving it. There is the creative element in some of my family. Guess I got some of that.
  11. Welcome to the site! The classic gap would be either 54° and 58°, or 56° and 60°. Although you didn’t ask, I’d recommend avoiding either lob wedge. Although you’ll find them in a lot of high handicapper bags, they’re very tough to hit well and will not likely improve your scores.
  12. Yes, that's correct. The shaft deflects downward a bit. You want the toe slightly off the ground at address. Your lie at impact would end up being too flat. Generally that causes the ball the start further to the right for a right handed golfer. It could also end up up causing you to hit the ground too early with the toe of the club and make you hit slightly fat. I think what may be happening is you're altering your setup to get the club flat on the ground and it's affecting your swing. You're probably hitting thin shots because you don't want to hit the ball fat so you're compensating for it.
  13. Mid-life crisis. Some people buy sports cars. Steve apparently does crafts 😜
  14. Ok....Knitting, now this. @nevets88, what's going on?
  15. Nevets... did they hire you to paint the Sanderson Farms PGA Tournament tee markers??? 😁
  16. Hey, c'mon Lefty, we all know DeChambeau lays 6 bricks an hour...
  17. The Best Teachers In Your State (2019-20) - Golf Digest This is golf's most comprehensive nationwide ranking. Dave and I remain the only ones west of Nemacolin Woodlands (which is in the middle of the state). I'll console myself with the fact that we moved down on this list with my WNY PGA Teacher of the Year award. 😉
  18. My goals are: Break Par 4 times this year Shoot under 70 at least once Reduce my Handicap to US Open qualifying Eligible (STRETCH) Play >10 stroke play tournaments Win 2 Average <75 Qualify for Championship bracket in City tournament This is going to involve a lot of work Fitness 5-7 days a week Increase explosive power Increase stamina Increase Stability and balance Increase average drive 252-270 Increase Club head speed: SuperSpeed training 3 day/week More consistent center contact Contact drills Lessons improved weight transfer <0.5 lost shots on drives per round Improved putting >95% at 3' (I gave away too many strokes this year with short misses) <2 3 putts per round: <1.8 putts per GIR 3' putts 20 in a row 4 days a week It seems like a lot but they are all geared to WINNING.
  19. I think this hits close to home. We REMEMBER how well we used to hit the ball, and think we can still do so. It took me a few years to realize that I was playing one set of tees too far back! Every long par 4 turned into a par 5! What's going on here? It took me a couple more years to convince my buddy to do the same. He thought he was busting it out there 260-270 every drive, when he was actually hitting it about 220-230. We started playing the gold tees and began enjoying golf again!
  20. When my wife and I are traveling and get paired up with two men. You see the looks on their faces (thinking oh shit we have to play with lady!). I just smile and wait till she tees off and watch the looks after her drive. And then she proceeds to play better than them during the round. priceless!
  21. This matters less than your ball speed. I would only look at the ball speed you produce because it depends on your ability to strike the ball properly. I don't think your calculation works here. You don't net dynamic loft and AoA to get to the static loft driver you need. That's a faulty assumption. In fact, how do you know that you deliver 14.4 dynamic loft? "Dynamic loft" is the loft you present at impact--not the static loft, or what is the club has at address. You change loft dynamically through the swing with the leaning of the shaft, e.g, when you deloft an iron or add loft with a driver. Unless you have measured your dynamic loft, you cannot say what your dynamic loft is. Furthermore, you can deloft a driver and still hit up, so again, your calculation isn't really appropriate here. I would check out Trackman's numbers and learn about them. It's really interesting and can be beneficial. For actual application though, I would test things on a LM. It's a bit of trial and error, but you'll figure it out. I own a GC2 so I'm acclimated to the numbers and all that. FYI, I use a 9* head, delofted down a degree to open the face, and I typically get 155-62 ball speed with driver. I like to see a launch angle in the low teens and spin around 2500 for me. Hope this helps and good luck.
  22. When you get paired up with a couple and he says “My wife has always wanted to learn how to play golf, so we thought we’d give this a try...” 😱
  23. This is why I hit it all over the face. Less likely to wear one spot and cave it in there.
  24. You need to back off on the Wheaties. I have the same problem with coffee. If I have too many cups of coffee; I just kind of piss the round away.
  25. Well I still work, play golf year round, drink beer and scotch and eat as much steak as possible. Ironically, I think the golf is burning up enough calories so I don't really gain weight ( I also have a job where I am very active) so I play as much as possible. As far as the golf part....I believe that golf is like any other sport. When things start to go wrong, go back to fundamentals. Check the basics and go from there. 90% of the time that seems to work.
  26. My instructor tells me that the more golf I play, the more I need to take lessons, not just to get better, but to make sure I don’t develop any bad habits unknowingly. I play 4-5 rounds a week and see my instructor every other week for swing checks. I have bad days on the course and will get frustrated - I usually stop golfing and see my pro right away instead of trying to figure it out myself. Do you have anyone you are working with? I find it beneficial to have lessons regularly. I see it like a car tuneup - car is running fine but you still get an oil change/service regularly just to make sure things are doing well. Same thing with golf.
  27. In the last 2.5 years, I have had surgery for prostate cancer, along with 3 follow up procedures because of complications, and a heart attack. I play, and walk, every day Mon- Fri. I can't tell you how thankful I am to be able to do that. I'll admit there are some days that I feel a bit of burnout, but I'm always glad after I played. The heart attack came despite a lot of regular exercise, good numbers on labs, no symptoms, and no family history, so I would tell the OP to start taking better care of himself, and be thankful. Also, if golf is causing this much stress, find something else to do, but do something.
  28. If you only retired to play golf in a warmer climate, you probably should not have retired. Find another hobby, take up hiking, bike riding, swimming, volunteering your time, anything to take a break from golf. I enjoy golf immensely but that wasn't why I retired. Life is too short to be limited by just playing golf.
  29. I've been play more than practicing this month, but have got a couple sessions in. The focus is the same, getting my hips more open at impact. Erik added palmar flexion and not letting my wrists roll-over to my last Evolvr lesson. It is slow progress on this one. I also am trying to do two more things. First, I get pretty amped up on the first tee and need to slow down. So I have been working on tempo in addition to my PP. The feel is smooth transition. It is almost like I feel the club just falling at the start, but feel ain't real. Second, maintain eye contact on the ball through impact. I have a weird habit of not looking at the ball during the downswing. When I watch through impact, for all shots, I make better contact. When I don't, contact is worse. I know it should be pretty f-ing easy, "just look at the damn ball!", but for some reason, I have trouble with this. I noticed it first when working on chips and pitches earlier this year. Then I started to catalog it on the course. And it is not anecdotal. So here are my swing from yesterday. It was stunningly humid. I was sweating profusely. I had to wear rain gloves. I have that rehearsal to impact that Stephan wants be to use and I am trying to hold off my wrists from turning over after impact. Ball flight is straight push to push draw with these when done right. Target lines on the net: for the 7 iron, just right of the left yellow string is actually straight ahead. For the driver, the first black line. So for the 7 iron, I am trying to hit the black line or just to the left of it and for the driver, between the two lines.
  30. Just finally made it out this week for some golf for the first time this year. Hitting the ball decently well considering I still have quite a bit of pain in the left hand when swinging and haven't swung a club for a long time again. Just picked up some Glide 2 wedges and l look forward to playing a few rounds this year yet, if the hand holds up. I'll try and stop by here a little more often, but won't really update this thread much as I have no plans to actually work on my swing in the future.
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    • Reports of using a longer putter to take some strain off the lower back; lve not seen how much difference the newer putter is in length, I wonder kinda selfishly since my back restricts my freedom s, especially later in the round.
    • Day 8:  Played 18 holes today hoping to continue my amazingly consistent play from yesterday.  And it was anything but consistent.  Not that I'm not generally happy with how I played. I did a terrific job recovering mentally from disaster holes, and I'm very happy about that.  The problem was, there were 4 disaster holes.  In the first 7 holes.  On the front 9, I had 5 pars, two triples, a quadruple, and a quintuple.  Just incredible.  I settled into the back 9 just fine and played a decent 9 holes.  All in all, this would have been a great round for me, had i kept those holes on the front 9 to double bogeys.  Instead, its just another round where you try to take the positives.  In this case, the positive is 9 pars. All time best for me.  
    • This was Saturday, but I shot a 91 (on a par 66 course).  I was happy, played nice and relaxed and struck the ball well.  Highlight was a 1st hole 2 putt par (4); I've literally never made par on the 1st hole, and I hit a 165 yard 7 iron 2nd shot to about 8 feet. That's my 2nd round in a row in the 90's and 4 of my last 5.  Something has clicked.  I had 46 putts, so that seems like where the most SV can be found. I'm thinking it's time to buy some sort of putting mat and get some living room reps in.  My issue is almost totally speed; I'm usually 50% off, probably 70% too hot 30% too slow.  I bet if I practice putting for a few months I can start challenging breaking 90.
    • One of my favorite seafood dishes.  Simple, versatile, and delicious. Grouper en Papillote with seared sea scallops.  In this one I chose a mediterranean style. Tomatoes, red onion, capers, olives, garlic, olive oil, sweet peppers, and of course a splash of wine.      
    • There is no coincidence to exacting precision. 😜

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