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  1. Just play the clubs that go the carry distances you want, appropriately gapped through the bag, regardless of the loft or the number written on the club.
  2. Okay, here's the deal: I'm going to continue using plastic tees but on the very rare occasion when I break one I will look for the lost parts and remove them from the course and the birds. The 3 minute lost tee rule will be in effect.
  3. Although there will be differences in the calculations, with the addition of the PCC, the changes to exceptional score influences, daily revisions, to me the single biggest change for most people in the US will be the introduction of net double bogey as the maximum hole score. If you can get your members to understand that, I believe you'll have done the most important thing you can do.
  4. My husband started using his 3w instead of driver too, but he still carries it. I love using my driver. It is the club I hit the straightest and can control draw/fade easily. But my husband always likes to point out it is not the same because I am a woman and only hit my driver 220yds...yeah whatever.
  5. Put a Walking Bag together with only 6 clubs,and broke 80 last to times I played took all the decision making out of the process. Anyone else try this.
  6. It's kind of funny, when an athlete speaks out about politics everybody screams "Shut up and play"! Now when one DOESN'T take a political stance, he's crucified for it...
  7. You guys have it great compared to a fan of the Detroit Lions. They have only won one, "1" playoff game since I've been alive! The problem continues because people still flock to watch the kitty cats even though they are not competitive. They should lose the Thanksgiving Day game and give it to a more deserving team.
  8. Sadly, this borders on the political, but I don't know any government in the world that doesn't do very bad shit. Playing anywhere in the world is endorsing them by that line of thought. As far as O am concerned, Phil isn't doing anything wrong. And don't ask me to name the stuff that has been done by multiple governments in the name of democracy and freedom. If the PGA/Euro Tour is unwilling to have people criticised for this, don't send tournaments to places that might sound tone-deaf.
  9. That's the logic my wife uses. A clear mind reader or intentional "Let me change your mind to my way of thinking".
  10. I'm skipping the Masters this year to play in a local scramble. It's a charity event to get food donations for Phil's family.
  11. I think this decision is a net loss for Phil. Sure, he may get a check for some millions of dollars (for his family as you say) but Phil's best asset at the moment is his brand. I think this is a negative brand decision and will end up costing him more than that big check. So I have no "holy" view as you say, I am looking at it from a business decision, and I think this hurts more than it helps. It is a PR fail, plain and simple. There has a been a backlash for the companies who took money from the Vision Fund. I think it has hurt their brands. I also think all of the players doing this are making a mistake. However, I don't think any of them have as big of a brand as Phil does. Phil has the most brand value to lose with this decision.
  12. GAM just sent out the latest handicaps and they included a What will your Handicap be under the new system link. Mine changed by 0.1 stroke. So YAWN
  13. If you care to take this sort of a roundabout way to learn the Rules, I'd suggest doing the quizzes as an "open book" exam. That way you'll learn your way around the Rule book. Experienced Rules people say, "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove."
  14. Unlike the previous Handicap Manual, there is no specific guidance given for what could be defined as a Competition Score. Left up to me, I'd broaden the definition a bit beyond what are currently defined as T Scores. While the new Rules suggest that the different score types will be defined by the Authorized Association, it would make sense if they were further clarified by each Club's Handicap Committee. After all, those type designations are there to help the Handicap Committee.
  15. 76 today. Started off bad with a 40 for the first 9. It was cold and very windy. Followed up with a strong even 36 round on the back. 1 bogey, 1 birdie, and 7 pars.
  16. I'm going to construe this as limiting what I think the author intended: meaning, PLAY v. PRACTICE. None of this practicing on the golf course business some are trying to sneak by with. I know the facts don't say tournament play, but I'm going to construe it as tournament play/important matches/etc. v. practice time. Otherwise, methinks that's cheating the scenario a bit, but I don't blame you--I would do the same. As such, I'm going to take practice. Playing golf that much would be fun for a while but then it would become far too unwieldy and could lead to burn out. While you can certainly learn a lot on the course, I fear that playing that much and having such little time to work on things would lead to bad habits and no growth. Practicing 6 days a week, on the other hand, would be very beneficial. You could separate your practice time out in blocks, do mixed/random practice, practice/play on a simulator, and really own your swing. I think that would lead to more anticipation and excitement for when you get to play that once per week.
  17. Uh, … I'm sorry? … Did I miss something?
  18. I have an assistant pro friend with a +2.5. He's also a teaching pro. He recommends his students practice what he taught them. But this guy NEVER practices... and I kid him about it because I practice a lot. He says he can practice everything he needs on the course. I kinda like that approach. So I'll go with playing 6 days a week instead of my usual 3 days of playing and 4 days of practice. I assume ChetLovesMer is picking up the tab on this...
  19. So after a significant effort to simplify the rules, you want to create a new rule that is unenforceable outside of the setting of a professionally run tournament and requires exceptions to make it fit the real world. Doesn't sound like a plan I would sign off on.
  20. This is basically what I have. I’ve got 5W, then 4H/5H, then 6-GW. My 6-iron goes 165-170, then my 5H goes 180, the 4H 190-195, then the 5W anywhere from 200-210. So if I’m 180 out in the fairway, I know that a well-struck 5 will get me there comfortably.
  21. This. I carry a 3H then 4-PW. The gaps are all around 10 yards.
  22. I carry a 4-iron and a 4/5-hybrid (set 23.5 degrees). The lofts are just about the same (24 vs 23.5 degrees), but the hybrid goes about 10-15 yards further, so for me the hybrid fills the gap between my 5W and 4-iron. I use it for shots 200-220 yards. If it were a different number hybrid, that covered this same gap, that is what I would use.
  23. Given that most hybrids aren’t “numbered”, but rather, are identified by loft, I’d say that this simply reinforces my belief that Michael Breed was born an idiot, and has been losing ground ever since.
  24. Well, According to the Target store near me there IS a difference between the Pro-V1 and the Pro-V1x. Apparently, the Pro-V1x requires an ant-theft case, whereas the Pro-V1 does not.
  25. I recall hearing a Tom Watson quote to that effect - you never forget the rule that jumped up and bit you when it mattered. My additional suggestion once you are making progress on the journey is test, test, test. There are excellent helpful quiz sites courtesy of the likes of Dr Lew Blakey (the single best site- generalarea.org), the R&A, the USGA etc.
  26. Isn't that the truth, Piz. Play a wrong ball one day when it matters and we'll never make that mistake again.
  27. Your left hip goes up, your left knee extends, etc. prematurely. It's subtle, but to compensate, your head tips down and back.
  28. As you suggest, real life examples of Rules breaches which cost a player penalty strokes do make them easy to remember. We see it in action on TV far too frequently. My method, however, is a tactic to both learn the Rules and avoid the penalty strokes.
  29. Got my flu shot so it would be flu-lite.
  30. Another tactic, which I found useful in hockey and baseball, is to learn the rules as you encounter them. Whenever a question arises...make a mental note of it and resolve the issue when you get home. That way the rule is tied to a specific, and actual, circumstance. Real life examples are easier to remember than hypothetical ones.
  31. Yep. You need to slide it toward the target a bit more before rotating. I also noticed that you have changed the ball position in your stance in your last vids. I was going to ask how you were hoping to create a hands ahead of clubhead position with the ball teed up, with the Driver, on the target side of your left foot. Don't get me wrong, your swing looks much better. It's just not quite there yet.
  32. I'm Thankful that Tiger is relevant again.
  33. Courses, and players, need to stop associating the tee color with gender or age. The reds are ladies, golds are seniors, etc. Its all bs. I know plenty of guys over 60 that are single digits and can carry their driver 260. Look at the yardage, think of your handicap, and pick a tee that way. Not every course has their tips be blue anyways. Their tips may be black, the next tee up is blue, then white. That's why I like when courses number the tees or name them.
  34. There is more than one definition of "single plane swing." Jim Hardy includes Ben Hogan in his. It is certainly worth knowing that different people mean different things when using the same terminology.
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