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  1. Not that I know of. And that’s exactly the point. If it’s on the scorecard as a par-5, people are going to score it as a par5... True, but almost nobody does that either. I don’t know a single person who does. Hell, in most groups, at least those I play in, one cart keeps everybody’s score because they’re the one keeping track of the game. At the end of the day Joe says to David “what did I shoot?”...
  2. Correct. The differences allow some determination based on effective playing length and obstacles.
  3. A grown man named "Slugger" said that him doing it a second time was irrelevant.
  4. Wow, how about that for a first half?! Now Wisconsin needs to keep the foot on the gas, stay aggressive, and don’t try to get defensive...
  5. What do you think having looked in the Rules?
  6. Par will not differ on a hole by gender based on the difference in tee length. If most of the tees rated for men are a par 5 then all will be played as a par five even if one forward tee is only par 4 length. See page 101. https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Handicap/Rules-of-Handicapping_USGA_Final.pdf
  7. Of course they will. And LSU will have their hands full with OSU. They’re both that good! And if you’re paying attention tonight you’ll see that the badgers have a mighty fine team too!
  8. I don't compare the par on every hole, I didn't realize that was an option. I just check CR and slope. Is there a database that shows each course's scorecard by hole?
  9. And do you compare the par on every hole to what’s on the scorecard, or just check CR and slope? If you do, you’re the only one! Everyone else in the real world just looks at the score card. Hell, 99% of the golfers out there don’t even know there is such a thing as a national course rating database!
  10. No. 9. It plays even longer if you hit that tree in the middle of the fairway. ☺️
  11. Misspoke, net double of course. It’ll never work. No one....and I mean NO ONE, will ever check the database on the off chance that the scorecard is somehow different...
  12. Well there’s an image I won’t get out of my head for a while...especially looking at Don Knotts while reading it! LOL!
  13. I’m not understanding. Certainly you’re not saying that if a course has a par five that is under 450 yards from the senior tees, that the seniors playing those tees will have to consider that to be a par-4 for the net bogey calculation?
  14. That's covered in the new Rules of Handicapping. It specifically lists a situations like that and say it's fine that it is still a par 5.
  15. Perhaps he should swap one of his wedges for a shovel.
  16. When in doubt, just ask the counter guy, and/or the starter. Example would be "I'm a 10 hdcp. Which set of tees do you recommend for this course?" On more than a few courses, the color of tee boxes won't matter very much. These would be courses where the different tee boxes are really close together.
  17. Little bit of both, ain’t it? If I’m in 1” high rough and pull out a 2” high tee and put my ball on that (essentially what’s happening when you remove sand from directly behind the ball is you’re “teeing it up”) aren’t I improving both my lie and my swing path? Ive sort of defended Reed in the past, but awfully hard to take in all of the evidence here (including his comments after, and including the other older video) and not lean towards the conclusion that he’s intentionally cheating.
  18. It matters for establishing net double bogey for a player for that hole. If I understand correctly, if it’s a par 4 and I get one stroke on that hole, then my max reportable score (for handicap) for that hole is 7; if it’s a par 5, then it’s 8. Thanks. So the pars overlap in the new recommendations. They don’t in the current (outgoing) listing: https://www.usga.org/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14401
  19. On our last few e-revisions there has been a link that tells you what your index will be under the new calculation. On the first two mine was going down 0.1 and up 0.1 on the last ones. Unless you have some big variation in your 9th and 10th best scores from your best 8 average it shouldn't be a significant change. Some people with an inconsistent scoring pattern will definitely see a change.
  20. Once paying for it was enough for me. I was fortunate enough to play it again on my employer's dime.
  21. Don’t you want a cool nickname that’s completely irrelevant to what your occupation is?😜
  22. Mary Hardin - Baylor stomped Huntingdon. They really should be considered too! 2019 Division III Football Official Bracket | NCAA.com The official 2019 College Football Bracket for Division III. Includes a printable bracket and links to buy NCAA championship tickets. I swear these colleges sound like made up names in a fiction novel.
  23. These next five Rules 7 through 11 are grouped under the heading, Playing the Ball. Rule 7 - Ball Search: Finding and Identifying Ball Purpose of Rule: Rule 7 allows the player to take reasonable actions to fairly search for his or her ball in play after each stroke. But the player still must be careful, as a penalty will apply if the player acts excessively and causes improvement to the conditions affecting his or her next stroke. The player gets no penalty if the ball is accidentally moved in trying to find or identify it, but must then replace the ball on its original spot. 7.1 How to Fairly Search for Ball 7.2 How to Identify Ball 7.3 Lifting Ball to Identify It 7.4 Ball Accidentally Moved in Trying to Find or Identify It Relevant Interpretations: 7.1a/1 Examples of Actions Unlikely to Be Part of a Fair Search 7.2/1 Identifying Ball That Cannot Be Retrieved 7.4/1 Estimating Original Spot on Which to Replace Ball Moved During Search 7.4/2 Player Attempts to Dislodge Ball in Tree or Step on Ball in Tall Grass During Search
  24. If you go to Club Champion and they have the shafts, you may want to try Tensei AV Blue vs Tensei CK Pro Blue, and Diamana ZF vs BF vs DF, as all 5 of these shafts are all going for the "stiff but maintains some pop" space. Diamana BF series: the latest (4th generation) blue profile shaft, which is the mid launch, mid spin shaft. Justin Thomas uses it. Diamana ZF series: similiar to the BF with a stiffer tip area to reduce spin, supposed to be mid launch, low spin shaft. Diamana DF series: even stiffer and lower spin than the ZF, it mixes the white board mid stiff profile in to be the lowest launch, lowest spin shaft. Tensei CK Pro Blue: new materials version of the Diamana blue board, CK is carbon kevlar, mid launch, mid spin. The CK Pro is the aftermarket version, the CK is the cheaper higher torque version. Tensei AV Blue: the new replacement for the CK Pro Blue, it uses Aluminium Vapor (AV) instead of CK (carbon kevlar) for more consistency.
  25. You could, but I've come around to the idea that you'd lose that battle. There's no intervening event that separates the act of improving the lie. So, two strokes is probably right. Slugger was wrong though when he said "improving his line of play." It was improving his lie, not his line of play.
  26. Phil knows better - Golf Digest A golfer who professes to understand the big picture conveniently overlooks it when it comes to playing in Saudi Arabia FWIW, an IQ of over 200 would make Phil the smartest person alive. More importantly: Now, there are other prominent American golfers likely banking large appearance fees for participating in the second edition of the Saudi European Tour event—like Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson, Tony Finau, and Brooks Koepka—but the heat is on Phil because presumably he should know better. A worldly man on the cusp of 50, knowledgeable on subjects as wide ranging as wine, dinosaurs and subcutaneous fat (and really almost any topic you care to bring up, many golfers say), should know that the staging of a popular western sport in a country whose values are so antithetical to our own comes with certain dilemmas that cannot be quickly dismissed. See the uproar between China and the NBA that’s now lasted over a month. Just last year Saudi Arabia directed the assassination of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and so hosting a professional golf tournament is a stunt to rehabilitate its global image that the New York Times calls “Sportswashing”. Phil has to be aware of all this. Just another source. Max Adler, Golf Digest.
  27. 12-06-19 GOALS: 1. Hinge wrists up in backswing 2. Lay club off in transition 3. Let out lag, hit solid shots FIRST SWING AFTER WARM UP LATER IN SESSION Goals 1&2 were ok. Goal 3 failed again. Hit a lot of fat shots. Hurt my wrist a tad, it’ll be fine by tomorrow. Can’t seem to find a way to put the club on the ball or let the lag out. On the bright side, I’m pretty comfortable shallowing the club. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But... I also thought that once I did, I’d pure it. Go figure I have a lesson this weekend which is good, I’m kind of stuck and I’m tired of hitting just terrible shots lol. SOS
  28. CPG has some misses, but he really knocks it out of the park sometimes.
  29. This would be more for mid to high HDCP golfers, and players who struggle with ball height. Some players do better with long irons or driving irons, especially if they have high clubhead speed. Final test: do hybrid and iron side-by-side and see which works best. Also, Michael is talking about traditional hybrids, not iron replacement hybrids (matched to an iron set). Revisit our 2016 thread for details:
  30. It's Fatrick we're dealing with here, let's call it the Waist Area.
  31. Reasons why an otherwise healthy young person might take a cart instead of walking: Their friends are all taking carts. They want to carry more things (a six pack, a FlightScope, a bunch of layers) than is comfortable to do while walking. They want to get more holes in (I can play faster in a cart even on cart path only days than I can walking) and/or they are limited in how much time they have to play and can only play if they drive/ride. It's hot. Or cold. Or going to rain. The green fee includes it. The course requires it. They're not as healthy as they look in a non-obvious way (they sprained their knee recently, they have a heart transplant like my friend, whatever). They've always ridden in a cart. They enjoy riding in or driving a cart. They have an important athletic event later (a MLB manager in the 90s, IIRC, let his pitchers play as much golf as they wanted so long as they rode in carts so their legs could stay fresh). They want to use the cart's GPS system. They don't have a stand bag and/or a push cart. The list is longer than that, too. Sorry, I'm not going to judge the people for those things. Like I said, I prefer to walk most of the time, but not all the time. The times I'm in a cart don't make me less of a golfer.
  32. I am on this. People who are accepted to Stanford and graduate from Stanford outside of an athletic scholarship aren't dumb. You can prove this with test scores, IQ tests, whatever… Her being accepted and graduating from one of (or maybe the toughest) college to be accepted to is very good evidence that she's "smart." Stanford accepts ~4-5% of applicants.  Lowest in the nation.  If I show you a +3 handicapper, it would not be "pure speculation" to say "I bet he's got a pretty good short game." Her going to Stanford and graduating from there is not definitive proof, but it's miles away from "pure speculation." Odds are, she's pretty smart based on that alone.
  33. I have had good luck with Blue Lizard not staining.
  34. You’re right, there are quite a few threads about this that you might find interesting and helpful… I tend to look at it a little differently than a lot of people. I don’t look much at the overall length of the course. I look at the par-4s. If a set of tees has more than one or two par-4s where, given an average, decent drive (not the best drive you’ve ever hit) you’ll likely need to hit more than a 5-iron into the green, it’s time to move up. I don’t mind hitting longer irons or hybrids into par-3s if need be, and let’s face it, us older guys don’t expect to reach par-5s in 2 anyway, so the par-4s tell the tale for me. It’s just not a fun day if you’re hitting hybrids and 3-woods into par-4s all day long.
  35. My favorite is the Sun Mountain (But a little pricey). I bought a Sun Tek from Amazon Robot Check
  36. Tell him you are straighter AND longer than most amateur men.
  37. This is my all-time favorite Tiger Woods TV commercial:
  38. Well if I knew what this feels like I might have voted for it 😀
  39. 1 point
  40. We have an article, written long ago by I-no-longer-remember-who, here: https://thesandtrap.com/b/swing_thoughts/he_cheated. It discusses some very brief bits about how Gary Player may have cheated a few times. Recently, someone commented on the article with a link to this video. Watch the little bit at 0:08: Here are some screenshots (though, IMO, the video is more damning): Why do that? Did Gary Player cheat (or breach the rules) by improving his lie here? You can move loose impediments, but this appears to be an area of sand and/or loose soil. Or maybe the rules were different then?
  41. Notice that none of us who played there said it wasn't worth it? Thats because its an amazing course like nothing you have ever played. Exquisite. Just because you can't afford it, doesn't mean you need to try to convince others that your opinion is right. I've never met anyone on the course at Pebble who seemed upset in any way, even over bad scores. Its just an amazing place. As well as that I played there twice, and will be playing at least 2 rounds there this winter when im at my families beach house in florida.
  42. I rarely ever ride. I find it tightens up my back and just throws off my rhythm. Drive, sit there and wait to hit the shot etc.... I have had a history of a bad back and did it in pretty good for almost a month. I just bought a cart bag and a clicgear 2.0 cart. I've played two rounds with it and my back feels so much better at the end of the round not packing my clubs.
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    • The do hit it as far as me, which is part of the reason I watch. I like to see how good players with my distance play shots. Bernard Langer is a great player, but I’d rather watch Danielle Kang. For men’s golf, the PGA and Euro Tours and a better show.
    • You didn’t define markings. I’m saying that I do replace it after it came to rest in that orientation. And since we can perfectly recreate the lie, we can mark and replace. Also nowhere else in the rules are we required to replace how a ball came to rest re:orientation. So are you changing the definition of “moved” too? An alignment tool it’s mostly to line up the player. I’ve seen people use the marking on a ball on their tee shots, too. That’s legal. You have no real justification here. Like Laz it relies on a line being an “object.”
    • I agree it is not against the rules as written. We do have a ‘guideline’ of 40 seconds to play a shot. The people who use the line tend to violate this guideline, especially Pros. The green is the only place we don’t have to play it as it lies. I tried the line a long time ago one half season. It was slower and didn’t seem to help. Then I read a Stan Utley’s The Art of Putting in which he stated that many good putters don’t even have there dominant eye directly over the ball. I did the test in his book and my dominant eye was inside and behind the ball by about and inch. So using the line, which requires my dominant eye above the ball, would require me to change my stance. So I got fitted.   The result of the fitting was my aim was pretty good (1/2 cup left). A few adjustments to loft, lie and length and I was dead center. Now I put the ball down with no markings at all to distract me. I use AimPoint to read, which is fast and take no practice swings, which is fast. If my ball is clean and not in the way of another player, I don’t even move the ball at all. It makes me crazy when I see Bryson D take two minutes to line up a putt with the line and his putter shaft and remark and move 5 times. I get overjoyed when he misses.
    • Wow, that's interesting. I looked at this list and it's different. LPGA Tour Money List Leaders - ESPN Find out which LPGA Tour golfers are the biggest bankrollers at the Money List Leaderboard on ESPN.com. But again, it doesn't matter. I enjoy watching the LPGA. No law says you have to. 
    • I think you meant this for another thread!😀

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