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  1. President's Cup TV schedule
  2. 2019 Section Special Award Winners Announced – Western New York https://westernnewyork.pga.com/news/2019-section-special-award-winners-announced/ I'm proud and honored to announce today that I've been named the Western New York section of the PGA's Teacher of the Year for 2019. From the site, this award is "based on the professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs the professional has initiated or played a key role in implementing." The awards ceremony takes place the evening before my Behrend college team(s) play in our home Invitational, the last event of the "regular season," on Monday, October 7. I'm not sure which I look forward to more. 🙂 This follows two previous other awards or honors of recognition: @david_wedzik has received this award twice (2013, 2015), and the list of previous winners is available here: Annual Awards | Recognizing PGA Excellence | WesternNewYork.PGA.com Each year, the Section recognizes PGA professionals for their success on and off the course at an annual awards ceremony. See results at WesternNewYork.PGA.com. Of course, this and $5 might get me a small scone at Starbucks. 😉 But, I kid, I kid. This award is perhaps more meaningful than the others because these are the actual pros in my section who know quite a bit more about what I do, and this is my first year as an actual class A member. (I only finished up my associate-ship last May.) Among the things I cited on my supporting documentation after I was nominated: The two previous Golf Digest recognitions. LSW, and the instructors we've trained in that. The Project 10 thing we created for the Western New York First Tee program, based on LSW ideas and concepts. The Penn-State Behrend team. My winter Junior Elite Program. 5SK, the education seminars we've given to PGA sections, Evolvr, my certifications (AimPoint, etc.), and a few other things.
  3. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    FWIW this isn't a links course.
  4. Vinsk

    2019 Presidents Cup

    So far I’m not too impressed with the coverage. It’s not like there are sooo many groups to keep up with. 😕
  5. The guy sounds like a POSER. I assume he didn't choke down on his clubs. Just because an iron is longer than standard..... doesn't mean it will hit longer if it isn't struck well.
  6. FlyingAce... you, too, can play in my foursome any day... Mcanadians, you may play in my foursome, too. Just bring your "Worth a Crap" game that day... 😊
  7. I had the opportunity to play Pinehurst no. 2 for free which was pretty incredible. I even made birdie on the par 3 15th hole, which if you do so with a caddie you get a little gold coin that says 2 on 2. The memorabilia in the clubhouse at Pinehurst was impressive as well. Like I said I played for free, but I would have paid to play it once.
  8. The expression on your avatar’s face is dead serious though.😜 I think he’s fair game for the team before the start. They trash talk all the time. Once the tournament starts, it will be all very supportive.
  9. I think it’s definitely worth trying. I was enjoying this method. I became a bit frustrated with the long irons. I was a bit irked with JV in that he gives minimal instruction or demonstration of long irons or driver. I understand he has a system but he bases it on the old adage that it’s the short game that counts. He’s wrong of course but he’ll never admit/accept the research from Mark Broadie or LSW. And that irritated me. I feel my struggles with the longer irons were simply because I couldn’t generate enough swing speed to hit a 3-4-5i properly. And I threw JV a bone. I paid for his instruction and 3 months in it was still all about the 9i. And on his YouTube videos he never posts numbers. He can’t seem to understand you can’t just show yourself hitting a driver then say, ‘ 117mph swing speed.’ without any proof and then get testy when people ask for LM data. He also repeatedly claims the ‘ Titleist Institute of Technology ’ has verified his swing mechanics? Zero data from that and again he just says follow my lead and expects everyone to believe him or they’re just being negative or difficult. I also don’t buy the whole having ‘ 10 different swings for each club.’ I understand there are trajectories to consider as obviously there will be a lot of overlapping distances with that system. But come on, why would I ever hit a ‘1’ swing with a 3i? But I can say I enjoyed the nice draw I could produce with my short irons, mid irons too when struck well. Certainly a lot less to think about with this swing.
  10. Then there are those of us who enjoy the game all the more by playing as best we can and by the Rules. 😉
  11. I think @rehmwa was referring to a @chile quote, not me. Anyway yea, I'm also interested to see what the Aussie crowds do with this 😄. And piggy backing on what others have said, coupled with his history and the act itself, it really is about all the stupid ways he's decided to cover this up in the aftermath. And then yesterday, he decides to turn himself into this victim/hero/star-of-his-own-revenge-tragedy by saying that what Cam Smith said about it was "personal." Really? I mean, I guess he's in Australia at the moment so he can contact Mel Gibson and ask him optimal revenge strategies to use this week. Definitely a solid resource. Maybe Braveheart revenge will be more effective, I dunno. But as an American I guess I can do some mental gymnastics and make this personal along with him. Let's teach them internationals some manners, Patrick!!!
  12. Funny this thread popped up again. I was looking for something to read yesterday. I picked up Penick's LRB thinking I would read a few pages. Those "few pages" turned into an every page, cover, to cover read. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. There are 10s of 1000s of golf books available to golfers. Quite a few are great reads, while quite a few are not so good. Penick's LRB is easily a top 5 read. It's also one of the very few original writings on the subject of playing golf.
  13. This thread keeps popping into my mind. This year has been pretty crap golf wise. Start of the year i was playing ok, not great but well enough to have fun. Just when i thought I was turning a corner I get diagnosed with Beurgers disease so golf stopped. Towards the end of the summer i was allowed to start playing again, had a couple of par 3 rounds and (coupled with new irons) played well. However, as i'm now prone to getting inflamed kidneys I found the coiling/uncoiling painful. Anyway, rather than give up playing I decided to at least have a more in depth look at the JV swing (plus seeing that @Vinsk has/is trying it convinced me it was ok to try it). It's pretty simple and repeatable providing you stay still and dont overswing ( I found my arms go to just over paralell to the ground) as if you go too far it's thin shot city!. Only been able to hit foam balls so no idea on distance yet (other than chipping, which is nice) but it feels surprisingly good and contact is decent. The main thing is the preset seems to take the pressure of the back so no kidney pain. I know i dismissed it when my work colleague was using it but sometimes drastic situations call for drastic measures. Early days but i'll work on it over the winter. My goal now is to be able to play golf with my son and if an alternative swing allows me to do that it has to be worth a go?. Sure, i'd love to be swinging how I used to but I cant put my body through it anymore.
  14. I'll tell you what, if you happen to have a certain "big box sporting goods" store in your area that sells the Callaway Diablo Tour ball (3 dozen for $40.00 right now).....jump all over it. You can also order them on-line even if you don't have that "sporting goods" store in your area. Good three piece ball for the price.
  15. I think the issue people have with it is not that he broke the rules, but that he is so full of bs in his explanation. from my understanding of the situation he's trying to claim he didnt know he moved the sand. I realize the home viewer has the advantage of high def television replays, but commmmmmmme on man, how could you not see you clearly moving the sand
  16. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I will alert Golfchannel immediately 😜 It’s Tuesday after the fact, I think it’s still fair game lol. Plus the guy has a history. Also it’s a golf forum. And I’m just joking around 😂
  17. We should always do what works for us. I think the key point you made here which may be over looked by many who read the post is your 3 goals here . 1)Lift weights with the idea of increasing strength, 2) stretch and continually stretch and work on flexibility, and 3) your lifting and stretching must emulate what you need for your activity. Too many people and I have found this in the workout section on this forum, focus only on the first one and minimize the 2nd and 3rd and that gives rise to the idea of not lifting heavy weights. The body is dynamic and needs to be trained that way which means a big emphasis on flexibility. Lifting heavy weights with no regard to the other two things you mention will result in tight muscles and no one wants that. I see far too many lifters throwing the weights around in a herky jerky fashion and not using full range of motion. Personally I like to use pullies to complete your third goal, because I can simulate the golf swing with the pulllies in a controlled manner and build strength dynamically . Good Post and good points !
  18. Here's the full article: U.S. senators threaten Facebook, Apple with encryption regulation - Reuters U.S. senators grilled Apple Inc and Facebook Inc executives over their encryption practices on Tuesday and threatened to regulate the technology unless the companies make encrypted user data accessibl... Really not looking forward to this stuff. The line about child abusers, c'mon man… those who would give up essential liberties and all that. There are a lot more people who are NOT child abusers who value their privacy than those who are.
  19. Kiawah Island doesn't technically have bunkers - everything is just "sand." As such, good luck finding rakes. There aren't that many, and you may find yourself in a footprint. Look at Patrick Reed's ball landing in a footprint (before he breached the Rules). Those courses have enough money to rake the sandy areas… and still don't. Original bunkers weren't raked: why should modern ones all be raked?
  20. Try the Wilson Duo. It's the best $20 ball on the market. You won't be sorry.
  21. Something that you will not mind losing in a pond. Just remember, "soft" tend to go straighter and not as long. "Tour Distance" and similar labels are supposed to go longer but not as straight. The top-end balls, claim to have both benefits. That said, I thought this topic was for a tournament structure. Oh, here is a more complete analysis: Ultimate Golf Ball Guide: 35 new golf ball models for 2019 Need help choosing new golf balls? Here you'll find everything you need to know about 35 new golf balls from eight top manufacturers.
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    • Congrats on the ace @Sandtrapp220! 
    • Yay! Good for you! Congratulations!  Any plans to save the ball, put it in a little case, or a plague, or otherwise display the achievement?
    • So all the work I’ve been putting in doing drills at home and learning about the proper movements seems to finally be showing some results.    I have learned today that if your hip and shoulder turn on the backswing are correct than the shallowing of the club happens automatically. I made absolutely no effort to shallow the club on these swings, the only thought was the “correct” hip loading in the backswing and transition. I would still like to open my hips more at impact and I’d like a bit more of forward shaft lean as a result of that, but I can see the early extension and chicken wing to slowly disappear.    For anyone who wants to look more into the proper hip turn and loading check out the videos of Athletic Motion Golf. I’m a very visual person and their skeleton videos really help me understand what the good players are doing.     From the start of October I’m changing my workweek to only 4 days working being off on Tuesdays. So that should hopefully result in golf 2-3 times per month. 
    • Congrats, one was fantastic,not sure my heart or pocket book could handle two😁

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