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  1. Because I’m a sellout who loves America.
  2. This one doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes I grab my clubs and throw them on a cart and I'm gone in 15 seconds. Other times setting up a push cart, taking a phone call, waiting a little for a friend, etc. it might take me ten minutes from the time I pull in until I'm ready. I'm always fast on the golf course.
  3. I used a theraband flexbar, weights, stretching, gentle massage, and working with a great PT. I also used blood flow restriction therapy. And I know this next one is for tennis elbow but strengthening the entire forearm is going to help. IMO the best thing is to see a great physical therapist to walk you through this though, someone who is up to date on the latest treatment methods. I currently do not have any symptoms and hit balls yesterday without any pain there. Pain emotionally yes but not in the medial epicondyle 😄
  4. I have used something like this and it worked for me. I like that I can adjust the tightness/pressure and pinpoint the location. I tried elbow sleeves before but it was either not compressive enough or it restricted my movement. Tennis Elbow Brace for Elbow Tendonitis (2 PCS) with Compression Pad, Prevent Fishing, Elbow Pain Relief, Includes Two Adjustable Elbow Support Braces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QNPMHKW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_izL8DbE4P669G
  5. I found the best thing is just a compression sleeve over the affected area. It is easier to put on that anything with straps or velcro. The hardest part is finding the right fit. If you have a sporting goods store nearby, go a try a few. I also found that it didn't need to go over the elbow, just compress the affected area. And remember to ice afterwards.
  6. Vinsk

    2019 Presidents Cup

    Well...he set up Fowler for a good approach with that awesome drive. Fowler laid an egg with that lousy 137yd push. But he made the clutch putt to tie the hole. DJ is the colossal flop.
  7. I've played this same hole more times than I can count. Each time I hit the tee box it's all about my confidence in my driver, which can be very shaky. If the driver is on the outs, I'll hit the 5W dead at the closer bunker on the right. It'll probably be short, but otherwise it'll hook in. Then it's just a pitch shot onto a long but narrower-than-the-photo looks green. Missing big with the driver is what puts a big number up here.
  8. Hey! You guys up for a Jack Rabbit Scramble?! @colin007 @David in FL:
  9. Na. I agree. This is bad golf right now. Or Kisner
  10. iacas

    2019 Presidents Cup

    I don't think so. These guys know how to play golf. What's a guy driving around in a cart going to do that Steve Stricker driving around in a cart isn't doing?
  11. I just wish worldwide that the sporting orgs would get a bit more modern on this issue. I much prefer the NHLs/CFLs and now MLBs stance on hot caring about players using THC and 2 of those are Olympic sports
  12. I like golf. 2 best balls out of each group. Everyone actually gets to play golf.
  13. No, it's true. You gain an extra 3/4 inch on your drives. 1/2 inch on your 7 iron distance. And they do have cute bottoms.
  14. Ok so you’re not old and have any physical issues. I had Golfers elbow from doing pull-ups and it eventually went away. Funny thing is it never hurt when I played golf, go figure. Like we’ve said, get them outside but I’m the meantime if you get on a launch monitor, bring your callaway Memphis 10 and the new ones and hit them side by side. That will tell you a lot even if the monitor is not working right...it’ll compare both clubs.
  15. OP As others have mentioned...don't do anything to the irons until next spring when you can hit them on the course on real grass....golf isn't played in a sim. If you end up not liking the irons...sell them as is...and look for another set with different shafts. The XR's have jacked up lofts....if your driver speed is accurate at 93-94....then a 6 iron carry at 190-196 is unrealistic.....many of Golftown sims are fixed at a 145-150 smash factor. I also hit the ball far on the Golftown sims....but don't expect the same distances out on the course. Yes....a D4 SW is heavy....as other have suggested....a heavier grip with decrease the SW because of the counter balance effect....again...if you don't like the irons just sell the irons as is vs. spending money on experimenting on a set of irons you may never like. I'm 58, a 7 cap with a driver SS of 95-98 mph and I like the KBS Tour 120 gm steel stiff shafts in my newly acquired Rocketbladez Tours irons with a D2 SW...PW & AW SW are D3 and I do find these 2 wedges just a tad heavy. I wanted to try the KBS Tour 110 gm regular shafts and bought a set of Adams XTD A Tours paired with these shafts...but I found the 110 KBS just a bit too light and a bit too whippy....I sold them after a year playing them 50% of the time. I've also had 95 gm stiff steel shafts and found them too whippy and light. In the spring....play with the clubs for at least 5-8 rounds and additional range time too...if you don't like them .....sell them....don't try to force yourself to play them if you don't like them.
  16. I am like you. I like to get to the course way before my tee time. I like to take my time unpacking, observe what's going on. Get to know the area. I also need to stretch and get my body ready due to the numerous injuries from life. On the course Iike to keep moving, keep pace. I don't see much correlation in this. I have a friend I barely golf with and he is unpacked on the tee in a breakneck pace. On the course is painfully slow
  17. I have not personally used those Accra iron shafts before but I would say that you have in fact already bought them, then I would give them some time before you make any decisions about alterations. At least 5-10 range sessions and a few rounds with them. If you haven't bought them, I would say that 123g graphite shafts are really heavy and probably not best suited for someone with your speed. They may help with the joints but they aren't going to offer anything to help with speed or distance. I would be looking in the sub 90g range. If you do own them, you would need to change the shafts more than just change swing weights from removing possible tip weights.
  18. Make sure your turn rate matches up. If you don't turn, your shirt seam will be further "forward" than it should be. In other words, you could leave your elbow there and move the shirt seam rather than moving the elbow relative to the shirt seam.
  19. 😂😂😂 Yelling won’t work. I am pretty sure they are hard of hearing and have bad eyesight since they never hear carts pulling up behind them, nor see that the group in front is 4+ holes ahead...
  20. Situational for me, if i have time to kill i'll relax at my car and fuss with my gear a bit. If i have to, i can be on the first tee a couple minuets after i pull in. I hate the later, so i'm usually early, getting my mind out of home mode and into golf mode.
  21. Probably a big bit of conjecture to say that someone taking their time in one spot is necessarily going to be slow in another. One of my habits is to get some place stupid early. After getting to the course an hour early, obviously there is no rush to do anything. Taking my time at the car or in the pro shop helps pace out my warm-up. Ideally, I get to the first tee close to time without having to stand around and get cold waiting. Speed-wise I do fine, particular when I'm playing worth a crap.
  22. I think it’s definitely worth trying. I was enjoying this method. I became a bit frustrated with the long irons. I was a bit irked with JV in that he gives minimal instruction or demonstration of long irons or driver. I understand he has a system but he bases it on the old adage that it’s the short game that counts. He’s wrong of course but he’ll never admit/accept the research from Mark Broadie or LSW. And that irritated me. I feel my struggles with the longer irons were simply because I couldn’t generate enough swing speed to hit a 3-4-5i properly. And I threw JV a bone. I paid for his instruction and 3 months in it was still all about the 9i. And on his YouTube videos he never posts numbers. He can’t seem to understand you can’t just show yourself hitting a driver then say, ‘ 117mph swing speed.’ without any proof and then get testy when people ask for LM data. He also repeatedly claims the ‘ Titleist Institute of Technology ’ has verified his swing mechanics? Zero data from that and again he just says follow my lead and expects everyone to believe him or they’re just being negative or difficult. I also don’t buy the whole having ‘ 10 different swings for each club.’ I understand there are trajectories to consider as obviously there will be a lot of overlapping distances with that system. But come on, why would I ever hit a ‘1’ swing with a 3i? But I can say I enjoyed the nice draw I could produce with my short irons, mid irons too when struck well. Certainly a lot less to think about with this swing.
  23. To varying degrees, yes. More so for Phil because it’s not his Tour, he’s skipping an event he plays normally, he’s getting an appearance fee, and he doesn’t need the money. One can understand the guy at the bottom of the Euro Tour money money list playing more so than Phil. And you’re one to lecture on moral high ground. Your whole post is posturing for yourself.
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