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  1. 2nd Best Moment - bestest moment obvs being Tigs winning the Masters, but honestly, Amy Bockerstette and her moment at the Waste Management was just AWESOME. I've watched it half a dozen times and have teared up for most of them.
  2. My wife has zero desire to golf but sometimes, I wish she would. We enjoy spending a lot of time together and she’d be fun to golf with.
  3. And remember, just because you were fit at CC, doesn’t mean you have to buy from CC!
  4. I'm still using my Cobra S3 3W, it is my go to club. Hope it never breaks.
  5. Do you guys ever try more of a bump and run from say 50 yards or so? Sometimes an 8 or even 7 iron can be great, assuming that the green isn't completely guarded in the front. For me, my 53 degree is my go to club for any distance inside of 80 yards (80 yards being a full swing and sometimes I hit PW or 9 from there). No need to make things tougher with a weaker lofted wedge. Your strike has to be really good once you get over the 55 degree range or so, and adding variables can be tough on those clubs. I would say that I do play my 53 by feel somewhat, but those short pitch shots are actually the only time I take a practice swing (besides sometimes with the putter). I guess I know where to stop in my backswing for these distances, but I don't really have it mapped out with the clock system or anything. My distance control is usually pretty good on these shots (for a hacker.....maybe 15 ft long or short, which I am completely ok with).
  6. After 3 years of almost never playing the driver and not even having a 3 wood (thought a long time that my 3 hybrid is my 3 wood 😃) I decided that buying a different driver and 3 wood with stiff shafts would be the answer. So the last 5 rounds I purposely hit my driver on every hole that was longer than my possible drive. And man it is fun. For the first time in my life I’m near the green with my first shot on some shorter par 4s, I can actually try to get on a par 5 in two (still hasn’t happened but it’s bound to) and I have cut the corner over the trees several times now. Par 4 holes that used to be 4 iron 4 iron for me are now (when it works) driver - 7 iron or shorter. And that works wonders. And par 4s that were 4 iron - 7 iron are now driver - wedge. It’s much easier hitting greens with wedges than mid irons...
  7. Today's round of golf was pretty special for me. For the first time in quite a while my wife, definately my better half, joined me for 18 holes. Just her, and her SC putter. A few months ago, she underwent brain sergury to remove a benign tumor. Her rehab was quite remarkable, and she has had no ill effects from the sergury, as of yet. One of the first things we did, at her request, after her sergury was, what I thought was an ill advised road trip. However she, and her surgeon convinced me it would be ok. Of course I took my golf clubs, and she took her cameras. They say doctors make the worst patients, and I kind of understand that now. Her being an orthopedic sergeon (retired) herself, she made sure the folks involved in the pre/post sergury were at the top of their game. They all pretty much knew each other anyways. As I understand it, the young doctor who removed the 20 something staples recieved quite an ear full. An ear full of education So this morning, just out of the blue, she tells me let's go golfing. That she would putt against my full game. What this competition amounts too is she drops a ball on the green, at a spot farthest from the cup, and putts from there. Her par is what the hole is. Basically it's my entire bag of clubs, against her, and one of my extra flat sticks SCameron should be proud. She won today's round by 3 strokes, which means I am on the hook for a dinner, and a show, of her choice, later on this week. I even broke 80. Obviously, even though a loser, I am a happy person. After almost 50 years of marriage I still have the woman of my dreams around who likes to golf. Perhaps next time out (a grudge rematch) she will add a few chips, and pitches to our competition. I'm pretty sure she will still win....😍
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    • Would you happen to know when these Mac LITE irons were made?   
    • Had a group of college friends together for a little 2 on 2 friendly competition. We all made bogey on 1. On 2 there is a little pond short left of the green. My partner hit into the hazard. Ball on the edge of the water. He goes in after it, where the water has receded and left a muddy edge. Dude goes into the mud waist deep. Shoe came off. Fell on his face. Literally worried that he was not going to get out. It’s 50 degrees and dude is covered in mud, wet. Needless to say I had to drive him back up to his car and that was the end of his day.    so we played individual for the day. On 15 holes I was 4 over par. On the other 3 holes, thanks to a pair of doubles and a triple I was 7 over. 11 over for the round is one of the first times I failed to break 80 for a round in a while. Overall for the day I didn’t play bad but those 3 holes were just ugly. 6. I hit a weak drive right on a hill, awkward lie. Couldn’t get a good stance. Chunk my shot. My 3rd was from 75 and I left that short. Chip on for 4 and 2 putts for a double 6. 13. 8 iron deep left. Chip on and 3 putt for a double 14. my 6 iron off the tee layup I chunk into the water. Haven’t hit a ball off the tee out of play all season here. Drop from 230 out up hill. Hit 3 wood and lucky to not be OB left. Barely in play and not a good stance with tree in my backswing. Leave that short of the green. Chip that on and 2 putt for a 7.  Did drive one onto the fringe at 8 today and had a putt at eagle on the hole for 1st time all year so managed an easy birdie there. Eagle lipped out. Would have been a nice boost considering the double at 6 and then 3 putt bogey at 7. Hit 10 GIR which is about where I would normally be any given day. Few more putts than normal but didn’t putt awful. If I could just have those 3 holes back!
    • Day 2 same as yesterday COVID drills 1&2.
    • I'm working in Richmond all week, just a coincidence.  I'm going to come home friday, play with Bill on saturday, and drive back down.  I'm staying at a Marriott Courtyard, I think it's just around the corner from the Hampton inn.
    • Day 74 about 10 minutes of chipping and pitching practice 

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