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  1. If you spread unjust rumors about him, is that a Papp smear?
  2. NO. You did the right thing. It happens all the time.
  3. Easy guys, the great thing about golf is the fact people of all abilities can compete and be successful. That being said the Club Champion is traditionally the best player in the club and should always come from the open gross division. That doesn’t mean you can’t have net flights that play alongside that flight, not everyone should be forced into one flight.
  4. I have a friend who is an excellent putter, and has a much better short game compared to me, but he can't break 100 because by the time his ball is near the green, he's already laying 5, 6 or 7. About 15 months ago, me and my friend were equal when it came to golf, but I invested in full swing lessons, and he did nothing, and now I'm easily 10-15 strokes better than him. Full swing is the way to go.
  5. Every year. Ours is coming up the end of this month. We also play 36 holes of stroke play across 4 divisions. The women have their own separate tournament. Even something as relatively benign as a small club championship will add a whole new dimension of pressure to your game and give you an appreciation for those who play higher level tournament golf. Have fun, and don’t forget to let us know how it goes here...
  6. Not true. If, right now, you had Tiger Woods’ golf game all the way to the green, and your current chipping and putting ability, you would be a very very good player. Not PGA Tour quality, but better than scratch!
  7. From Rule 4.1: After a player’s round has started, if the player picks up another player’s club that was left behind, or a club is mistakenly put in the player’s bag without his or her knowledge, the club is not treated as one of the player’s clubs for purposes of the 14-club limit (but it must not be used). https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=4&subrulenum=1
  8. My buddy invited me to join a Facebook group for Mike Papp and his new "Angle of Attack". I checked it out and some of the stuff on there is pretty wonky. I haven't seen Mike Papp say anything too crazy yet, but some of the other stuff on there is way off. Ball flight laws and of course the old argument of short game vs long game. He, as a moderator, has done nothing to curb any of the craziness, I just wonder if he agrees or what. Either way, I feel sorry for people just learning the game, no wonder many quit when you see the amount of wrong information out there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/angleofattackgolf/?fref=mentions
  9. It won’t matter if you’re saving a double bogey. I’m not suggesting putting and short game are not important, but without an excellent full swing for tee shots and approaches you’ll never come close to scratch.
  10. Plastic tees for me....I find so many tees that I can remember the last time I bought a bag of tees....I can't walk by an unbroken tee without picking it up...even though I have 100's of tees in the garage. I only use broken tees for the par 3 shots....plastic or wood.
  11. I am the author of a new ebook called Murder at St. Andrews. It's a murder mystery, solved by a famous detective during a round of golf at the Old Course in St. Andrews. By the eighteenth green the murderer has been unmasked and the reader has absorbed many fascinating bits of lore about the Old Course and the great golfers who have played there. I'm hoping to get some word of mouth and/or reviews on Amazon from some of the forum readers, and therefore have made the ebook free for today. If you are interested in reading it, it's on Amazon. Murder at Augusta, the first book in the golf mystery series (very well reviewed), is also free through today. Thanks. (After today, contact me, and I may be able to send you a free book if you are interested in providing a honest review on Amazon or Goodreads in return.)
  12. I’d say good playing to him. Next year tee it up in the Open Division. Not a slam, but it doesn’t work that way.
  13. 1 point
    For reference it isn't a back foot/front foot thing.. your weight can be "back" with your back foot off the ground. I have pics of myself hitting a home run at contact with my rear foot off the ground. However my weight is biased back. I don't mind to say weight shift more as a transfer of energy into the front/ground that allows a forceful rotation of the lower half. However the upper half, particularly the hands/bat head need to be propelled along the same plane as the pitch for as long as possible for a great swing. There is a "weight shift" but it is not exactly like golf.
  14. I figure like anything, the more you do it, the more you learn to thrive in those situations. Eventually I hope to get to a place in my golf game where I enjoy the pressure, and even feed off it.
  15. I understand the issue. I know that at my club, children of members have playing rights until they turn 25 (I think). Anyone with playing rights is allowed to compete in any of the tournaments. We do have a couple of young players, one in college now, and another recent graduate, that are the best players at the club. I don't have a problem with the best player winning the championship..
  16. How are you going to go about these goals? Have you started with where you lose strokes? Are the 3 putts the results of poor distance control or 60' putts?
  17. It's not as though the term "club champion" is some sort of sacred title. Why shouldn't someone feel good about winning their flight? Realistically, if an open tournament was all it was. My club would have two guys playing each other every year and the rest of us would just do our usual quota games. It's amateur golf buddy. It's supposed to be fun.
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    I know all about it. D1 home run hitter and coached hitters after college. I can talk hitting all day long. On home run swings, yes essentially everyone has to get to same positions to have good results. The Bambino had way too much if a weight shift imo. The majority of your weight should be back at contact. The front side is just to torque into creating power. Of course this is impact which is the only thing that matters consistently. It doesn't matter what you look like after the swing or before for the most part. During his time period yes the babe was a monster but in today's game he would get carved up by any D1 Friday night starter. Yep pujols keeps that weight over the back knee like he should. That is a ball of Fame swing.
  19. I've won the Club Championship at my club five times. It's a two-day stroke play gross competition from the back tees to determine the club champ. Everyone else just plays in a "regular" net tournament from the middle or forward tees. My lowest score in my five wins was 68-69 (-7), but one year I won it with a score of 73-74 (+3).
  20. That’s an excuse a lot of golfers use to avoid competitive, tournament golf. Beyond that, many such tournaments are flighted and allow golfers of all skill levels to compete, even on a gross basis, with those of similar skills.
  21. I don't think the OP did anything wrong. @Ashville showed the rule. I have picked up lost clubs before. I didn't put them in my bag though, unless I was walking. If no one claimed the club on the course, I turned them in at the 19th hole. I have left, and lost a couple of wedges over the past decades of my golf journey. My hope is the golfer who found, and kept got some good use out of them.
  22. If it was important for people to continue to have a Handicap Index continuously, the only practical way is to accept the available scoring history as is, with ESC applied under the then-current rules. Otherwise, you'd have to wait until you've entered 3 scores (54 holes) under the new rules, and nobody wants to wait.
  23. i would agree on that they all have to play well together short game mid irons driver
  24. I hit myself last year with a ball that ricocheted off a rock I didn't see partially buried in front of my ball. Anyways, that didn't feel as bad as 4-putting for bogey. Which I've done twice. FML.
  25. How to Use Indexes vs. indices Correctly – Grammarist ↪ What does Indexes vs. indices mean? Learn the definition of Indexes vs. indices & other commonly used... They’re both acceptable.
  26. My one in a million was when I was too serious about golf, in 2011, playing at Paa-ko-ridge out side of Albuquerque. It was in March, pretty cold outside. Chunked a wedge and left it short of the green. Tossed my club back towards, the cart, did 3 end over end bounces, and landed in my bag.
  27. Also, there is very little discussion on the companion piece, "How to Break 60: An Easy Approach for Breaking Golf's 2nd Toughest Scoring Barrier" by David Duval, Justin Thomas and Jim Furyk.
  28. Breaking 90 is tougher for the golfer who hasn't done it yet, while playing with in the rules. Once they break 90, then breaking 80 is their next toughest journey, with breaking 70 after that, which a monumental task. Tomasi and Adams probably used that title for those golfers who have yet to break 90. A marketing approach, like any other golf salesmanship.. I tend to think there are a lot more golfers out there who have not broken. 90 (with in the rules) than those who have. If I saw their "break 90" book, I wouldn't buy it either, as I break 90 quite often. (98%+) That said, if possible I might read it just in case there is some tid bit in it, that I might use to break 80 more consistently. I have these guy's book "Total Golf". It's a decent read for the beginner, and next level golfer.
  29. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.
  30. cooke119


    IMHO, ego is the last thing you should bring to a golf course, the sport can be very frustrating especially when you have only been playing for five months as you said. Check your ego at the door, golf should be fun and thinking you are screwing up is a bad thing. You said you bring it over from other areas in your life, you may want to work on that, maybe seek professional help if it gets in the way of your happiness. Just a thought. Good luck on your journey and try to keep the pressure off yourself. Hell I have been playing for most of my life and I still have a high index, (20+).
  31. Phil knows better - Golf Digest A golfer who professes to understand the big picture conveniently overlooks it when it comes to playing in Saudi Arabia FWIW, an IQ of over 200 would make Phil the smartest person alive. More importantly: Now, there are other prominent American golfers likely banking large appearance fees for participating in the second edition of the Saudi European Tour event—like Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson, Tony Finau, and Brooks Koepka—but the heat is on Phil because presumably he should know better. A worldly man on the cusp of 50, knowledgeable on subjects as wide ranging as wine, dinosaurs and subcutaneous fat (and really almost any topic you care to bring up, many golfers say), should know that the staging of a popular western sport in a country whose values are so antithetical to our own comes with certain dilemmas that cannot be quickly dismissed. See the uproar between China and the NBA that’s now lasted over a month. Just last year Saudi Arabia directed the assassination of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and so hosting a professional golf tournament is a stunt to rehabilitate its global image that the New York Times calls “Sportswashing”. Phil has to be aware of all this. Just another source. Max Adler, Golf Digest.
  32. So, yesterday I played my par-3s in even, par-5s in one under, and averaged 4.5 on par-4s ... and no sixes. Anywhere. Or worse. First time I've done that. Check it out, my scorecard from yesterday (Nov 16, 2019). f This was from the blue tees at Encino golf course in L.A.. The second line is where I put notes for later: G (GIR) or N (near-GIR). I on occasion make other notations (S: I hit sand, A: got to the green as planned but not in either category; F: messed up the hole) I don't do this during tournaments of course. Just saying it here because it's in the picture. In case the challenge has any such restrictions, I played blue tees which are 70.1 / 114 / 6574 yards. No mulligans, played with friends in a skins/modified fourball type casual round. I did accept a few very short conceded putts (none over about a foot). I believe it qualifies for the challenge. And I was fully aware of where I stood, score-wise and challenge wise, when I hit my second shot at #16. So I played the last 11 strokes knowing I had a good round going and a chance to finish the "no sixes" challenge, with a par-5 waiting for me at the end. I hit a good drive, a great 4-wood, and pitched on from 75 yards with a 9-iron (half swing). Almost made the putt for a 75 too 76 beats my previous best score of all time by one (that 77 had two sixes on it... but also three birdies). I get the feeling I'll have a bunch more good scores if I can produce more "no sixes" scorecards
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