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  1. You’re a relatively new, high handicap golfer. You don’t need to be looking for challenges beyond what this infuriating game provides just by teeing it up! Tell your nephew that you’re playing tees appropriate to your abilities, and that he should either respect his elders, or you’re going to kick his young ass!
  2. I'm not sure why this is even a question. Would you rather have a 3 foot par putt or a 5 foot par putt? … Who's going to say they want the 5 footer?
  3. Yes, and everybody is going to tell you the one time they called a shot and convert it and don´t tell you about the 1 hundred times they called a shot and failed to deliver
  4. Pause the first video at impact and you'll see it's not so much a "high right shoulder" as it is being a little flat-footed so your right arm straightens a bit more than it should by impact. Weight forward a bit more, turn a bit more, and it's great.
  5. Presumably, these recommendations are based on the vast number of scores collected over the past decade or more. The recommendations are in Appendix C of the Rules of Handicapping. I don't remember seeing a discussion of the reasons behind this particular change.
  6. Having this "secret" list and whatnot just smacks of yet another weak attempt to curb slow play without actually ever having to hand out a penalty or really even deal with the issue. If the PGA Tour really wanted to curb slow play and were willing to actually penalize players in the process, then they would come up with a strong POP policy. A policy that would not only allow officials to penalize slow players, it would expect them to.
  7. I'm only going by my experience between the two locations. When I golfed in England, the courses were set up as @boogielicious mentioned for older US courses, closer tee boxes and greens and parallel fairways, a lot of hills as well, but they were manageable. Most of the courses around me are built in or around housing developments where you could walk 5-10 minutes to get from a green to the next tee box, as well as numerous hills, which in my opinion discourages walking. I feel like course in the UK have walkers in mind when the course is designed, where here in the US, I don't think it comes into play at all, again based on what I have seen. I can walk my current course, but if I'm playing with others I usually ride because of the distance in between certain holes, it just takes to long to catch up to them.
  8. How can Bryson use psychometric charts for humidity and cross calculate wind deflection versus altitude in 120 seconds! He's not a damn computer???? I foresee this face a lot.
  9. PGA TOUR announces significant enhancements to pace-of-play policy After years of meticulous study and thousands of shots analyzed by ShotLink, and in light of a desire to keep the focus on the golf, the PGA TOUR is announcing major enhancements to its existing slow-play policy... Appears like it could be more than a media stunt. I hope we see the changes.
  10. Unlikely, especially from 50 yards in the rough. PGA tour players take on average 2.78 strokes to hole out from 40 yards and 2.91 strokes to hole out from 60 yards, so it's likely that from 50 yards that average is right around 2.83-2.84 strokes. So unless your short game is close to PGA tour level, it's unlikely that you will average holing out in 3.0 strokes from 50 yds in the rough. Let's look at it a different way. Last year on the PGA tour, on shots from 30-50 yards, the tour average proximity was roughly 12' 2". (I believe that is on all shots, both fairway and rough) Let's estimate and say that for a 9.5 handicap golfer like yourself, that number on average is probably close to 20'. (if not further) And the 12' and 20' numbers are all inclusive of 30-50 yard shots from the fairway and rough, so the number would be even higher for both groups of golfers if you just looked at 50 yard shots from the rough. The average number of putts for a scratch golfer to hole out from 20 feet is 1.89, and for a 90-golfer it is 2.02. Add those to your initial 50 yard shot, and that shows that even a scratch golfer would have to have a pretty solid short game to average under 3.0 strokes to hole out from 50 yards in the rough, which makes me believe that it would be even less likely for a 9.5 handicap to average 3.0 or lower strokes to hole out from 50 yards in the rough.
  11. Finding the right instructor can make all the difference. Just because 1 didn't work well for you, doesn't necessarily mean all will. I took 4 lessons from a local Pro with a good Reputation and is the instructor for the local college. He didn't seem to really help me very much. Just didn't fit me. I found another instructor last year, and helped me more in one day than all the other instructors I've had combined.
  12. Lesson on Golf has started to populate their website with discount golf. Our group bought Paint Creek (member for a day). Little Traverse Bay sold out quickly.
  13. Titleist makes two versions of the three wood. They have the 917F2 which has a higher face and is supposed to be easier to hit. It comes in a 13.5-15-16.5 and 18 degree loft. Then they have the 917F3 version that has a lower face that comes in 13.5-15 degree loft. The later is targeted for better players like you. I just picked up a 917F2 that I am hoping to be able to get 150 straight yards with. It’s winter here too, so in a couple of months I’ll have a chance to try it out.
  14. TN94z

    3W Off the Deck?

    How far do you hit your driving iron? I have a driving iron and I used it off the deck occasionally. I have a 3w as well that I love to hit. For me, I'm no less comfortable with either club. I feel I can make just as good of contact with my 3w as I can my hybrid. If anything, I feel that I might turn the ball over too much with my hybrid more than anything. Like already mentioned, I would just take into consideration where you play and whether you really "need" to feel that gap.
  15. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yeah. Just beautiful. LSU cleaned house. ‘Lil ole Clemson’ got their pants dropped. JarJar Binks just couldn’t get it going against the SEC beast. Burrow started a bit clunky then got the scramble down and it was over.
  16. Welcome to The Sand Trap. For Woods and hybrids, those are fine. Titleist drivers, woods and hybrids are very forgiving. It is better to focus on learning to play and improve your swing than worrying about the clubs for now. Have fun!
  17. Why would you post something that is not even close to being true? You may as well say " The average PGATour pro has 36 putts per round". You can have an opinion about the personalities of players, but to just make up a "statistic" that is generally between 10 and 20% out is ridiculous.
  18. TRUE X Linksoul Slip - TRUE linkswear We make golf shoes for people that are fed up with golf shoes. TRUEs are comfortable, light weight, and weatherproof so you can Enjoy The Walk on or off the course. TRUE's latest collaboration with John Ashworth's LinkSoul is the "Slip" - a slip-on shoe that, well, have a look for yourself: So anyway… TRUE synced up with LinkSoul to create what they are calling the perfect (and possibly only) slip golf shoe. Featuring Linksoul branding along with our signature comfort and fit, the TRUE x Linksoul Slip provides a casual yet comfortable vibe wherever the day takes you. Perfect for the course or that business casual environment, the Slip adjusts easily with an embedded elastic strap for your preferred fit. Details: Deep rubber outsole tread for all-surface traction and stability Microsuede lining for a luxuriously comfortable look and feel Premium select suede upper with enhanced breathability Minimalistic elastic strap for adjustable fit and feel Effortless slip-on design Features: Sleek, classic design: The TRUE x Linksoul Slip is designed with a minimalist look alongside unparalleled comfort. Although the shoe may look simple; don’t be fooled. With an adjustable strap and aggressive tread, it can perform up and down the course with the best of ‘em. Environmentally friendly carry bag: We ditched the box in favor of a reusable canvas bag perfect for shoes, brews, or anything in-between. With cinchable carry handles, it’s the easiest grab-and-go bag you’ve ever owned. Custom Linksoul detailing: The TRUE comfort you’ve come to know and love is surrounded by Linksoul branding on the strap, heel, and custom insert designed by Geoffry Cunningham @parnography.
  19. Depends on whether the second putt is uphill or downhill, and what the greens are like. Generally I'd go for the shorter putt, but we've made other decisions playing in scrambles, and they've worked out more often than not.
  20. Ok, I tried one more
  21. WTF....just realized you're in NC....you really have no winter...try playing golf here in Vancouver in the winter muck ...we get about 30" of rain from Nov-Mar....that's create SLOP. It rarely snows here...we just got 8" of snow last night....night time temps down to 20*F......I know I know...it's not all that cold. But the CLOWN's here have no idea how to drive in the snow....the city comes to a stand still when it snows....I was in Ontario for over 3 decades...so I know how to handle the snow.
  22. Here is a correct video - straightened and slow motion
  23. I don’t really think I have ever called a shot, but there are instances where I will announce my intentions to another player before executing exactly what I intended to do, especially if it’s a trouble shot. Pretty sure I did that a few times playing with @Vinsk. There was one time I came to a difficult par 3 with a dangerous hole location to the right side of the green very close to the water. I told my playing partner that I’m aiming for the center of the green 25’ away and if my ball gets anywhere near the hole, it’s a miss. Ended up with a tap-in birdie.
  24. Par basically replaced course rating as the starting point for course handicap for the new system. Under the old system, handicap strokes were wheeled off of a what a scratch golfer would shoot at a course (i.e., the course rating). Under the new system, handicap strokes are wheeled off of par. I'll show you what I mean. Assume a hypothetical par 72 course rated 75.0/113. Under the old system, a 0.0 golfer would 0 strokes. A 10.0 golfer would get 10 strokes. Under the new system, a 0.0 golfer will get 3 strokes. A 10.0 golfer would get 13 strokes. I think it makes more sense. Under the old system, a 0.0 handicap would get no strokes even though he would be expected to shoot 3 over par. That didn't make a lot of sense to me, and it always bugged me when I played a course with a high rating and still go my same number of strokes. Hopefully that helps.
  25. CBS expands golf team with Frank Nobilo, Trevor Immelman, Michelle Wie Continuing an extensive announce team overhaul, CBS Sports announced the hiring of Frank Nobilo and Trevor Immelman to full-time roles on Tuesday, while Michelle Wie joins as a Masters digital team…
  26. Me and Colonel Bogey have had quite the competitions in our day. He is the favorite unfortunately.
  27. As a greenkeeper I can say, or the message coming from the golfer, theirs no right time to core greens because hate to putt on cored greens. So after many years of experience the best time to core greens is when they will recover the fastest which will be in May or June when you have the most growth to recover Anthony Keane
  28. I didn't create this one. But I like it.
  29. I haven't expirienced the worst feeling in golf as yet. That will be when I can no longer golf. Memories will help, but the sadness will still be there. Anything bad that happens these days when I am golfing is just part of of my golf golf game. Stuff happens. Deal with it, and move on. I'm still playing.
  30. I'm pretty lucky that this has never happened to me, but I have to believe that knowing that your shot has struck another person must be the worst feeling in golf.
  31. Being at the back half of the course and realizing that you're going to have a case of diarrhea.
  32. Wilson Ultra yellow. 9.99 for 15. Best all purpose ball for a mid to high handicap. Like all other brands, it does not float.
  33. I know a guy who does not have any PGA/USGA/Whatever teaching credentials. He has his garage set up with all the latest swing training equipment. All kinds of electronic stuff. He uses his garage so that he does not interfere with resident course teaching pros. When it comes time for actual range sessions, he just sits and watches his student hit balls, and takes notes. Once the range session is done, he and the student go back to his garage, and go over what the instructor saw, and noted. The fact that he lives very near the driving range makes for very little time lost. He is a young man in his early 20s who I watched grow up, and has a day job. Golf is a hobby for him, and he is very good at the game/sport. I pass this info along to help with the OP's problem of teaching on some other instructor's turf.
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