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    • I didn't say this.  I said MOI isn't going to overrule strike or face to path.  Strike is king at the end of the day.   Fair enough, but no amount of marketing or technology is going to fix a player's poor striking or face to path issues.  Nonetheless, golf equipment advances are merely a natural progression; it takes place in all markets.  My 65 mustang was nice, but it doesn't drive like a new one and wasn't as safe either.  But golf club advancements are hardly as potent as what has happened to vehicles.  Another point I would bring up is--well at what point were you satisfied with the level of "being punished" due to mis-hits?  This kind of argument leads to pointless line-drawing and notions of nostalgia.  Again, you still have to game your ball--I don't care what kind of "jailbreak" technology, cavity backs, and chunky clubs are in your bag.  Does it make it a little easier--sure.  But golf is still a skill game and one where we want people to come play and enjoy--not to mention speeding up the pace of the game a bit.  I'm for keeping courses shorter and keeping equipment capped where it is.  I don't care about "preserving par" or anything like that--par is a useless notion in competition anyway; all that matters is the total score relative to the competition at the end of the day.  I don't care if a guy shoots -30 or +3--it's about what did you do relative to the competition.  
    • Yes, I know I acknowledged that in the first sentence of the post. I will butt out but thought this was more of an impactful aspect than distance.  Anyway I have nothing to add to the distance debate. Don't think there is enough to address.  I won't harp on this but I have spent a lifetime optimizing, NVH, directional and structural forces of dynamic engine components and environments so I can tell you you are a bit off on 'no effect' statement. There is an effect of MOI on face-path-direction correction. In simpler terms gear effect is not eliminated by any means but is reduced.  Anyway, no need to respond unless you want to. 
    • 😊 This is getting better all the time!

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