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    • They should have a Northern Swing this time of year. Play indoor golf like the rest of us suckers. I have been looking at irons all winter, but I have been told three times that the launch monitors are not that accurate. Here they are short, so are the one’s on TV long? Are they really hitting that Maverick 345 yards?
    • Let's borrow from football.  Similar to how they raise a net behind the goal posts on an extra point to keep the football from going into the stands, we could raise a big net at 290 yards off the tee. Then lower it to allow for the next shot. That way we wouldn't have to mess with the ball and courses wouldn't have to get any longer for the tour events. 😁😁😁😁
    • Makes sense.  I didn't know if some engineer somewhere could figure it out, but it sounds like it's not possible.  On paper, even if not actually viable, it was a good idea to address distance at the top level without affecting ams like me and without messing with bifurcation or driver heads.  But like you said, it's likely not even possible.
    • I would say it’s not possible.    ball speed is governed by impact physics. The only things that matter are the COR of the ball interacting with the club and the golfers swing speed.  You would end up with a situation where you lower the COR enough to get the ball to 170 mph. Yet, a golfer can overcome this if they swing harder. Then you’d have to lower the COR again.     
    • results of slow play.......  

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