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    • I think one thing that is not being addressed is that wood bats force you to change your entire approach at the plate.  It's a lot more that just the added "pop" from the sweet spot of a metal bat. which BBCor addressed a bit.   but decreased weight (increasing swing speed), a bigger sweet spot (requiring less precision). and most importantly, significantly more forgiveness on non-sweetspot hits.  specifically, but not limited to the fact that you can hit metal bats off the hands on the tapered area and not only not break your bat, but sometimes come away with a decent hit.   Once you switch to wood bats, you have to learn that you can no longer swing at pitches you have become accustomed to swinging at your whole life.  not to mention that the move to a wood bat typically signifies moving up a level where you'll have to swing a heavier bat at pitches that are coming harder.     I believe that the comparison from baseball bats to golfers switching to a different golf ball is not as easily dismissed as some of the comments in this thread are suggesting.          
    • Playing both courses in a couple weeks.  Anybody have any good insights?  Thanks in advance - 
    • I sole it.  I try to have as little tension in my forearm and hands as possible before pulling it back.  At least that is my thinking why I sole but I have been accused of not having enough grip pressure  
    • I'll talk to the pro and see if I can get a new number.  Thanks.  In the USA from my experience, I have not seen a real handicap committee since the 70's.  Those were the days.  Attested cards put into the box and the committee put your HcP up on the board.

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