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  1. The team at Miles is great. Go in with an open mind and let them show you the data. I got new irons, fit to the same wedges, got a new driver but kept my fairway wood. The putter recommendation was to keep the same putter. I've worked with Kenny, Nate and Dominic and they are great.
  2. You should be able to easily tell the difference between a 5-iron and a sand wedge just by looking at them. Especially at address...
  3. Can't wait for the driver ads in the future claiming to hit it 20 yards shorter.
  4. My lessons are usually just 30 mins long. I find it more productive to work on just 1 problem/get 1 tip instead of trying to fix multiple things in one shot. I take my lessons at Golftec, so we got video of everything. My instructor would ask me what club I want to work on that particular day and ask me to hit a few balls without telling him what my problem is. His job is to analyze my swing and note issues on his own. I believe that if he is a good instructor, he should be able to spot issues without me telling him anything. So far, it’s been working out great for us. As for your not getting why he is giving you drills to work on, best to ask him to explain.
  5. Saw this on a TV show about Omni La Costa Resort. Thoughts? Welcome to RoboGolfPro® RoboGolfPro® is the first and only swing trainer that allows golfers to "FEEL" their ideal swing. What could take hours in conversation, practice and video review can now be created in moments with RoboGolfPro®. RoboGolfPro® was designed by Scot W.R. Nei as a Tour Player and now one of the most respected instructors world wide with 2 PGA Tour Wins in 2016! RoboGolfPro® was designed to help the Teaching Professional and the student speed up the learning curve for students that have never held a golf club all the way to the LPGA and PGA Touring Professionals. RoboGolfPro® can be programmed for any instructors teaching model. For a new student after your first RoboGolfPro® lesson you will instantly learn what has taken golfers years to achieve! We now have the technology to shorten the learning curve and grow the game of golf without taking years! RoboGolfPro® can have a new student easily scoring in the 80's in less than a year with out taking the time out of your busy schedule. With RoboGolfPro® the student is able to use all learning aspects. Kinestects, visual, auditory and now digital. How it works: Your Certified RoboGolfPro® will video your before swing and record your before stats as well including but not limited to: impact, distance, direction, curvature, club head speed and any information your instructor would like to quantify. Then its time to hold onto the RoboGolfPro® club starting with a perfectly planed swing with length of swing based on your flexibility. You will be looking into a large TV monitor with a split screen while the RoboGolfPro® slowly moves you through steps of the swing so you can compare a perfectly planed golf swing to your before swing. After going though steps you can now create a real conversation with your instructor because you are now feeling and seeing what your instructor is trying to help you achieve. RoboGolfPro® has created the most advanced golf swing trainer for the perfect way to learn, practice and FEEL what really happens in a repeatable consistent swing that all Professionals FEEL. In an instant your swing and game will change for the better. Your brain will now have a clear road map of the perfect swing on the same path building New Muscle Memory every RoboGolfPro® swing. There will be never be any ambiguity on RoboGolfPro®.
  6. We need a sarcasm emoji! I agree with you. If they want to make the game more difficult for the pros, make the rough thicker and the greens more firm. Leave the other 99% alone.
  7. Absolutely I went in expecting Taylormade driver and woods, Not sure of the hybrid, Mizuno Irons (Player distance, MP or JPX) and Vokey Wedges all Stiff or Tour Stiff. I have a Titleist Driver (Stiff 6.0), Callaway 3 wood (Stiff; the cheap one I got out of the used club bin), Ping Hybrid (Extra Stiff), Srixon (Game Improvement) Irons 5.5 Hard stepped and Vokey Wedges. SO I was right on the Putter and Wedges. Everything else was WAY off. Numbers don't lie and the pros know their stuff.
  8. This is key. Miles of Golf is fantastic. You will enjoy your time there.
  9. Have you considered Changing the paint fill for short vs mid irons?
  10. I think this is part of your problem. You have your own idea about how to fix your swing so you’re either looking for an instructor to validate it or address what you want directly. I can’t say if the instructors you saw are good or not, but it seems to me that what you have targeted as the priority in your swing is not the same thing @iacas pointed out in your swing thread. Obviously it’s your time and your money, so if you do want to address anything with your instructor, you should communicate it. He might have a reason for having you work on something else first. But I think you’re going to have to change your attitude about your swing, or you’re probably never going to be satisfied with any golf instructor. Empty your cup.
  11. I personally like Cobra woods/metals, you may want to look and try them. I use there 3W, 5W, 7W and driver. My irons are Clevelands
  12. Piz

    Re-grip question

    When using grip tape it is necessary to use solvent. Mineral spirits work fine. There are also products made specifically for the task. Plug the hole, in the butt end of the grip, with a tee. Pour, or squirt, some solvent into the grip. Put your thumb over it and give it a few shakes...then pour the solvent, from the grip, on the taped butt end of the club. Rub it all over, pull the tee, and slide the grip on. Align it and wipe off any excess solvent. P.S. Make sure to remove the backing from the grip tape before applying the solvent.
  13. Is that green grass? In Boston? In Feb? What's going on heeye...? 🤔
  14. I don’t say anything either way. Too many sensitive people out there you never know when you will run into one. Unless it was truly a great shot and I muttered it out loud. Someone I got paired up with at a muni course called me a b**tch 15 times during our round - once after every good drive so I guess that was a compliment...I prefer a simple “nice shot”...
  15. The problem I ran into 2 years ago was this: I live in New England so there is no winter golf for me. I swung the speed sticks like a friggin madman to create speed. I could have hit balls inside but I didn’t. I ended up with too much of this “off balance swing out of my ass” swing as my golf swing. Took me 3 months to find the center of the club face again and start scoring well again. Last year I swung them as fast as I could while staying in balance and swinging like my normal swing. Just a bigger load, more turn and let the weight of the sticks generate my speed. I also hit balls indoors with my driver all winter, something I didn’t do the year before. Results were great. Swing was faster, still was my normal driver swing and I did gain speed and distance. This off season I’ve stuck with last years plan but added in some long drive technique that actually makes my overall driver swing more solid and has been showing gains on our simulator and GC2. We’ll see how it pans out in the spring/summer on the course but so far I’m very happy with what I’m seeing.
  16. BTW, if you use the coupon code "iacas" you'll save 10%. I haven't read enough or used it to know, but I trust the SuperSpeed people to know what they're talking about, generally speaking. I also wonder if they almost have to come up with something new, because at some point, they'll semi-saturate their market. Anyway, I've ordered two.
  17. Looking better and better @nevets88!
  18. If that's true you don't need to upgrade.
  19. Just an updated swing and showing the step drill I've been doing. Experimenting with a different trigger move but same feels on the takeaway, shift the centers early, and throw the arms/club upward. Doesn't come close but almost feels like I get my belt buckle to the inside of the right foot before I sling it back. Really like the ascent of the hand path and that my head doesn't lower until after 3. Good "shaft lean" and less saggy knees! Hips probably still too slidy.
  20. It doesn't bother me. Unless it's my mother, who will tell me "nice shot" on literally every shot I hit. Just because it goes in the air, mother, doesn't mean it was a good shot. But that's a different topic...
  21. For Sale - Callaway XR Pro Iron Set 4-P and AW- wedge with KBS Tour V 100 R - Steel Shafts, 1/2" inch long, soft stepped. New in 2015, in very good condition. Regripped with Golf Pride - MCC Plus 4 standard a month ago. Asking $250 or best offer.
  22. @cooke119, your description of the symptoms (and lack of pain swinging the club, etc.) sound a lot like my issue: an impingement of the shoulder (mine is right-side as well). Not so much an injury as a condition that develops over time. Mine doesn't affect my golf so much (unless there's a little subconscious restriction in my back swing), but does give me problems elsewhere. Anyway, there are physical therapy exercises that can potentially resolve the issue without surgery (few end up needing that). Not trying to make an internet diagnosis, here...just sounds very similar, and that condition is both common and treatable. I'd highly recommend you go see a doc or physical therapist to help with a proper diagnosis and treatment. Good luck!
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    • Thank you boogielicious, I am trying to do the chipping drill you recommended. I find it is easier to maintain lag with chipping, as soon as I try the full swing, I revert back to flipping. I hope to keep chipping with lag and then slowly increase the swing until I can maintain lag with the full swing.
    • It's equally as easy to curve either. The difference with the driver is that the ball goes a whole lot farther. If you could hit your wedge 300 yards with 10k spin, a couple of degrees off straight axis would put you a football field to the side. Let's compare apples to apples. We have 2 players. Player A is an older gent who plays a hybrid bag with high launch and less spin. Player B is a strapping young lad who plays irons with a lower launch and higher spin. For comparison, they both have the same delivery, an in to out swing of 5 degrees and a square to target face. Both of their balls will start at the target and then draw. If player A generates 4500 rpm and player B generates 6500+ rpm, which will finish more off target at the same distance?  
    • Is it easier to curve a driver or a wedge? It's not necessarily more accurate, but greater spin rate closer to vertical will be straighter
    • Haha, turns out it's going to be more like 4 months in total... I can putt again, and I can probably start chipping soon. Full swings are a while away still. I've lost quite a bit of grip strength in my left hand, where the injury was. It's coming back, and should be back to normal eventually. But it's actually pretty amazing how weak it is compared to my right hand. Bottom line: be really careful when using knives!
    • I have never heard of this. Do you have something to back up the "more spin=more accurate" claim?

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