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  1. This is the video I sent him. I think we are saying the same thing.
  2. That’s not really how that works. You posted that you watched a specific video and someone asked you to share it, to which you told him to look for it himself. He’s already watched a number of videos and was a member of Jim’s academy and he wasn’t aware of what you posted. There’s also the fact that you already watched the video so chances are you know exactly which one it is and he would have to watch a number of videos to find the right one. He may find it. He may find one he thinks is the one you referred to, but isn’t. It saves miscommunication to begin with if you would have just linked it as he asked. Plus it’s just common courtesy.
  3. No no no no!!!!! If you use one ball and one ball only, how will you be able to demonstrate superior perception by saying things like: I get about 30 yards roll out with a ProV1 v 25 yards with a TaylorMade Lethal. I find the Titleist Velocity spins a bit more than a TopFlite XL I typically get 12 feet of back spin with a ProV1 v 13 with a ProV1X I have developed a really nice baby draw when using a Srixon Q Star. ProV1s are too soft for me, especially with forged irons. I can get a ProV1X to bounce once and stop dead with any club but any other ball just rolls through the green. You have to give people an opportunity to impress! ☺️
  4. Yesterday, I decided I needed to play golf to prepare for an event this weekend. I found a good deal of Golfnow and headed out. I had the first tee time in the morning in hopes that I'd be able to beat the impending rain. Once there, I realized that someone else had booked the same time slot. In a twist of fate, it happened to be someone I knew. He's a better golfer than I am by a fairly large margin. We played the front nine with both of us showing some rust. I was playing from a set of tees one further back than I should have been (approximately 460 yards longer)... but it wasn't a huge factor. As we finished the 9th hole... he asked me what a good score would be for me on the back side. I told him that, from the tees I SHOULD be playing... a 43 would have been considered a good score. He then told me that a good score for him would be 39 and challenged me to a 'beat your target' game. His target being 39 and mine being 43, even from the longer set of tees. I accepted figuring it'd be good for my game to play for something other than fun. We both played better on this side: Hole # -- My Score - His Score #10 -- Par (4) - Par (4) #11 -- Par (4) - Double (6) #12 -- Double (6) - Bogey (5) #13 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #14 -- Par (3) - Bogey (4) #15 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) #16 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #17 -- Par (3) - Par (3) #18 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) Total -- 42 (+6) - 42 (+6) I ended up beating my target by a stroke, but what I felt even better about was that I tied him... playing from tees further back than I'd typically play... knowing he's a much better golfer than I am. I know he was rusty... and on most days, he'd mop the floor with me on the golf course, but it certainly felt nice. Overall... I posted an 88 that included an ugly triple on the 7th hole when I topped my 3 wood into a hazard. Not the greatest score for me, but I felt like things started to click again. I've got to get some work in on my alignment. I'm finding a lot of misses are pushes. I've spent the better part of the last 7+ months battling a hook. Now that it's straightened out a bit... I need to get my alignment proper so I can start finding fairways and greens. Anyway... what's your 'beating a better player' story? I've got a few of them, but... this one felt good because it wasn't expected. CY
  5. Yes we are. I agree. Good video. I thought we were because I noticed you love my pix of good ol' Charley! 🙂 Dude has a sweet elbow plane swing.
  6. Is that your man-cave or your cats' man-cave? 😀
  7. “If I could do it over again, I'd play baseball—100 percent, no doubt,” he said in the past. “To be honest, I'm not a big golf nerd. Golf is kind of boring, not much action. And yet he’s one of the most boring players out there. And if he feels so lackadaisical about non-major tournaments that could be a time to loosen up and show some enjoyment. I think he’s just a real dud who wants to be perceived as real interesting and it’s like @Double Mocha Man said, he just ain’t got it.
  8. To be clear, you're referring to "horizontal" hinge, correct? To be fair, I don't even think about horizontal hinging. If you're referring to "vertical" hinge, or cocking upward, I will disagree for the very reason you cited--he is too inside/flat with the takeaway. Letting the club hinge up will get him to take the club up the elbow plane better and then come back down it. You are correct however to note that right now he is still too underneath going back and then steepens coming down. That's exactly why he should plane it up and plane it down. In fact, it looks like you are doing the same kind of work in your swing--you do a pretty good job of trying to get on that elbow plane like Charley too. It's a great move!
  9. Couple of things. You need to have a ball there when you show swings. It makes a difference. The takeaway looks better, but try and start the backswing all in one piece without hinging your wrists. Let the hinge happen higher in the backswing. You are still coming to the inside on the backswing, which then has you coming over the top on the downswing. Like in the video I showed you, practice the beginning of the backswing until the shaft is parallel to the ground, A2. The head should be in front of your hands and the face angled slightly down. Post videos of just that part of the backswing stopping at A2. Do that with an iron and the driver.
  10. I started reading it, then I got bored. I guess they’re trying to make him more interesting by showing his “boring” personality is a calculated persona, but then that just made me care less because it seemed like he was trying too hard to be cool.
  11. I beat Tiger once, on a Thursday. Came home after shooting a 71 and noticed Tiger's opening round score in some tournament in a place far, far away was a 74. I beat the guy by 3 strokes. 😃
  12. I haven’t seen any hate for this method here. There is skepticism over the supposed benefits over the conventional swing which is warranted, but that’s not hate. It’s been stated many times throughout this thread that there are good things about this method that can certainly help people.
  13. My next big adventure will be a trip to Spain and Portugal in September, About 4 or 5 days on the Costa del Sol, followed by 4 days on the coast just north of Lisbon. I know we'll get 6 rounds or so in, including at Praia D'El Rey and West Cliffs in Portugal. Another guy is planning the golf, I don't know where in Spain we're playing.
  14. No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night! 😛
  15. But Descartes was OK. 😃 DeCartes wasa Rugby player.
  16. My dad was legally blind the last few years of his life. It didn't stop us from playing golf but we did have to make accommodations. He could see the green but not the cup...so i would stand directly behind the hole, on the longer putts, and he would putt at me. Another problem was his inability to identify his irons. We tried two things: one that worked and one that did not. The first was the braille approach. Dad couldn't read the numbers by touch, however, so we abandoned that idea. Next we tried colored plastic tape, similar to electrical tape, and met with success. He could distinguish yellow quite well. I wrapped each iron hosel with bright, yellow, tape and then numbered the clubs with a black Sharpie. That he could see.
  17. I don't consider any of the three posts I have made in this thread absurd, although that is subjective. I even stated: Maybe I'm being mixed up with the OP who seemed to be trolling. I'm not getting meta about the rules. I read the text of the rule provided in post #2, and asked what I thought was a reasonable question clarifying whether or not a common behavior of mine could be perceived as a rules violation. My original question was answered clearly and succinctly by Erik 6 days ago, then 4 days ago I returned to the thread to add context to my original question to clarify that my intent was not trolling, and again received a clear and succinct response from Erik.
  18. I would think hitting the turf and sand would do more damage than club clanking around the bag. I use to have iron covers when I started playing seriously, but it was a pain in the rear. I have had my set for over 5 years and it seems as same as when I use to have the iron covers. Back to the OP. I like that video on paint filling the number. I might go with fluorescent yellow.
  19. Look at it this way. Carrying a golf ball in your pants or vest pocket is not outside the norm of playing golf. The USGA would never consider this modifying the golf ball by heating it up. Heck, in the summer you could be considered cooling the golf ball by keeping it in your golf bag. This sort of thinking is just absurd in my opinion. Can we stop getting to meta with the rules here.
  20. Played really well today and broke 80, 40,39 with a birdie on 9 (par 5)
  21. He was in 2014-15. Strokes gained: off the tee was 15th, approach was 11th, around the green was 1st, and putting was 9th. He was 2nd in total SG. His biggest drop off has been, in fact, ball-striking. For 2019, SG: off the tee was 176th, approach was 196th, around the green was 35th, and putting was 2nd. Hence, it wasn't that he just had a magical putter for a year or two--he still has it. He's lost his ball-striking, and the stats bear that fact out. Jordan Spieth PGA TOUR Profile - News, Stats, and Videos The official PGA TOUR profile of Jordan Spieth. PGA TOUR stats, video, photos, results, and career highlights. Strokes gained: How Spieth compares to 2015 Jordan Spieth's victory Sunday at the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational was his second of the PGA TOUR season. He's finished outside the top 25 just twice in 12 starts this season and ranks third in the FedExCup. Spieth is... see my reply-post to @saevel25 for the stats. Putting isn't his issue--it's his ballstriking.
  22. Up until about a month ago, I had a dream of making the big tour. But then I read something about how you need to have a +7 handicap or so to have a good shot at winning. Yes, that can still come, but it’ll require working on golf day in and day out. I just don’t have that kind of time right now, and probably won’t until I graduate from college in 2026. So I think getting to where most of y’all are right now (single-digit handicaps) is a much more realistic goal for my next 15 or so years of golf.
  23. I had heard this before but didn't know where it came from-I'm going to improve my score quicker through reducing mistakes than by getting birdies. The other was an observation that I will always practice the things I am good at, rather than those things I should be practicing Good tidbits to remember
  24. Apart from clearly being untrue, this would be a technique problem, not a ball problem. Balls don't "typically" get 6 feet of rollback or whatever. A particular ball on a particularly soft green from a certain type of shot might roll back. And if that's the case you need to learn to take spin off if you don't like it. Pro V1s and similar will check more if they are hit a certain way, but a cheaper ball hit exactly the same way on the same green at the same time will not just roll on forever - I mean, you're not talking about 4 irons spinning back 6 feet. The fact that you must play on ridiculously soft greens means that for you, the type of ball you use will have LESS effect, and you're probably better of using a harder ball.
  25. Golf is a rabbit hole
  26. When I first started playing, I told myself that if I can only break 100, I'll be happy. Once I did, I told myself IF I can only break 90, I'll be happy. Now the real truth is come to light, IF I can only break 80, I will be truly happy.......😁
  27. Very true. Similarly, if one hits a 250 yard drive straight down the middle, people often say, "If I could do that every time, I would be happy." And I always think to myself, yes, for about a day, then you will want to hit it 260!
  28. Nice day. Went to course. 1.5 hour wait. Went to range. Full. Sucks.
  29. Yeah I agree I really really hate offset. I'm going to try to get to Dick's soon to see if I can find any other hybrids that look like this one did at address. I never really hook hybrids but the offset just scrambles my brain I think lol and I can barely hit the ball.
  30. As soon as I read the topic, I knew my answer...and you hit on it. All about the offset IMO. Obviously make sure the shaft suits you, but I’d pick an offset that you like the look of and seem to hit well. That is my amateur 2 cents
  31. How would someone else's model preference relate to your game? You have to try whatever you can and choose what you like.
  32. I play with a guy who has covers on his irons and it really does slow down the round. Not the on/off routine for each shot, as he is pretty good about ready golf, but at least 2-3 times a round he leaves a cover behind and has to run back and try to find it. His driver and fairway woods have dents on the crown, so I don't understand his obsession with keeping his irons so virginal looking. I like that my irons show wear. I don't like bag chatter on woods, as I find something distracting at looking at the crown of a driver or fairway wood with chips and dents in it.
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