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    I want to take a moment to talk about my uncle Don. He is the guy who gave me my first swing lesson at a very young age. We were having a family cookout, and I had grabbed one of my days irons and was swinging it in the yard. He came over and showed me some things. I don't think my mother was too happy with him when I started making divots in her well manicured turf. This led to taking a few of my dad's "smiled" golf balls to the park up the street and hitting them back and forth every day. I would occasionally get invited to tag along with my dad, grandpa, and uncle at the nearby goat track. I killed a lot of worms at that place, but the occasional great shot (relatively speaking) wet my appetite for the game like nothing else. I wanted more and more. Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was one of the calmest, coolest people I have ever know. I have never seen him get upset over anything. When he would hit a bad shot, which wasn't too often, he would simply say, "Hmmmm." and play his next shot. What I wouldn't give for another round at that goat track (now closed permanently) with those guys. I imagine he has already played a round or two with my grandpa on the great golf course in the sky.
  2. No, that's not it! I'm as conservative as anybody around here, and have had my differences with @iacas in the past when I went beyond the pale. Your interpretation of the 1st Amendment is completely out of bounds. I have watched the LPGA for years. I started out as a fan of Carol Mann! Then there was Pat Bradley, Dottie Mochrie (now Pepper), Beth Daniels, Julie Inkster, Nancy Lopez, Annika, Carrie, Paula, Laurena, Michelle, and on and on. And I watched John Daly when he was in his prime, but no longer. Why do I want to watch him wiggling like a blob of Jello in his follow through?
  3. It actually seems a bit more nuanced than that and I appreciate your chiming in because maybe you can help further contextualize this. I copied and pasted this from the USGA Website. Golf Skill or Reputation What does it mean to have “golf skill or reputation”? It’s up to the Governing Body (e.g., USGA) to decide whether an amateur golfer has golf skill or reputation. Golf reputation can only be gained through golf skill. An amateur golfer is very likely to possess golf skill if the following is true: he or she has competitive success at a regional or national level, or he or she has been selected to represent a national, regional, state or county golf association, or he or she competes at an elite level (e.g., competes at national championships). How does having golf skill or reputation affect me? If you have golf skill or reputation, you may not leverage that skill or reputation as a golfer, through promotion or advertising, to receive a financial or other kind of benefit – see Rule 6-2. For example, you may not appear as a golfer in an advertisement for a company, including your own, even if you are not paid or compensated. So I am hoping you can help me out here. The site says "reputation can only be earned through golf skill." I am not quite sure if they are saying that as a matter of fact, or a matter of policy. Is it their POLICY that golf reputation can be earned only through golf skill, or is it a matter of fact? IF it's a matter of fact, then do you think the USGA should update it? In 1921 it was fair to say; "golf reputation can be only earned through skill." Whereas today, golf reputation can be earned through uploading content to social media. Please advise. Thanks again for your input!
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    That was a very nice and touching bit. Sorry for your loss and I’m sure he’s hitting all the fairways up there. I wish I would have learned the game at an early age. I made sure to expose my son to it and luckily he loves it and we spend a lot of good times on the course. Nothing like the joy of two friends putting a circle on a scorecard for the same hole.
  5. Move your Dr. Peppers to the side. I just heard that Indy, while in his timeout, is learning the Korean language. (I'm sorry, it was just too easy...)
  6. I don't know... I remember seeing her at the John Deere in 2005 and 2006. I actually felt really badly for her. She just seemed like a 15 or 16 year old kid who was super talented but IN NO WAY prepared for the celebrity that she was thrust into. My wife and I would attend the John Deere every year back then. This was during the time when Tiger was the most recognized human on the planet, so golf was enjoying abnormal popularity. That translated to a lot of folks going to golf tournaments who knew nothing about the game. When we were at the John Deere it seemed like more than half the people there were just there to see Michelle Wie. Some of them knew nothing about golf. We were sitting next to an older woman who was convinced that not only was Michelle favored to win this tournament, but that she had already won several other men's events. Accord to this woman Michelle was "The best golfer in the world besides Tiger Woods." She was like 15 at the time.. maybe 16. Anyway, they were selling Michelle Wie calendars at the gift shop. I asked my wife "Who buys a calendar in July?" … Tons of people. They bought them to get Michelle's autograph. Other people were there just to boo her. Some people actually thought that Michelle was not only taking a spot away from a male golfer who "Should be playing in the event." But also that "She's going to be allowed to play the forward tees." It was crazy. Of course the internet was huge back in 2005 but not everyone had it on their phone. This was still in the Blackberry Era. So half the people were booing her, half the people were cheering her like she was some kind of Amelia Earhart. But everything she did was scrutinized. On Friday she was just under the cut-line with 4 holes to go. I think she went like bogie, double-bogie, par, par and missed the cut by a stroke or two. Saturday and Sunday there was like half the crowd. But even then, people were wondering where she was. My wife and I had to tell like 3 or 4 people that she missed the cut. A couple of them looked at us like we just told them aliens had landed on the 18th green. I actually felt bad for her. She should have been in high school, earning a scholarship and kicking everyone's ass. In my opinion, it just messed her up. It took her a lot longer than it should have for her to learn how to close out a tournament. I think she would have won a lot more, a lot sooner if she would have been allowed to take a more "normal" path. She was way more talented than the majority of female players at the time. She should have been "the Chosen One", but she was rushed to the finish line without getting to take the journey… I say that but on the bright side I think Nike paid her like 20 million dollars a year back then... so, maybe I'm an idiot.
  7. Sean_D


    I agree... I can hit a 60* with 3* of bounce and I can't even fly a kite.
  8. This thread is sorely lacking a down vote feature...
  9. Muni is Chinese Paige Spiranac....though Muni has her LPGA card/membership....Paige is simply a Instagram golfing POSER....and whiner...just sayin. Ok...Muni is an Instagram POSER too. I hope I can attend the 2020 CP CWO here in Van City and chat up a fellow countrywoman. I didn't know who she was back in 2012...but Muni use to play out of Swaneset here in La La Land...a 36 hole facility that I play often in the summer with 2 tough tracks. He's a video of Muni as a kid at Swaneset.....Muni needs counselling...her favorite player is the The Phony Pink Diva...WTF. Ai-Chan and Lorena are two of the most classiest and approachable LPGA pros. Both always so engaging and polite. If a fan asked Lorena for an autograph she always thanked that fan for coming out to watch. I don't like Wie...big snob....if there was a needle mover on the LPGA..... it was Wie...Wie never really like engaging with the fans...she like some other pros know when the cameras are nearby.....BJ is a MARKETING GENIUS...conning everyone that Michelle would be the 'chosen one' in woman's golf....LMAO
  10. Imagine not liking that because she's Asian? GTFO.
  11. Interview with Erik J. Barzeski Generations pass along the keys to humanity. A new extraction takes what it learned from the preceding one, then expands the knowledge base in a positive direction. In Erie, Pennsylvania, situated halfway between Buffalo... Read it and… weep? 🙂 I hope not!
  12. I got to play with @billchao last summer. Apparently its not working.
  13. Just drove back from down that way. It's too far away...😄 It does sound a like a great time. Enjoy!
  14. I am concerned about this too. The course I played last summer had a back nine that was Donald Ross design that was fairly tight at times. The front nine was a modern Hurdzan design that had some fairways that were much wider. I moved to a new state and the course I am considering looks pretty tight all the way around. Most fairways look to be slightly wider than the greens. Maybe 30 to 35 yards. Which I think is more in line with a PGA tournament set up. If you have a consistent, reliable shot shape and no more than say a 20 to 30 yard dispersion, you might have a shot at a decent round. When I am swinging my best, I have a draw with driver so I would play down the right side and be in the fairway often enough. If it didn't draw I might be along the right near or in the rough. If I tugged it a bit I might be along the left side/rough. Anything consistently 20 to 30 yards off line would seem to me to spell trouble unless you have a wide open course with a short rough and few trees. But then you learn a game that you can't really take elsewhere. I will need to learn quick at my new course and may need to pull out the 3W or 3H on a number of holes instead of driver.
  15. I dunno. Seems like anytime I find a nice, shiny ProV1 that sumabitch is going Red October immediately.
  16. Nice. A small tidbit that may or may not be known. If it says "Pine Valley" next to the crest, the apparel or bag was bought by a guest. If it is just the crest w/o Pine Valley, they are a member. Member apparel is keep in a separate area than in the pro shop. My junk says Pine Valley. LOL
  17. Let's talk about repairing ball marks on the putting green, and doing so properly. I see a lot of people do this improperly. Unfortunately, many of them are PGA Tour players, and they do it on television. They put their divot repair tool in the ground, pop up, and tap down. This is the wrong way to repair a ball mark. It damages or rips the roots and the grass does not heal in a short time, taking weeks to recover. We had an old topic on this, but it's old, and the videos and links in it are probably almost all outdated. So I wanted to revisit the topic anew. First, a video, an old one but a good one, from Lake View Country Club. Next, an image from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Third, a PDF I built based on the old Lake View site: https://thesandtrap.com/media/misc/repairing_ball_marks.pdf. In short… Push, Don't Pop. Finally, a photo of a recent repair I made to an improperly repaired ball mark: I did this by: Coring out the dirt part. Just inserted the tool and twisted. Progressively working the edges of the nearby turf around the edges toward the center of the hole. Tamping it down. I took the photo before I tapped it down with a putter (which smoothed it out nicely), and which not only looks better, but which will heal much more quickly. The left photo, the "badly repaired" ball mark, may putt quite well, but the person who repaired that ball mark didn't do his job correctly. He popped. He didn't push.
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    • Technically the result of this shot was not good. #11, a long par-3 on my home course, the start of what I, and some other regulars I sometimes get paired with, refer to as “hang on corner”. It’s a series of 3 difficult tee shots that can nuke a good round quickly. This hole usually plays 195-205 yards, and the back tees can be 240+ yards, but the back tees are also elevated so doesn’t play quite as long. Today from the middle tees the pin was 212 yards. Usually this is a 5-iron hole for me, slight downhill at around 200, but 212 pushed it to 4-iron. I picked a target, aligned myself and swung. I hit the purest long iron I’ve ever struck on course. Launched high, tracking perfectly toward the flag with a slight draw. But carried the green, one bounce on the back fringe and into some rough. Total distance was 228 yards, carry was 220 (stepped off the distance to the fringe). Flubbed a pitch, then 3 putt from 40 feet for a 5.   
    • Curious what you would change. Ditching driver/3W for 2 degree iron gaps on the short side?
    • The only time I would change if it were a executive course with a lot of par 3's. Otherwise the bag stays the same. 
    • Was he going to be able to get in? I saw this the other day:  

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