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  1. Under the Swing Thoughts forum watch/read "How to Hit a Driver", helped me a lot with my slice which is now gone. Let us know what you think?
  2. Realizing that Erik @iacas, is right 😜 In seriousness, it’s getting out of my own way and not trying to do 100 things at once.
  3. A Stroke Play Quick Reference Let’s assume that if you played 18 holes of stroke play properly and had no occasion to take relief or pick up your golf ball except to take it out of the hole, you wouldn’t have much of a need for many of the Rules. I imagine that this happens from time-to-time. However, suppose your round didn’t go quite so smoothly? You might need some Rules to keep going. What if you had a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides, folded neatly and stowed away in your scorecard holder or a pocket in your golf bag? That Stroke Play Quick Reference would not cover everything, of course, but it might help. It could look like twenty-six topics arranged in nine sections. RULES ISSUES DURING COMPETITION THINGS THAT MAY BE MOVED WRONG BALL or WRONG PLACE PLAYER’S BALL MOVED PLAYER’S BALL HIT SOMETHING RELIEF CONCEPTS “ABC’ RELIEF ONE CLUB-LENGTH FREE RELIEF REPLAY ONLY RELIEF I assure you that this won’t be nearly enough for some of us and will be way too much for others, but here goes anyway. I’ll dribble out the nine sections over the next week or so, if that’s okay. Here’s the first of the nine sections: -------------------------- RULES ISSUES DURING COMPETITION 1) HOW TO PLAY A SECOND BALL In stroke play, players are encouraged to help each other in applying the Rules, but unlike in match play, they may not decide a Rules issue by agreement. So, if a player is unsure of a Rule, before making another stroke, they should: 1) announce their intention to play a second ball and which ball they wish to score with, then 2) hole out both balls, and 3) inform the Committee. (R20.1c) 2) WITNESS A RULES BREACH? In stroke play, if a player suspects that another player has broken a Rule and may not know it or is ignoring a Rule, they have an obligation to the other players in the competition to promptly tell that player or inform the Committee. (R20.1c) --------------------------- ps We’ll deal with match play later.
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    I want to take a moment to talk about my uncle Don. He is the guy who gave me my first swing lesson at a very young age. We were having a family cookout, and I had grabbed one of my days irons and was swinging it in the yard. He came over and showed me some things. I don't think my mother was too happy with him when I started making divots in her well manicured turf. This led to taking a few of my dad's "smiled" golf balls to the park up the street and hitting them back and forth every day. I would occasionally get invited to tag along with my dad, grandpa, and uncle at the nearby goat track. I killed a lot of worms at that place, but the occasional great shot (relatively speaking) wet my appetite for the game like nothing else. I wanted more and more. Uncle Don passed away yesterday. He was one of the calmest, coolest people I have ever know. I have never seen him get upset over anything. When he would hit a bad shot, which wasn't too often, he would simply say, "Hmmmm." and play his next shot. What I wouldn't give for another round at that goat track (now closed permanently) with those guys. I imagine he has already played a round or two with my grandpa on the great golf course in the sky.
  5. They don't "drive" it 320. They always "pipe it", "smoke it", "stripe it" or "bomb it". The difference is subtle but significant.
  6. No, I watched his other videos, he’s just not funny. This is deadpan and funny:
  7. It's on steam if you have that. Or at least that's where I got it. My buddy has the PS4 version and the only thing I don't like about it is the frame-rate is locked. I have 144hz monitors, so I am used to very smooth video, and the PC version definitely offers that (if you have a good PC)
  8. The Sam Snead Blue Ridge really took me back, as that was my very first actual set of clubs. You're right about the swingweight. I think mine were about a D 15! 😉 My Dad took up golf when I was about 10. My Uncles on my Mom's side got him into it. Eventually, old clubs start laying and balls started laying around, and I dug a hole in the back yard and started chipping to it. My Dad even had some old hickory shafted club with names like "Niblick" and "Mashie", I really wish I had saved those clubs!
  9. At 12:20 he takes out a kangaroo, LMAO 23:24 LMAO again
  10. Let's see, the top players generally play the WGS events, so most of them played last in Mexico. After this we have the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and then the Players, which most top guys will play.The top guys tend to space out their tournaments, to avoid burn-out, so they either need to skip the API, or the Honda. Nobody is going to play 4 weeks in a row, at least not the top players, Oh, welcome to TST!
  11. Well we were in for a surprise when we got to the course(s). The shorter 2 tracks were to wet for play, so only our city championship course was open. Luckily it has less water than the other courses.. We played from the whites at 6700 yards, which was brutal with the wind. On top of that, I quickly learned that I can no longer hit my persimmons, so they stayed in the bag after the 2nd hole. This resulted in hitting approximately 40-50 2 irons on the day, which was loads of fun. I'd say that over half of those were actually quality strikes resulting in 180-200 yards depending on the roll out. I shot a 108 which I am very pleased with. I am normally just over 100 on this course with my gamers because it is so long. Losing 50 yards off of the tee and only seeing the strokes go up by 5-7 was awesome. I see more of these rounds in my future. May even re-grip the 2 iron and put it in place of my hybrid, just for sheer enjoyment.
  12. The irony of it all is that (in my experience at least) most really good players are not that interested in equipment and don't watch much golf on TV. They certainly don't go on to websites and tell people how awesome they are or ask 18 handicappers they've never met how long it will take them to get to scratch.
  13. Just finished my first time through LSW. @iacas and @david_wedzik very well written and well done! Generally speaking, I despise reading and your book really kept my attention and wanting to continue reading more than I had planned whenever I sat to read a chapter or two. I am just about to start my first full season of golf this year, LSW gave me so much information to consider. There is no doubt it will help me shoot lower scores as soon as the season starts and I have already started thinking about the local courses I play differently as it relates to course management. I have never had any instruction on course management and so understanding shot zones and implementing decision maps from my specific zones will be invaluable. Especially as it relates to aim points for GIR and nGIR. Also of value for me were the chapters on SV and the corresponding 65/20/15 practice times. I need to really scrutinize my most glaring issues for my practice time. I feel there are so many things for me to continue to work on, but I need to stay focused and disciplined and have realistic expectations with the 65/20/15 rule. Thank you both for providing a solid foundation to continue on my golfing journey. I will undoubtedly refer to LSW frequently.
  14. 59 year old POSER here with a current 7.5 cap. Have used a 19^ & 22* hybrids for years...I was never a good long iron player even in my youth....currently using Cally X Hot hybrids I bought used for $27 & $30.....love them. Bought a matching used 25* hybrid in the spring of 2019...it was magical for 3 months....and then all the mojo left....bought a mint used set of Rocketbladz Tour irons in Nov 2019......I like the 5 iron and took the 25* hybrid out...the ebbs and flows of the game.....a kinda club ho'ing experiment many of us suffer to find those unicorns that can stay in our bags for over 12-18 months. Everyone is an individual....some LUV hybrids...some HATE hybrids.
  15. I remember when a young Jack Nicklaus was on this website boasting about becoming a great golfer... Hahaha...
  16. Well i had better change my strategy then.
  17. Data is now uploaded to Website, I believe the occurrence when it did not upload was due to user error (ME ) Initially I had created my profile on my phone App and then tried to log in on the website. I forgot my password and had to reset the password. This morning, I logged out of the phone app and then logged back on. Then I went to the website and the session appeared. Little details like passwords for the many I have are sometimes forgetful, especially for an old guy...
  18. ESPN is farther north in Bristol.
  19. I’m glad I wasn’t sipping my coffee when I read this!😀 To the OP, time, dedication and practicing the correct way can help lower your scores. I would aim for 10-15, but make your goals more specific. Do you hit a lot of fat shots? Do you make good contact but direction is the issue? Do you get close to the green in regulation but chunk your chips and pitches? Do you 3 putt often? Determine what your weaknesses really are and work on them. Post your swing in the member swings section and we can help. Also, get a copy of Lowest Score Wins. This book will help you determine what the most important parts of your game to practice are.
  20. THINGS IN YOUR WAY THAT MAY BE MOVED 3) LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS A player may carefully move a loose or unattached natural object (e.g., a stone or a pine cone) anywhere on or off the course. (Definition of Loose Impediment) If when moving a loose impediment the ball is moved, the ball must be replaced. One-stroke penalty. (Except in the teeing area, during a search, or on the putting green the ball still must be replaced but there is no penalty.) (R15.1) 4) MOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS A player may move an easily-moved artificial object (e.g., a bunker rake or a penalty area stake) anywhere on or off the course. (Definition of Movable Obstruction) If when moving an obstruction the ball is moved, the ball must be replaced. No penalty. (R15.2) 5) ANOTHER BALL A player can have another player's ball moved if it reasonably interferes with their lie, stance, swing, or line of play anywhere on the course. (R15.3) https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=15 https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=definitions&subrulenum=34 https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=definitions&subrulenum=40
  21. I write this in the most loving way possible... You know, there are plenty of decaffeinated brands on the market now that taste every bit as good as the real thing.
  22. I didn't want to say so in my 1st post and wanted to wait.....well it didn't take long for someone to post. I've played golf for 52 years and have yet to meet a 20 capper who can AVERAGE 260....never mind getting their drives often into trouble. As above I've played as a 6-8 cap for over 4 decades. In a typical rd using a driver 14 times...I rarely hit a FW off the tee because I'm confident with my driver. I usually hit 2-4 drives I'm really happy with...4 lousy drives and the other 6-8 drives are ok and keep me in play. A good drive carries 227-230....a poor drive 210-218...so my avg carry is likely 218-223. I find most golfers say their best drives as their avg drives....I see those results when I play golf with them.
  23. If it's going to happen, it won't happen in a "decade or so" unless he's 6 years old. People generally reach their potential rapidly. To the OP: You asked for honest answers. Here's my take: How about you telling us what you got your handicap down to after a year? No-one here has a clue what you can expect. You tell us in 12 months. How would people who haven't seen you play have a clue? You aren't currently a 20 handicapper. That's just a number you made up. A "nice swing" isn't really that relevant. You DON't drive it 260 on average. Occasionally you get one that far in specific conditions. Your "short game is killing you". No, your long game is killing you and you don't have a short game at all. You have a shocking slice that you'd like to overcome. You probably don't know whether your father's friends are good golfers or not. Best thing is to play as much as you can and when you practice do it with specific goals that an instructor has advised The handicap you achieve will be part of the 12 month journey and certainly the LEAST IMPORTANT PART OF IT.
  24. I used to think like that, but eventually I realized there’s no point in setting goals I never hit. It can backfire psychologically when I lose motivation to do something because I know it wasn’t a realistic goal to begin with, kind of like not putting in the effort because I was willing to accept failure in the first place. Now I like setting smaller goals and achieving them. It motivates me more to accomplish smaller tasks and challenging myself by raising the bar little by little.
  25. TL;DW: There's already a speed limit on balls (255 ft/sec). It's the spin rate that balls are better at. Pros used to have to hit 8-9 degree drivers with a closed face because the ball spun so much. Now golf balls are down around 2k RPM. Drivers are bigger today with a larger sweet spot and they're longer than before and they can hit up on the ball. Also, pros are working out, not going to the bar to drink after a round. Agronomy also plays a factor, golf courses are more firm on the fairways so players are getting tons of roll out adding more distance to their drives.Fairways used to be around 3/4" in the 80s, now they're 1/4" long.
  26. Going to the Pinehurst area at the end of March. Playing Mid-South, Pine Needles, and Tobacco Road.
  27. The PGA Tour has to choose courses that are walk-able, accessible, has lots of public facilities nearby, and can fit gallery. There may be a lot of great courses that simply can't host any sort of big event. I'm sure we all think about a course or several where we'd like to see the pros try an event at.
  28. Thanks for the summary. I couldn’t make it past 90 seconds...
  29. WTF is a "shaftiod"? I could understand if it were spelled "shaftoid", but it's not...
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