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  1. Rules Issues During Competition 1) Don, Mike, and Chuck were paired together in a stroke play event. Don’s tee shot ended up in a spot which, though unmarked, looked to him like it might qualify for relief as ground under repair. Mike agreed, but Chuck argued against it. Since the vote was 2 to 1, over Chuck’s objection, Don took relief and they played on. After the round in the scoring area, Chuck told the Committee member what Don had done. The Committee said what? A. “Don, you’re fine since two of the three of you agreed with your course of action.” B. “Don, add two penalty strokes to your score for taking relief when the Rules didn’t allow for it. C. “Don and Mike, you are both DQ for agreeing to waive a Rule of Golf.” D. None of the above. 2) In Curly and Moe’s usual game all putts “inside the leather” are automatic gimmies. They both happen to be in the same group on Saturday’s play of the club championship, an individual stroke play event. Hoping to speed up the round, though they know better they agree beforehand to apply their “gimmes” rule to today’s play. On the first green Larry, another player in the group learns of their agreement and insists that Curly and Moe abandon their plan and hole out everything. Which of the following statements are correct? A. Larry saved the day, had he not intervened Curly and Moe would be DQ. B. The Committee learns what happened on the first green and DQs Curly and Moe. C. The Committee learns what happened on the first green, but they decide that DQ is too harsh and merely apply the general penalty to both Curly and Moe for the first hole. D. None of the above. 3) In a stroke-play competition, Anne is unsure if the relief area for ground under repair is one club-length or two. Beth, who is Anne’s marker and also a player in the competition, advises Anne that it is two club-lengths and the Anne takes relief by dropping a ball almost two club-lengths from the nearest point of complete relief. Later in the round the Committee becomes aware of this. What is the Committee’s ruling? A. Both are DQ for agreeing to waive a Rule. B. Anne receives a two-stroke penalty for playing from a wrong place. C. Anne receives a two-stroke penalty for playing from a wrong place and Beth is DQ for accidentally giving incorrect information on the Rules. D. None of the above.
  2. I think Kyle Berkshire is the current LD champion. He could play most courses with just a wedge, lol. I asked on the post, how much would he carry if he it if off the ground. I guessed 210? He carried 240 with the ball tee'd up.
  3. This pandemic has spread far beyond China now, if you haven't heard. Or how about this, you just stop buying their products if you don't like where they're manufactured?
  4. Thanks for the recognition. That 14.2 was based on some online handicap tracker over a decade ago. Back tees, slope of 140, and a steady diet of low to mid-nineties. Probably should have moved up. I took it down, because it is so old and outdated, and I have played very infrequently as of late. Hoping to change that.
  5. Spieth has nightmares about 12! I voted for Norman because of his massive ego.
  6. I disagree. Golf can be a safe activity. As safe or safer than many of the other things people are doing like going for walks, shopping at the grocery store, playing basketball or tennis, etc.
  7. Greens mowing roombas must stay 6' from one another...
  8. Limited flight balls will have a smaller smash factor too.
  9. I just emailed the Michigan governor asking her to consider making the golf courses exempt from the lock down.
  10. Many states with similar shutdowns are excluding golf courses and allowing them to remain open. Start pressuring your representatives now.
  11. I just called Homestead GC, and they plan to stay open unless mandated. The boss allows me some flexibility in my schedule, so... I get that it is "non-essential" to some, but the risk of transmitting disease is VERY low IMO. Added: So come on down to Ohio. 😉
  12. Yeah, I was fit by @iacas at the end of February.
  13. And then display a message saying "Shank you very much." We call it "The State Up North". 🤣
  14. Yeah, I don’t know how many advancements are made in an MP-57. It’s basically a chunk of metal. If that’s what u like, go for it. It seems the advancements are more with players distance irons and game improvement irons where a lot has happened in 12 years.
  15. Solar powered? Maybe it can dispense a little note with the ball saying, "This Titleist should have been taken out of play 9 holes ago."
  16. Page 166-167 in Lowest Score Wins:
  17. Aggressive but I also don't believe really in a conservative approach. There's a right way and a wrong way. Aggressive is more likely to be the right play to get the lowest score possible.
  18. Hmmm, the boys down in R and D have some work to do. If you go to the topic " The Perfect Golf Course", that is something that will not be allowed, I will update it to reflect that, no practice shots between holes. Thank you for mentioning that. I will offer you a complimentary one year membership when the club opens.
  19. Doing well Scott! Thanks for asking. I’m not going to do any heavy lifting but so far I can swing liberally. I’m back to doing the Venetos swing. Working well for me.🙂
  20. I haven't seen the magazine, but I already have more than enough hats.
  21. Thank you VERY much for responding to my questions. The golf season is just starting here in the Boston area (we had light snow yesterday and started COVID-19 lockdown today !!) and now I am very excited to start practicing these new techniques. THANKS !!! Dave
  22. I love it. While were at it: Put a Clorox solution in the ball washers. Add a hand sanitizer dispenser station to be accessed as you walk off the green. Golf bags equipped with a Clorox wipe pocket in addition to the current bevy of pockets. New golf carts built to maintain 6 feet of distance between players. The cup is no longer just an empty cup, but instead is filled with Lysol. The Lysol is replenished or replaced every dozen golfers or so. Golf hats not only come in the traditional ballcap, wide brim, bucket, paperboy, and visor varieties. New varieties hit the market with optional face masks and/or respirators. As you know, TopGolf, amongst others, is already putting chips inside their golf balls. Granted those are passive chips, not active chips, I think figuring out the power source for an active chip inside ball would be the challenge. It would have to be tiny, last a long time, and most importantly cheap. Feels like it won't be long before somebody gives it a shot. I would be shocked if somebody isn't already tinkering with it.
  23. I just watched a Mark Crossfield video, with him testing a modern driver and ball vs a persimmon driver and VERY old ball(Dunlop 65 one of the small ones) which was pretty worn and beat up. the difference between the drivers with a current ball was about 40 yards iirc, and the old ball was almost 60. So all in nearly a hundred yards. That’s a big difference. Jack Nicklaus drove the 18th at St Andrews with a persimmon driver but I think he was on the a better ball than the old 65’s. So you may be right
  24. a) Full swing - I have students that set the wrists early and students that set the wrists late. No real preference there. b) Pitching - Generally I like more wrist hinging. Clubhead rolls under plane (barely), but moves a lot relative to the hands. c) Chipping - Just a little wrist hinging. The more you hinge, the lower the ball can go with less delivered loft. Probably those are about right. I think the things that are different than you wrote there are this… the "lazier" my hands/wrists are, or the more I let the club fly past my hands, the higher and softer the ball launches, even if setup is the same. So that's a big part of it, too.
  25. 1 point
    It is a flu. of course - the Concord is an airplane. A Porsche is a car....... What we're tired of is people purposely misrepresenting this thing for various reasons: to continually and remorselessly and exhaustingly push their pro/anti/etc political agendas (I'm been done with the idiotic rationalization by the fringers to push their shit - this is just a continuation of that - can't expect them to put on hold their sole reason for living the life of total assholiness) to satisfy their desire to under or overstate the situation to blissfully soak in a combination of optimism and ignorance to do what they want instead of what they should (did you guys actual LISTEN to the spring breaker interviews? what a product of today's attempts to brainwash the kids - total backfire - and totally predictable) so the grumble is about human nature be smart - keep your separation - wash your hands - stay nice to others - don't hoard shit other people might need too - don't be assholes. Stop proclaiming what OTHERS should do - just be an example and walk the walk. For me - it's just too much talking. (like my post here). Not enough doing. again, be an example, not a preacher it's not rocket surgery oh - and any time ANYONE quotes numbers - make sure to review your statistics textbooks about sampling, causation, correlation, test patterns, etc. Journalists are NOT known for their mathematical rigor.
  26. This is where you mischaracterize the rest of us David. We are not ‘terrified’, ‘paranoid’ or ‘hoarding’. We are taking the necessary precautions as recommended by our local, state and a federal authorities to protect the vulnerable population. It is not me I am worried about. It is those that have no immune defense and will die if they get this. Your attitude has been cavalier, acting as if you are smarter than any of us including the CDC, doctors and scientists who are recommending these steps. You remind me of people who thought wearing safety glasses, gloves and other PPE were for sissies. Or better yet, surgeons back in the 1800s who were appalled that someone suggested they wash their hands before surgery. You have also been baiting and trolling in your posts to get others to lash out at you. Frankly, I am disappointed in these posts. For the most part, you are a valuable contributor to this forum and are very helpful to other golfers, including me. I wish you would take another approach in future posts. We are all trying to get through this.
  27. Considering your lack of concern for the situation at hand, it's all "we" can really do. I honestly hope that you come around, stay safe, and respect your community, but all of your posts so far have indicated the exact opposite attitude for you. Please at least look at the curves and think about distancing yourself when possible. I don't think that most people are directly mad at you, but more the idea that you are perpetuating. I know that my last post was crass and aggressive, and I apologize, but I don't want anyone to suffer more than they have to.
  28. If it isn't SARS-COV-2, then it is certainly ignorance.
  29. I hope this happens, and I hope its solitary confinement so you can't infect others like you have been the last week.
  30. 2.) I personally play a 58 and love it. Not nearly as unwieldy as a 60 for me. Maybe experiment with this and go to a 50-54-58 gapping, but this requires the purchase of 2 clubs and may be a leap as clubs aren't cheap. Additional pointing back to your first question, it sounds like you may have room for 2 clubs in the future if your distances on 6i and 5h are so close. You said that this was a full set, so I am assuming no 5i to check and see if the gapping is consistent if you were to go to a stronger iron. If I had that room, I would put in a lefty 7 or 8 iron for shots that are unplayable from my dominant side. 5.) I have had really good luck with the online bulk companies with reduced rate premium balls. I enjoy the softness of urethane around the greens, but there is no other noticeable difference. I will say that the color Vice balls seemed to lose paint remarkable quick, which I wasn't a fan of. Made the switch to Snell this year and at 28 dollars a dozen, I am convinced that they are the best value, but as you said, the ball doesn't matter that much. More of a luxury for me.
  31. Reminds me of something from George Plimpton's book The Bogeyman. A guy following Palmer stepped into a "Port-O-Let" to relieve some pressure. When he opened the door, the hinges screaming like banshees on fire, there was Arnie addressing a ball that he had nearly hit out of bounds. The guy freaked out, said "Sorry, Mr. Palmer", and ducked back inside the Port O Let! He heard the crowd murmuring, and then quiet down, but never heard the sound of a ball being struck. Instead, there was a rap on the door, and when he opened it, it was Palmer asking him to come out. He said he was fine in there, and Palmer should go ahead. He closed the door again, and heard the murmur die down, only to start back up again. Then, another rap on the door. He opens it and there's Palmer, looking all worried and put out, saying he can't concentrate on his shot thinking about the guy shut up in that little box! Would he please come out? So, the guy came out and kept following Palmer for a while, until too many people started referring to him as "the Port O Let guy"! Eventually he had to leave that gallery and follow someone else. He didn't want to be "the Port O Let guy" anymore!
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    • This used to be called "fair trade pricing" which is simply price fixing. It used to be illegal in most states, but I don't know if it still is. I used to sell audio equipment years ago in a state that had "fair trade" laws. Certain brands could not be discounted or the manufacturer would cut you off. We got around this by offering great trade-in values on just about anything you would bring in. A disguised "discount". Some golf manufacturers (Ping and Titleist for example) seem to be very protective of their list prices. If price fixing is now "legal", you might be getting some great trade-in values for your clubs against these brands. 
    • I started my career in 1981 as an intern and finished it today after 39 years. Ironically, it was with the same company I started out from. They bought my company in 2006. It was sad to say goodbye during these stressful times, but it was time. I will stay in touch with my workmates. The even sadder part for me is the golf courses being closed!😢 My plan was to play a lot! So I guess I will practice a lot to get ready! Single digits here I come!  
    • Yes, exactly...the range is your edge. Where in that range you are on any particular day is what is helpful to my psyche to view as more random. (And as you work hard and improve, that range will trend downward)
    • Are you saying that each player has a gaussian distribution around their average score? Or that we only have a limited amount of control over our score. Sure there are days that breaks will be bad, execution will be off and the combination will results in avery high score while others execution will be poor but luck will be with you and it won't be as bad. But ultimately a player's skill and decisions set the range.

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