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  1. Heading back to Talamore/Mid South in mid July with 3 friends. They have a package available where you get 2 nights (we added a 3rd night) and 3 rounds of golf, lodging at the resort, breakfast each day, a $25 pro shop credit, and a brand new 2016 Scotty Cameron putter. They ran out of the choices for putters quickly, so the only option they had left is the 2016 Select Newport 3. Not my favorite head shape but still willing to give it a shot and I can always sell it if I absolutely hate it. We are doing 1 round at Talamore and 2 rounds at Mid South and staying in the Talamore Villas.
  2. Hit balls with Mario for about 45 mins, no pulls or pull draws (miss on the course), hit it great.
  3. It’s all my fault. I got GG last year. I have the habit of putting electronics companies out of business. My wife and I put, in no particular order, Leiser Sound, Lechmere, Circuit City, Radio Shack all out of business with our patronage. So if you have a company you are targeting for liquidation, send me a note and I will start buying their products.
  4. I'm playing Sunday morning at Golf Club of Dublin with 3 buddies. I haven't played the course before but it's supposed to be one of the nicer public courses in the area and managed to get it for $42 when it's typically in the $70 range for weekend mornings. Weather was looking iffy for a bit but now it says afternoon showers and only 40% chance so I think we should be fine in the morning.
  5. I figured if the weather holds up, I'd try to track down Ralph at Miami Shores for that 2 p.m. tee time he was talking about. However, if there is a sure tee time to be had elsewhere, I'd be happy to join you.
  6. As of 1:15pm on May 15, 2020 The webstie is back up and I can upload my rounds!
  7. I'd pay a small fee too, but only if that came with a commitment from them to continually evolve the stats portal and add new features/customization options around the stats.
  8. My pattern the other day 👍
  9. Couple more videos I sent to my Evolvr coach. He wants me to get a flatter left wrist at the top, more flexion in the left wrist on the downswing, and make the right hand a little stronger to go with the left hand he had me go a little stronger on. The stronger grip he wanted me to use was easier to implement than the other two changes he'd like to see. I've been trying to work them slowly, and havent been able to really do them with any speed. I'd be lying if I said I was 100 percent confident in all the changes, but I'm not the teaching pro, Gotta trust him and keep working at it... He said I'd probabaly have a lot of pulls and pull draws, which I have been, and well address those when I hammer the other stuff out.
  10. Dude, you found the Yogi Berra of golf, lol.
  11. I don't think he's off base at all. You play golf at a resort area... a famous resort area with a course that has hosted major championships. You regularly see people who visit the area just to play golf at that golf course. People who are going to want to get "the full experience" of playing the course with all its teeth who might not otherwise choose to play from the back tees at their regular courses. Your experiences absolutely are not representative of most people at regular golf courses. And I agree with @iacas that you should kind of know that and realize that the people you see playing at Pinehurst from day to day are going to behave differently than the people playing at any generic municipal course around the country.
  12. I know you haven't uploaded your swing yet but this might be a good read for you: I'm not seeing -8.1 in your picture. -8.1 sounds like a misread from hitting it low on the face.
  13. Early last year at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course, Hays, Kansas, I broke 100. Shot a 98. Late last year at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course I shot a 82 and an 84 for eighteen holes. 82 on a Tuesday and an 84 on a Thursday. The specific dates escape me. Two weeks ago I had an Eagle on hole #5 at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course, Hays, Kansas. Had a nice drive and an approach shot from 80 yards that went in. (Two witnesses) I haven't been a member of this forum very long and have just recently become active in the past few months. I got to noticing all the awards others have and decided to post some of mine. If I don't meet the Forum Rules for the posting of the awards, I will start keeping records where I can. Thank you, Terry Warner Retired Old Man
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    • Recently I have been doing something I haven’t done in a while. Avoiding blow-up rounds. I have been playing the kind of golf I’ve wanted to always play. Boring. Pedestrian. Stay out of the shit, call the zoo kind of rounds. Ho-hum kind of golf. The last round I shot in the 80s was in August and that was an 81. My last five rounds have been 73, 76, 78, 73, 71. The last one was pretty boring. I had back to back bogeys on the 2nd and 3rd holes, then birdied the 5th and 6th (pedestrian birdie at 5, 2 putt at the par 5 after a 3-wood on the green straight into the fan from 235 yards) Nearly drove the 395-yard 6th (relax it was straight downwind and as the crow flies its only 340), got up and down for birdie. Then made 12 boring pars in a row for an even-par 71. 12 GIR, 18 nGiR, putted average. I guess I’ve learned how to be that boring golfer. I’ve been fighting a bit of a hook, so I said, “The hell with it, it’s what I’ve got. I’ll just adjust my target accordingly”. I guess having a one-way miss is a good problem to have.
    • Day 121.  More carpet putting;  ruler, putter, real balls.  Getting some decent speed ones past the 36" marker consistently. 
    • Day 48 - Moved my mat indoors, took some swings working on my new setup. 
    • I have struggled with the flip as well, and similarly have tried many different swing thoughts and drills to fix it with little success. What has worked for me recently though is this: focusing on keeping my right (trail) wrist hinged from the top of my backswing, as long as possible through impact. I have found that the more specific the instruction, the easier it is for me to carry out the action. In this case, the instruction is simple and direct-  keep your right hand bent back as long as possible. When I tried focusing on a more abstract swing thought like "turn your hips" , I've had a much harder time executing the movement. This video from Eric Cogorno really helped hammer in the concept of keeping the trail wrist hinged:    Who knows if this will work the same wonders for you as it has for me, but it could be something worth considering. Good luck!

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