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  1. Mark pitted a 2020 Callaway Mavrik super-game-improvement iron against a muscleback/blade from the 1980s. He used a statistician to help, and tested a decent number of shots, though at the beginning he said about 40 with each club, so spread across three types of quality of strike, that's not a "huge" data set. Anyway, the data… Dynamic Loft: Mavrik Max: 24.6° (7-iron) Top Flight: 24.4° (6-iron) Clubhead Speed: Mavrik Max: 87.5 MPH Top Flight: 88.3 MPH Here's how Mark defined the three categories of strike: I think the results will surprise many. Carry Ball Speed: Height: The chart for spin (11:32 in) is similar to the above charts. In Launch Angle (12:22), the Mavrik Max fares a bit better than it has, but still performs no better than the blade. This reminds me of this article, which I'm fond of citing: Blades Versus Cavity Backs: A Golf Club Epiphany | SkyGolf 360
  2. I would say lessons first unless you are making fairly consistent contact. If you go to the fitting and are not able to make consistent contact to get consistent numbers, many times, the fitter will start helping you with swing issues that may take away from fitting time. And I would assume you would want consistent contact to obtain some kind of consistent numbers to allow the fitter to properly fit you
  3. I'd say lessons first, but this probably depends on the state of your game. I'm in my second year of routine lessons now, all with the same instructor. The place I take lessons is also a club fitting/building outfit. Over the time I've worked with her, she has done quite a bit of free fitting for me, mostly with regards to getting the correct shafts for my swing. I was able to address one element of fitting without technically having a fitting. Eventually I will have her do a real fitting when I'm ready to invest in a new set of clubs, maybe when I reach some handicap goals.
  4. Something most everyone overlooks is shaft length. I get sick of hearing about “jacked lefts”. Clubs need to be like that because of improvements over the years. There is so much more to clubs now than it just changing the bounce. Your old Ping 5 iron might go 190 yards. Your NEW 190 yard club might be a 7 iron. It’s fly at the same height, be far more forgiving and you will be more accurate due to the fact the you’re hitting a 7 iron shaft length vs. 5 iron shaft length.
  5. It doesn’t matter what the number on the club says. As long as you know how far you hit each, who cares if it says 7 or 8 on it, as long as you know that that club goes x yards. Welcome to the site!
  6. For the first time in a loooong time, I have a GHIN number (I was disappointed my old number was not still available. I still remember it, and it was only six digits). Anyway, I'm entering hole-by-hole scores with the "advanced stats." Now, let's be real: calling them that is a bit silly, as it's just fairways, greens, and putts. Counting stats. But still, it's something. One suggestion I'm passing up the flagpole: auto-select the GIR stat. Pre-select the checkbox for a GIR if the player gets: An albatross or eagle. A birdie with one putt. A par with two putts. A bogey with three putts (and a double with four). Pre-select the red X if the player gets anything but the above. The player can always change it, but this would basically make it so they almost never have to.
  7. Bear this in mind, too: if your irons are going a club farther, they're going to be a bit tougher to control given the added distance the ball flies. Depends on how much it draws. If the draw is small, I'd set up a little more right with everything and play it out there. If the draw is bigger, I'd open the face to point more to the right as it would do two things: Reduce the curve a bit. Help you start the ball further to the right. Height helps with speed. I don't mind the height, so long as it's not tipping out. You're not tipping out right now.
  8. Today’s Session 5-19-20 Long post, sorry in advance. Major playing complaint is not good enough iron precision. My irons got so good last year, and I have a ton of power now (7 iron going as high as PW and 180+) that is very far for me. ..but control is lacking. (To be fair, the driver sucked last year, so it’s not a sky is falling statement) I did have awesome iron control last year though. I want it back so bad. i also don’t know how to play the draw yet. Do I aim right of target? Do I aim at target and let it push out and come back? Should it never miss left? I’m trying to figure it out. These are not complaints or anything like that, just my main problems right now. Goals: Backswing- steep shoulder turn. I’m trying really hard to get this figured out. I’m really unhappy with my backswing. Flow- get into trail hip, flow forward Downswing- continue sidebend / right shoulder low feeling. Hitting ball much better since I started this. 7i Swings Steeper backswing: Trying to get lead shoulder to move in direction of arrow. Down and back should help get shoulders to pitch steeper. It looks like I succeeded in turning 90 degrees to here. But my head moves toward the ball a lot. Im so afraid of turning flat, I understand how it could happen Even with the head movement, I think this is the steepest shoulder turn I’ve made in a while. FLOW I got into my trail hip well. I did not start moving toward target for too long. Will emphasize more next time. Must get shoulders turning correctly first. @iacas do you have any thoughts on my arm /shoulder planes? My arms keep getting higher and higher, should I care? Will my irons get more accurate again if the planes match?
  9. Don't forget the person in line right in front of you at the grocery store. They spend 5 minutes going through their purse looking for change so they can have exact change. Oftentimes it's a whole bunch of pennies, which they have to count twice. Similar to the golfer who is not ready with tees or ball markers... so you have to wait while they rummage through different pockets in their golf bag.
  10. I play with that guy! 🤣 Good explanation! I can buy into that.
  11. There is an art and a skill to playing quickly. Maybe the world's slow players watched Dustin Johnson this past weekend and learned something.
  12. I completely left this out, but is one of the most infuriating behaviors I can think of.
  13. A friend of mine qualified and played in the US Senior Open last year, I'm sure he would have tried again this year. His son is a college golfer and was probably going to try to qualify for the US Open. Both would have been long shots, but who knows what could have happened. Just for reference, qualifying for the US Senior Open was scheduled to be held at 34 different locations. US Open local qualifying was tentatively scheduled for 108 different courses, with subsequent regional qualifiers planned to cut the field from over 8000 applicants to about 70. Its no surprise that the logistics off all this were simply impossible to manage, with all of the uncertainty regarding procedures and re-opening schedules around the country.
  14. I don't know how common it is for tees to determine POP. Normally pre-shot routines, lack of provisionals, and poor cart management are what I see slowing things down, or things like writing scores and cleaning clubs green-side, when you cloud be doing it on the next tee while your playing partners are hitting.
  15. Can you share which sentences you think were dismissive and condescending? I just reread the entire topic and I don't see them. They disagreed with the original post, but they didn't call anyone names, didn't attack anyone's character, didn't say their opinions were unwelcome, etc. All they said was that it's not good to make generalized statements and act like those statements are facts based on one singular person's experience. There's nothing dismissive or condescending about that. Which is precisely why people shouldn't make broad, sweeping generalizations about all golfers based on their own singular experience, which is exactly what happened in the first post of this topic.
  16. Please don’t put emotions into the text when you are reading other’s posts. We all tend to do that and we feel the posters are condescending or insulting when if you read the text objectively, they are just sharing a different opinion in most cases. Erik certainly wasn’t insulting you. He feels your position on this subject is off base, as do others. Some others agree with you. That is a healthy discussion/debate. It also helps if you bring data to the discussion. Sometimes our anecdotal experiences don’t match up with data for the general population.
  17. That's not ridiculing or out of character though, and the comment about feeling insulted came well before Erik's comment about the position being ridiculous. Just another example of someone making a claim without being able to back it up.
  18. You can call me what you like. I don't care. I'm simply trying to help you out. Don't get all riled up if someone doesn't agree with you. You may think we are all jumping to @iacas aid, but trust me when I say he doesn't need it.
  19. How so? Which replies specifically in this topic are you referring to? You didn't answer any of my questions in my previous post. If you are going to make claims that someone insulted you, ridiculed you, or their responses are out of character (even though you know very little about them and haven't met them in person), in my opinion you should be prepared to back up those claims which you haven't done.
  20. If you get fitted, and buy clubs first, just make sure your clubs can be easily adjusted. Getting quality lessons after a fitting?, and club purchase could change your fitting/club specs. With adjustable clubs, the need to buy new clubs diminishes.
  21. Hands down lessons first. Admittedly three lessons isn't enough to overhaul your swing, but it might well lead to a few changes in how your clubs fit. Therefore, take the lessons, have a hopefully grooved swing and then get fit.
  22. US Open qualifying isn't in the same family or at least genus as the U.S. Open or professional tournament golf. It's conducted all over, and would require massive coordination of things by people who aren't really used to doing this, and all sites would have slightly different procedures (given the safety requirements), and some sites might not even be open to tournament golf by that point… etc.
  23. Hi @Ericw. Welcome to the site. My answer would be Yes. Get fit and take lessons. 3 lessons sounds like a good start, but believe me when I say that it is ONLY a start. Unless you have natural talent, it will take a lot more than that. Best of luck!
  24. Hey, hey, hey... that’s starting to hit a little close to home!
  25. Right, and that’s why I asked what the point would be. They’re literally the same exact lofts as my JPX919 Forged, give or take 0.5-1.0° from club to club. They would have to bend the Eye 2 PW from 50.5° to 46°, then the 9i from 45° to 41°, then the 8i from 40° to 36°, the 7i from 36° to 32°, the 6i from 32° to 28°, and so on. The heads already exist in lofts that basically match. Essentially the entire process would be bending, for example, a 32° club stronger just to bend a weaker club to 32°. It’s an exercise in futility.
  26. I was wondering where you were!
  27. As @Vinsk and @billchao pointed out, there are plenty of reasons to stay away from doing it. Eye 2s were already weak for their time, and trying to bring them even to "traditional" lofts would be an exercise in futility considering they are cast. You might break a couple of them trying to take them even 3 degrees strong. Unfortunately, you would have another 3/4 degrees to go until you got to "modern" lofts. As Bill said, the bounce is a big concern as well, because every degree you strengthen them, you lose a degree of bounce, so clubs that were designed to have 4 degrees of bounce, all of a sudden have -2 if you bend them that strong....talk about a leading edge. What I've learned about traditional vs. modern lofts is, don't worry about what is on the bottom of the club in relation to how far you hit it. When I first came on this forum, I had a real bone to pick with manufacturers for strengthening lofts so much. Now I don't worry about it, and let people have their distance and feel proud about how far they hit their (x) iron. Between the 2 sets of clubs that I game most regularly, there is about a 20-25 yard distance gap from 7 iron to 7 iron. The funny thing about that is, is that there are only 2 degrees of loft separating them, which should equate to 5-8 yards of distance change, but the tech on modern clubs is so good that they blow old stuff out of the water when it comes to distance, even considering loft. I'd recommend looking at something newer, or accepting that you are just going to be 1-3 clubs shorter than others in your group. I always thought it was funny when someone would ask me what I hit on a shot when I was gaming my older blades, and I would tell them and they would just look at me funny. They were so used to their modern clubs with modern lofts that it didn't compute to them that I could be hitting such a "long club" for the shot length. Even better was having a 7/8 iron spin back while their PW hopped off the green.
  28. Modern lofts are as they are due to technological changes in MOI, COG, so that they still behave as one expects a ‘7i’ to behave. Leave the lofts as they are for the Pings.
  29. Working with shorter swings to get the feel of a flat left wrist. Tough trying to get everything to work together when you're only thinking about one thing to do.
  30. I know this topic comes up here from time to time, and I think I mentioned something about this is a previous posting but here is a video showing how to build a portable grip station perfect for small spaces.
  31. My advice: find something you like and stick with it until they stop making them. Then repeat the process.
  32. I would have guessed that you should average 34-35 putts per round. Found this via google: If you are averaging 38 putts per round, it could be that You are a below average putter or you are an averaage / good putter but any of the following could be true: The courses you play have really big greens Your short game is below snuff and therefore leaves you more difficult putts Your approach game is below snuff and your approaches are too far from the hole (and interesting as mentioned before, most golfers think that their putting gets worse as their swing improves - the real issue is that they are just hitting more greens and giving themselves more chances to three putt). Total putts can generally tell you if you're putting really well or really badly at the extremes, but as mentioned it is hard to get a gauge unless you are at the extremes and a strokes gained is going to be more meaningful.
  33. You to stop being the troll you’ve been…? Like that. And to that information, there is plenty out there which speaks to the opposite: that it is time to open things up a bit. Rt: Effective Reproduction Number Up-to-date values for Rt — the number to watch to measure COVID spread There’s one example. The U.S. has a population of 330 million. If you believe China’s numbers, you’re delusional. Treatments have improved. Numbers show a high % of people have gotten the virus and are asymptomatic. The list goes on. It’s not a clear-cut case for either side, but that applies to your position as much as the other side, too. If I go play golf on Friday that doesn’t make me “imprudent.”
  34. Approximately 125,000 people, all over the age of 60. Most over 70… ...and 648 holes of golf!
  35. I was referring to this. I understand you not wanting to ‘socialize’. I’m curious why you’d say that. You must be remaining indoors at all times. Otherwise you’re exposing yourself just as much whether on a golf course or not.
  36. It was just as irresponsible for these kids to come and act in such a way. It’s not like Florida mandated kids/people to come here from every other state.
  37. Spring break was a mess. No doubt about that. I disagree about the beaches completely, as do most people. Like the golf courses, Beaches are wide open, outdoors, with plenty of room for social distancing. Beaches are wide open, outdoors, with plenty of room for social distancing. All you have to do is look at actual per capital cases given the population, as the third most populous state in the country, with one of the most elderly populations, to realize that Florida is doing a better job than many states. Including your own, given that Florida is 65% more populated.
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    • Did you watch? It's out there on yt at this point. I enjoyed puting it on for a while while getting some work done. For some reason the commentators kept mentioning how "tough" it was going to be for the players to not have fans. Have no idea why. Even pro golfers play without fans all the time.
    • Callaway: Lookup 2015 BIG BERTHA iron set 5 - PW. Whatever you do, don't get a 4-iron... save yourself the trouble. In your price range, in fact for less money, you could also get a brand new set of Wilson Staff D-200 irons - check out that retail site named after a jungle. As a matter of fact that is what I would wind up getting, Wilson Staff is a good brand.    
    • Day 176 Lots of protesting going on around my home, so constant drone of circling police and news helicopters was unsettling. Just did some backswing work with 5-iron, and hit a few balls.
    • If I was hitting driver well prior to this hole I’d go for the green because it’s fun. I’d aim at the left center of the green. When I’m in sync with driver, my driver misses are almost exclusively left of target. I typically get around 270 carry on good swings. Doubt I’d carry all the way to the green in a headwind, but I’d probably be short in the large bunker, short in the rough in front of the green, or left in the fairway. If I wasn’t feeling good with driver, I’d probably hit a 4-iron, 3h, or 5W to the left of the large bunker and try to leave a 50-75 yard shot into the green.
    • It essentially depends on two things.  The danger around the green when going for it and the ability for a driver to hold the green.  If the bunker and rough is penalising, then laying up makes sense.  If it would be pretty easy to play out of, go for it.  The other factor is holding a green when you hit a driver.  If that is difficult to do and either needs you to land short and run on, or will lead to you running over the green, then that needs to be weighed.  Essentially, your second shot should be easier than a 50 to yard shot in.

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