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  1. Figured I’d resurrect this thread for many who have not seen it. Not sure how accurate this Mevo is. I thought it has been pretty dang gone good with using it here this week, but it said my strong grip smash factor was 1.51...sounds a bit absurd. At any rate: I realize I was hitting into a net, but I just saw this thread and wanted to give it a go. I think it went relatively well considering how awkward it felt. I’ll wait for someone else to confirm before I claim it...I want it to be considered legit
  2. Seems similar logic is applied when I know I hit my shot straight down the fairway then can’t find it. I mean I know you said you know it’s there ...but the fact is you couldn’t find it right? Lost ball yes?
  3. Weight was definitely the most important factor for me when I changed shafts.
  4. I have read in several places that everyone should get fit for clubs to improve their game, no matter their skill level. But I do not believe it. Maybe it is due to the manufacturer sponsorships. I just think that if you are going to be utilizing this site and making the radical changes to your swing that a "rookie" is bound for, your swing, and club profile will be changing with it - a lot. So do not sweat the specifics. Get some sensible learning clubs to start with, second hand if you like. If you can find them close to the recommendation without working to hard at it, wonderful. If not, no sweat. You are only going to use them for a year or two. In the meantime, make a "My Swing" thread for yourself and post it to this site so that you can begin to work on that swing. Once you begin to feel confident with your mechanics, get a new fitting before you upgrade your clubs. That is what I would do.
  5. Weight and length most important. Finding a similar bend profile is of lesser importance. If you tell us what he recommended I can give you a list of alternate shafts.
  6. Yes, but how are we to keep the undesirables from mixing with the elite? Can you imagine the awkwardness with having to play the same course as "the help"?
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