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  1. Hey guys, Just thought I'd post a quick update in the hopes that it could help someone else that has experienced this. Turns out, ya'll were spot on (thank you!!!). I've found that a combination of an over the top move, crowding the ball at address, were the culprits. I've made some adjustments, (squaring up my shoulders, moving away from the ball, and really working hard not to come over the top) and as a result I've hit some really good looking drives! Still the occasional push and/or slice, but have found the middle of the face a TON more. For anyone reading this, keep at it! It WILL come if you work for it. Hoping to hit some fairways and post my lowest score soon! Cheers! -Trizz
  2. Heard from someone who would know: four Korn Ferry Tour people* tested positive for COVID-19 and are out at this week's event. * The asterisk is because I don't know if it was players or caddies. I'm also not seeing news of this anywhere online, so I'm hiding the topic for now.
  3. I'd hate to see the big one.
  4. I am seriously considering pulling the 4i, 5i and 3w out of the bag entirely for that exact reason. I have dedicated sessions both of block practice and more nuanced "play a course in my head" and to date have not made the desired progress so they are essentially dead weight in my bag. Only reason I have not pulled them is I don't have clubs to replace them with but you are definitely correct, as is they are not clubs I am competent with.
  5. I’ve never thought that it was too hot to go out and play... ...I’ve occasionally thought that it was too hot to have gone out to play. Generally, 100° and humid is about that point. In the desert, heat was never an issue. I very seldom walk any more though, regardless of temperature.
  6. Ok so he had a caloric surplus and worked out. Everyone can bulk up with that formula. That he made it seem like he and his trainer had some kind of secret fitness technique that nobody knows about is still ridiculous. I stand corrected about my previous comments. He definitely looks different. But I assumed he was trying to put on lean muscle and try to get jacked in a month or two, which doesn’t happen. Instead, he put on muscle along with fat and just got bigger. That’s not what most people picture when they think about body transformation.
  7. He would make a good club bouncer. And I don't mean that kind of guys like us who bounce a golf club off the ground when we get angry and throw it. He would scientifically remove a customer from a bar for over drinking by explaining the nuances of his breath alcohol content and its ramifications on society.
  8. When Golf Galaxy opens back up, if it hasn't already to walk in customers where you are at, I would recommend to go and hit some clubs to get a feel for what you are looking for and talk to the folks working there. It's hard to say if each store is good, but talking to them will give you an idea if that person knows what they are talking about. If they don't, at least you'll have an opportunity to hit different clubs and shafts.
  9. Player a douchebag. Yeah, yeah legal right ..whatever. He’s a douche.
  10. 6-10-20 Putting My putting has been extra bad lately. I’m having a lot of trouble making even 1.5 foot putts Seeing my line has always been the most important to me. I can’t see my line when I stand over the ball lately. Worked with my mirror on alignment. Found that my shoulders were too open. Felt a little better with square shoulders. Videos:
  11. You GamePlan based on how you're hitting the ball that day. If the OP is consistently hitting pulls during a round, the pull needs to be accounted for, even if it isn't a normal miss. You're probably going to have to remap your Shot Zones once your swing changes are more settled.
  12. There are so many options and they differ among different manufacturers. This is why it’s always best to hit a club and see what your results are with a monitor. Regular flex in one brand may be stiff in another. Generally people who swing a driver over 93mph will go stiff or more. But that’s very generalized. Shafts can make a big difference in how you perform. Especially with weight and flex.
  13. That’s a great option. I haven’t been there in awhile, but it’s always in good shape and lots of fun. Great practice facilities and a nice clubhouse for afterwards too. 2 distinctly different courses. The original Rees Jones course is more open, almost a links style, while the Arthur Hills course is narrower and winds though wetlands and pines. If I had to pick one, I’d say the Hills course, but you’ll enjoy either one. Their rates can vary kind of wildly. I would check out GolfNow and/or their website. You may have an option to sign up for emails offering periodic discounts. I’ll see if I have any offers on my email that might be current and if I do I’ll let you know. Have fun!
  14. Bear in mind that Dr. Rotella is referring to the subconscious mind. We all know what our conscious mind is thinking because we are consciously thinking about it. We don't know what our subconscious mind is thinking. It's hard to make arguments about what is going on in the subconscious mind since we do not have awareness of it. I'm not saying that I agree with it. This is more of a belief thing. Is there actually a subconscious mind, and how does Dr. R. or anyone know what is going on in there? I'm glad the Dr. Freud didn't write a book on golf. There is OB left, so clearly you want to sleep with your mother. 😋
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