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  1. Share what lessons you've learned while playing. Breaking 100 is the first milestone in golf. Shooting 90 is the second. I've done it before. I've broken 90. I shot a 43 on the back 9 of this round which tied my PB. And the way my back was feeling it was a bloody miracle. I could have beaten it if I didn't 3 putt 17. That said I shot a 90. I had 6 pars and a birdie. What does that tell you about the rest of the round? Yesterday I learned how bad one plays to shoot 90. I once celebrated this as a job well done, but the way I played yesterday took the blinders off. A par is three lousy shots and a putt, and if you miss the putt you get a bogey. Shooting 90 is a mindset - get it on the green. Up and down for par. But you know you'll be too far away from the flag to pull off that. So after your tee shot went awry, you go into the mindset of "this just turned into a par 5." Get it on the green, two putt, and move on, and a few times I bogeyed that for a DB, and then it snowed in June. I learned nothing new - my ball striking was terrible, but I kept grinding. So... that's how bad one plays to shoot a 90. I guess I should be happy about getting 6 pars and birdie. Don't get me wrong. This was liberating. Over 18 holes: 2 FIRs 💩; 7 GIRs; 37 putts (or 36 if you are going to split hairs and call that one use of the putter from the fringe on the 4th hole a chip rather than a putt). But it was a nice day. In the 80s and sunny. Can't beat that, can you? I'd be interested in hearing from those who are getting to their milestones.
  2. Then that's just the way you're built, probably.
  3. The better a player gets, the more important it is to accurately describe the ball flight in two ways (I'm leaving vertical launch from this discussion for now for reasons that will become somewhat obvious, I hope): Start line Curve This matches up with what we've always said about the "ball flight laws": "The ball starts generally where the face is pointing at impact and curves away from the path." I bolded two words there, because when it comes to what the clubhead is doing, we care about those two things with regards to ball flight: Face Path These, naturally, line up: the "start line" is governed primarily by the face and the curve by the path (relative to the face, of course). (I'm leaving off-center hits out of the discussion.) One of the more frustrating things as an instructor is when a student texts you to say "I keep missing to the left," you give them some advice based on their answers to a few questions, and then you see them and realize their answers didn't match with reality at all. For example, I'll ask about the shape of their shots, and the possible answers for a left miss include: starts right, curves left starts straight, curves left starts left, curves left starts left, straight starts left, curves right Each of those can result in a ball that misses left to varying degrees. If a ball starts straight at the target and curves 10 yards left of the target, the fix might be as simple as gripping the club a bit more open, allowing the ball to start to the right a bit more and curve a bit less. But if the ball starts ten yards right and misses left 30 yards, then that's not a problem solved by opening the face up a bit more! Each of those descriptions includes the two key pieces of info: the start line and the curve. Get these wrong, especially the start line — and the fix can be very different than what you need. The start line is the ball's initial direction. On a launch monitor like a FlightScope X3 or Mevo+, it's called "horizontal launch angle." Positive numbers are to the right, negative to the left. I don't need to know what the horizontal launch angle is to the tenth of a degree, but for a ball that finishes in the left rough there's a big difference between the type of swing you made if it starts at the left edge of the fairway or the right edge. Pay attention to your start lines. Have a buddy stand behind you on the range and tell him what you think the start line was, and then have him confirm it. Put sticks ten yards out in front of your mat at the range and learn what a right, left, and straight start line look like. Yeah, there's a little parallax there since the ball is to the side of us, but learn to see what the ball is doing. You — and your instructor — will be better for it.
  4. Firstly, congrats on playing so well. Secondly, I know I say this all the time. But you should post a MySwing Thread and be sure to post your driver. You'll get a lot better information that way. Thirdly, You obviously hit the driver well for 8 holes. They sounds like things went bad for the driver on 9. Did you start making adjustments? If so, DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just assume that 9th tee-shot was an anomaly and it will be fine on the 10th tee. I know when my driver starts to get squirrelly I like to make adjustments then I have to make adjustments to the adjustments. .... etc.... etc.... etc... pretty soon I'm in the twilight zone.
  5. The camera angle for the face on view needs to be much lower https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Also, if your average carry distance with a 5 iron is 195 and 7 iron is 165 and you are a 22 handicap, there's a really good chance there are a number of other aspects of your swing/game that need to be fixed first before you worry about trying to add another 25 yards onto your iron distances. There are very few PGA tour players who can carry a 7 iron 190 for their stock yardage. In 2019 according to Trackman the PGA Tour average for a 7 iron was 172, which means there were a decent number of players who hit their 7 iron less than that. I were you, I would focus more on improving your swing so that your accuracy, consistency, dispersion, etc all improve rather than trying to add another 25 yards to your irons. I'm not a golf coach so I typically don't give too much actual swing advice, but one thing I would at least start by checking is your grip, it looks like the shaft is too far in your palms with your bottom hand, it should be more towards the fingertips like in this topic https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/75436-how-to-grip-a-golf-club-commonalities-of-a-functional-golf-grip/
  6. If I wore tight red pants like those (with the slight bell bottom) I'd do nothing but hit shanks. Wondering if those are still in Jack's closet??? I did start off my golf life at 12 lifting the left heel. But it's been firmly planted since 2001.
  7. Last weekend and today.
  8. Okay, that's my fault for asking the question so poorly. It sounds to me like your goal is to improve your ball striking (a very good goal! Mine too!), and you're viewing taking a divot as the means to improve. I think a better bet for you is to improve your ball striking, which may result in more divots (it did for me). But, given the choice between "improved ball striking, but no divots" and "divots, but the same quality ball striking overall" you'd pick the former. Is this accurate? If so, I have two suggestions. First, check out the instructional content page if you haven't already: Unfortunately, those links aren't organized at the moment by topic (putting, ball striking, etc), but items 2 and 3 from the top and the third from the bottom are good places to start. Second suggestion: read about the "Member swings" area and post your own. Read the directions carefully, because the way you set up your video will affect the quality of advice you get. But if you set it up well, you'll get great advice, including from some professionals who frequent the site. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  9. Kidding aside...if you want to take a divot, after impact, you have to move the bottom of your swing arc forward of the ball. One way to practice visualizing this concept is to place a small monetarily insignificant object in front of the golf ball and think about sending the penny, the peanut, the dried fig...whatever...down range while ignoring to ball. Another way is to think about making contact with the front, rather than the back, of the ball. The idea is that the ball is not the target object of your swing...it's just in the way and can be ignored.
  10. You and your wife were pretty busy there for awhile. OT, but I couldn't help but notice.
  11. Piece of cake. Set up improperly...take the club back beyond parallel...pause to collect your thoughts...then swing as hard as you can while keeping your lower half frozen in place. Concentrate on a spot roughly two inches behind the ball and bring the club down as steep as you can. If you are successful in resisting the impulse to straighten up...this procedure will produce an outstanding divot. Good luck.
  12. Video has transformed my swing over the last 18 months. I really on it so much. It's a bit of a hassle to set up at the range, but when you've got that data, it means everything. You can think you're doing X all you want. You won't know until you see it in video.
  13. These are the same swing just bad timing. the cause can be a few things as well. You don’t want to have that much timing with a driver. As a higher swing speed, I would prefer a fade. That way I can swing harder and not worry about snapping it left. If you haven’t don’t it, post a faceon and down the line view of your swing in a My Swing thread.
  14. Check your grip, to my untrained eye your right hand looks a bit strong, which might cause the overdraw you are talking about. I'm not saying it definitely is but might be worth looking at. Check out this thread
  15. ‘After months of wearing a mask..my ears have lost some elasticity and unfortunately it’s caused me to to have to WD.’
  16. Congrats! All set. Nice. I replaced your Broke 100 badge! Ditto the above and congrats.
  17. Look up “hip switches” on YouTube. Fabulous mobility exercise.
  18. I agree resistance exercises are great! But let’s not confuse a knee dominant exercise with a hinge. Squats (any variation) and deadlift (again any variation) should be included in any program. Start light, work on form, perfect it and then the weight will increase.
  19. No. And that’s illogical. I said nothing about crowded beaches being fine did I? Walking past someone on a golf course isn’t a high risk event of contracting the virus. Being on a tee box for a few minutes with someone closer to you than six for a flash isn’t risky. Just stop it. I’ve been in medicine for 25 years. You don’t understand how viruses work. You’re Googling yourself crazy. Wearing a mask on the golf course is unnecessary especially for young healthy athletes who have tested negative and are asymptomatic. I’m out. Trust me ...I’ve had my earful of this crap. Wear your mask in your car. Wear it to bed. Do as you feel is best but quit expecting anyone else to take your precautions as imperative.
  20. 14 holes = post an 18-hole round. https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html See 2.2.
  21. No. You don’t. @iacas said it well. You’re more than welcome to believe that and practice that. Please don’t push that narrative here.
  22. Nah. You don't have to be 6' apart 100% of the time indoors, let alone outdoors. You can pass by someone — hell, people do this in grocery stores, etc. when they pass someone in an aisle — or even stand facing the same direction as someone (especially depending on the wind direction) five feet apart and be pretty much fine. You're simply not gonna reach the needed viral load outdoors in a matter of seconds. What "rising cases" are you referring to here, exactly? Most of these cases on the PGA Tour aren't even necessarily occurring outdoors or at the PGA Tour site. Nah. See above, and honestly, stop saying it. It's off topic for this thread, and not all that unsafe. Especially if you're not 70 years old. The whole point was to flatten the curve. We've done that.
  23. You should be celebrating. Each time you achieve at least this it becomes easier. But continue to focus on the basics. That's what will get you the GIR and pars. One of many lessons I've learned while playing was to trust the club to do for what it was designed. It doesn't need my help, I just need to make sure to put it in a position to achieve. One shot at a time. Forget the previous shot, good or bad. I've learned that Aimpoint has helped me significantly reading greens. I took a lesson to learn Aimpoint but it didn't come to fruition until I started using it while playing. I still am a work in progress but reading greens almost seems easy. Of course I'm still learning from Erik and Dave's book and videos "Lowest Score Wins" plus the 30 day Covid-19 challenge
  24. It depends upon the family. You could put some electrical tape on the grip and build up about 1/8" about an inch down and have her try it out before you go about cutting the shaft. That way she won't be able to grip it full length and the electrical tape will ensure the length is consistent. Try it for a week or so and see how it goes. You can always remove the tape.
  25. Yes and why I get narrow with the wrist angles on the backswing. Can't stretch of expand on the backswing. He explained it to me by describing how the body is made up, of mostly gas and liquid. How air is distributed is very important. I will say this, when I do my breathing my feet feel like I just got a massage, no tension. I can flex from the hips without any tightness and my hip IR doubles. 4th workout this week, burned 1K calories! Swings from yesterday face-on view was a bit off but definitely some improvements. More "compression", 2 is better and 6 is probably my best.
  26. Fair enough. I should have known from how long you've been here it would likely be something like that. Back in the day there were a ton of posts about lessons that said things like "I typically shoot low 90s, I took a lesson one morning and that afternoon shot a 98. Lessons don't work!" Hopefully the "My Swing" thread can help you get on track. Hitting great drives is fun and I want you to get your share of them!
  27. Golf rewards the application of the CORRECT amount of energy, when applied in the CORRECT way. Application of extra effort without good mechanics is a complete waste, and is really likely to cause mishits of one kind or another. Almost every player will hit some "perfect" shots when he (semi-accidentally) times up all of his various compensations. If you practice even a flawed swing, you can learn to get those compensations timed up more consistently. And as soon as you want to apply a little extra, your timing goes out the window. You say you hit some (not many) shots perfectly, and always when you're within your comfort zone. Instead of putting out more effort, wouldn't you like to hit a larger percentage of them exactly that well?
  28. I know it’s a suggestion many don’t want to hear ( read ) but without seeing your swing we’re all just grasping straws. I’m 51 so I didn’t grow up with golf using video at all. But I can say it’s eye opening to see what’s actually going on. Feel ain’t real and that’s a solid fact with the golf swing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you may find that when you feel you’re ‘ yanking the butt of the club down’ it looks no different than your normal swing. But if that feel is working for you, that’s fine but it’s better to actually diagnose your issue and know what you’re doing differently. I think when you are consciously ‘guiding your club face’ to the ball you’re probably decelerating and losing power. Again, video can really be beneficial in diagnosing the actual issues so that you can start fixing the issue.
  29. If the faster players are significantly better, and often they are, my preference is to play through on the tee box on a par-5. Slow players wave to let the faster group know that they’re going to let them through...that will keep them moving on the previous green. If they’re smart, they won’t necessarily even wait for each other to putt out. They’ll proceed directly to the tee when they finish or are out of the hole. Slow players hit and wait. Fast players hit, and they all drive/walk to their balls together. Fast group plays, and is gone. if you do that for my group, you’ll barely notice we went through.
  30. How about a dog-training collar? Give the controller to the group behind. Bzzz! Bzzz! But when sunset is approaching, it can mean the difference between skipping one or missing several. I’ve done this, and then swing back to pick up the missing hole. That might not work at some courses.
  31. Excellent. My point is I’ve spent a minimum of 400 hours studying, treating, testing, conference calls with the CDC, local health departments, infectious disease doctors, positive Covid patients both asymptomatic and symptomatic ( vast, vast majority asymptomatic) and CME Covid updates. You did a Google search.
  32. The fastest way to play through is just to skip a par three. 🙂
  33. Range session today. Worked on shortening the backswing and gaining more extension. Initial Swing Final Swings The swing feel is making a smaller turn and feeling the hands and club stop just to the right of my head. I'm trying to work on getting an extension feel to work. I mess around with straightening the left leg sooner and also feeling like my belt buckle points to the sky sooner. The shorter swing really helps with overall contact and control.
  34. I always prefer playing through on par 3’s, and never on a par 5 or driveable par 4. I think the following works best: Group A hits tee shots to green. When Group B gets to the tee, let them hit tee shots. Both groups go to green, where Group B finishes and heads to the next tee, while Group A finishes.
  35. If you have access to a grass range, tee up a 3-wood, hit a few shots teed up. Then begin hitting it with a lower and lower tee. That's how I got to the point where I could hit a 3 wood off the deck.
  36. I am pretty new here so will be gentle, but...I found both of posts very helpful and informative. I had wrongfully been buying into the "they just changed the loft" lie, and his first post gave me a direction to look and he was exactly correct. It was very helpful because it was true. Good knowledge to have. Then the second post, his point about fitting isn't changing you to meet the club, it is changing the club to meet you addressed a specific question that you asked. It may not have been the answer you WANTED, but it was certainly an accurate, very helpful answer. And I can attest that when I got serious about the game, the club fitting was worth every penny. Of course, it also was a waived fee when I bought clubs at that course, and strokes came off my game instantly. I did purchase somewhat more expensive clubs than I intended but have never regretted it.
  37. So you've joined the site and posted a thread in the Member Swings forum , eh? Good for you! And if nobody's said it yet, welcome to The Sand Trap! This post will list a few quick things intended to help you make the most of the free advice you'll receive in your "My Swing" thread. Details First, if you haven't already, provide as much detail as possible. Share detail about your recent history, any past lessons you've had, any physical limitations you may have, the works. The more detailed information you can give us, the better. Honesty is the Best Policy Your handicap - and your skill level - are what they are. There's absolutely no need to fib to some strangers on the Internet about them. If you have trouble hitting the ball solidly, and you're a 19 handicapper, you won't be helping yourself to say that you're an 11 who just fades the ball a bit more than you'd like. Be honest with yourself, and be honest with others. Post Elsewhere and Mind Your Camera Angles These are mentioned in the "Rules" thread linked at the top of the Member Swings forum, but they bear repeating here as well. First, please mind your camera angles. This article explains where to set up your camera for filming your golf swing. Good camera angles help people diagnose things more readily and more accurately. Also, post somewhere else. We understand if the ability to get a "free" analysis of sorts is what drew you to the site, but there are a LOT more other threads in which you can post, share your opinions, tell us about yourself, etc. The upside for you? The more friendly you are, and the more people get to know you, the more they'll want to help you out. Several of our long-time members have a "following" in their "My Swing" threads with people cheering them on, helping them out, and watching their progress. You get more help from people who consider you a "friend" than someone who just showed up and wants some free tips. Multiple "Tips" and Prioritization So you've posted, and gotten lots of tips from people. It's no secret that Mike ( @mvmac ) and myself (Erik, @iacas ) are instructors. I'm even the guy that trains instructors, including Mike, in a system we call "5 Simple Keys®." 5SK is not a "one-swing" method, but rather focuses on the five commonalities of the game's best players. You can read more about that here . The point of that is that we don't teach "one swing" to anyone here, but feel fairly strongly that any swing advice you get should pretty much help with one of five keys. That doesn't mean the person has to say "this will help with Key #2" or even talk about 5SK at all. What this really gets down to is prioritization. It's almost impossible to try to work on several things at once. Even working on two or three things at once is virtually impossible. So we recommend that you use 5SK as a sort of "template" for guiding you towards proper prioritization. - If you struggle most hitting the ball solidly every time you swing: look at tips that speak to Keys #1-#3. - If you struggle with controlling the flight of your golf ball, but strike it solidly all the time: look at tips that speak to Keys #4 and #5. Your job? Once you've got some feedback, it's to assess the biggest problems in your game against the tips and advice you receive, then, choose only one priority item on which to work. Sometimes it's as easy as doing what the majority of people see. Sometimes you have to apply your history and understanding to choose your priority item. Sometimes your priority will be whatever the person you trust most says it is. Whatever your reasoning, try to find a single priority item, post that you're going to work on that, and let others know. Then… Work on It The best advice in the world is wasted if you don't apply it. So, once you've found your priority, work on it. What do we mean by that? Well, we don't mean to just take the tip to the range or your next round of golf and "try it out" while making full swings or keeping score. What does "work on it" really mean? Basically, it means that you should apply the 5 "S"s of Effective Practice: (this is unrelated to 5SK). Follow Up! A fellow member gives you advice. You use his advice, practice properly, and shave three strokes off your game or eliminate your slice. Unless you update your thread, the other member might never know they helped you, so update your thread and thank the guy who helped you out! Heck, update the thread while you're working on it too. Use it as a journal for the feels and videos of your practice. Post regularly. You'll continue to get more and more feedback, and more and more tips. People will begin to "follow along" with your journey towards improvement. All of these tips above are designed to help YOU get the most out of YOUR "My Swing" thread. Again, welcome to The Sand Trap .com (TST), and be sure to check out our blog , our equipment and courses sections, and of course the many other threads available for comment and chit-chat and so on in our forum .
  38. Pretty good looking swing. Can you post a face on? The low shots could be improved by set up. We can see that with a face on.
  39. When I focus and slow down my back swing, it usually results in a better shot
  40. The night before your round, set down a basin with 3” of water and stand with your left foot in it (with your golf shoes on, this is important). Now pivot around the foot with your right foot and make three full turns around the basin with exactly nine steps per revolution while singing twinkle twinkle little star. You will drive the ball to the best of your ability the next round. Guaranteed. But in all seriousness, there’s no magic pill in golf and definitely no one tip fits all type of advice. People have different feels and priorities in their swing.
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    • Day 9: I sound like a broken record but what I’m working on with this connection on the takeaway is syncing up so much stuff. Having the thoracic spine being much more involved just naturally gets my hips moving more too. Fixing any early extension has gone on the back burner while I work on remedying the backswing. I think I’m correct in prioritizing this.
    • It doesn't necessarily do that, either. Especially if they're double- or triple-counting positives.
    • Let's be clear about something: white people are killed by police officers, too: • People shot to death by U.S. police, by race 2020 | Statista Sadly, the trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems to only be increasing, with a total 506 civilians having been shot, 105 of whom were Black, as of June 30, 2020. That's not what this is about, because things can be seen (and often are) disproportionate. Which you hint at, but somewhat poorly IMO. I think training can be important. Let's train police officers to de-escalate instead of escalating. To realize when a suspect is rendered unable to resist and to get up off his neck. To let junior officers do what is right without the macho bullshit culture. Things like that can all be trained.
    • 100 (69.1 / 130). I couldn't believe I was 1 shot away from an immediate goal. I had no idea until it was over. I came up inches short on 4-5 putts today. Mix in a few 3-putts, a penalty stroke (major improvement), a handful of fat shots, and that's a 100. I'm really close to getting into the 90s. Major takeaway today was an alignment tip from a friend. Normally I play with my 12 yo, or solo, but today I took two friends out. One was able to help me understand the drama I've been having off the tee. I've been hitting straight shots about 40 yards to the right from where I was aiming. I thought it was something in my hands, but it turns out I was simply aiming that direction. Thankfully it was the simplest fix of what it could have been. I started lining up differently and hitting fairways. Lead to a 48 on the back 9. I drove with my 5w all day. With this new knowledge, I'm going to hit the range with my 1w and see if that's in a better place now.
    • So is it training to deal with POC or all people because they don’t kill white people as often as they do POC. Or do the white police officers know every single white person in the area they police so they some how don’t end up killing them? 

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