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  1. That's funny. I play for the few pure shots that click off the club and fly exactly as envisioned. I play for the walk, the good weather, the camaraderie with friends. I play so that I have less money to spend on other things.
  2. For the one or two people following this thread, want to clarify that I don't think you need to do all the fitness stuff I'm doing to become a decent player. I've been steadily improving the last 3-4 years without it. To get to where I want to go with my game I'm open to giving this fitness/corrective exercise stuff a try. To do that I have to do my best to fix some mechanical/movement issues, some that may stem from my body's ability to "load" properly. 💪 Thanks Dave!
  3. View this round on GAME GOLF Wow, this course is very poorly mapped. I edited it so that the shots and hole locations are accurate, but the GIR and # of putts are completely off. Thought about editing it so that those numbers would be right, but then the approach distances would be off. Not really sure it matters either way in the long run. Played with @jamo and @boogielicious in the rain. It rained a lot. I played really well actually. Despite topping the shit out of the ball on a few drives, I still managed to shoot 82. Scott helped me fix that issue though, so hopefully that carries over to tomorrow's round. Everything was good, aside from the aforementioned tops. Short game was really good for the most part. Almost holed out the chip on #8 for par (that would have been some par). Missed a couple of short putts to start the day.
  4. Okay, that's my fault for asking the question so poorly. It sounds to me like your goal is to improve your ball striking (a very good goal! Mine too!), and you're viewing taking a divot as the means to improve. I think a better bet for you is to improve your ball striking, which may result in more divots (it did for me). But, given the choice between "improved ball striking, but no divots" and "divots, but the same quality ball striking overall" you'd pick the former. Is this accurate? If so, I have two suggestions. First, check out the instructional content page if you haven't already: Unfortunately, those links aren't organized at the moment by topic (putting, ball striking, etc), but items 2 and 3 from the top and the third from the bottom are good places to start. Second suggestion: read about the "Member swings" area and post your own. Read the directions carefully, because the way you set up your video will affect the quality of advice you get. But if you set it up well, you'll get great advice, including from some professionals who frequent the site. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  5. I know nothing about the mat. Sorry. What I do know is that the mat will take the contour of your lawn and if you don't have your lawn rolled flat you'll find that the mat won't be flat either. My lawn looks very nice and I get compliments from my neighbors but I've tried to put my mat on the lawn and it's like a bounce house
  6. Saw this friendly little fella after hitting one of my famous 9i shanks. Just came outta nowhere....both of them.
  7. Funny! The thing is... we all spend a lot of money on things that seem frivolous. But it's those things (golf, fishing, wife/husband/partner, kids, wine, home, coffee, entertainment, etc.) that make life worth living.
  8. I don't do wine or coffee so I must spend it somewhere...oh wait....the wife! (she's not looking over my shoulder at the moment!)
  9. I swear, if I had never spent a penny on golf I'd own my own private Lear jet. Same goes for never spending a cent on wine and coffee.
  10. Lately I have been working on creating a full hip turn and full shoulder turn. I have noticed that as I have been working on turning the hips, I have been bending my left knee more than more. It's starting to look more like Nicklaus than I am seeing from Pros today. One thing I have definitely noticed, though, is it makes it easier and almost more natural to turn my hips back into my right leg. Additionally, it is generating more power. I have to assume that there is good reason as to why people are no longer swinging this way, and once the full hip turn becomes more natural, I'll want to work to quiet that left leg a bit. but, as of now, I'm not really seeing much negative to this move. As a matter of fact, I golfed yesterday and probably had my most consistent driving day of the year.
  11. Mine was yesterday morning on the first shot of the day. 313-yard straight away par 4 with the only danger being a fairway bunker and a couple scattered trees, both at about 240, so it's a nice opener to get the swing going. Hit one of the straightest drives I've ever had and landed it just in front of the green where it rolled about 15 feet past the hole. Proceeded to knock down the downhill right-to-left putt for just my second eagle ever and first on a par 4.
  12. Should have went direct to Taylor Made!!
  13. Played only 9 holes this week, since it's been so hot (Went to play discgolf in the woods instead :D). Got myself a new phone and tested filming one teeshot with it, which ended up being probably one of the only good shots of the round, since I felt dead after like 3 holes in that heat. Driver into slight headwind which I gave little extra juice, don't know the exact length, but it was long for me. Didn't know this phone can record 4k video. 🙈
  14. #5 Hanko Lillmärsan, Hanko Finland Beatiful 24 hole course at the southest point of Finland by the sea. #6 Toramo discgolfpark, Rovaniemi Finland At the hoods of santaclaus, beatifull tightly wooded course in Rovaniemi. Often times you'll have reindeers watching you bang those putts in. #7 Ford discgolfpark, Tuusula Finland Sponsored by ford as name tells, tightly wooded course that is always dry no matter how much it rains, good for winter play aswell. #8 Siltamäki discgolfpark, Helsinki Finland Really beginner friendly course that still offers great practise for better players. Fully lighted (maybe only one in Finland?) 18 hole course so this is the place to play at the middle of night.
  15. Like you, I am in the midst of a swing change, not just tinkering around the edges, but a major change. I try to just laugh at the awkward results and keep clearly in front of me why I am making the change. Don’t worry about the HCP, it’s supposed to adjust to reflect your scoring potential. It should go up while you are making a swing change. Instead of becoming frustrated, I try to view the process as learning new things about the golf swing. My experience in the past has been that it takes months, more like a year to fully integrate a change into your game. Once you change your ball striking, you may find it necessary to change other parts of your game. Hitting more greens? More pressure on your putting, for example. Consider how long Tiger Woods sets aside for a swing change. He basically disappears for a year.
  16. I always have a bit of an adjustment period to learning a new piece after a lesson. There is a period of time where I won’t be doing it well, but I don’t go into a slump as you put it. It’s more of a general feeling of frustration that I’m not hitting shots like I was when I took the lesson. Looking at my scores this year, I posted a 17.4, 15.2, and 11.7 differentials in the two weeks after my lesson. It might seem like my score went up a little bit immediately after the lesson, but the three differentials that preceded it were 15.2, 18.1, 15.2, so I basically played as well or better after the lesson.
  17. I finally got around to begin watching and performing the drills from @iacas COVID-19 Practice Plan and wanted to take the time to take note of something important. While my video angles are indeed slightly off, making the right arm look worse than it is, I'm still not in love with the position of that limb in the picture below. After some mirror work, I firmly believe the culprit to be a bit of disconnect between the upper torso and the arms early on in the takeaway. Furthermore, when I said the above tidbit about a month ago (mainly the part about my left arm pressing into my pectoral), I thought the issue was that my backswing was just a little flat. I no longer think that and firmly believe that it is also a result of the disconnect that I just mentioned. If your chest doesn't turn, obviously your arm is going to be pressing into it as it begins to make its way back. Compare these two pictures below (Rors and then myself at A2). While comparing the amount of chest turn is somewhat difficult because of the relative subtleness of the move, the telling bit is clearly the flex of the right arm. Mine is already flexed a TON at this point and Rory has next to none. I also took a quick peak at a few other professional swings and from what I've seen, nobody has their trail arm that flexed at this point. I'm relatively sure that this is a case of something early on in the backswing having a huge affect on something that comes shortly after. This piece is really easy to practice so I plan on spending the next week doing drills whenever possible to "change the picture". I also think mirror work will be invaluable here.
  18. The camera angle for the face on view needs to be much lower https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Also, if your average carry distance with a 5 iron is 195 and 7 iron is 165 and you are a 22 handicap, there's a really good chance there are a number of other aspects of your swing/game that need to be fixed first before you worry about trying to add another 25 yards onto your iron distances. There are very few PGA tour players who can carry a 7 iron 190 for their stock yardage. In 2019 according to Trackman the PGA Tour average for a 7 iron was 172, which means there were a decent number of players who hit their 7 iron less than that. I were you, I would focus more on improving your swing so that your accuracy, consistency, dispersion, etc all improve rather than trying to add another 25 yards to your irons. I'm not a golf coach so I typically don't give too much actual swing advice, but one thing I would at least start by checking is your grip, it looks like the shaft is too far in your palms with your bottom hand, it should be more towards the fingertips like in this topic https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/75436-how-to-grip-a-golf-club-commonalities-of-a-functional-golf-grip/
  19. It may depend on your stage of life. Had a lesson a couple of days ago and confirmed that at 75 I have lost the flexibility to separate the hips and the shoulders. This despite three decades of Yoga 🙁 Anyways, in order to get a 90 degree shoulder turn, I need to look like a stork. Worked for Nicklaus, Miller, Watson ... no one would confuse me with those champions 😎
  20. Welcome to TST. You've found the best place to talk golf on the web. You'll find that the link Dave provided will answer your questions about grip.
  21. More of the same, in terms of golf game, over the last couple weeks. Driver has been really good. Other areas, not so much. This graphic pretty much says it all: Performance with driver before my May visit to Erie...222 yard typical drive, 35% right (my "bad" miss). Since that visit...241-yard typical drive, with 47% missing left (not nearly as bad a miss, for me). Pretty neat to see the swing change make that significant a difference. The fairway % is a little misleading, because the range of misses themselves have not been nearly as bad since I have much less curve on the ball. As far as the swing itself, the backswing piece is getting more and more ingrained, so I'm working more and more on the "swing out, miss the noodle" part. I haven't been to the practice range at all, but I've been playing twice a week recently.
  22. If I wore tight red pants like those (with the slight bell bottom) I'd do nothing but hit shanks. Wondering if those are still in Jack's closet??? I did start off my golf life at 12 lifting the left heel. But it's been firmly planted since 2001.
  23. Last weekend and today.
  24. OK - i discovered that i had gone thru golfnet.com thus i did not a have a GHIN number. I joined a club in June and they set me up in USGA so i have a real GHIN number. I entered the few rounds i played in 2019 due to injury and got all of my rounds for 2020 entered. So now i have an updated GHIN. I am playing terrible golf right now, like i haven't played this bad since i was in 7th grade, many many years ago. That is due to having injuries the last 2 seasons that really limited my play and then this year i started off with a right shoulder injury. But i am having a blast playing golf, really am enjoying the game tremendously. All have my kids have started playing ages 20 thru 27, that's 5 kids and all of their significant others are also taking up the game. My wife has started playing again as well. Add in a lot of my nieces and nephews that have started. It really is so enjoyable to be arround. thank you EVERYONE for the advice on how to work thru this. Appreciate this site
  25. I don't really have anything else constructive to add, other than to say I am a very mediocre player, but my iron game is much better than my driver game. Honestly, my driver is my worst club in the bag.
  26. ‘After months of wearing a mask..my ears have lost some elasticity and unfortunately it’s caused me to to have to WD.’
  27. Learning is a flight of imagination. Imagine a flight of stairs. Each step has both a height and a run. We cannot know either...except in retrospect. If the step is deep enough...we get bored. Why is this taking so long? Well it takes however long it does...doesn't it?
  28. The better a player gets, the more important it is to accurately describe the ball flight in two ways (I'm leaving vertical launch from this discussion for now for reasons that will become somewhat obvious, I hope): Start line Curve This matches up with what we've always said about the "ball flight laws": "The ball starts generally where the face is pointing at impact and curves away from the path." I bolded two words there, because when it comes to what the clubhead is doing, we care about those two things with regards to ball flight: Face Path These, naturally, line up: the "start line" is governed primarily by the face and the curve by the path (relative to the face, of course). (I'm leaving off-center hits out of the discussion.) One of the more frustrating things as an instructor is when a student texts you to say "I keep missing to the left," you give them some advice based on their answers to a few questions, and then you see them and realize their answers didn't match with reality at all. For example, I'll ask about the shape of their shots, and the possible answers for a left miss include: starts right, curves left starts straight, curves left starts left, curves left starts left, straight starts left, curves right Each of those can result in a ball that misses left to varying degrees. If a ball starts straight at the target and curves 10 yards left of the target, the fix might be as simple as gripping the club a bit more open, allowing the ball to start to the right a bit more and curve a bit less. But if the ball starts ten yards right and misses left 30 yards, then that's not a problem solved by opening the face up a bit more! Each of those descriptions includes the two key pieces of info: the start line and the curve. Get these wrong, especially the start line — and the fix can be very different than what you need. The start line is the ball's initial direction. On a launch monitor like a FlightScope X3 or Mevo+, it's called "horizontal launch angle." Positive numbers are to the right, negative to the left. I don't need to know what the horizontal launch angle is to the tenth of a degree, but for a ball that finishes in the left rough there's a big difference between the type of swing you made if it starts at the left edge of the fairway or the right edge. Pay attention to your start lines. Have a buddy stand behind you on the range and tell him what you think the start line was, and then have him confirm it. Put sticks ten yards out in front of your mat at the range and learn what a right, left, and straight start line look like. Yeah, there's a little parallax there since the ball is to the side of us, but learn to see what the ball is doing. You — and your instructor — will be better for it.
  29. I'm not sure I follow the logic. Why is tiredness/soreness an indicator of giving 100% effort at something? Both the gym and gardening are two completely different tasks and use different muscles than golf, so it makes perfect sense to me that they tax your body in different ways. ~30-40 full golf swings spread out over 4 hours is much less taxing on your body than 2 hours of constant shoveling, raking, and bending over pulling weeds. Why do you want to put more effort into each shot? Wouldn't it make more sense to try and get your swing to a point where you can put in as little effort as possible but still hit the ball out of the center of the clubface and a solid distance?
  30. People are doing it more and more. Look at Bubba and others. It "went away" for awhile when the "X-Factor" stuff was the rage.
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    • MEH. I haven't watched TGC other than golf coverage for decades.
    • I know enough to be dangerously wrong, but also wise enough to know when great advice is given, such as @iacas has given above.  When I am in my practice zone, which is my backyard, I am focusing on one area of my swing - is it impact, is it backswing, is the downswing - what do I want to accomplish/see today.  Great thing is some days I see the mountains move, other days I can't hit my way clear out of a very wet paper sack, but I press  on. Often when doing work at the desk, I am turning my body - working through the torso motions.  My stretches in the say are to replicate what happens in a swing.  Flipping my wrists - I can show you video from about 2 yrs ago and some more recent.  I have gotten better at ball striking, not flipping wrists, but using the the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Son. One part at a time - Erik gave a great reference many moons ago when he spoke of how a classically trained violinist learns a piece (you can insert any instrument here).  At first is seems like disconnected, dissonant notes, yet as they accomplish a piece, they move forward little by little. Then at the end of the day, when it is time to play the notes are fluid and flawless.  This process is about learning it note by note - the YouTube guru's all have a fast cure - the only good one is hard work on A SINGULAR KEY POINT till it is automatic.  Muscle memory is a fantastic thing - it makes things automatic.  Please pardon the ramblings of an old man who had a good day on the course!
    • Golf: $600-900 depending on what courses we decide to play.   Stay is free, no cost for any of the nights at the lake house.   Everything else is kind of unknown at this time.  Am I missing anything? I'd provide a good portion of the food and drinks for the meals at the lake, but we may want to go out a couple nights for dinner, and I am no cook. We do have a grill and a full Kitchen at the Lake that we could use.   Btw, I'd recommend anyone who would be flying in to go through Minneapolis. It's only about 2 hours to the lake vs 3 from Milwaukee.    
    • Day 70 spent an hour on the range chipping/putting and getting some video of my full swing. I’ll get it up either tonight or tomorrow. 
    • Played a nearby muni course today.  Last time there - holes 15-17 were underwater (drainage issues) so we were not able to do a full round.  Today the course was back to normal and funny thing, fairways were dry and the ball loved to roll out!  The fronts of the greens were mush, plug the ball sticky.  Made for approach shots at the front of the green tricky because too steep a landing and you were rolling no where.  For a guy who just starting to consistently shoot in the 90's it made attacking the greens more challenging.  Keep thinking about how in LSW, to aim for the big area of the green and not hunt flags.  To be honest, I had a blast with the 50* wedge as I was putting the ball exactly where I saw it landing.  Overall - cannot complain shot a 96 (48/48), gold tees (translates to around 6100yds).  Only one triple, NO SNOW MEN!, but way too many doubles to overcome.  All in all drives were some of my best ever, with them either being on fairway or just off enough the S20 saw them as in the rough.  That's okay.  Not a bad day putting, still had some 3 putts but it was me not the putter or the greens which were reasonably fast.  Would love to play this one again soon, its just over an hour away so not too bad a drive.  Thinking about taking the missus there as she is saying she is ready to go play a round.   

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