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  1. 1. Sport you can play your entire life 2. To be able to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather 3. One of the best social mechanisms in business (or anyone in the real world). 4. The only accepted reason (for me) to take 4+ hours away from the family to go out and play (and/or drink). 5. Sport can be played across generations (1v1 basketball vs. grandpa doesn't have quite the same touch). I wish the game wasn't so difficult and/or frustrating, but I bet that if it were easy enough that anyone could play with success, it would have a different place in society.
  2. I golf because I'm addicted to it.
  3. I wasn’t sure how but the first few times I tried golf, I kept hitting the balls behind me. I did not give up because my father-in-law (played his whole life and was once a scratch golfer) commented that I was hopeless🙄 So I wanted to prove him wrong...and I did. I enjoy playing now because of the solitude. Also because it is an individual sport that I am only responsible for my own game.
  4. The feeling of hitting a well-struck golf shot is a feeling that is hard to get in most other things I do. I suppose that back in the day it is sort of like that bullet slap shot into the top corner of the net or a line drive into the gap. My hockey and baseball days are over, but once in a while golf offers me that feeling again. Over time, the golf course and the people that frequent it sort of become your community. That's why it was hard for me when my home course shut down. I'm still trying to settle in at the new course. Still, you get to know the pro, the regulars, the bartenders and cart girls. It's an important feeling of connection for a lot of us. The two combine to make it hard to think of doing anything else with my free time.
  5. I ask myself this question a couple times every round lol. But I love the social aspect, being able to get together with friends, regardless of skill level. I love being outside and the competitive aspect, even if it's just with myself. I love the never-ending quest for improvement and the way that a terrible day can be salvaged on the 18th hole.
  6. I’m told that I was dropped on my head at a very young age...
  7. I know nothing about the mat. Sorry. What I do know is that the mat will take the contour of your lawn and if you don't have your lawn rolled flat you'll find that the mat won't be flat either. My lawn looks very nice and I get compliments from my neighbors but I've tried to put my mat on the lawn and it's like a bounce house
  8. Please, share more about that battleship roast buffet...
  9. I walk with an electric walking cart.
  10. All my buddies played, and since I quit boozing (unless I or someone in my group in a hole in one) it's a way to hang out with the boys and they can drink, and I can abstain. Not to fun sitting at a bar sipping diet Pepsi. Now I'm hooked on getting better.
  11. It must be a cultural thing to make fun of new golfers🙄 I could have easily given up golf and missed out on the fun! I am actually still at my old club for July. All members are getting club credits equivalent to dues paid in April, May and June but I have to be an active member in July to receive/use the credits... My handicap dropped a tiny bit...pretty sure it will go up and down as I start playing more golf!
  12. I golf because I have more time and money than I have brains, and I don't have much time or money.
  13. Punishment for past sins 😀
  14. I don't know. I liked Fox's coverage a lot better than NBC's fluff pieces. Fox had some growing pains, but I preferred their coverage over NBC's sentimental stories. When I turn on the TV to watch golf, I want to watch golf not some fluff piece on a player.
  15. I was just kidding. Glad you got to enjoy the bourbon. I just love being in the wide outdoors listening to the birds chirping. I also love a challenge of trying to improve my game. Of course the golfing gods have other ideas. In that sense, I am like Job of golf. 🤣
  16. I use a 10" x 30" Country Club Elite® Golf Mat Hitting Strip. I dug out about 2" of soil so that it sits flush with my lawn and I just stand on the ground when I hit. But I have a 2 acre yard out in the sticks, so no one can really see where I dug it up.
  17. My dad was a tea planter and tea estates in Assam, India, during the 1960's and 70's encouraged golf and tennis. My folks started playing before I was born and when I two or three my dad had the factory carpenter carve me a golf club out of a piece of wood. That got the juices flowing but I got hooked around the age of 11 when I first took lessons in Zambia and have been playing on and off ever since. To date it is the most addictive sport I have ever played.
  18. Every round, there are 6 or 7 great shots. I'm under the assumption that one of these rounds, a couple of those 6 or 7 shots will be struck consecutively. And gradually, will become more than 6 or 7 a round. I play golf to see if i can keep improving on that number.
  19. Going there with my old coworkers, I can definitely confirm this. The second time I went I brought a wedge, 7 iron, and 4 iron. This made it much more enjoyable.
  20. I am just attracted to the sports were you do not need a teammate like Golf, Bowling, and Disc. Golf.
  21. The first recommendation I have is to try shortening your backswing. I try to feel like I am keeping the arms more straight on the backswing. You can see in the pic at the top of your backswing that your left arm is bent at an angle more than 90 degrees. You want it to be slightly less than 90 degrees at that point. Check out this video!
  22. Its been a long time. Been playing on and off. Had some lessons. Didnt actually make alot of progress because life got in the way. Had fun though. Teacher made a video of my current swing so im logging it here for progression journal(Sry its not entirely the right angles). Feel free to comment. Current shot is a slight draw, but i regularly hook it. Trying to get a more outward swingpath now to help with that. [video] [video]
  23. Gorilla Tripod can clip right to your bag and do just fine. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P1RSW5P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_vzC-Eb7KX1J9N
  24. Very true - I have a similar 5x5’ mat that I ended up needing to build a small, level platform for. My yard is unusually bumpy and poorly graded though, so ymmv.
  25. I use a mat similar to that one (been long enough I can remember where I got it) on my lawn and it works fine. I've practiced on it while wearing my plastic spikes. It's heavy enough that I haven't felt the mat moving under my feet. Keep in mind that, unless you move the mat frequently or pick it up when not in use, it will kill the lawn underneath.
  26. Varies by the sponsor. Sometimes it’s a local guy. Sometimes a story gets you in. Sometimes they just give it to a former good player. Whatever reason they want.
  27. Does anybody really golf on Father's Day? I personally avoid it at all cost because that is the day I'd be behind a 6 hour round. I did it once and won't play on Father's Day.
  28. A little setup tip: I'd work on flairing the feet a bit at address.
  29. ha ha... I don't know why I play. Its fun, exciting, scary, frustrating, relaxing, nerve racking, good exercise, and occasionally you hit the shot that keeps you coming back for more.
  30. Yes, I play all Snake Eyes clubs except for Driver (Callaway), Putter )Scotty Cameron) and Sand Wedge (Callaway Sure Out). Love them.
  31. I play a 4 iron at 205 carry, 3 hybrid adjusted to 20 degrees 220 carry and a 2 hybrid (17 deg) instead of a 3 wood at 235 carry
  32. Really appreciate the thoughts everyone. We had a great time today. My son had an absolute blast. He's hooked. He wanted to head straight to the range after our 9 holes. 😄 He teed it up on every hole and hit a 6i or lower. He never teed up shots after the tee shot, but I kept that in my back pocket in case he really started to struggle. The course is short, about 2,200 yards from the tees we played today. The course was loaded as it's basically the cheapest option in town. It gave me the opportunity to explain etiquette along the way. While it's been years since I've played regularly, there was a time not that long ago I played to a 15. I was shocked to find my son legitimately beat me on hole #3 today. He had a double, while I posted a triple. He had a lot of shots you'd expect from someone that had never stepped onto a course before. He also had a number of shots that just looked awesome. Really glad he enjoyed it so much. @Sean_D I've been hearing about that program. Since he's been so eager to get into golf and I'm happy to start playing again, I've been looking for a consistent place for us to play, find some junior camps for him, etc. Operation 36 has come up every place I've looked. It definitely looks like the right way to start teaching the game.
  33. Meh, most golfers are going to shoot the same scores regardless of what ball they use.
  34. Still have a set of clubs from they, just the heads now. Also have a 60* Snake Eyes lob wedge I put in the bag for a while this year. When Tom there I bought a lot of equipment there. It all went to junior golf and to the local Vet for their Wounded Warriors Program.
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    • The Footjoy rain pants are huge. Not a good fit in my opinion. 
    • The 80 I shot a few months ago has been knocked off my card, and my handicap currently sits at 16.3. However, my round from today (score post in a little bit) knocked the next-lowest round, 83, off as well, so it will probably skyrocket when I get my update tomorrow. Stay tuned.
    • Haven’t practiced in a while. Got into a little bit of a funk there. Been playing poorly lately; was going to pack away the clubs for the winter but I committed to an outing for some reason so I’m going to make the best of it 😃 First swings weren’t great. Might have figured out the main issue, though. Backswing stuff, inconsistent club head position at transition. Leads to lots of randomness. Started rehearsing A4 and then slowly bringing the club back to the same position, feeling that I’m set there (kind of a pause or slight delay), and then firing hard.   I posted the swings at real speed because I wanted to see the backswing at real speed. Feels slow to me but isn’t, and I’m not surprised there’s no actual pause at transition. Hit the ball really well like this though, which is promising.
    • Played 18 yesterday. Didn't score well due to some lapses in my priority piece on the course and associated penalty strokes. When I executed the swing I worked on in my lesson and recent practice sessions (mainly the takeaway/backswing), the ball was going where I aimed it. Short and mid irons were straight, maybe with a touch of fade or draw to them. Longer clubs were a little bit of a pull-fade flight. Of course, this is n=1 so who knows if this pattern holds over time. My miss was a cut/fade that starts on target, or maybe a bit pushed, and moves moderately to the right, and comes up short of typical distance. This miss is much more playable than the violent hooks, pull hooks, and shanks I was hitting previously. Overall I'm feeling optimistic that I can solidify these changes quickly, and hopefully get some decent rounds in before rainy season. Another thing my teacher asked me to try was not hovering the club at setup. She thinks it can help with my commitment to my target line/setup. I didn't take this advice as something that is right or wrong, but just a new approach to try and see if there is any improvement. I tend get fidgety with my feet when I am hovering the club prior to takeaway and start repositioning my feet and changing my alignment. I tried it in my round yesterday when I remembered it, but reverted back to hovering often.

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