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  1. I golf because it is one of the few things I am physically cleared to do by my cardiology team. August 22nd, 2018 I had a stroke on duty. During the subsequent hospital stay, I was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition. A year later and following my retirement I began my journey in this sport. I golf for several reasons now - To get exercise - To spend quality time with 13 year old daughter, who undoubtedly will be busting my ass on the course by next year - To spend quality time with my mom who also just started playing this year - To help eliminate daily stress and serve as a release for my PTS - I enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors, the silence, the smells, the fresh air, the sheer beauty - Seeing progress in my game, albeit slower than I would like - The camaraderie with those I am playing with and meet new people with similar interests - To find the answer to the question in my head, "How can a game that is so maddening be so much fun?" Finally, I have used golf to rekindle friendships that I unfortunately let slip because of being focused too much on my profession. I have used the time together to express my sincere apology for allowing a stupid job to become more important than their friendship. Thankfully, it has been well received. Oh yeah, and I truly love the sport and have become quite addicted to it.
  2. As a dapper gentleman I had the pleasure of playing a round with once told me, "You don't seem like you have enough sense to quit."
  3. I PLAY golf for a few reasons. Competition- I love to compete it's a big part of who I am. Challenge- It's fun to have something to work at and try to improve. I get a lot of satisfaction when I play well knowing I put in a lot of work to get here. Exercise- Playing 18 holes walking at my course burns about 2000 calories. Camaraderie- Many of my friends I have made on the golf course.
  4. I play because I can still be better than I was yesterday. My track and field career bests are behind me, and while I can still compete against people within my age group I will never be the same guy who was able to hold his own in flights and heats against world champs and olympians. I just can’t be that fast and jump that far anymore. I still believe the best Golf of my life is ahead of me. I also play because it is a game that challenges the mind and the body. It’s not physically taxing per se but the body has to be in technically sound positions to deliver the clubhead to the ball as desired repeatedly. I have to think and use my mind to accurately strategize around the course and overcome the bad times and shots. Lastly- I play for fun. Fun of friendly competition, fun of architecture and its impact on the game, fun of just playing with my Dad or a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. Some many reasons and ways to have fun playing this game.
  5. Because crack is not socially acceptable... but golf is. Both involve a small white object that completely rules your life.
  6. I've got an idea, and I'd like buy-in from a good number of people here. I'd like people to commit to doing this every day in April. Since we're all stuck inside (not all, and not literally inside 24/7, but you get the drift), I thought we could use this time to go through a 30-day practice plan. Specifically, my idea is this: Every day I'll produce a video showing you something to practice for five minutes. I'll post the video in the morning. I'd like everyone to practice that for five minutes, in your home, that day. I'd like everyone to post that they did it, and what they thought about it, and if possible a video of themselves doing the drill or game or whatever. I have got a few good ideas for the first four or five days, and will talk with @mvmac and some other guys about what we can do on different days. Some will be putting, short game, full swing… but all will be a drill you can do in just five minutes. They may not be something you specifically need to do, but since rehearsing good moves is a good thing, I'll again ask that everyone sign up and do it. I'm making this a challenge, so anyone who can do 28+ of the 30 daily drills will earn the badge at the end of the month. I'll keep the drills simple - you won't need to visit a range or even necessarily hit a golf ball (the putting things may involve an actual golf ball), so everyone can do them. Why? Again, if we're gonna be stuck inside, or at home, we can at least do some things to improve our golf. It'll help stave off boredom (for me as much as y'all) and give us something to do together. Post below if you're in, and on April 1, I'll post the first video. (Hint: it's gonna be about the first part of the backswing. 🙂) Index: Day 01 - Early Backswing Day 02 - Shoulder Pitch Day 03 - Trail Elbow at A4 Day 04 - Lead Wrist Conditions Day 05 - Delivering the Clubhead Day 06 - Chipping (Leading Edge) Day 07 - Pitching (Sole or "Glide") Day 08 - Putting (Rhythm, Tempo, and Sticks) Day 09 - Snapping Sticks Day 10 - Full Swing Flow Day 11 - Putting Pendulum Day 12 - Trail Arm Throwing Day 13 - High Pitches and Flops Day 14 - Eye-Hand-Club Coordination Day 15 - Putting "Bead" Work Day 16 - Double Stork Drill Day 17 - Double Noodle Drill Day 18 - Swing Path Gate Drill Day 19 - Trail Side Band Pull Day 20 - Lead Arm Throwing Day 21 - Low Point Control Day 22 - Proper Setup Day 23 - Pre- and Post-Shot Routine Day 24 - Trail Arm Pitching Day 25 - Sequencing Drills Day 26 - Turn, Tilt, Extend Day 27 - Early Extension Day 28 - Advanced Shoulder Tilts Day 29 - Advanced Stick Work Day 30 - Swing Mapping
  7. This coyote and her buddy hang out on the other end of the driving range where I work. When I practice in the mornings they sit and watch. Pretty cool really.
  8. Match play is a great game, and my personal favorite style of golf games. A. Don't get caught up in how your opponent is playing, play your own game. B. Be prepared for a slower than usual pace, Matches seem to always slow players down. C. After any extended time when it becomes your turn to play, take a big breath and focus, then hit you shot or putt. D. Be careful with rule differences in Match Play. E. When a few bad swings happen, refocus and remember Match Play is usually never over. F. Do not beat yourself, do not give up. In Match Play, the player who plays better for the majority of holes will win most of the time.
  9. Not a full blown study, but it was talked about on twitter by the No Laying Up guys and others back in December 2019 and I think they talk about it on one of their podcasts probably around the same timeframe.
  10. I hope someone does a study comparing the number of golf shots per hour that each network shows in their respective coverage.
  11. I do. No idea if it is a good idea, but I know that my grip is well on the strong side.
  12. I play with what is considered to be a strong grip. Nothing intentional, just started using something that felt comfortable. When I went through a period of time hooking the ball, the pro I took lessons from told me that I could either learn to use a less strong grip or learn to play with a strong one - he used Tom Lehman and Paul Azinger as players with similar grips. I practiced several times with a neutral grip and then said the heck with it, it's not comfortable. So now I use it knowing my miss is often left. I'm a better player now than I was then so I guess it's working.
  13. I was told decades ago that most people take 6-12 months for their "muscle memory" to imprint a significant change. One will see positive results immediately but inconsistently. I do not know how that stacks up with current research.
  14. 👍 I found it much easier to square the face with it, at least it felt that way, the downswing felt much more natural as well to have my hands rotated that way.
  15. Selling my Golf Buddy Voice 2. Like new barely used. Includes mico-USB charging cable. $55 shipped. PM if interested.
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    Whether those numbers are accurate or not, is up to debate... Yup.
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    How about comparing the US to the EU instead? The Graphic Truth: Two different pandemics – EU vs US - GZERO Media The United States and the European Union have comparable population sizes, but the trajectories of their COVID-19 outbreaks have been vastly different. Data recently released by the European Center for Disease... That's not really a good analogy. In general, obesity and tobacco-related diseases are preventable through lifestyle choices or changes. I guess you could say COVID-19 is preventable through lifestyle choices, but those choices infringe on people's freedom... The recent spike of cases in the states that are making COVID-19 a political issue rather than a medical science one answers this question.
  18. I forgot to add that I found a set of old persimmon woods and ancient irons in my lesson area. They are actually fun to mess around with. I can hit the driver decently 2/3 of the time I think and they go about 250-260. But the 1 miss is like a 50yd hook. The sound is pretty cool too.
  19. Crossed off another birdie on the first hole today! I hit a drive down the right side of the fairway, then came up just short with my 8I approach. I felt good about getting it up-and-down, and it just happened to go in with perfect speed. That makes 8/18 birdies. It was on the no. 4 rated hole on the course too, so it was nice to get a tougher hole out of the way. I really want to birdie the eighth hole. It’s a short par-4, but it’s the only hole I’ve not birdied on the front in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been a member at my home club, and I’ve played it probably a hundred times, so I’m bound to get one at some point. I’ve had several good looks on that hole, but nothing’s been dropping. I’ll get it soon.
  20. I only watched one iron video, but you have next to no weight transfer in your iron shots as well.
  21. I do per the advice of my instructor. It actually can help flatten the shaft at A4 and improve inline impact.
  22. I have Parkinson's in my right hand that was brought on by Agent Orange in Vietnam. Diet and exercise will almost completely remove my tremor. (I also take medications) That is mainly why I golf. I also just enjoy the game. Retired Old Man
  23. Why I play golf, wow what a happy thought. It is a connection to my past, the good times with my Dad on a course. I can still remember 50 years ago this summer and the very first time i played. My Dad gave me a Junior Club 7 iron & Putter and off we went together. I still have both of those clubs. The joy of hitting a spectacular shot from an incredible lob wedge out of the rough last round to just hammering a Drive. To see those shots and look at a PGA player on TV and say - I can do that, while not as consistent but still to see it done and do it. I want no part of tackling Derrick Henry but i could play golf with Rory McIlroy, if he let me. The uniqueness of the architecture of each and every golf course all over the world. Are there really any two courses the same? To see how the Local 9 was laid out to some of the most exclusive Country Clubs in the country (yes i have been lucky to know some people). I find this so cool. To step up on the 1st Tee and meet someone for the first time and know already have in common - Golf and from there you build a new friendship. Golf is literally the coolest sport there is, you can hit one completely laterally and bomb the crap out of a Drive and still see the Pros do the same thing and laugh at yourself and them as well. So why i play the game - it fills me with Happy Thoughts
  24. It was pretty standard Sunday buffet fare when I was growing up. My dad called it a battleship roast due to his time in the Navy. They were about two feet in diameter and there would be a guy, in a chef's outfit, carving off thin slices for you with a long serrated knife. Surrounding the massive joint were small, white, peeled and roasted potatoes...swimming in dark juice. That's about it.
  25. All putts break towards water or away from mountains. Putts break downhill, period.
  26. Try to steal his girlfriend from him. He'll never do that again...
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    Let me be clear at least for myself: I don't think there's any sort of "conspiracy" per se. I just think that our "view" of the virus is a bit exaggerated as a country. I'm excluding NYC, Philly, Detroit, and two or three other cities from this, but basically: The mortality rate is lower than most continue to believe. The infection rate is much higher than initially believed. These two go hand in hand. The disease affects older people greatly. They could have been under different restrictions than others. Most areas are seeing massively underwhelming use of their hospital resources. The effects on the economy will last for a decade. Did we over-react? Yes, IMO, we did. But… I was scheduled to go to Pinehurst on a trip at the end of March for a four-day weekend. I said after that weekend had passed (and it was 80° and sunny every day in Pinehurst) that two things were both true: We absolutely made the right call to cancel our trip given the information we had at the time. We could have gone and been completely, totally safe and had a marvelous, wonderful time given the information we learned after the fact. At the time, it seemed likely to most that Pinehurst would also close down, or travel bans would exist state-to-state, or that restrooms would close along the highways… whatever. But after the fact, and having gone to Pinehurst in late April instead for a longer period of time… it would have been fine to go, and was a great mental health boost. In other words, we did and didn't "over-react" because the information we had at the time was that this was a "Very Bad Thing™". Italy, Spain, etc. were being rocked. China was full of shit (have they reported even 1/5th the number of deaths as even NYC yet?). But in hindsight, we could have likely done things differently. We could have: Prepared better. More tests, more masks. This was hampered greatly by the bullshit coming from China. Closed fewer businesses, but had more precautions in place. Masks, customer limits, etc. Done more with restrictions regionally. Many states are big, and Erie ≠ Pittsburgh ≠ Philadelphia. Some good will come of this, too. Some companies are learning that telecommuting can work. Some people are getting to spend more time with their families. We're seeing unprecedented study of corona virus type stuff, which may help fight not only SARS, MERS, COVID-19, but future coronaviruses.
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    • Well, I couldn't resist, I set the drive to the theme from The Natural. Pick me out a winner, Bobby.  
    • I like Collin. Share (kinda) the same name, good looking kid, skinny waisted, beautiful swing, bombs it. What's not to like?
    • My two cents on recent customer support: nothing but positive. Had an issue with their mapping of a new course that I played (tagged fairway shots weren't recorded as fairways hits, mapping seemed skewed to the right). Was able to contact their support using the live chat feature and instantly was paired up with a rep, who managed to fix the issue in about 20 mins. Easy!
    • Par 5, 535 yards downhill dogleg left with water all along the left side and tree-lined on the right, green also protected by water on the left. Placed myself at the centre of the bend with a nice drive, 206 yards to the hole. Managed to hit a 3W perfect, over the water, and got it to land pin high, about 25 feet away. Unfortunately three-putted for a disappointing par.
    • Yeah...I posted this in the PGA CHAMPIONSHIP thread....I’m liking Rory more and more....

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