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  1. I never heard of GolfStatsCoach, but then again, I go through so much stuff, I might have posted about it and forgotten about it. This is based on rounds of par or better. I wonder how the dispersion changes say for a 20 handicap? I now see the two other posts.
  2. 92 today (50/42, 6100yds, 69.6/125). After a front nine that was embarrassingly bad, especially off the tee I was one over through five to start the back. Cooled off a bit and ended with a triple on 18 (in pouring rain though), but saved a horrible round and made it average.
  3. Well I played again today and frankly after my 78 yesterday I fully expected to shoot in the 80s. Surprisingly, I shot 77. I cannot explain it but I'm playing like I did before my shoulder injury. I did switch back to my Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. I was fitted for them five years ago, but I had been playing a set of "game improvement" Taylormade 2017 M2s. I putted well too and that always helps. Who knows how long this will last, but I'm going to enjoy it.
  4. r/shittysuperpowers The left-handed club is a nice touch BTW. Bravo.
  5. Doh, there are two more graphics in the post. If only I paid attention, lol. The other two are for higher handicaps. Interesting for a 10+ handicap, even if you hit sweetspot, you're already losing strokes. No wonder it's the club I hate so much.
  6. I found that a strong grip led to some other problems like early extension. I've gone to a more neutral grip with my irons and even driver. It feels like I'm staying more in posture.
  7. Did you go to Chicago Public Schools as well?
  8. @mvmac I wanted to say THANK YOU for this video. I tried this technique last night utilizing my PW from 5 to10 yards or so off the green on the approach. I just about chipped in and left myself with a couple inch tap in putt. Even thought the content is from 2013, it still made a very nice difference in 2020 for me. Chip the way you Putt is now a permanent part of my game😎
  9. Or the sticks… 😉
  10. I couldn't disagree more with this statement. People who go into teaching/instructing usually have a vested interest in seeing their students achieve their goals. My friend's brother is a private baseball coach (pitching I think, but not sure) for youth baseball players. If his instruction was only based on getting more billable hours from his clients (parents of the kids), rather than achieving good results, he would be out of business. I would imagine this is the same for any type of (insert activity here; music, art, dance, sport) instructors. I'm not saying that there aren't bad golf instructors out there, or bad fit between student/teacher, but it's false to say that golf instruction is generally a scam. In any teacher/student relationship, there is equal burden on the student to practice/study/rehearse to achieve the progress they expect. I quickly learned that that the reason I wasn't seeing the progress I expected was because I was practicing poorly. I told my instructor that I was having trouble getting what she was asking me to work on. Her response was - "Tell me about how your practice". We had a good conversation about practicing correctly, and I realized that in addition to learning a better golf swing, I had to commit to learning how to practice the right way. A student who doesn't practice well has a limited ceiling for their instruction.
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    There's a reason @david_wedzik and I trademarked the phrase "Golf is Hard"®. https://thesandtrap.com/b/the_numbers_game/angles_of_error Here's a par three that is often a 7- or 8-iron (but can be a 6-iron). A driver on a par five. And another par three that plays from 190-220 yards. In all three cases, you have about +/- 2 or 3° in which to hit your shot, or else we deem the shot "a failure." Set your expectations properly, and give yourselves the credit you deserve when you DO hit a fairway or a green. It's phenomenally difficult!
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