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  1. I think this is solid advice. I don't think it would be a good thing to make an issue on the course, but a quiet word after the round is over might help the youngster realize that the AJGC way isn't necessarily going to be the "right way" to do things as he moves on.
  2. I generally follow the Lowest Score Wins strategy of aiming for the dead center of the green on everything outside of 100 yards. That is, assuming there isn't any obvious obstacle off any one side of the green. If there is, like the little run-off area you mentioned, then I just shift the "center" of the green away from that area.
  3. Just a couple of things I noticed for now, you shouldn’t point your knees inward so much at address and don’t pull the club head inside in the takeaway. You're going to want to take some better videos, preferably outside with better lighting at the proper angles so we can see more of what’s going on. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Also, for the love of that beautiful hardwood floor, stop hitting it with golf clubs 😃
  4. Well, there's the problem. You can't really strategize this way on a completely unknown course. Just accept that the reason you ended up in the unacceptable situation was because of a lack of course knowledge, not because of a dumb decision. 🙂 And then just make a note for next time. That said, I get really nerdy sometimes (who am I kidding, all the time) on courses I'm not 100% familiar with. I'll go online before I play and research the course from the tees I know or I'm guessing I'll play. Google maps works, but if you haven't already heard of it, bluegolf.com is great for this. Here is an example for the PGA guys today: https://course.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/course/course/hardingparkgc/holemap.htm?hole=1&next=overview.htm%231# It has a very handy distance tool among other things. This obviously isn't a replacement for seeing the course live, but it is better than going in completely blind and could save you a shot here and there.
  5. Yeah. That's the practical reason why you stay with your group on the green and the tee. Funny actually. We're talking about sticking around the green as a matter of manners. What the real purpose always had been was to make sure the little bastard eventually holes the ball and counts every stab it took him to do it.
  6. Bruh I’m not going to take your money. It’s no big deal. I also collect balls from the courses I have played so I get it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  7. LSW doesn’t always say center of the green. We need to apply the gray and black areas to our shot zones. If bunkers are on the left and only light rough all the way around the other sides, then right center may be our target. The shot zone can include areas off the green.
  8. Okay, Edel has a pile of videos out there in the YouTube-verse. This one is kind of a summary of their philosophy. It shows two things pretty quickly. One the "new" putter heads. and two the mirror with a laser thing. Enjoy.
  9. This has proven to be an interesting topic. I even went as far to check out the AJGA website and how they promote speedy golf and they are clear on the issue that they want the first golfer that putts out to head to the tee and tee off. That's great because these tournaments are teaching that the first rule of golf should be don't delay. I think its probably 2 fold in nature, to promote ready golfers and to get the kids off the course in a reasonable amount of time to return the course to the people that pay the bills. Now whether its rude or not is up to debate. I tend to collect my wedges or help others pick up their equipment and hang out just off the green closest to the path to the next hole. I have been that guy that has skulled one out of the bunker and while I am walking to my next shot everyone has putted out and then you are the guy finishing by yourself. It doesn't happen often and its a different vibe when you chip on and putt out by yourself. I don't think its ever happened when partners have cleaned up and someone has a 4 footer and everyone just leaves. That just seems kind of rude. It does make sense that this kid is all business getting ready for college golf but he's not playing the AJGA circuit anymore and he is not teeing off first unless he has honors. If he figured that out then he probably needs to figure out that in order to attest a score he needs to be in the proximity of the hole watching his playing partners hole out. Now if it happened to me I would engage in some friendly talk after the round and then ask him to recall how many putts I took on the 7th hole and then coach him up. In the end he is a kid and he is doing what he was taught and if done right it could be a teachable moment. Then again, depending on his overall demeanor, I might not even bring it up.
  10. OK, here we go. First videos in (apparently, about 3 years). Took these a couple weeks ago: These are from a couple of weeks ago and I got some good feedback from Mike on these. I need to eliminate the excess knee bend and the arms hanging inward at setup, which like everything, is easier said than done. In the swing, the goal for now is to try and turn the shoulders "back" towards the back leg rather than sort of extend the right side up and forwards (not sure if I explained it right, but I understood it when Mike explained it :)) Anyways, below are from today - my first time out trying these: Mainly it's just nice to back out and playing more!
  11. View this round on GAME GOLF First real round of the year.
  12. I know on the PGA Tour, some pros will walk off to the next tee early, but it seems rare. They usually hang out on the edge of the green when they finish, to wait for the other guys. I played in a tournament recently, and it annoyed me a little at first, but then I sort of got used to it. The amateur that I was paired with (kid headed off to college golf), when he holes out, will immediately walk off the green and head to the next tee. Doesn’t wait for us to finish or anything. I would understand if it were a pace issue, but the rounds were played is 4.5hrs or less, which was nice. It wasn’t just him either, I saw others doing the same. I don’t know if they were pros or ams though. Is it a competition mindset thing? At first I thought it was bad sportsmanship or something, but I doubt he or any others mean it that way. I think of these competitions as something fun to go play in. Him it was all business, it seemed like. I couldn’t bring myself to do it when I finished first on a hole. Just didn’t seem right.
  13. Questions on approaching the green strategy. I am starting to think more and more about how to maximize my opportunity at birdie while limiting my chances at bogey (assuming I am approaching in regulation). Really my only thoughts are aim at the center of the green if I am a 7-iron or more away. Aim to the 1/3 of the green where the pin is, if I am an 8-iron or closer. But, that said, I am not planning my misses very well. For example, two days ago I missed a green right into a little run-off area. So I had to chip up to a pin on the short side and, of course, the green was running downhill away from me. Needless to say, I chipped the other side of the green and bogey’d with no chance at par. The decision I made put me in the worst possible spot. If I had missed the green on the opposite side, it would have been a pretty easy ship to get close and have a good chance at par. But, my decision making process left me no change to miss on that side. So, my question is, when you are approaching the green, what all goes into your decision making process? Or does anyone know of a good book on this subject? Or, is there a good thread on here, that I can’t find? Anyone can make par when they hit the ball where they are aiming. I would like to have better chances of making par when I miss..
  14. On the short par-4, it looked like they had a crowd. A small crowd, like a dozen people, but there were people. Tiger birdies #16. If he birdies his next 38 consecutive, he has a good chance to win this thing.
  15. Forward a bit more, softer left knee in transition and early downswing, then explosive from there. Yeah, I agree.
  16. A fun course. 9 holes par 35. Lot's of trouble if you don't keep it straight. The greens are fast, probably too fast. And some photos: The plume of the Apple Fire 10 miles away with nothing but forrest between the fire and Big Bear. Is there gas in the car? Yes there's gas in the car... a full tank.
  17. Since this is from the guy who stole a whole book-I will not believe this is his either. Also-Do not love the trail elbow position at the top.-Appears to be well around by the seam.
  18. I would just open up a 1i and carry it all....😏
  19. I'm not talking about for all golf. I am talking within PGA touring pros, there is still a bell curve. For every Bryson there has to be the guy that doesn't have the distance.
  20. I'd also strongly advise getting your camera angles totally correct. It's possible the camera angle is making the inside takeaway look even worse than it is. I'm sure you've seen this before but just to reiterate I'll link it again.
  21. Like @GolfLug said, prolly not. I saw him hit one 156 ball speed a few holes later. It's the game he's able to play.
  22. No, I think he doesn't seem to hit faster than lower buck sixties ever. Driving distance and SG off tee is not impressive at all. Interestingly GIR SG not that great either (overall). But seems to get hot with FIRs and GIRs on weeks he does well. Guess some players are streaky. It's just that he is been hovering on first page of leaderboards much more lately than I recall last few years. Interesting case in the era of bomb and gouge IMO. Good on him.
  23. Your takeaway is very far inside which causes the exaggerated over the top move. You are getting into a position that is almost impossible to recover from.
  24. Pretty funny post round interview when BD immediately praised the shaft brand for being able to replace it and perform on the spot...lol. I mean...it just snapped.
  25. The shaft just failed when he was picking up a tee, so that’s fine he can replace it.
  26. Don't know but here is a potential start for you. http://centralpagolfguide.com/golf/courses . Good luck
  27. Now that's cool! I will try that and let you know how it works
  28. I used a piece of mirror that I broke off from one of my wife's pocket folding compacts, and a laser from a laser pointer. Taped the mirror to the face of the putter, had my wife hold the laser at the other side of the room while I set up trying to aim at the laser as she held it. Laser is reflected onto the wall behind her.
  29. We are talking about Tournaments and competitions, not casual play. I understand the idea in junior golf of the first player holing out and going to the next tee AND teeing off to assist pace of play. To me, once one is an adult and playing in a tournament, one stays around the green because one is marking for another player. In casual play, I have no big issue with a player moving to the next tee before I have putted out as long as they are not making noise or moving in my field of vision.
  30. I always thought he was from England, like Rory
  31. I can name one... pretty sure you've heard of it 😜 The only time I'll really deviate from the center of the green approach is if the green is tiered or otherwise contoured in a way that significantly favors being on one section of it over any others. Then I'll aim towards the center of the section the flag is in.
  32. No, not even close. The PGA Tour stat used for Strokes Gained evaluations is about 80% from 5 feet, dropping off quickly as you get further out. 50% from 8 feet, 29% from 11 to 15 feet. Depending on the distribution of distances, I'd bet that a bogey player makes less than 30% of all putts between 5 and 15 feet.
  33. At my club, if you have full playing privileges, you can play in just about all tournaments, the exceptions being tournaments only for women, or for seniors. A child of a member can play under his (or her) parent's membership until the age of 25, I think. Of course every entrant in the tournament pays. We've never had a 15-year old win, but I'm pretty certain we've had a 17 or 18-year old, as both Men's overall champion and as Women's champ.. I've got no problem with it, if that's the best player at a club, good for him or her.
  34. Just a little work today concentrating on the hips piece and firming up the left side. One of my short term goals is to get my swing speed back up and the only way I will be able to do that is using the ground more effectively. The down the line was the first ball with the 7 iron after the warm-up and then I filmed the face-on. Getting off the hip slide train is paying off in more consistent ball striking and was the first priority. Next will be firming up the left wrist and extending more through impact. I am happy with the progress I am making and its one concept at a time.
  35. That’s Enterprise golf course. Their 10th is very elevated. Does that sound familiar? Rest of the course is ok. Do you remember anything about the practice area?
  36. If the golfer is not a competent putter, all greens are going to be tough for them. Beginner golfers should use tough pin placements to get better at their approach shots, and their putting skills. Me, I like tough greens. I like the challenge they offer me. I played a course in Eastern Oregon a few weeks ago. The greens were a bit challenging. So much so, there were signs posted on each that read. " 4 Putts Maximum. Pick Up, And Move To The Tee". I thought that solved a lot of problems.
  37. If you grouped Tiger with two random club pros, you still wouldn’t be able to put together a group using the rest of the field that could equal his group’s majors or PGA Tour wins totals.
  38. @djake Have you done the thing where you use a laser and a mirror to check where you aim your current putter?
  39. Usually break something, the PVC, once in awhile so that I carry spares in car.
  40. Thanks @Carl3 and @boogielicious. It has been feeling slightly better with each day, so I should be safe from the doctor anyway. The ice sounds like a good idea, so I'll give that a shot. Now the question becomes what the heck I do with my weekend. I'm actually fairly caught up on yard work to. Guess I'll go get a book to read.
  41. I've always seen this as extremely rude. If you were playing in ~4.5 hours I'd assume some waiting was going on. I don't understand this at all.
  42. I was always taught to wait for other players to finish the hole. Common courtesy as well. But now, walking off early may be more prevalant during this Covid era.
  43. I've read that this practice is endorsed in some junior golf circles, as a pace of play thing, but have never seen it myself. I do wonder how he can attest the score of another player if he doesn't stick around to watch them finish, at least most of the time.
  44. I am going through the same thing right now. I had my handicap down to 6.7 before I started to take lessons, and now I am one or 2 rounds from going back to double digits. I think it just takes time to get the changes committed into muscle memory, I noticed yesterday that the longer the round lasted the more I started to slip into an old habit of taking the swing back to far inside. I was on fire early on with birdies on 3 of the first 4 holes, shooting a 38 on the front, only to turn around and shoot 46 on the back, hitting only 1 green in regulation the last 9 holes. I know it will be worth it in the long run, so I am trying to stay positive but it can be maddening at times.
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