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  1. Shot my best round in 20 years yesterday. 40-43 = 83 at Carrington GC in Monroe, MI. Parred the first 4 holes and birdied that last 2! I had three 3-putt bogies too. Best I've been able to strike the ball in two decades. A lot of practice paying off.
  2. Well, I couldn't resist, I set the drive to the theme from The Natural. Pick me out a winner, Bobby.
  3. No Laying Up - Golf Podcast - NLU Podcast, Episode 341: PGA Championship Recap | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts Listen to No Laying Up - Golf Podcast episodes free, on demand. Collin Morikawa wins the 2020 PGA Championship in iconic fashion. We break...
  4. Yeah, I keep mine 93-96. 100 is just for posers. I’m about 10 miles from Logan International. They asked me to keep it down for safety.
  5. Yeah. Pretty crazy. I like to keep mine at about 95’ high. Anything over that is just for vanity.
  6. I find that in most circumstances, there are fewer hazards in the air than on the ground.
  7. Let's talk about repairing ball marks on the putting green, and doing so properly. I see a lot of people do this improperly. Unfortunately, many of them are PGA Tour players, and they do it on television. They put their divot repair tool in the ground, pop up, and tap down. This is the wrong way to repair a ball mark. It damages or rips the roots and the grass does not heal in a short time, taking weeks to recover. We had an old topic on this, but it's old, and the videos and links in it are probably almost all outdated. So I wanted to revisit the topic anew. First, a video, an old one but a good one, from Lake View Country Club. Next, an image from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Third, a PDF I built based on the old Lake View site: https://thesandtrap.com/media/misc/repairing_ball_marks.pdf. In short… Push, Don't Pop. Finally, a photo of a recent repair I made to an improperly repaired ball mark: I did this by: Coring out the dirt part. Just inserted the tool and twisted. Progressively working the edges of the nearby turf around the edges toward the center of the hole. Tamping it down. I took the photo before I tapped it down with a putter (which smoothed it out nicely), and which not only looks better, but which will heal much more quickly. The left photo, the "badly repaired" ball mark, may putt quite well, but the person who repaired that ball mark didn't do his job correctly. He popped. He didn't push.
  8. So, today was the first time I was able to get to the range since my lesson with @iacas at the Chautauqua Golf Club outing where we worked on my alignment and also rotating to start my backswing rather than breaking my wrists and then turning. These were two of my best swings at the end of today's practice session. Felt awkward at Chautauqua but feels very natural now. Planning to get out there again tomorrow and hoping to play a couple birthday rounds on Wednesday. Downswing needs work, though, I feel - especially with getting my weight forward.
  9. They're obnoxiously cute. It sickens me 😜
  10. I would pay handsomely for like a Chambeau, Champ, Finau face off.
  11. The question I've posed is somewhat simple: if he's so great on Thu/Fri, and not on Sat/Sun, is it mechanical? Why don't the mechanical issues appear on Thu/Fri? He had a very good 2017… which is well after he's been said (in a few hearsay-level posts) to have been "chasing distance." Is there any non-third-party evidence of this? After 2017? Do you expect him to just say "I'm in the weeds, completely lost"? Are his Thu/Fri rounds evidence of his "getting it back"? (Not that they're awesome, but they're better than average.) Nobody said it was, but the statement that he's below-average doesn't have a lot of merit. What are his goals? And why would switching to someone he hasn't known since he was 12 help him get to his goals much more quickly and/or easily? What do what other people do - including Tony Finau, who can't hold JS's jock when you compare careers - have to do with what Jordan needs to do? I could cite a number of people who switched things — caddies, equipment, coaches — and went into a slump. Played badly. Etc. Do you think JS has a sort of Stockholm Syndrome with CM or something? Look, they have plenty of force plate data, 3D data, video, etc. on JS from 2015 to 2017. If he wanted to get his old swing back, it would be a matter of: looking at those things. seeing if he can even physically do it. practicing that stuff. If Jordan was "chasing more distance" you'd think his clubhead speed would have gone up at the expense of accuracy. Here are his clubhead speed for driver stats from 2015 to 2020: 2015: 112.79 (97/190) 2016: 111.86 (108/188) 2017: 113.11 (108/194) 2018: 113.44 (104/194) 2019: 113.5 (109/192) 2020: N/A Sorry, I don't think a < 1 MPH clubhead speed improvement provides any support for the idea that he's chased distance.
  12. Fixed! Thanks! My bag looks like a random club picking algorithm was let loose on ebay. Which isn't far from the truth.
  13. Glad to hear. I know this is odd, but I really want them to succeed so I can continue to use my current tracker. I know I could buy something new from someone else, but this has worked for me for nearly 5 years.
  14. Agree. If they ever have children, they will be born with golf clubs in their hands. She played college gold too.
  15. Since those guys are drunken cretins it stands to reason they don't read much. Therefore they're not reading these comments and saying, "Ooh, that's me, I need to fix my behavior."
  16. I don't know if Brooks and DJ have been friends since when Brooks started winning, and/or the possible fight between the two of them at the Ryder Cup.
  17. 109 - 54/55. Not that good of a day, bright spot started with par on 1 and ended with par on 18.....total mess in between! BTW - par on 18 was a first for me on this course.
  18. This was Saturday, but I shot a 91 (on a par 66 course). I was happy, played nice and relaxed and struck the ball well. Highlight was a 1st hole 2 putt par (4); I've literally never made par on the 1st hole, and I hit a 165 yard 7 iron 2nd shot to about 8 feet. That's my 2nd round in a row in the 90's and 4 of my last 5. Something has clicked. I had 46 putts, so that seems like where the most SV can be found. I'm thinking it's time to buy some sort of putting mat and get some living room reps in. My issue is almost totally speed; I'm usually 50% off, probably 70% too hot 30% too slow. I bet if I practice putting for a few months I can start challenging breaking 90.
  19. My two cents on recent customer support: nothing but positive. Had an issue with their mapping of a new course that I played (tagged fairway shots weren't recorded as fairways hits, mapping seemed skewed to the right). Was able to contact their support using the live chat feature and instantly was paired up with a rep, who managed to fix the issue in about 20 mins. Easy!
  20. Brooks took shots at DJ after round three. Rory McIlroy 'taken aback' by Brooks Koepka's dig at Dustin Johnson Rory McIlroy took issue with Brooks Koepka noting that Dustin Johnson had "only" won one major win when assessing his own chances at winning a... Rory took a shot back,
  21. I agree that I think he’s good for that. He livens up the game. I just think the guy is a complete douche bag and that’s putting it nicely. The cameraman thing rubbed me the wrong way and really put him in a negative light with me.
  22. I was happy to see Bryson get right there at a shot to win with everything he's been working on. I was also happy to see Finau play loose/free compared to his other Sunday finishes where he seemed to play too safe. I'd been hoping all day that the 16th hole would decide winner and it truly did and what an incredible shot it was, well deserved for Morikawa and Bryson was really close to getting a eagle on 16 as well. Overall was really awesome golf to watch.
  23. Brooks may have laid an egg on Sunday, but in grander scheme of things I am forced to have a high respect for his grunt strength, physical and mental. The fellow never fails to show up from all over the place at dinner (majors) time. He ain't a tap dancing entertainer but how can you deny him at least some, even if it is begrudging respect? I am starting to lean towards liking him.
  24. I like Bryson because i prefer eccentric people playing on the PGA Tour. It makes things interesting. I would prefer if you didn't make a sweeping generalization like that.
  25. If you can, wear a compression sleeve while hitting at the range for a while. Mats and repetition can aggravate it. You may not need it on the course, but the area is still healing.
  26. Morikawa is going to get a lot of endorsement deals too. He seems to have a great personality, really nice smile and is a steady player on the course. Let’s see how he handles expectations now.
  27. For what it's worth, I feel back to normal now. Even hit some balls (gently) at the range yesterday and am feeling no ill effects now. Not sure now if this was some kind of fluke, but I guess the wiser thing would be to assume it isn't and try to do more preventive things to keep it from happening again.
  28. So I've really been working on getting into a "posted-up" position at impact, as I'm hoping it will ensure that my weight and body is in good position to strike the ball more consistently. I've nearly eliminated my dreadful hook with my irons, and the times I do hook, I'm pretty sure it's because I pull up out of my posture and come off the ball. Most of my iron shots now are going straight or fading. I've really tried to feel weight centered, hips turning and bumping toward the target. I'm trying to get my left shoulder low on the backswing and squat into the downswing. I'm still hitting some shots thin, which I'm hoping will resolve with more practice. My woods and hybrids, however, I still have this problem where I'm just spraying it all over. Upon closer inspection with video, I can definitely see I'm pulling up with the driver instead of getting deeper into a squat. I'm hoping for some feedback just to see if I'm on the right track here. I've never looked this good as far as getting my weight back to the left and straightening out the left leg, but I still need to work on getting my hands more in front of the ball and still work more on the "squat" so I don't come up out of my stance. Any idea why I might be pulling up (ie, some kind of compensation my body is trying to make)? I used to think that maybe I was standing to close to the ball, but it doesn't really look or feel that way.
  29. Ha! Good one, @boogielicious. Mine hang in the air so long I had to register my ball on the FAA drone website! 😄
  30. Review video basically says it all. Couple swings after today's round. Also got on K-Vest earlier in the week with Brian. Have a session with him tomorrow and Mario will be there.
  31. @ScottF, welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join and participate. How about starting a thread with an introduction, we'd love to hear about you and your background. 😃
  32. ... or gets lost in low hanging clouds. "Yes, I uploaded my golf ball to the cloud."
  33. May I make a suggestion? Learn how to hit those. Figure out for your wedges what your half swing gets distance wise; there's a good chance that after a little bit of practice, you'll get the ball closer from 30-40 yards than you do from 75 yards.
  34. Vertical means you have less roll of the clubface, not more.
  35. You can't ground your club in a bunker because you could improve your lie, and, also, test the surface. Best advice, if you don't like the bunker rules, don't hit it in the bunker. What sport provides reasons for their rules? I really hated that 3 strike rule. If I could have stayed at bat until I hit the ball, I'd be in the HOF. The rules are the rules. You don't have to like them. I play by them, but you can do whatever you want. I really suggest you contact the USGA , and tell them what changes you would make to the rules. They do modify them every so often, and I'm sure they would value your input.
  36. There is no explanation for the 10 Commandments, either.
  37. Lol! Can't help but be a little snippy, but the half informed find the rules of golf illogical all the time..
  38. Yesterday I shot an even par 72(sr tees). Front side was just average for me as I had 4 bogeys and 1 birdie for a 39. Backside I had 3 birdies and shot 33. So a jekyll and hyde round but my best score of the year. Funny how it goes.....after the front side I was thinking if I could break 80 for the day I would be satisfied. But everyone in my group was playing well so I think that rubbed off on me. Taking the day off.....don't want to follow with an 85. Ha.
  39. I totally agree about the need to make this issue more visible. Invariably, I play with people that have been playing for decades, sometimes 3 or 4 decades and still don't know how to fix ball marks. Pretty much any time I see somebody doing it wrong (not on the first few greens though if I don't know them), I tell them and show them, right then and there (even if that means redoing an improperly fixed one). They usually thank me and start doing it right almost immediately (it takes a little practice to really get it right). But, I put the blame on the courses who do a piss poor job of informing the players, and on the pros, who only care about making the next putt flat for themselves, not realizing how bad an example they are setting for everyone else. I see some people doing it right, but there a lot of folks who don't for sure, and they all claim they watch the pros. As for bringing it up, I just tell them: "please don't lift up, it just kills the roots and it takes weeks for the green to recover instead of a few minutes/hours". They get it that it's not about them, because it is in the interest of everyone to have smooth greens. Then we talk about the pros and what they are really doing when prepping their line of putt vs. what they are doing when repairing their own ball marks (not the same thing, it turns out!).
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    • I have a TheraGun knockoff; KRAFT. Have had it for two years now. It is quiet (60dba); has three speeds 1800, 2100, 2400 - I usually use 1800 with the ball attachment. Once a day minimum I use it all over - well what I can reach - soles of my feet, calf muscles, front and back of upper legs, glutes, upper back - particularly the area between neck and shoulder and about 6 inches down. I will also take it to the course and use on the upper back - as that tends to tighten up during the round. Here is a youtube video by Bob & Brad (Physical Therapists) - they post lots of helpful videos.       
    • It’s kind of a weird situation, though, because the guy improved to the point that he wouldn’t even qualify for the flight he’s already in. I’m assuming the competition is gross scoring within the flight.
    • 79 today for a differential of 5.8. Ball striking with the irons was better but my wedges and putting were awful. Couldn't control the distance or direction at all with how bad I was striking it for some reason. SG (compared to scratch) Driving: 2.49 Approach (>100 yds): 0.19 Short game (<100 yds): -2.66 Putting: -2.40 I also track the "Tiger Five," which is a better way of quantifying all the silly mistakes I make during my rounds. These were: Bogeys on par 5s: 0 Double bogeys: 0 Three putts: 4 Bogeys with 9-iron or less: 2 Blown easy saves (which I quantify as any nGIR that isn't in a bunker/deep rough or terribly short sided): 3
    • Very recently a thread was started here about PingEye2 iron sets and subject was some folk (experienced players) were seeking out these clubs to play AGAIN.  I have played Eye2 irons for many years, now on my second set as the first set was stolen.  As old as this design is, people have always got good memories and respect for these clubs.  and you can find sets for $100 or less ALL DAY LONG.  Buy a set, re-grip, and he's set up - to see if he likes the game.  With the difference from buying sets suggested, you have $$ for that driver and putter (these clubs will be more per each than a couple sets of Eye2s). and a bag. Be sure to put new 'velvet' grips on the properly fit clubs (according to the Ping site) and your son will have the best starter set he could find - and he may just play them for years to come.  You know, you're Ping.  PS - I had been planning on a new set of irons just because but when I tuck one up close from 100 or 150 yards, I forget about it.  I am shopping putters tho.    
    • Seconding this. Pretty much any OEM's game improvement or super game improvement from a couple model years ago will give him the performance and forgiveness he needs for a solid price. Just make sure you do your research on the ebay seller. I've had good success with it, but if you are more skeptical, there are plenty of second-hand retailers online.

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