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  1. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    Down to a .5 at today's revision, which is the lowest it's been I think since sometime in 2011.
  2. This is a really deep question, possibly with no right answer. I think that usage and accuracy of equipment are the main components in deciding what you want, and price just follows suit. I kind of divide it into three categories: toy (not accurate or not simulators), recreational sim (more accurate, but comes with limitations on certain data and isn't as accurate as the final category), and professional sim. The toy category is comprised of sub 500 dollar options (the measuring device itself) that measure a couple of things. The OptiShot line is the prime example. It only measures the club going over an array of infrared sensors (2 lines of sensors). It can track face angle, speed (kind of), and perceived strike location based on which sensors are triggered at what time. It doesn't even require the use of a ball to get its data, so it can be quite inaccurate. The other options here would be Mevo or SC300, though neither of these truly offer sim capabilities but are more accurate than an OptiShot as they use ball data. The rec sims only have 2 that I can think of. The Mevo+ and the SkyTrak. They operate in very different ways, with the Mevo+ operating on radar and measuring mostly the ball for the first part of flight, and the SkyTrak operating on optics measuring the point of impact, both ball and club. These are both fairly robust devices for the price (probably around 3k each for a full sim) but both have drawbacks and it could be argued over which is better. From my small knowledge about launch monitors it seems that for indoor simulation the optic driven devices excel, but outdoors radar is king, i.e. SkyTrak for indoors and Mevo+ for outdoors. On to the big dogs, the professional sims. Once again there are really two choices at the moment, and like the previous category, one is radar driven where the other is optic driven. Trackman is the premium radar system available and comes in just under 20k USD on price. Big bucks for big performance. The GCQuad (or GC2+HMT) is king for optical launch monitors and can be had for around 12k USD, but with the putting analysis and head monitoring add on, it also comes in just under 20k. Same thing here, gotta pay to play. These prices don't include the bay (mat/projector/screen) so you can really spec them as you please. The GC2 without the HMT upgrade kind of splits the difference between recreational and professional launch monitors, and the price follows suit. A certified preowned unit can be had for around 5500 USD. It really does split the difference in the optical category, being a big step up from a SkyTrak, but comes up short to the GCQuad or if you were to add the HMT unit. I know this is a lot of info, although it's just the basics when it comes to launch monitors/sims. For the actual question: If I had a room with a tall enough ceiling in my house, I would probably go for the SkyTrak at first. One of the biggest reasons is that it has compatibility with "The Golf Club 2019" which is a video game that I have on home computer. That package comes at an up-charge, but between the official courses designed by the game developer, and the many recreated courses done by fans (even has Augusta in there), there are something like 180,000 courses to play. That's a big draw for me. There is something to be said for course packages/subscriptions and which best fits your interest/needs. I might grow tired of the SkyTrak, or find it lacking in accuracy at some point and then it would be a GCQuad for me. Snce it would be indoors only, I would prefer an optical system. There is plenty of info online, and plenty of reviews to go along with them. I have only used the GC2s that are in my local golf galaxy, so I don't experience with most of these, but this is most of the info I have gathered. I hope this helps in some way, and if you have any questions, I can try to answer them.
  3. I would love to see Tiger start to use one of these
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for a club or clubs to fill the gap between my 15* 3 wood and my 21.5* 5 iron. I carry my 3 wood about 240-245 and carry my 5 iron about 200. I am looking at an 18* 5 wood, 19* 3 hybrid, and 22* 4 hybrid. What club or combo would you suggest to fill the 40 yard gap? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ask yourself this. Those times when you think you have the perfect yardage, do you tend to miss long or short? Unless you’re about a 5 hcp or better, take the longer club and and don’t try to adjust anything.
  6. Played Downing today, shot 70 for a differential of -0.7, and birdied 1, 2, 10, and 16… which are all duplicates on my composite away course scorecard. @NatalieB shot 79 from those tees. The rating is something like 77.2 for her from those tees. Very impressive round at 6650 yards.
  7. First I take a sip of Italian Sports Drink. Then I toss some grass in the air to see if it comes down in front of me or behind me. If it comes down to the side I take another sip of Italian Sports Drink...
  8. I choose my club based on LSW shot zones and pick the best shot based on that. As a mid-capper, my shot zones are constantly evolving based on my lesson priority piece, so sometimes I’m making informed guesses. I also know my distances for 9-3 swings for 7-iron through LW, and 25/50/75% swing distances for all my wedges. I find a partial shot will often give more reliable distance and smaller miss than a full swing. Besides full swing, I do quite a bit of partial swing practice, so I don’t worry too much about mis-hits on these shots. I normally aim for near the center of green, not a specific hole location. Unless it’s a course with enormous greens where middle of the green is like 80-ft from the hole.
  9. Your last post sounds like maybe your dealing with depression? Is there something else in your life that is affecting your golf? I too have really been fighting my golf game. I am nowhere near as good as your bad game. I play Ping irons and convinced myself that it was being caused by the wrong lie angles. I went to see a Professional and he shortened my irons by an inch. I hit the ball better for a day or two, then I was back to bad. I had convinced myself that the -1” was a mistake. A week ago I bought a new/used set of irons in standard length and lie angle. I took them to the practice course a couple days latter. I could not get a ball airborne with anything longer than a 9 iron. I hit about 45 grounders, packed up the clubs and took them home. I made the decision to not try to play golf again until my body stops hurting. I hooked up my boat and went fishing. My problem is, if I take lessons I can’t practice with my body hurting like it Is, so why waste the money. I do share your frustration and sadness though, as I really love to play golf. I wish you the best and if you figure it out please post the cure on here. On the bright side though, I now have a set of Pings and a set of Titleist to look at.
  10. You can still use it - it's iPing 2.0. At first, I didn't think you could because it asked for account name, fitter name, etc. and in those, I ended up just putting "ping" and then my phone number and it's worked great.
  11. I started playing golf in college sometime around 1996-1997 when I was around 19. My roommate was an excellent golfer, and convinced me to try it. That, and Tiger Woods explosion into professional golf at the same time was all it took to get me hooked. I never took lessons and I wasn’t good, but I loved the game and I played regularly up until around age 30, when I kind of transitioned into a different part of life; more demanding work, got married, bought a house, kids, etc. I still played every couple months with friends, work events, etc., but my clubs mostly collected dust in the garage. During my away time, I played a ton of indoor soccer and pickup basketball and after aggravating my old football injured knee several times, with several months recovery each time, I gave up high impact sports and started golfing again around age 40. I found that getting back into golf was easier than when I first started. However, I had no bar set from any previous success so I was basically starting from scratch. There was tons of golf content on the internet (lots of pitfalls there though), and golf equipment tech had improved a bunch and I could afford to buy my own shit. I was happy to be outdoors, getting exercise, and having fun playing a great game. After a couple years of hacking around I decided golf was going to be my game. I made a commitment to golf as a pastime, started taking lessons, and I’ve steadily improved since then.
  12. Crap, I do that all the time. What am I supposed to call them? I assume broads, chicks, dames, or skirts isn't any good. Back on topic. I swear a lot. Oddly, not on the golf course. I also try not to swear in front of my (or anyone else's) kids. But I'm not perfect there by any stretch and have dropped an F-bomb or said shit once or twice in front of some kids in my day. However, I don't think I'm being hypocritical by saying I'd like to see them use a 10 second delay and drop out the F-bombs. Again, I'm not offended by it. I do think that other people will be or are offended and I think golf (or the PGA or the network or whatever) can respect that and drop out the F-bombs. I don't think the F-bombs actually add anything to the broadcast. Drop 'em out and lets all get along.
  13. Not a big surprise, but here it is, he is playing the Northern Trust. Tiger Woods announces he will play Northern Trust in Boston It’s official — Tiger Woods will be in the field at the Northern Trust when the FedEx Cup Playoffs start next week. He tweeted the news on Friday...
  14. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    It's been a while, so I figured I'd post some videos. Handicap is currently 1.3. I'm playing pretty much fine all around but not stellar in any one part of my game. Irons are going pretty straight, driver is solid (got fit for a new one, which added a few yards of distance), short game has been a bit iffy since my local course made the short game area members-only this year, putting has been better this year after switching to a mallet putter (those misses off the toe are finishing much closer to the green). I'm hitting my long irons better than I ever have, but I've been frustratingly mediocre on shots from about 40-95 yards.
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