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  1. Completed "Birdie - Challenge" yesterday with a great shot on the 18th hole to 2 feet for the final hole to bird. Made 4 birds yesterday and 3 again today. Decent rounds, but had a few poor swings and was able to scramble to save scores a few times.
  2. I drop with stroke + distance penalty, so +2 strokes. I believe that the new local rule for lost ball / OB states you can drop in the fairway.
  3. At some point, you'll want to get better at the longer clubs, and if you can keep them in play, they're often a better choice than an iron off the tee. But it isn't unheard of for someone to play "Elin Style" (without Woods), especially after a hiatus or when the longest clubs just aren't behaving.
  4. Just wanted to get a little poll from people who 1. Have light weight steel shafts (say under 95g) 2. That are at least 5 years old How many irons in your set are actually bent? You might not have noticed but I have a theory that you will have at least one or two bent shafts in the bunch if you look down the shaft from the grip end and rotate it. Take a close look and let me know. I have been noticing a good number going through my shop and am wondering if it's a larger issue. Thanks for your help!
  5. I'll be playing Links at Spanish Bay / Spyglass Hill / Pebble Beach in late September. Normally, I'd get a caddie at each course, but due to COVID caddies are not available (forecaddies are). I'm looking for some advice from those who have played there. My current thought is: Friday, Links at Spanish Bay - walk, with forecaddie Saturday, Spyglass Hill - ride cart, with forecaddie Sunday, Pebble Beach - walk with forecaddie I play a lot of walking golf, but I usually use a push cart (they have some to rent, but can't guarantee them for our tee times) and figure it'd be nice to have the rest day in the middle. Thoughts from those who have played these? Forecaddie worth it for the first two days? I feel like it is not knowing the course at all.
  6. Well, checked off #1 today. (FYI, I am "Par Challenge"). Also shot par on #4 & 7 but already had those. For me that is good given only played 9 holes on league. Avoided the dreaded 3-Putts but still need to get rid of the double-bogies All-in-All not a bad round for me.
  7. View this round on GAME GOLF Tied my best round ever...even with an 8 (!!!) on the last hole (we teed off on 10). This was hands-down my best round ever with the driver (per Game Golf, I lost one stroke to a scratch golfer off the tee). I hit 7/12 fairways, with a "typical distance" of 250 yards.
  8. I read somewhere that the Padres coach threw Tatis under the bus. I didn't get that at all from watching the video. In essence, all he said was, "We gave him the sign to take the next pitch. He missed it and that's a learning opportunity." Aside from some mild criticisms from the Rangers coach (who I don't agree with), I don't see anyone giving Tatis a hard time. Honestly this seems to be the MLB media blowing a story out of proportion.
  9. Baseball was my first love, I pitched in college, and I will defend it as the greatest sport until I die, but stuff like this drives me insane. There is no other sport where they expect you to stop trying because you are winning. I can understand not stealing up big, or not trying to score from first on a double, but to stop trying to get a hit is ridiculous. Even worse is his own manager being upset. That's a great way to lose the locker room. Baseball is always trying to figure out how to attract the younger demographics yet continuously gets upset whenever younger players do anything that makes the game appear fun. As David Price said, "If you don't like it, pitch better."
  10. That is really stupid. As a leadoff hitter I was always ready to swing at the first pitch because I knew it often would be a fastball down the middle. Thankfully I had good coaching who knew that, and knew my numbers. The whole point is to take advantage of the best opportunity given to you as a hitter.
  11. Yes, please look this up, @humblepeasant.
  12. I only play casual games, and it's pretty much understood that you'll drop a new ball to keep the course moving...with a single penalty stroke. I am probably one of the few people I've seen actually hit provisionals when I think there's something that might make it hard to find (caroming around in trees or whatever). I put it in my Game Golf and handicap as +2 penalty strokes (so, as if I'd hit my third shot to that spot)...to try to keep a more accurate handicap.
  13. Trying to make on course swing look like range swing, course swing backswing is lower, longer, across line at 4, less shallowing. Still apprehensive of shanks so funky stuff going on with hips and hands. Terrible camera angles, lazy w/placement, don't wanna deal with that while playing. Approach in rough 1 yard from green 20 feet to pin, chipped to <1 foot.
  14. I’m posting a longer video today showing a condensed version of my daily practice. I have been doing slow swings working on my main piece and then full swings. For this video I only did two slow swings and then the remainder full just to give a sense of my daily practice while not making you watch it all. I do this for about 5 minutes 4 or 5 times a day. Primary focus is still getting to the top in a good position (@Grizvok feedback) and getting more torso turn at takeaway (@iacas feedback) . To get there I’ve been working on my one piece takeaway and really feeling my right leg fully extend on the backswing. I’ve also been trying to make sure I don’t feel any bend in my left arm on the backswing. Today I started working in the feel of driving my left knee towards the target as the trigger for my downswing and it seem to have cleaned up the initial tilt down towards the ball. I am not perfect yet but I think it is cleaner than my last video. I had a great last range session even before I saw the improvement over my last two days of practice so I’m feeling pretty optimistic right now.
  15. Playing in a two day tournament again, NW Open at Wine Valley GC. (No more walking off green early that I can see). Day 1 - focus was solely on the grip pre swing, just getting my right hand in the correct spot. The in swing thought/feel was get my hands back to where they started. By focusing on it, I was able to swing smooth. Even the swings where I tried to give an iron a little something extra, I hit really well. Except for one wedge shot, I was sticking my irons and wedges close all day. Driver was ok, a couple misses but they stayed in play. Putting was interesting because while I was lagging them really well (no 3 putts all day) I wasn’t making reasonable birdie putts either. The greens at the course are massive and very fast, so lagging/dying the ball at the hole is very important. Overall, had 5 birdies and 1 double bogey (That one bad wedge shot went into a water hazard). Birdies came on par 5’s and a couple from sticking wedge shots very tight. So 69 to start and 3 from the leaders. Not trying to psych myself out going into today. Just want to go out, swing smooth and ideally make a few more putts.
  16. Shot 32 (-4) a couple times over the years in our league. Also shot 32 in two Elite Am events a few years back. Both front nines.
  17. Have you considered going to ebay and picking up another M4 driver? You can get a new, head only, M4 for under $200.
  18. By rule, you should have put your ball back where it was. His ball remains where it is, but yours goes back to where you originally hit it.
  19. None of the courses are a tough walk. You could consider walking all three days but your plan is sound. I think you will find having a forecaddie to be a good experience. While he will not be by your side for every shot, he will help you a lot more than watching where your shot goes. At least that was my experience using a forecaddie at Pinehurst. You are going to love the experience. p.s. Play the correct set of tees unless shooting 100+ is fun for you.
  20. Whether or not it was real OB, isnt the point. The point was just understanding the difference between your best hits with a club, and your typical hit with a club. They aren't the same thing, and the higher you go in handicap, the further away from each other they become. I'm not an expert here, and anything I say on the matter is coming straight out of LSW, for which I see you have the badge. So it might be better to just revisit the first and third sections of that book.
  21. 2 Birdies today, #10 was a repeat but #13 was a new one. 5 holes to go
  22. The caddie clearly touched the sand. To blatantly lie about does absolutely no good at all.
  23. Yes I have many sets of golf clubs and including the GI and SGI irons. No golf clubs will make a 25 handicap index holder become a 15 over night. The golf game is not some game that one can use token to buy a better game. You'll ge3t out what you put into it. Most of the time. Like any other sports, there is the factor of the limitation form one's physical makeup. That's the second factor involving those whom wish to become the top 1% in the world. Some of us will never get there, no matter how hard we practice and no matter which golf club we use ( conforming ). A 25 index holder will play like a 25 if the posted scores were not fudged. No golf club can change his index to a 15 over night.
  24. I had read about the changing the lie angle by pounding the iron head on the pavement, but had never seen this happen in person. Most the golfers I had been associated with,would respect the equipment they use. Also because the dollar value is much higher back then. A college grad starting salary was around $15,000, and a newly certified CPA starting at $23,000 per year. So a $600 set of irons comparatively speaking is like over $2,000 for today's money. We eyeball the lofts on the persimmon drivers if the measuring is not readily available. The majority of the drivers came in between 9-11 degrees of loft. Most of the irons were forged if not all of them except for Ping and a few off brands, although major OEM like Titleist did make a few models of cast iron sets . Loft and lie adjustment for the iron sets were free if you bought the clubs from the location, the guy would just take the clubs to the back of the shop and came out within 30 min., all done. No spec sheets or nothing, just take them out to the attached driving range and hit a bucket of range balls then make additional adjustment if needed. Although, usually they won't fuzz about making additional adjustment within a reasonable time period. Golfer's ability always trump the equipment...... not like today, the golfers are more into numbers off the spreadsheet and forgot that they are not as consistent as a robot. Equipment is like jewelry, it enhance the natural beauty of a person, but could never mask the truth.
  25. Glad to see they're working out for you. The lowest lofted iron I can consistently get in the air is 24 degrees. But then I have a 19 HC vs your 6. The 5i in the set is 22.5. I have the Cobra 3-4 Utility Iron set at 24 degrees which I can use off the tee if I want.
  26. I think we have to be careful posting still photos and "feels" to describe what is actually happening. Since this is off topic I'll respond here,
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