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  1. It always makes me laugh when people who do not understand manufacturing talk about "cost" of a product. They do not include any of the true costs of manufacturing. They just include material costs. Who cares that they must pay 21% employment tax? Who cares that a forging plant will use more than a million dollars of electricity per year? Who cares that Callaway's payroll is over half a billion dollars per year? Who cares that the golf companies literally pay billions a year to charitable organizations? People always talk about the variable costs and think that tells the story. Nobody talks about the fixed costs associated with manufacturing.
  2. RB's guide you otherwise in 8.1b/2. 8.1b/2 – Player Allowed to Dig in Firmly with Feet More Than Once in Taking Stance Rule 8.1b allows a player to place his or her feet firmly in taking a stance, and this may be done more than once in preparing to make a stroke. For example, a player may enter a bunker without a club, dig in with his or her feet in taking a stance to simulate playing the ball, leave to get a club, and then dig in again with his or her feet and make the stroke.
  3. Played 9 holes this afternoon. For the most part the following feels worked pretty good. 1. better sync with arms and turn in the backswing. 2. slight sway away from target to A3.5. 3. Right elbow more off the chest at A3 feel. The results were solid contact. Thins and fat shots went away. Ball flight was decent. The miss was a push right. I didn’t hook any of the shots.
  4. Two birdies today at Huntmore Golf Club in Brighton, MI. #3 and #17 were both ones I needed. 3 holes to go but the season is winding down in a few week for me.
  5. Shindig

    NHL 2019-20

    No offense taken. You should hear the things I've said watching football in bars and the weird looks I've gotten. I saw the Habs game too. A friend of mine (the one who gifted me the books last year) sent me a YouTube video right after the second Philly goal during the major penalty of a Sharks v Knights game from I think last year where the Sharks did major damage during a major penalty.
  6. I've played by the assumption that you can't dig feet in unless taking your stance to hit the shot. Never really questioned it, because I always felt that by digging in, I was testing the sand at the same time. Don't really need to do it elsewhere. So seems fine to me if people want to dig in elsewhere. Improving the lie is definitely different.
  7. I would have liked to see the MyGolfSpy podcast at least quote one or two of the publicly traded companies financials. They make these statements about "costs" but then they don't present any of the "evidence" which is readily available from any publicly traded company. I quickly looked up Callaway's it took me about 8 seconds to find very similar numbers (by percentage) to what you are showing for Acushnet. I enjoy the MGS podcasts and I listen to just about every one of them. But, I "feel" like they spout a lot of information which we are supposed to take as gospel and they don't site their sources and/or data set. It "feels" like they used to do that really well when they first started. I know @iacas has mentioned this type of thing in the past. Maybe they "feel" its boring to tell everyone how and where they get their information, but time and time again, I find myself wondering "Where'd they get that information?" "How did they calculate that?" "How was that test conducted?"
  8. Acushnet's 2019 financials. (In thousands) Cost of Goods Sold 809,122 Selling, General and Administrative expenses 627,503 Selling, general and administrative expenses increased by $15.6 million to $627.5 million for the year ended December 31, 2019 compared to $611.9 million for the year ended December 31, 2018. This increase was primarily due to increases of $10.0 million in selling expenses across all segments, $2.1 million in acquisition related transaction fees, $1.1 million in advertising and promotion, and the impact of the acquisition of KJUS. This increase was partially offset by a decrease of $7.4 million in share-based compensation expense. Overall SG&A included a favorable impact of changes in foreign currency exchange rates across all expense categories and segments of $8.2 million. https://s21.q4cdn.com/797008351/files/doc_financials/2019/ar/Acushnet-Holdings-Annual-Report-2019.pdf
  9. We should put together a trip for a bunch of us out here sometime. The lodging out there looks very nice. I'd love to play Mammoth, and the par three looks great as well! Caddies are not required either which saves some $.
  10. This is really the question here isn't it? I'm definitely the wrong guy to ask.... I like shiny things.
  11. You could add some lead tape to the heel which will create a draw bias without changing the loft.
  12. The observant among you will notice that the garage door opener is a brand new model. I think I lost my argument with the Mrs. about getting new irons for at least a year now. Damn that was a pricey bad swing.
  13. It’s not really a change, though. Which I must have glossed over for years. Oh well. Learned something new that day.
  14. I seemed to be mired in what is apparently an annual mid-season golf funk. For whatever reason, it seems every summer I’ll go through a period where I have little desire to do anything golf. Probably a combination of being busier at work and a lack of desire to practice due to being tired, hot, and mosquitoes. f***ing mosquitoes. This year I’ve added on the additional project of cleaning out years of clutter from my house (focused primarily on my garage ATM) which has not only taken up most of my afternoons, but also turned my usual practice area into a staging area for junk waiting to be hauled out for the town to pick up. I haven’t even touched my clubs in nearly two weeks. I won’t play this weekend either. Busy on Saturday and Sunday there’s rain in the forecast. Not that I’m really interested in going out having not practiced at all in a while. I’ll get back into it eventually.
  15. I decided to mix it up and work on the “delivering the clubhead” drill from the COVID thread and boy was it ugly. I took a still of my most common finish position and it is below. I might have to post a video of the drill tomorrow just to make sure I’m doing it properly but boy does this not look like the same position @iacas shows at finish. I’m not sure why I’m struggling with this one.
  16. Swing 1 - Turn better on Backswing, right elbow off chest more ( feels like hands push away from right shoulder) Swing 2 - Similar feels to swing 1, but added a bit of sway feel on the backswing. Feeling like my torso shifts to the right in the backswing. Trying to give myself room/time to get my right side through.
  17. I remember a Yelp review from a woman who ordered a cobb salad at a nice restaurant in Seattle. She complained at long length about how expensive it was ($15.00) and that she could make it at home for a lot less. She totally forgot to factor in that at the restaurant she got to sit back, relax and someone else made her salad. She experienced great ambiance, a seaside view and people waiting on her. She didn't have to clean her table nor wash her dishes. I was compelled to write my own review and let her know what she was overlooking.
  18. I think some of that is brought up in their conversation (from what I recall).
  19. You will be limited in how much lie you can change once you adjust the loft as they are all tied together. You can't change the lie without the loft changing also. Might want to watch this.
  20. Tip trimming is the cutting done to match a .370 iron shaft to the particular head it's going into. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Adjusting the lie does not affect the loft as you are moving the hosel in 2 different planes. Never, never, never, never pay money for shaft PUREing! It is snake oil at its best and completely disgusting that these "high end fitters" try and push it.
  21. Going forward the Tour will be leasing several lie detectors. They will be utilized at all sand traps where a tour player is twisting/digging in his feet. All players will be tested after completing their shot. Point being, you can't get into the pro's mind to tell if there was intent.
  22. It sounds like you are on your way with a great set of clubs that should last you a good while. Good luck!
  23. Absolutely. Rory is funny too. I would ask him first about the proper grip to use when flinging a 3 iron into a pond.
  24. Hard pass. I’d rather hang out with Rory any day.
  25. Claude Harmon on Brooks from last week not feeling well, ‘ He’s about as sick as you can be..’ First, yeah no. Second...probably not the best comment to make at the St. Jude’s Invitational. 😒
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    • I have a “low” launch angle too, and my driver is 9.5°. If you don’t mind my asking what shaft do you have in your driver? You may not need a 16° Driver, it could be the shaft has too high of a flex point. But I’ve heard of higher lofted drivers though they can be hard to come by these days.
    • This season I was consistently shooting in the high 80s. Played some of my best golf and I am really happy with how straight I am hitting the ball right now. The ONE thing I would change in my game is simply the height of my drives.    I hit about a hundred balls today on trackman and with the driver I am getting average clubhead speed of 120 mph, launch angle 7 degrees, 268 yds carry. It’s bugging the hell out of me to see these low bullet balls, and despite trying all this year to deliver more loft (I’ve had a few lessons trying to fix just this issue alone), I just can’t seem to do it.  I currently play a stiff shaft Taylormade R1 set to 12 degrees loft. I’m thinking about possibly experimenting with one of those super lofted (16 degree) drivers. Has anyone ever tried this, and if so did it actually make a difference? In advance I just want to also say, yes, I agree an equipment fix in this case is a bandaid for a larger problem. But I’m also just trying to have fun with my game and if buying a higher lofted driver helps this problem, I’m happy to take it for now.  
    • Day 129.  During the workday, went to the next door room to hit some 6-iron shots;  indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls. 
    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 

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