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  1. To survive another year of winter depression...
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  2. I like your turn on the backswing. A definite improvement.
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  3. Did you ever get on one of those rants where you are rolling along and then you look up and you realize you're all of sudden arguing things that don't even make sense? I've been there. Happened to me last night having a argument discussion with my wife. I got so dug in I looked up and realized I was arguing for shit I didn't even care about an not even making sense at that. I've always been a Gary Player fan, but I think he got off the rails here.
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  4. I really want to figure out a way to efficiently move every speck of snow from my yard and move it to the neighbor's yard.
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  5. Had a very encouraging range session today. Saw lots of progress with getting my swing on plane. It's not where I want it yet but it's light years from where I started. Some negatives I saw is that my knees are still too flexed. It's proving tougher than I thought to fix that. I'm also standing up a bit through impact.
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  6. Yea, I think I had like 26-28 putts.
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  7. In what world is his average clubhead speed 139 and his average ball speed 203?
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  8. Winter time out here in the desert is great practice weather. Never too hot, and never too cold....most of the time. I will continue to practice various shots when ever possible. By that I mean shots I encounter when playing. A lot of my practice time will be devoted to 100 yards, and closer to greens. Probably 80%-90%, which would also include putting. Part of my putting, and chipping practice would also involve green reading. I won't neglect my tee, and fairway game, but those two aspects of my game are as good as they are going to get. Just no need to spend much pract
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  9. So, hit some balls after the gym keeping on with the drill. Not sure if I'm coming too inside on the backswing and I also feel like I'm going to have to get more reps in with my right arm not as flexed as I think I revert back to bending my elbow too much. I think the A5 drill is good except I pump too much and that may lead to my finish being too high. Also filmed it in slow-mo because I didn't know which is better for analysis purposes.
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  10. Day 269 - Sept 22, 2020 Putted while watching the Payne's Valley match. Also… All good.
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  11. Hey guys I can now join the hole in one club. I'm 69 yrs old usually play from senior tees. Yesterday played with 6 of us from the white for a little $ game. I holed out on a par 3, 127 yards with a 8. Pretty exciting.😉
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  12. Embarrassing. Whenever I've heard a colleague or any other individual talk about their brand, it makes me want to feed their face to baboons. The world doesn't need individual people to be brands. It needs more human beings. Brands are for Coke and Disney. A brand is an image. It's not a person. Just the worst f***ing people in the world talk about their personal "brand." THE WORST
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    • I picked "other" because there's no "all of the above, depending on circumstances." Though almost never "pocket" or "Take off before round and replace after round" with the driver or woods.
    • Thanks. Glad to be here. Yeah, I was pretty upset when I posted that. Every time I think I've "figured it out" I think I've "mastered the draw" it all falls apart. Last week I told the ball claim guy to go buy a lottery ticket, because I hit draw after draw. But yeah, the problems I had on the range yesterday gave the brief urge to snap my five iron and chunk my golf bag. The fact that my idiot brother-in-law possibly  exposed my wife, kid, and mother-in-law to the virus and they're isolated there and I'm isolated here may have also played a role in said frustration. I may have had a couple drinks in me when I posted that as well. Possibly.
    • not really questioning the accuracy, just curious as the source of the projection, but yes. As admittedly, I really don't look at this stuff much, it may be "common knowledge" at this point, but even so, I wouldn't be aware of it.  The projection just struck my attention.
    • Are you questioning the three years part of the 40-50% thing?
    • No cover for the putter.  Driver goes on top of the bag.  Fairways I added a string between so the empty one dangles.
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