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  1. :shrug Play faster. You get what you get. Slow play penalty costs player cut (and paycheck) at Women's PGA
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  2. Working on a new piece to be more dynamic and pick up some swing speed. I started Super Speed training again, but my Evolvr instructor added a new feel and dynamic. He wants me to channel Henrik Stenson and some LD swingers and shift my weight back a bit from 1 to 2. From 2 to 4, I am to get taller and get more weight on my right side and unweight my left foot letting it come up off the turf. Nicklaus did this part. Then from 3.5 to 5 let the weight fall back on my left side. From 5 to 7, push up on the left side. The swing is longer and more dynamic. Below is a driver with this feel. It is on
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  3. Best day! Not even me, my little boy shot a 46 today and the look on his face when he made the last putt was priceless. Ive been playing golf a very very long time, but seeing my little kids face and being able to enjoy these types of moments trumps everything else. He is constantly wanting to get better and I told him... always play with the older/better players at the club and even if they smoke you.. you will get better exponentially faster. Proud dad..Regardless of even the score...
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  4. Yeah, in this scenario where there is nothing on the line besides a score, I am definitely going for it. I'd much rather miss out on my personal best by two shots because I was going for it and doubled than miss out by one shot after playing it safe. Beyond that, the chances of me getting up and down from 125 yards really aren't that great, so I may as well take on the risk to improve my chances of a par.
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  5. I'm absolutely going for it. Chipping out means wondering "what if" while going for it gives me a chance at a career round and at a minimum a good story to tell my dad.
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  6. Hold my beer 😉 In case that’s not clear, I’m going for it.
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  7. First of all, this is a good question. Thanks @StuM. If the "gap" was really small such that trying to hit through it could almost be considered a silly shot, I likely would go sideways. If the "gap" presented an actual opportunity, a risky opportunity but one that might work, I likely go for it. A fail might still leave me a shot at par since ricochets are not always unplayable. Even if I suffer an epic failure, I will still have a story I can tell for years (or until my friends tell me to shut up.)
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  8. A few of these on the PGA tour and maybe we will see change.
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  9. For several have been collecting Ben Hogan's, MacGregor's and Wilson Staff's My favorite Hogan's are the the 1982 second release Decades and my favorite Wilson Staffs are the 1987-88 Staff Tour - Fluid Feels.
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  10. I attended a handicap clinic late last year, offered through my state association. We did take a short simple quiz for record purposes, and I'd bet that's the test being discussed. You're supposed to have a handicap committee at each course, and someone in the Committee is supposed to be somewhat qualified. The responsible person may even be able to take the test through the GAM or through USGA online, at no cost. That's my best guess
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  11. I drove about 1 hour to East Lansing for my Aimpoint class. I was thoroughly impressed. I've talked to the instructor in South Lyon. He seems to know his stuff too. I don't believe you can go wrong. I hope the weather is decent when you take your class.
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  12. If the fringe isn't heavy try experimenting with putting it or hitting a bump and run with a 5 or 6 iron.
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  13. Would you Rather #30 – Play it safe and hope to 1 putt for a personal best or gamble it all and play a high risk shot hoping to have a 2-putt for par to secure your personal best? Assume you are on #18, a par 4, all you need is par to get a new personal best by 1 stroke. You hit your drive into a dense cluster of trees @ 125 yards from the green. You see a very narrow gap that, if you hit absolutely perfectly, you can be on the green putting for birdie or two-putt to save par and the personal best but if you have the slightest mishit you will hit a tree and ricochet to points unknown an
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  14. I know. I was of course joking. Just glad you are back out there. One injury to another and all...😊 Do as I say, not do as I do now. 😁 And if you were a true friend you would know that its only like.. uhh (buffering...buffering) 38 degs! So there..
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  15. Says the man who addresses the ball with the clubface 40° closed 😜
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  16. Fun topic. I birdied 14,16 & 17 coming down the stretch today at TPC Myrtle Beach to finish with 74 from the tips and that course is literally one of the most difficult and extremely long especially with recent rain.
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  17. That sounds like absolute torture. Bit of a shame at the complete lack of awareness from the players involved. Welp... it's a shame in general. 😑
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  18. i played the fluid feel staffs with the bore through hosel for... i dunno. 8 years maybe. if i was going to play a set, i'd probably play those. i think the hogans are more interesting, as a collectible. i've got a small collection. i dunno what i'm doin. i dont really look for em, but sometimes i buy stuff and people send me 40 year mint-condition never-played stuff and i'm like... 'damn. i think i'll just keep that in a box and buy another one thats used.' and now i have a collection. i guess. what i look for from that era really, although i'm definitely not a hard-co
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    • Thanks! I see both "Broke 80" and "Broke 90" but not "no sixes".
    • SOmetimes I play with a guy who loves Titleist Velocity balls, and he's mentioned that he thinks they are being discontinued so he has hoarded a bunch of them. I don' know if he knows this or just thinks that is what's happening.
    • Lesson 4/15: Discussed my sudden (or likely not so sudden) regression in ball striking over the last 11 holes. Teacher observed about three swings and identified an issue. Takeaway had drifted inside, and was very much a hands move without enough shoulder pitch or turn. Worked on feeling my lead shoulder pitch down and around, and the feeling is that my shoulders/torso are moving the club back and not the hands. Getting this sorted out is priority piece for the next month. After about 10 balls at slow speed, contact was back to center, with misses toward the toe side, instead of heel. AoA was 5-6 degrees down with 7-iron, path 2-3 degrees I > O, but still need to work on clubface control; some straight balls, some over draws, and some push fades - clubface control is a co-priority piece. Recentering/flow is good with irons, but as I transition into longer clubs like hybrid/3W, I hang back for some reason. Really need to feel a "fall" toward the ball with hybrid/3W, and less push off the trail leg, and more thought on rotation to arrest the fall. Worked on the priority piece with hybrid on the launch monitor after lesson, and the backswing priority piece was working well, and toward the end I had made some progress figuring out clubface control. From 230 yards out on the GC4 range, the bad L/R misses were still mostly within nGIR proximity, so if this is as bad as it gets as I fine tune this, I'm happy. Spend the last 15 minutes on the launch monitor hitting driver. I was pretty tired at this point, but swing speed was good, typical range around 110-112mph, with a max of 115mph.
    • For dispersion control, consider a shaft length between 44” and 45”.
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