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  1. Regardless of the effect that an equipment bifurcation would have on the golfing population, the more important question is getting overlooked here by @Bonvivant and others recently. Why do you feel that a specific distance for a tee shot is too long? It's a fact that golfers who hit the ball longer have an advantage over golfers who hit the ball shorter. This has always been true, the greats of the past like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were great in large part because they could hit the ball further than other players on the course. Arnold Palmer's entire reputation was built on hitting the ball hard! Rolling the golf ball back won't change the fact that some players hit the ball further than others. It also won't change that fact that player who hit it further will score better than players who hit it a shorter distance. There will still be long hitters and short hitters, and the long hitters will always perform better on average. Why does it matter to you if the long hitters are driving the ball 330 yards instead of 280 yards? You can play any golf course in the world, including a par 3 course, even if your tee shots go 330 yards. The length of the course is not the only thing that makes golf difficult, and short courses are still more than capable of being played by modern professionals. Merion Golf Club was criticized because it was "too short" to be a worthy U.S. Open challenge, and the winning score there was still as high as it's ever been since 2007 (+1). Erin Hills played at an average length of 7,805.75 yards and it wasn't considered a hard course, with the winner matching the U.S. Open scoring record at -16. The reason many short courses can no longer be played has nothing to do with the difficulty of the track, and everything to do with the production circus that goes along with the PGA Tour. You can't fit the entire broadcast setup and tens of thousands of spectators if the course doesn't have space on the property to locate it all. Short courses can still have space for this, but long courses naturally are built on larger tracts of land which makes it less of a challenge. Here are the facts, things that with never change and can be proved with hard data Short courses can still be plenty difficult to play for long hitters Longer hitters will always have an advantage over shorter hitters This holds true even if the driving distance for everyone is made shorter, longer hitters will still have shorter and easier approach shots The winning final score of a tournament doesn't matter and cannot be effectively compared to previous years or eras, even at the same course, because playing conditions will never be the same between years and eras The only effective comparison is deviation of the winner's score from the mean score in the tournament, which compensates for differing conditions and has decreased over the years as fields get better Given these facts, why do you care if the long hitters bomb the ball 330 or 250? It doesn't make any difference - the long hitters will still have an advantage and any short courses that have been dropped from the calendar will never come back because their land-area is too small to support PGA Tour events. I cannot find a logical reason to arbitrarily limit driving distance, because changing the driving distance doesn't change any of the "problems" that people think it will magically solve. Short courses that have been eliminated from the calendar will not return, and short-hitting players will never have an advantage over their longer driving counterparts.
  2. I thought this was funny. Made me lol. Long pants and shirt during a SoCal heatwave. Okayyyyy...
  3. I don't get that. To me the idea of golf is the company and the laughs accompanied by it. In fact, I hate playing on my own, and haven't done it for years. 18 months ago I was playing off of 15, now it's 18, and I am struggling to do that. I don't really care to be honest, because golf doesn't pay a mortgage, and I know I will never be a pro, especially now I am in my 60s. Golfers are very understanding people, and none of them care how good or bad you are. None of them will be laughing at you, and none will be passing judgement. Just go out there an enjoy yourself.
  4. Lesson 10-14-20 3 main parts Trail leg / hip Backswing length Head turn 1. Trail leg/ hip PROBLEM: I was over rotating my trail hip/leg by a lot. I created no resistance (feeling) and kept turning. Make trail foot square (not flared out) Trail knee faces target more during backswing (FO) Trail knee feels like it turns inwards (toward target) as I turn my shoulders away. This is a little easy to “fake” so I must: feel tension in trail groin and could feel tension above trail hip. Turn upper body away during backswing -no “lifting” the club (feeling) 2. Backswing Length (too long) Vertical line = farthest point the club handle travelled from the target Horizontal line = how far the handle moved back towards the target during the backswing. The feel- do not let club move toward target in backswing. Only take club away from target, then backswing is over. (Feels like Finau swing) The first part of the lesson helps with this a lot. I feel very loaded and the backswing feels like it should end here. Also, the shoulder tilt looks great, very happy with this. 3. Head and neck tilt/turn/kink Keep right eye below left eye during takeaway. I must not watch the club go back. Keep eyes in front of ball. Summary / notes: This lesson went really well, all 3 things work well with each other. I think I can really get my backswing in order with this. I didn’t want to get a lesson mid- season and have to work through new things...I should’ve gotten this lesson earlier. -Make sure to hit ball hard on downswing -Bow wrist and swing to first base during downswing
  5. A lot of the slow play griping comes from singles and twosomes who are following several foursomes. I have been in that situation and the best solution in my experience is to pair up and make threesomes and foursomes. Sometimes that is not possible, but too often I see a course with a lot of twosomes and singles who avoid pairing up. Yes, there are many foursomes who are unwilling or incapable of playing 18 holes in 4 hours or less. They are a real problem. Still, if we paired up we would see an improvement.
  6. I’m sorry man, I like you and your contributions to the site, but arguing about things you don’t seem to have a full grasp on based on a reason that you admit may not be valid is just silly.
  7. Norman shot a 78. Faldo didn’t have to be too stone cold to win that one. Norman only had to shoot even par to win. Faldo played great. But it wasn’t an astronomically good round as much as Norman’s was astronomically bad.
  8. Two counter-arguments: 1. The land between the tee box and the fairway is pretty easy to maintain. Often it's not irrigated, and on many courses it's kinda native turf, or just grass like your lawn, cut to rough height with a gang mower. How much more resources does it take to mow 150 yards of rough from the back tee to the start of the fairway versus 180? The fairways, greens, and tee boxes are all about the same size. Bunkers take time and money, and they can be numbered about the same, too (I'm in favor of reducing the number of bunkers on courses, too, but that's a different thing altogether.) 2. Please list all the "great courses" that once used to host a PGA Tour event which do not anymore solely or even primarily/mostly because of course length? I've asked this question, as have others, of people who understand and know far more about golf course architecture, history, etc. than you and I combined, and their lists are very, very short. We still host U.S. Opens on courses that are over 100 years old… I think the "classic great courses being run out of the game" idea is incredibly overstated.
  9. The women I play with will run you over if you are dawdling. They even walk fast!
  10. I'd like to give a shout out to @boogielicious and @ncates00 for providing feedback in my swing thread to try and help me improve. Also, shoutout to @Antneye for having great taste in hockey teams. And one last shoutout to @Slice of Life, @ChetlovesMer, and @saevel25 who are super cool folks who I'm glad I got to meet in person and become friends with at the August outing.
  11. If you have a vent hole and a good fit between the shaft and head, you won't need the clamps. Always take a drill and remove the epoxy from inside the shaft, at least enough to see light through it with the grip off. I always poke a hole in the tape through the grip's vent hole just to ensure I don't have a pressure build up if the grips are left on.
  12. Golfworks has clear/off white epoxies, though ideally you should not be seeing any epoxy between the hosel and ferrule if the fit is good. Also, you don't need special epoxy removing products. Simple grip solvent very lightly applied to a rag/paper towel can wipe away any residue you may have left on the neck. I always make this the final step in the build process before letting them sit to dry. Wipe the hosel, shaft, and head if it's a wood or hybrid especially. Amazing how many shafts and heads I see where they have dried epoxy on them that could easily have been wiped away if people just took a few extra seconds.
  13. @Sandy DivotI took your advice and called Ping again. They changed the coating for the G410’s, so I am sending these G400’s back. After thinking about it, I only need a 7- GW, because I already have a 5H, 4H, and 3H. So, the 7-GW will just be an additional $50 over the 4-PW in the G400’s.
  14. Um, no. That's not how correlation works. Arbitrary? So math and numbers are arbitrary and silly, and your opinion is factual? Sigh...
  15. I don't think offset is why you keep hitting it fat. Offset makes a club look more open than it is, so it helps people who slice by having them set up with the face closed. It marginally helps move the CG back a bit, too.
  16. Steve, You play off of 10 and have been playing long enough to know your game, so I won't go into the reasons that a 6* driver is impractical for most people, but I'm curious. Why are you looking at one? What are you expecting to accomplish with it? Again, not going to poke......just genuinely interested. Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
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    • Day 51 - Worked on some hip turn in the mirror. Need to film for Evolvr tomorrow, see how my setup looks. 
    • Made it through 16 holes today at +11 (73). Had 14 GIR/nGIR. I was about 30 yards from the green on a par-5 when I had to quit due to darkness. Just extrapolating my scoring, if I par #17 (considering I was close to GIR already), and bogey #18, that would be an 83, which is an excellent score for me on this course, from the tees I was playing. My ball striking was good all round, and I only had one horrendous mishit (topped a 3W off the tee on #2, ended up making a 6). The wind was strong and gusty so the ball was doing some weird stuff. On the first hole I flushed my drive, and it only got out 228 yards, then proceeded to hit my hybrid 260 yards just short of the green.  
    • Day 317 Played 16 holes today. Started pretty late in the afternoon, and was almost home on the par-5 17th hole when it was finally too dark to continue so I picked up and headed home. One of the best rounds in recent memory, and there was some pretty wild wind to contend with. Too tired for a superspeed workout so that will wait until tomorrow.
    • The only people that are allowed to whine about 3 putt pars are tour pros😉. Just kidding. Glad you got out for a round, and keep that driver in play and going LONG!!!
    • Day 126.  Speed sticks, protocol one at halftime of SNF.  It has been eleven days since I did this last;  that's way too long. 

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