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  1. Is this what you are referring to! this is the Rife Golf IMO Trainer. I know nothing about it other than it is similar to your description.
  2. I match my tee color to my mood, so they are usually black. I’ve always felt that teeing to high with irons would cause loss of distance by hitting too high on the face.
  3. Wow, if this thread doesn't make you feel a bit better about the world not sure what would. Thank you for sharing your recovery plan @Greg 504 and also a hardy (virtual COVID approved) high five to @StuM for checking in.
  4. Another pretty good video, albeit longer than it needed to be. I will summarize for those that don't have time. Liam recently caddied for a pro EuroTour golfer, and noticed something different about pros teeing their irons up much higher than almost every amateur golfer. He goes through some testing in the video, but it's a small sample size of course. At the end, he calls the pro and asks why he tees it up so high on par threes. Basically it is just to center the ball on the face instead of catching it potentially low on the face. I found all of this quite interesting and may try it out during my round tomorrow. It is going to be 72 degrees here in southern Ohio, and I can't wait. As a question, how high do you tee it with irons?
  5. Here’s what I’ve been wearing the last couple of seasons. Usually catch them on sale (especially if I’ve got extra GG or DSG coupons from tracking my walking distance through my Apple Watch). I almost always walk my rounds, and I can walk in these all day. Also, I want a wider toe box area, and these tend to do better than others I’ve tried. FootJoy SuperLite Athletic Golf Shoes | Golf Galaxy Buy the FootJoy SuperLite Athletic Golf Shoes today and improve your game. Find product reviews and specs or compare products today at Golf Galaxy.
  6. Thanks for your expertise. I only wore compression when I had to do something I knew would aggravate it. I cracked ribs bike racing a couple of times. Sneezing sucked!
  7. All good advice; the compression wrap is ok for temporarily relieving a bad spell of pain, but is nowadays discouraged for continual use as the reduced air passage through the lungs creates an environment where pneumonia can/does occasionally occur.
  8. It’s going to be 70 here today so ppppfffffftttttthhhh!😜 But of course we had 4” of snow last week.
  9. The course is holding up well pretty well against the Tour so far this week. Have played out here 4 or 5 times now, and it is really cool to see the best players in the world take on your favorite local track. So far the players have been very complementary of the challenge the course is brining to them. They seem to appreciate the undulating green complexes and the run off areas. Doak did a great job here with creating a layout that is playable for me, and decently tough for the very good players. Greens have a lot to do with that. Maybe that will mean next time I am paired with randoms out there they won’t talk about how this course is going to get lit up by the pros and they will probably shoot like 30 under par....I hear that a lot more than you would think.
  10. Oh boy, victim # 94,648 today and going through this thread makes me feel at home lol... Like others, creating a new account just to comment here! xD Due to covid, I had to put aside bowling (24 years of it! - I am 36 years old), and Golf is thee perrrrrrrfect sport for these social distance measures!! My dad taught me how to swing a club back in 1995-1996 and I got to borrow some clubs everytime I played - which wasn't much, just for leisure or summers spent in San Francisco or Vancouver. - it was always fun, but I was too busy bowling leagues and tournaments to ever consider buying my own clubs and taking golf more seriously. Covid happens, and in October 2020 I get bit by the Golf bug. I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SPORT now and have become addicted!!!! - From buying used gear on OfferUp, eBay, etc and trying them out on the range/course >> to the freedom trotting golf cart trips from shot to shot, hole to hole feeling the wind while sippin' some brewski >> to the bad shots and glorified feeling of making good shots afterwards. I wish I played alot more golf and took it more seriously in my younger days... First notice - Wednesday 11/4/2020 At the driving range with my cousin testing out a new driver (new driver test is like trying out a new girl lol!!). Was hitting just fine and casually as usual and able to reach the back fence from carry alone - a good 20-30yards further from previous old driver... just happy with the new piece =) >>> Down to my last 15 balls of the 135 ball large bucket, I hear another golfer emphatically destroy a few balls off the tee, and see his shots flying well over the fence in awe.... You know what I'm thinking..! let me try that!! lol >xP.. swinging for the fence pretty much happy-gilmore-like off balance finish to cater towards blind, irresponsible power - somewhere within those last 8 shots, I felt like a tiny nano bomb ignite in my right rib cage somewhere on my downswing. Felt it, but it wasn't enough hurt to stop from finishing the bucket... I did manage to hit over the fence 3 times, but considering what I am going through now, definite no brainer to be doing whacky stuff like that - and welp I am just getting older. ... Following day (Thursday) I am feeling like my right rib cage is lightly bruised and wifey giving me remarks that I am a grunting bear lol .. I didn't think much of it other than some soreness >>>> Final Notice - Friday 11/6 Late to a 7am tee-time on a 18hole course with many par 4's and 5's. Absolutely no time to stretch or take any practice/warm up shots, I tee off and definitely feel super soreness from the right rib cage... By the 3rd hole, 2nd shot I start expressing some pain and anguish but play through it (telling myself, a Lakers fan since I can first watch TV - "what would Kobe do?". I finish the front 9 with a personal best on that course (3rd visit) but by the 2nd shot on the back 9 , I was a dead man walking. Every single bump on the course driven over in the cart made me cringe as the pain on right rib cage felt like it was part of the golf cart suspension >_< .. I willed my way to finish my worst on that back 9 and knew it was excuseable due to the pain. Once I loaded up the gear into the car and sat in the driver seat, I internet searched my symptoms and found this gold mine of a thread that put me at some ease because for a moment I thought I had a tumor or something lol. After going through the whole thread, I realize I shouldn't have went golfing today and rested it. For sure I had aggravated the injury and am saddened that it may take weeks, months, years to recover from this. Not sure how I will be able to handle the withdrawals being away from the range or courses, but I'll keep educating myself on the sport and rehabilitate as best as I can to give myself to give me a shot at longevity at the sport I can see myself playing til forever. Cheers to bumping this over 5 years later lol
  11. Sounds like we share the same son! Wylie, at 17 (now 22) broke 3 drivers... snapping off the head, in the same fashion. Two were hand-me-downs from me and the 3rd was a demo from a pro shop. Kudos to the pro... he didn't charge us... said he'd return it to the vendor as defective.
  12. The Greek Goddess? I like Trues, but I tend to slip in them more than shoes with spikes. I have an Adidas pair that fit me well and two pairs of Trues.
  13. Feel ain't real, so I'm likely to think that your best bet here is a Member Swing topic. Cupped at the ball can work if you have a strong grip or something else allows it, but generally it's not all that great. Many who are arched at the top will cup on the way down, and vice versa.
  14. Been re-reading the book...last night I was on page 89 where Erik discusses the Gate drill and Double Gate drill. The idea came to me that my grandson's small play football goal would make a perfect gate for hitting the practice balls through. So this morning I got out there with the 4h, the football "gate" goal, some "double gate" tees and a few of the hard foam practice balls. What a perfect visual to work on ball striking and early flight....Later today, I used the same base setup to help my grandson on getting his chip shots with his 9iron flying through the goal...again about 20' out. Nothing like seeing the smile on a 4yr old when they hit it pure....Here's a pic of the goal....
  15. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If I have to hear one more golf commentator complain about how far these guys hit the golf ball I'm going to lose my mind! According to the data below the average tournament winner has improved by 5 strokes since 1960. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If you want to get those 5 strokes back, make the rough rougher. Or make the fairway rougher. In the 60's the rolled the greens before every tournament. I watched a thing about them getting Winged Foot ready for the US Open, they rolled the greens more than a dozen times. They rolled the FAIRWAYS more than half a dozen! I don't want two sets of equipment! I don't want two sets of rules! I don't care that guys hit it far. I actually think its pretty cool. If you want to get those 5 strokes back (and I don't even care if you do) there are plenty of ways to make the game tougher for the pros. You don't have to take the air out of the ball! (No offense to Tom Brady.) STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! Nobody in pro football bitches that the average offensive lineman weighed 251 pounds in 1960 and weighs 313 pounds today. Nobody in tennis complains that the average serve speed went from under 100 mph in 1960 to almost 120 mph today. You never hear track and field people lament "Remember the good old days when nobody could run a mile in under 4 minutes." STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball!
  16. I'm a big fan of the mute button for golf and football. Sometimes the announcers can get soooo stupid. Last Sunday's Seahawks game was a case in point. As for distance, if there's a problem with length off the tee and scores being too low (and I'm not one who thinks there is) then my solution would be to eliminate the caddies and make the players carry their own clubs, figure out their own landing spots/distances, and line up their own putts without assistance. I'm quite sure that scores would go up.
  17. I really wasn’t sure what my expectations of LSW were. I had heard a decent bit about it, but it almost always seemed to be about shot zones and separation value (incredibly useful things in their own right). However, this book is just chock-full of incredibly useful information not only on how to be a better golfer during my next round but also how to go about building a comprehensive practice plan as well as much more technical wisdom than I had thought. Incredibly good read. My only lamentation is not grabbing it earlier.
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    • My wife is going on day 9 of no taste or smell, her daily headaches have seemingly gone away so that's a positive step and I had a couple days of slight congestion but nothing significant. Our quarantine is set to be over on Thursday, probably will wait until Friday or Saturday before leaving the house. 
    • But it’s not really. A lot can happen from the time one tests negative to boarding the plane. Or the test may have not detected the virus at test time. Testing negative when asymptomatic isn’t that reliable due to  the unknown status of the virus in the body if present. This silly ‘ negative test no more than 72hrs old’ is a joke. Sure it’s better than nothing....but barely.  Sadly, people are flocking to urgent care clinics and testing sites to get their golden ticket to travel. It’s irresponsible. 
    • Came across this video last night. Impressive.  
    • Tough week for my whoop so far ...haha. I ran off and left it yesterday morning when I left for work. And this morning, I ran off and left my charger. We had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and some other things happened that had my mind in other places. I should have told my wife to wait a few days. Her whoop should be here today.

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