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  1. Using your same simple logic - if you cannot afford to pay for golf, then don’t play. Plain and simple. We all have to make sacrifices once in a while. Why expect golf courses (or anyone) to give you a handout so you can do something that you cannot afford to do? Why should they? Finish school, get a job and when you are that 40-something, you can afford to pay for your own rounds like everyone else. I am that 40-something. I play golf because I can afford it with time and money. My housekeeper doesn’t play golf because she cannot afford either. That’s life. The last time I heard someone said “this is not fair” was when my 12 yo nephew didn’t get to have chocolate ice-cream because all we had was vanilla. I told him to grow up and buy his own icecream.
  2. This is just from my perspective as a college student. The fact that most public golf courses don't offer college rates is baffling to me. I've proposed this to the head pro of the municipal golf course and found his reasoning for not offering it to be flawed. In part of his reasoning of why he doesn't want to extend the rate to Afternoon and Evening Times, he said along the lines of: "Why would we want to cater to you guys? Our course is open to anyone, and they're welcome to use it at anytime". But this is only true if you can afford it. The authors from "Sociology of North American Sport" calculated up into a table where it involved sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf and included the household incomes. The data shows a positive correlation between participation in sport percentage and household income. In other words, those a significant percentage of those who play these sports come from high-income households (A PDF Attachment is attached if you want to look at it. It's located on page 111). This begs the question: If public golf courses proclaim to welcome the public to utilize the facilities, how is it in any way welcoming to college students when the socioeconomic perspective says the opposite because they're required to pay just as much as the 40-year old that has the money? This is unfair to the college student compared to the adult because their only opportunities for obtaining money to play golf are either from part-time jobs (excluding golf courses for this instance), internships, or from their parents whereas the opportunities that the 40-year old gets pay significantly way more money than the college student. The fact that the student has to pay as much as the 40-year old is absurd. I'm willing to bet that the motive behind senior rates and junior rates are similar. There was a time where the cost to play at Pebble Beach was around $5. Back in those times anyone, no matter your background, can play on the course at any day, any time. In defense, the value of $5 is different before than now. But let's assume, for the sake of example, that Pebble Beach decides to continue offering one rate today. You're probably not going to see as many juniors and seniors playing on Pebble Beach if that happened because this sends a clear message saying that if you don't have this amount, you can't play. The same logic can be, without a question, applied for having rates for those that are in college. It's not so much that they doesn't want to play on the golf course nor do they want to quit altogether. They would now have to confront paying significantly more than the junior rate (now the regular rate) which causes them to make two decisions. Suck it up and pay the rates or focus, play less frequently, or quit altogether. Anyways, I welcome your input.
  3. You know I was joking. Some of my best golfing friends are seniors.
  4. Shot an 84 on a 6570 yd track. I already threw away the card, don't know the slope. Driver wasn't working (spinal arthritis was working OT), but I holed out 5 times from just off the green out to 50 yards. If it wasn't for the wedges being on fire it could have been brutal.
  5. Geography... Can you make enough money with a degree in geography to ever afford to play golf? 🤔
  6. And when you win a hole slip that thing out of your belt loops and snap it at the putt you just made... that'll really get into your opponent's head.
  7. 4 of 6 for me! Frittelli and Im where in the top 7 at the Masters too! They are now on my sh*t list.😜
  8. Good experiment, but I think you need to run additional tests. Those spin numbers are high because of the loft of the driver and where you impact on the face. Try this. Move the ball position forward by one ball width at a time from your current set up. Use your current R1 driver and see if launch goes up and spin goes down. This will change your angle of attack. If you start hitting more up on the ball, it will launch higher and reduce spin. Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau do this. They hit up. I have been doing the opposite of you. I don’t have your swing speed, but I want to launch higher and reduce spin. I have been playing the ball off my left big toe and I get great launch. I have also been lowering my driver loft, which also helps reduce spin. Go to the site below and you can look at what the optimal launch and spin numbers are you your swing speed. Trajectory optimizer - Launch Monitor, Golf Ball Tracking | Golf Simulators | FlightScope.com Find your optimal ball flight trajectory and add distance to your golf shots. Use FlightScope's Trajectory Optimizer to plot ball flight in real-time.
  9. “Entitlement”... we see it everyday at work with the College age people now. I won’t even get into it, most of it has been said earlier on page 1 by Chetlovesmer, Iacas and a few others. It’s sad.
  10. Well, I respect the Game. I play by the rules and take good care of the course. Wish I walked more. And, I take my game seriously. I practice, take lessons and so on. Wish I did more of that. Myself and my score? I don't take those two too seriously. At least I hope not. Last week I had a tee time to play with a buddy who's currently being treated for two kinds of cancer (talk about winning the lottery!). Fortunately, he is, as my late father in law used to say, in pretty good shape for the shape he's in. But, the golf would have been secondary, and I'd have cheerfully given him any putt inside the flag stick. Sometimes the golf should be secondary.
  11. First off..welcome. This is a good place. Second...go on line and look up "Best new clubs of 2006, 07, 08, etc... " You can buy the absolute top of the line gear, from a decade or so ago, for a song. There are lots of great clubs out there that have fallen off the radar. That does not mean that they are not great clubs...still. Newer does not mean better. Most of the time it only means more expensive.
  12. Twilight are already discounted rates, and weekends are the most in demand. From a business perspective, it makes little sense to further discount a discounted rate and no sense to discount high demand tee times.
  13. I'd recommend finding a recent set of irons on eBay. If you're a college student, steel shafts should be fine (and typically less expensive).
  14. The video is private. 😞 Claim your achievements
  15. So today on the range I had one of the pros take a video of me swinging on my Opposite side. I am a right handed golfer. I purchased a left handed 5 iron about 8 years ago (for $7) and swing it occasionally. I remember some research on improving your golf swing. The research showed the if you take regular opposite side swings you will improve your regular swings more so than if you only swing the way you normally do. So this is my opposite side swing!!
  16. I understand the golf may be more expensive than what you want, and maybe the courses that are in your price range are not as nice as you would expect on the mainland. But you are in Hawaii. It's a beautiful place with great weather with lots of other stuff to do. Beaches, hiking, fishing. If I were you, I would just settle for sub-par golf for the short time, and enjoy being in Hawaii. Maybe treat yourself to one of the further/nicer courses periodically. Maybe take weekend trips to some of the other islands when you get a chance and explore them too.
  17. I am not a psychologist but I have encountered enough, on television and in print, to offer an opinion on the subject. Wearing a white belt can indicate several things...or not. It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the individual. 1) It could be a part of a uniform. The guy cops on television shows based in the tropics often wear white belts and might, without really thinking about it, wear the same belts when they hit the links. 2) The white belt could be a gift. As such...one might feel obligated to wear it once in a while. 3) One may have grown up when wearing white belts was normal (along with white shoes) and thus think nothing of it. 4) It may be one of the few belts one owns. I own two...one tan and one red. If I owned a white belt I would probably wear it from time to time. 5) Or it could be a twisted cry for help. Although it would be more efficient to simply ask for help...we do not always think clearly when distressed. 6) Lastly...it is possible that some people like white belts. There is, after all, no accounting for taste.
  18. People can’t get “they’re, there and their”, or “your and you’re” correct, and you’re going to try to teach the correct usage of “begging the question”?! Yeah. Good luck with that! 😂
  19. I'm sympathetic to the idea that it would be nice if the people who could less easily afford golf could be given a discounted rate, but you should ask yourself who golf courses generally give discounted rates to, and why. The answer, from what I've experienced, are juniors and seniors. The reason for seniors is obvious: most golf course tee sheets are wider open when people are at work (morning and midday during the week), which is when seniors are more likely to be not working and out and about. The reasons for juniors are partially the same (in the summer, at least), but also because juniors have more of their lives in front of them, and if you can hook them young with low rates they're more likely to keep coming back. Now, ask yourself: do those reasons apply to college students? Definitely not for the first one. College students generally have classes midday during the week. The second is also not applicable because college students are transient. They're only going to be there for four years, and they're probably not going to be there during the summer, when they go home. So there's no real economic reason, from the course's perspective, to give them a discounted rate. I'll add three more points: Check out the club golf team. Mine had a deal with a (surprisingly nice) local course that let us get free range balls and play rounds for next to nothing. You didn't even have to play in the tournaments. And the university subsidized the team, so there were no dues. All of your points do actually show up somewhere in the golf world: cheaper private courses. Most private courses in the $1k-$5k yearly range offer significantly reduced rates for people in their teens, 20s, sometimes up to like 35. The reason, I'm assuming, is because they know people in that age range are less likely to be able to afford the full dues, but they want to keep the age range of their membership somewhat diverse. (Their reasons, thus, aren't really the altruistic ones you're arguing for.) If you're trying to use this as the basis for a thesis or something, that's an incorrect (albeit increasingly common) usage of the phrase "to beg the question." You're really looking for "to raise the question." Begging the question is a whole separate thing.
  20. You're hearing a lot of what I said in the first response: why should they? The answer is basically the same as: Why don't most colleges offer a female rate? Why don't most colleges offer a lefty rate? Why don't most colleges offer a minority rate? Why don't most colleges offer a discount for people between 150 and 160 pounds? So, why should the course(s) you're talking about offer a college student rate?
  21. One more thing. Is it also "unfair" that 40-year-olds have to pay a mortgage payment, save money for their kids to go to college and/or their own retirement? Is it "unfair" that a 40-year-old will have to provide food, clothing, housing, vehicles, insurance, utilities, etc... for their families? Is it "unfair" that if a college student hits a bump in the financial road he/she can move back in with his/her folks, but a 40-year-old needs to maintain a financial cushion and/or savings to keep his/her family off the streets? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds make sacrifices (both financial and other sacrifices) far greater than giving up golf to provide for their families? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds are really hurting financially right now thanks to a world wide pandemic. Is it "unfair" that they lose sleep every night worrying about how they are going to provide for their families? Okay, I realize that I'm a little off the rails here. I'm just suggesting that you consider things deeply before you throw around words like "unfair". I would also argue that the 40-year-old and the college student each have the same "opportunities" to make money. They've just chosen to "invest" their time, talent, and treasures in different ways. (But that's probably a deeper discussion for another day.) I really like @DaveP043's comment.
  22. Part of the flaw in your argument is the word "household". I know lots of college kids and even more high school kids who play golf. A few of them play almost daily. As a rule their folks pay for their golf. My neighbor, a gentleman with whom I play golf most often, has 4 kids. Their ages range from 13 to 24. They all play golf. They all play often. My neighbor and his wife, of course, pay for it. I know that doesn't help you. I'm probably telling you something you already know. That people who have more money have access to more stuff, including golf. So, as my folks used to say to me all the time "Work hard in school. Get a good job, and you'll have more opportunities." In the meantime you could: 1 - Look for a cheap muni. The town my college was located in had one. Many college towns do; They are often 9 holes. It may not be Pinehurst, but it's golf. 2 - Consider getting a part time job at a golf course. Sometimes those come with either deep discounts or free golf. 3 - Get a golf scholarship --- Okay, easier said than done. 4 - Look for a course that DOES have a special rate certain times of the day. There's one out here that has really reasonable rates for times when most people aren't interested in playing. As a college student, you may have a more flexible schedule than most golfers. 5 - Or lastly, you could do what I did... Not start playing golf until I got my first job out of college. Good luck, hang in there.
  23. There are many many things in the world that are "unfair" in just this way. If you don't have enough money, you can't have dinner at the French Laundry, you can't purchase a penthouse in Manhattan, you can't drive a Bentley. Every one of these is available to the general public, all you have to do is pony up the cash. The responsibility of a business is to make money for the owners. If the course is full of golfers at the normal rate, why would they take less money for one of those precious spots on the tee sheet? I'm not opposed to offering a discount wherever the owner or management decides its appropriate, but its their choice. Lowered rates for younger players might be a positive thing for the long-term health of golf, but should individual businesses sacrifice financially right now?
  24. Have you taken an economics class yet? Why should the course willingly offer a discount if they’re selling their tee times? I hid the post with the PDF, too, as I doubt the book is in the public domain/free.
  25. I've been doing it all wrong - but now I know. Great thread and I can testify that on courses I play there are way too many improperly repaired pitch marks.
  26. I just use my iPhone. There are adapters for tripods. Others just mount their phone or camera on their bag. Bag height is good because it’s hand height. In a practice session, I will set up either face on or down the line and check camera angles. DTL I will lay a club along my toe line and aim the camera there. Then I film that side. I will do driver and 6 or 7 iron and maybe wedges. Then switch to the other view and repeat. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, it’s easy. Try not to fuss about getting a perfect swing. Ones that feel good or bad actually look pretty similar. You want your Evolvr instructor to see what you have. I will set up, but not film until I’m warm and ready to film the drill or swing. Lastly, trim the video down. I post it to YouTube and just put the link in Evolvr. You don’t have to worry about file size that way. I post as unlisted and full HD.
  27. Use the 2MP camera and just record separate swings. Everyone does. No need to record the same swing - your swing is pretty much the same every time.
  28. Texas is one of the largest states, Hawaii is not. Surely it's better than not golfing, right? But you aren't in Texas anymore. You're thousands of miles away from Texas on an island in the middle of the ocean. That's silly to expect prices to be similar. Have you looked at the cost of food, groceries, etc? Everything is more expensive in Hawaii. That's a known fact. It is (from what I've seen and heard) a great place for golf. Not trying to be rude, but it sounds like you have options that you can afford, you just need to lower your expectations. Playing on a bunker less muni for 6-12 months is much better than not playing at all.
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    • My wife is going on day 9 of no taste or smell, her daily headaches have seemingly gone away so that's a positive step and I had a couple days of slight congestion but nothing significant. Our quarantine is set to be over on Thursday, probably will wait until Friday or Saturday before leaving the house. 
    • But it’s not really. A lot can happen from the time one tests negative to boarding the plane. Or the test may have not detected the virus at test time. Testing negative when asymptomatic isn’t that reliable due to  the unknown status of the virus in the body if present. This silly ‘ negative test no more than 72hrs old’ is a joke. Sure it’s better than nothing....but barely.  Sadly, people are flocking to urgent care clinics and testing sites to get their golden ticket to travel. It’s irresponsible. 
    • Came across this video last night. Impressive.  
    • Tough week for my whoop so far ...haha. I ran off and left it yesterday morning when I left for work. And this morning, I ran off and left my charger. We had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and some other things happened that had my mind in other places. I should have told my wife to wait a few days. Her whoop should be here today.

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